Employee Time and Attendance Challenges in Health Care Facilities

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There is perhaps no greater challenge for creating and tracking employee time and attendance than doing so for a medical or health care facility. Besides the basic need to monitor work time and attendance information, workforce management systems must be fully customizable to accommodate variable working patterns and work rules. But time and attendance management doesn’t stop with simply generating work schedules.

Different HRIS Systems and their comparison with benefits


You tend always to lose track of time and never get enough done on time despite having enough time. As time goes on, you might have to depend on the use of sticker notes to remind and keep tracks of all activities. Time and Labour Management.

Product Update: Benefits, Time, and More


So much for summer being slow—with a series of product enhancements, this quarter has shaped up to be one of the biggest in Namely’s history. Our team delivered significant updates across every facet of the platform, from payroll to time management, all with a singular focus in mind: empowering HR teams to move their business and people forward. New Benefits Enrollment Wizard Open enrollment season is traditionally one of the most trying times for HR teams.

Screen Time Recommendations: How Much Screen Time Is Too Much?

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Executive Summary: This article explores some of the consequences of excessive screen time (ie: sleep deprivation, depression, obesity, cognitive effects) and offers screen time recommendations for achieving an optimal balance of time spent online and offline. But it is important that people are also mindful of the possible drawbacks of online activity, including the effect excessive screen time can have on their physical and emotional wellness.

Avoid The Summer Slump: Best Ways to Boost Your Employees’ Productivity

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A study conducted by Captivate Office Pulse found that over the summer period, employee productivity drops by 20% and projects take 13% longer to complete. If that is not scary enough, the study also discovered that 45% of workers are more distracted and workplace attendance drops by more than 19%. The heat alone is a major factor in reducing workforce productivity, as it makes it harder to focus. What is employee productivity?

4 Ways to Combat Declining Productivity in Your Workplace


If your organization has suffered from lower employee productivity levels in the past few years, you’re not alone. Recent studies and statistics indicate declining productivity rates in many Western workplaces. According to a recent study by Washington-based think tank The Brookings Institute, over the past 10 years productivity growth has slowed in both advanced and emerging markets and also in developing economies. When productivity goes down, so do your profits.

Make Corporate Learning Resemble the Online Shopping Experience

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It’s a comparison that I never thought I would ever write, but it fits. Most of the time – Amazon. Employees should be able to see the top rated workshops so they can make the decision about which programs to attend. There should not be a need to coerce them into attending.

Three Ways Metrics Can Help Avoid Common Compliance Mistakes

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But unfortunately, even after organizations spend significant amounts of time and money on compliance, slip-ups happen. Then, take it a step further and demonstrate how cost-effective proper compliance training is by comparison.

Fatigue Management


Not only is employee fatigue a hazard in some work environments, it impacts workplace morale, employee accuracy, and productivity. A University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine study once found that fatigued employees could have nearly twice the risk for injury in comparison to non-fatigued coworkers. Written by: Nathan Meles. It may be absent from many corporate HR policies, but fatigue management has been rapidly gaining awareness in the workplace.

What to Do About Employee Disengagement? 5 Steps to Take Right Away

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On the other end of the scale, workers who show up late and leave early, verbally disparage the organization and its management, and spend most of their time counting the hours until the weekend may be classified as “actively disengaged employees.”.

With Humanity’s Robust And Versatile Application Behind Him, The Wizard Showed Strength And Poise In His Weightlifting Event


Weightlifting is a sport about strength, skill and stability, and in comparison with other strength sports which test limit strength, Olympic weightlifting tests aspects of human ballistic limits (or explosive strength). As our application is easy-to-use has extremely robust functionality, and has reduced scheduling and time and attendance related work by up to 80% for a number of our users. HR tips Human Resources Product News Schedule Time Clock

12 Ways to Go From Administrative HR to Business Impact HR


I have been publicly forecasting HR’s future since 1998, when I wrote the groundbreaking, but at the time controversial article “ e-HR – A Walk Through the 21st Century HR Department ” for the IHRIM Journal. Maximizing workforce productivity (the dominant HR focus).

What is the Difference Between ERP and CRM Software?


At their core, both Enterprise Relationship Planning (ERP) and Client Relationship Planning (CRM) software promotes beneficial business solutions used to increase revenue and productivity for organizations of all different sizes. Reporting with real-time analytics. Time and Attendance.

Recruiting Automation Roundup: HR Technology Edition


Attendees have the chance to learn from the best, network with one another and comparison shop for the most advanced technology, over the course of three days all under one roof.

Hidden Problems Behind Eliminating Employee Performance Review Ratings

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I also attended a fascinating session hosted by Leslie Apony at SAP’s SAPPHIRE NOW event earlier this year, and came to a few conclusions. They need comparisons in the context of other employees to gain an accurate measure of performance.

Millennials in the Workforce: How Technology Shaped Them (and What to Do About It)


They’re also significantly more open minded, educated, and upbeat in comparison to older generations. Social opinions about millennials are in large part a product of perspective. Millennials are accustomed to having outlets for correspondence at their fingertips all the time.

What’s Better for Your Employees – Digital Training or Instructor-Led Training

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Surely you could have let the employee utilize some hours for actual productive work. Adopt a modern training approach such as digital training to make the employee feel like s/he has joined a company that’s focused on achieving results and at the same time values employees’ learning needs. Isn’t this more productive than spending 90 hours solely on training? Digital training allows employees to learn at a time suitable to them.

