The Pros and Cons of Six Different Competency Models


Can’t decide which competency model to use? When it comes to a competency model and deciding how to incorporate competencies into your employee performance management process, you will need to consider how these competencies will be defined , assessed, and rated.

Which Compensation Structure Is Right for Your Company?

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Compensation structures continue to evolve, and they usually do so to help organizations keep current with both market and workforce trends. Some may wonder what compensation structures are. They provide guidelines for pay that help organizations identify whether their pay is in bounds.

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2018 Compensation Budgeting Forecast Part 3: Trends in Non-Profit Compensation

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The world of non-profit compensation continues to see radical changes from the past. Previously, it was assumed that non-profits, due to the limitations placed on their abilities to generate revenue, were in the position of compensating their employees much below the market.

Defining the Group with the Highest Selection Rate in Adverse Impact Analysis: Uniform Guidelines Methods May Mislead

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Many EEO analysts reference the federal Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures (Guidelines) for direction: the group with the highest selection rate that also comprise a minimum of 2% of the applicant data may be defined as the Advantaged group.

Small Business Guide to Comp Benchmarking

To compete in today’s market, you must know what the market pays for certain skills so you can develop fair and competitive offers. Understanding the market, then determining guidelines for pay isn’t just a nice to have for today’s talent, it’s a must have.

HR Professionals: Got a Compensation Question?

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For me, one of the neat things about being an editor here at BLR ® is the opportunity to interact with HR and compensation professionals on a regular basis. With that said, the 50th percentile is considered the market rate for an incumbent who is fully competent in the position.

PayScale Tools for Today's Comp Pro! Compensation Glossary: Part 1 of 4

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Jenni Marquez, CCP, PayScale Compensation Professional Even the most seasoned HR professional might take a big gulp if approached by their CEO to take charge of anything comp. That’s because, despite being part of the HR department, compensation is like the cool kid at a party.

The Win-Win of Leveraging Baby Boomers

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A terrific source of practical and actionable research based information is the SHRM Foundation’s recently published Effective Practice Guideline: The Aging Workforce: Leveraging the Talents of Mature Employees. I’m a Baby Boomer, born smack-dab in the middle of my generation.

Merit Deserves More than Mere Money

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Money is not the only reward available to serve your compensation program. When pay increase guidelines limit good workers to 3% and outstanding performers to 4%, the difference is hardly worth the lifestyle cost penalties accepted for an extra 1%.

Hard Is Easy, Soft Is Hard

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For those who have spent much of their career in the Compensation arena the upward pathway likely started at the bottom of the ladder, writing job descriptions, completing survey questionnaires and evaluating jobs. Instead, you need something called "relationship competencies" to succeed.

Passing Through the Beaded Curtain

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For those who have spent the majority of their career in the Compensation arena your upward pathway likely started at the bottom of the ladder, writing job descriptions, completing survey questionnaires and evaluating jobs. You became a master technician for the "hard" side of Compensation.

Thinking--and Moving--Ahead

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Do you know -- and can you reliably interview for -- the types of attitudes, principles and competencies that mesh best with your culture? 2016 compensation communications? She brings deep expertise in compensation, career development and communications to the dialog at the Café.

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Cafe Classic: There's Knowledge. and Then There's Wisdom

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How can we apply this to compensation? Well, think about yourself when you first started out as a Compensation professional. You were ready to tackle the world’s toughest compensation problems. There are a lot of very experienced Compensation practitioners today.

Custom Survey Dos and Don’ts

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Over-compensation, as well as under-compensation, are two costly problems that many employers will eventually face. One solution for ensuring that organizations make the right compensation choices is utilizing a published salary survey.

Just What The H*ck Is Organizational Culture Anyway?


While they can be given strict standards, policies, and guidelines to adhere to in the course of doing their work, they are living things that require a certain amount of autonomy and freedom. Sure, revenue growth and compensation are important.

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Severance Pay Basics and Policy Considerations

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Every business should have established guidelines concerning severance pay. Such a policy not only provides employees with guidelines, but also protects the employer from lawsuits based on claims of unfair business practices.

SHRM Session: 5 Easy Business Practices For Getting Sued

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It is very important that you make sure your workers are correctly associated with the right company in handbooks, executive agreements, non-compete agreements, and all other documentation. Getting sued is easy. It’s avoiding lawsuits that is the real challenge.

Ethics: Taking Credit For Someone Else’s Ideas – Ask #HR Bartender

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Ethical behavior is a part of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) competency model. It’s also possible that organizations might choose to have ethical guidelines that are stricter than industry or societal norms. Many of us can relate to today’s reader note about ethics.

