Employer Branding Measurement and How It Can Maximize Your ROI

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When we talk to organizations about the challenges they’re facing and where they’re at with employer branding measurement, we see the same issue come up, time and again: they don’t know how to measure employer brand ROI. The Blu Ivy Employer Brand Dashboard.

Imagine Employer Branded Emotional Workplace Raincoats


Of course, a deeper comparative analysis across job types (hourly, salaried and executive) may uncover onboarding practice differentials, but the fact remains beyond the employers supplying information and completing required paperwork, muggy thunderstorms may loom.

#HRTECHCONF: Your Employment Brand Has A Pecking Order Like Vegas Hotels.

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At #hrtechconf this week and if there's one sector that continues to get a lot of buzz, it's all things employment branding. Maybe you should just broadcast to the outside world exactly who you are, and then focus on finding the best match for that, as well as occasionally up-selling (or down-selling) the right candidate to take a chance on your brand. But the point is that in Vegas, there's a hotel brand for everyone.

3 Must-Read Digital HR and HR Tech Articles of August 2018

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Welcome to another brand new edition of our ‘Must-Read Digital HR and HR Tech Articles’. Employer Branding Lessons from Beyoncé and Jay-Z. In her article, Abby Cheesman gives us an interesting take on employer branding.

A Cup of Reality for Starbucks?


In comparison, Dunkin Donuts earned 2.8 A fourth narrative, something the report’s authors labeled “Glorified Fast Food,” suggests some internal and external brand-facing challenges. employee engagement employee satisfaction employer brand retention talent management

What factors do candidates consider when applying for a role?


The primary factors candidates consider is a firms culture which tops the results, in comparison to previous years when it was a competitive salary that would normally take the lead and fell into second place this time around. Proving the significance of employer branding to promote your companies culture to attract top talent. Employers HR employer branding hiring recruitment rezoomo

What to Look for in a Modern Recruitment Platform

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Meanwhile, your potential to hire top talent and ability to grow your employer brand could be suffering. If you’re interested in all of the features listed above, you will want to check out our talent management vendor comparison worksheet.

The Astonishing Value Of Volunteerism

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A team of researchers across these universities conducted an experiment which included a comparison of perceived time constraints across two groups. Employee Engagement Future of Work corporate social responsibility Employee productivity employee retention employer brandIn 2016, The Force Awakens doesn’t have to be simply a blockbuster movie.

Practical Ways to Measure and Optimize Candidate Experience for the Long-Haul

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Employer branding can only carry you so far if your candidates or employees are having negative experiences, then sharing them. 55% of candidates will quit an application after reading a bad employer review online and only 45% of employers don’t monitor those reviews.

It’s Everyone’s Job to Care About Job Descriptions

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We know that JDs help us determine market salary comparisons. This means that telling the employee once at the beginning of her employment isn’t going to cut it. This puts the employer in danger of losing a disability-discrimination case. by Kate Bischoff.

3 Hiring and Talent Management Trends for 2018


Increased Focus on Employment Brand. Over the next year, there will be a continued shortage of skilled talent in the job market, making it a tough, competitive market for employers. To showcase your employment brand, it’s also important to be continuously hiring.

12 Ways to Go From Administrative HR to Business Impact HR


Smart HR leaders will develop a single index number (the daily Dow Jones number is an index) to allow quick comparison of HR’s overall performance (across the nine ISO factors) from quarter to quarter.

Applicant Tracking Systems Guide

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Applicant Tracking System Comparison. An applicant tracking system, called ATS for short, is used by employers to manage job applications. Branded career sites. You’ll get a sense of ease of use, branding options and functionality in one fell swoop.

Tap into the Power of Recruitment Marketing, Part 2


By comparison, when sourcing senior talent for an executive position, SMS is likely to be considered intrusive. While social reach is certainly not new for recruitment, it’s still an extremely engaging tool for showcasing your employer brand. This will have a direct impact on your employer brand and awareness.”. When it comes to showcasing your employer brand to prospective candidates, microsites are a brilliant tool you can use to capture their interest.

The Soul of the Company !!

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This past week I was fortunate enough to lead a workshop I created on developing an HR Brand to an HR chapter. This was an attempt to differentiate from “employer brand” and “employment brand” which are both important.

Video Is Taking Over Hiring


Economic benefits, convenience, and the ability to enhance employer branding foster the growth of video and its overwhelming presence in the hiring community. While it is convenient for employers, the primary benefit is that it’s easy for your candidate pool as well.

Video 106

Employee Experience roundup – It Doesn’t Have to be Crazy at Work, The Top Companies For Culture And Values


We include a variety of sources and topics ranging from Employer Branding, Content, Employee Communications & Campaigns, Recruitment Marketing, and workplace culture. Its founder, Tamara Littleton, saw the explosion in social media before it happened and founded the company in 2002 to help brands develop a genuine connection with their people. Recruitment Marketing vs. Employer Branding: What’s the Difference?