Why should you use the Cross Tabulation survey analysis


In such situations, Cross Tab helps you in arriving at a single theory beyond doubt by drawing trends, comparisons, and correlations between factors that are mutually inclusive within your study. Market / Product Researchers. – Product name.

Employee Engagement and Fully Charged Organizations

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I especially appreciated the sections on the energy matrix outlining productive, comfortable, resigned, and corrosive energy. Here are a few indicators from the book on page 11 on a comparison of low-productive energy companies with high productive energy companies.

Here’s how to power up your remote tech team with constructive performance reviews


Having just made it past the mid-year mark, it’s probably time for a little reflection. How do you connect frequently with your remote team and make it productive? It’s time to strike a balance when you hand out feedback to your remote employees and keep them motivated.

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How to Measure Internal Communications: An Introduction (Defining Your Goals)


Our goal is to empower communicators to embrace analytics, so they can take the necessary steps forward to be a leading content creator, communicator, and internal marketer to reach every employee with the right message at the right time. . Then add the values over a time period.

Allowing Employees to Make Mistakes – 3 Myths Managers Should Know

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Do they always show up on time? Our suggestion is a progressive discipline policy, similar to an attendance or break policy. Allowing employees to make mistakes can have a positive effect on morale and productivity instead of the negative effect so many assume.

Experiences, Not Things: How You Can Improve Employees’ Quality of Life When Increasing Pay Isn’t an Option


Worse, we find ourselves making comparisons to others. Millennials have absorbed this lesson more than older generations, perhaps due to the economic times in which they entered the workforce. There are also seasonal opportunities to spend time with co-workers while feeling a sense of purpose in the community. Not all experiences are good ones, but those times still shape our views moving forward. By John Whyte, Senior Manager, Dayforce Talent Management, Ceridian.

The reason India does not have enough awesome developers

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Hence, we have always heard time and again that Indian software developers are ok-to-mediocre coders, are not technically competent, and most times, clueless. If a student is given so many books to read but not enough time to indulge in practical experience, what can he learn?

10 HR Policies to abolish in 2016

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Comparison Based Performance Reviews Performance reviews based on ranking or comparison of one worker to another does not improve work by creating healthy competition, as was originally intended by this policy. A good workforce should be comprised of employees who have different strengths and weaknesses, making comparison between workers almost impossible. Termination Rules HR departments understand the time and cost involved in hiring a worker.

Outsmart Unplanned (and Costly) Employee Overtime


It probably makes the most sense to do a year-over-year or month-over-month comparison to help identify if it’s truly a trend or an isolated incident. Employees must accurately record all overtime on their time cards.

23 Tips to Boost Employee Adoption of Consumer Directed Health Plans and Health Savings Accounts

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Employers are key to building employee understanding of CDHPs and HSAs so they’re equipped to make the right decisions at enrollment time. Take the time to educate all employees on the advantages of CDHPs and HSAs. Your employees need time to absorb the information.

Employee onboarding vs. orientation: Why you need both


For new hires, orientation is a one-time event welcoming them to your company. Many times, companies schedule time for each of their leaders to come in and greet new employees, introduce themselves and explain their roles within the business. Prior to attending orientation, some companies offer an online, self-guided training, so that new employees have some general knowledge about the company before participating in the face-to-face event. Duration: One-time event.

Digital Disruption: HR Tech Takeaways at NYC’s HR Unconference


Think of it more as a giant HR party—only swap cocktails for the most pressing issues in the industry The Namely team attended—and aside from taking home the coveted “Most Frequent Tweeter” award, we took stock in several of the HR space’s most pressing issues.

10 Rules for Employee Retention Your Competition Will Hate


All the time and money you spent hiring, training and growing your people suddenly becomes a gift to your competition. One reason Michael Jordan is regarded as arguably the best basketball player of all time is because of his lack of fear during crunch time.

Despite What the Pope Says, Proportional Pay is Still Not Required in the U.S.

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Since Pope Francis added his voice in protest about about gender based pay differentials after Equal Pay Day , maybe this is a good time to revisit the status quo. Note that before Canada finalized its Bill of Rights, they sent analysts to attend American compensation seminars on pay equity.

Outsmart Unplanned (and Costly) Employee Overtime


It probably makes the most sense to do a year-over-year or month-over-month comparison to help identify if it’s truly a trend or an isolated incident. Employees must accurately record all overtime on their time cards. To help with both analyzing overtime patterns and enforcing your overtime policy, you may need time tracking and employee scheduling software , especially if you’ve always relied on a manual system.

From HR Data to Business Insights: People Analytics in Tel Aviv

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– Movement from a research perspective to analytics products. Managers and HRBPs can use the platform to be constantly aware of team engagement scores, in comparison to the organizational benchmark. From HR Data to Business Insights: People Analytics in Tel Aviv.

March Madness: Picking Your HCM Bracket


For many, myself included, March Madness, is one of their favorite times of year. College basketball fans across the US take more time than they should completing the infamous “bracket,” while others simply choose their favs or the team with the cooler uniforms.

Personal agenda for #SHRM16

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I sponsor myself, I don’t have corporate backing for my attendance, other than my conference fee is taken care of in return for tweeting and blogging. I will be attending a good number of sessions; after all I am there to get educated just like most attendees.