The FLSA Future Is Now

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Many human resources and compensation people are flailing around looking for guidance. Heed the cautious advice of competent professionals. Best practices or guidelines will come from federal court decisions that established precedents on the interpretation of the rules. With this new challenge, the trend to eliminate compensation specialist jobs may be reversed. James (Jim) Brennan is an independent compensation advisor with extensive total rewards experience.

Where Configurability Matters Most in the HR Technology Arena


Total Compensation Management: Examples include eligibility to participate (i.e., And if an end- customer decides they want to capture something a bit more esoteric such as which competencies might become increasingly important or the opposite?

The Changing Role of HR


For HR, that means they'll have to start hiring for new skills or competencies, many of which might still be unknown at the moment. Compensation and benefits: It's a candidate-driven market out there and most job seekers know what they're worth.

How do Employee Performance Management Tools Help the Appraisal Process?


Performance reviews ultimately influence both compensation and incentive strategies and manager expectations. Managers are required to evaluate employees based on their skills and competencies and how they can contribute to the company goals.

Managing Comp during High Growth Phases

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Mykkah Herner, MA, CCP, Modern Compensation Evangelist, PayScale When organizations get into high growth phase, everything starts moving faster. Compensation is another thing you have to get right as you scale quickly. What markets do you compete with for talent?

Stay Compliant With Hiring Laws As Your Workforce Grows


We recommend that you retain competent counsel. Male and female employees must be compensated equally for the same job role. Uniform Guidelines for Employment Selection Procedures (under EEOC ). million.

How to Create a Human Resource Strategy

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The Human Resource strategy sets the direction for all the key areas of HR, including hiring, performance appraisal, development, and compensation. This explains a number of internal HR practices, especially the ones related to worker compensation.

Performance Management Software: Why is it Useful?


Provide top of the line templates that define the different levels of competency that a worker can exhibit with clear guidelines and examples. Performance management is a critical component of any organization.

Learning and Development: A Comprehensive Guide

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Learning and development is a systematic process to enhance an employee’s skills, knowledge, and competency, resulting in better performance in a work setting. Function, task, or competency analysis. What are the competencies and skills required to be successful in one’s job?

5 Ways HR Managers Impact Company Culture

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Pay/compensation. On the other hand, a well-designed and competitive compensation scheme is bound to attract highly qualified professionals who will be happier, more motivated and loyal to the business. The HR office delegates responsibilities, set employees rules and guidelines and supervises performance and behavior. While dealing with the management of the employee affairs it has a significant effect on monitoring and injecting competency in the culture.

Equality, Diversity, and the Gender Pay Gap in Tech: 5 Suggestions to Help You Pay Fairly

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By Sonnet Lauberth, PayScale Compensation Professional, As a Compensation Professional, I work with a variety of companies in the technology industry. The data found that when we control for all factors that influence compensation outside of gender (i.e.

How to HR in a growing company – A guide for every size business


When you first start a company, amid the excitement and many competing priorities, you may not be considering the vital role of human resources (HR) in growing a company. Compensation should be a discussion between the hiring manager and your management team.

2020 HR Compliance Checklist: Know Your Requirements


Relevant non-competes, NDAs, invention disclosure, or intellectual property forms. Compensation, benefits, and payroll. Mandatory benefits: Unemployment, workers compensation (check your state ’s specific laws), and if you have over 50 employees , health insurance coverage as well.

Stop Looking for an EASY Button

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In addition to wanting clear guidelines, leaders also often complain about getting pulled away from their “real work” to deal with issues or do people-related processes. The first competency in the Magnify Impact Coaching (MIC) model of senior leader effectiveness is ‘Apply Judgment’.

HRsoft Becomes a SHRM Re-certification Provider


From analyzing compensation trends to discussing retention-boosting strategies, each presentation is thoughtfully prepared to help you walk away with clear, actionable insights.

Maximums Are Less Important Than Minimums

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When bosses want to grant more money than the compensation policy allows, they can usually find an easy way around the max limit. . I intensely dislike “maximums” because they relegate the compensation professionals into becoming feckless comp cops enforcing capricious nonsensical rules.

10 Steps to a Successful Hiring Process: A Hiring Process Checklist For Small Businesses

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You’ll face tough odds when competing with larger competitors who wield deep recruiting budgets, well-honed hiring practices, and full-time recruiters working to find and secure top candidates.