BirdDogHR Expands Job Distribution via Glassdoor Alignment with Google Jobs


BirdDogHR has a very unique relationship with Glassdoor in comparison to other ATS offerings on the market. Employer Branding to Attract Talent August 21, 2017. You are here Home » Blog » Latest Blog Article.

HR Latte: Healthcare HR Check-up - Jay Kuhns, pt 2 "Risks from Change"

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The public world of meetings, protocol, and big powerpoint presentations pale in comparison to what is happening in the other world." - Jay Kuhns from World in a World. Tune in to part 1, Employment Branding & upcoming part 3, Technology in this series, "Healthcare HR Check-UP".

Gender Pay Gap and People Analytics: A Practice with Open Data

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So, I placed a boxplot near a histogram with a density plot, and ordered the genders vertically, one on the top of the other, so the comparison would be easy for the bare eye. Gender Pay Gap and People Analytics: A Practice with Open Data.

Five Reasons Why Today’s Dads Need Support, Too


They want – and expect – work-life supports from their employers, and forward-thinking companies are the ones who recognize this. But our modern families – and their employers – struggle when workplace policies are stuck in the Mad Men era. Recruiting, Retention and Employer Branding.

Total Rewards – Total Relationships

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By comparison, very little research has been conducted on how organizations plan to adapt their compensation plans to these new approaches and still maintain a “pay-for-performance” strategy. Driving towards a Simply Irresistible Organization demands a shift in Total Rewards.

Boosting Your HR with a Gamification Program


Employees feel useful and more compelled to stick to their employer, which in turn reduces turnover. Gamification Creates Advocacy and a Positive Brand Perception Beyond the obvious benefits of gamification to create engaging training courses, it’s really your employer branding that can benefit from this strategy. By using gamification, you can improve your employees’ perception of the brand they work for.

Rise of Gen Z: Attraction and Retention


I reflected on what makes companies attractive to Generation Z, specifically looking at employer brand and why it is such an important tool when trying to reach Gen Zers. I start with a comparison between Generation Y, also called millennials, and Generation Z.

The Big Reveal: HR In The Age Of Transparency

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Don’t count on the messaging that employers publish on their websites. Today’s high achievers routinely bypass company websites and instead scour a rich vein of online resources to gauge the attractiveness of potential employers. The same is true with employment branding.

Differentiating with Enhanced Job Postings

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The relationship fostered between our HR and Communications teams has helped create opportunities to advance our employer brand, which led us to enhance our job descriptions in a uniquely personal way. We initially tested this approach with some of our unique, infrequent openings, which meant we didn’t have baseline metrics to use for comparison. What’s next for your employer branding efforts? Standing Out.

The Nature vs. Nurture of Sourcing


Just as sourcers have become more sophisticated in their research of candidates, candidates also are becoming more sophisticated in researching prospective employers. Your candidate experience and employer brand needs to be working for you to nurture these candidates in their research phase.

Top 3 Reasons to Integrate Social into Your Employee Referral Engine

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Studies continue to indicate one consistent message to hiring teams – employee referrals garner the highest number of quality candidates in comparison to any other source. Your Employment Brand Depends On It. By Sunita Khatri.

The Soul of the Company !!

Everyday People

This past week I was fortunate enough to lead a workshop I created on developing an HR Brand to an HR chapter. This was an attempt to differentiate from “employer brand” and “employment brand” which are both important.

7 Reasons why fun in the office is the future of work


Making the working environment more fun seems like the most logical path however, few employers make an effort to proactively ensure that their employees are happy and enjoy being in the office.

For Brand, is Facebook No. 1?

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In today’s ever-changing recruiting world, employers are ditching old school methods of talent acquisition (e.g., In looking at the following metrics, could it have to do with Facebook''s ease of defining and promoting your brand, transparency and accesibility in comparison to other engines?

How to improve your employee onboarding


A welcoming, well constructed and efficient onboarding process will benefit both the new employee and the employer in not just the short term, but well into the employee life-cycle. Employee onboarding is a crucial element in forming a great employer brand and reputation.

Top HR Trend: Navigating an “Always-On” Corporate Culture


Watch the recording of our #SmartTalkHR webinar with George Blomgren of The Good Jobs to discover how to establish, promote, and sustain your employer brand from talent acquisition to layoffs

Life Sciences Skills Shortages: Bridging the Gap

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Traditional recruiting techniques are often not as effective for Pharma and Life Sciences, in comparison to other industries, due to the niche skills and qualifications required. 2) Employer Value Proposition (EVP). A strategic RPO partner delivers insights based on data, an articulated EVP and employer branding support, and talent pooling and segmentation expertise as a part of an integrated, end-to-end talent acquisition process.

Rebuilding Your Talent Pipeline to Be Candidate-Centric

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For employers, this means that, for many roles, companies are only able to hire one of the top three candidates they’ve identified for a position less than 50% of the time — increasing our cost and time to hire, while putting companies’ strategies at competitive risk.