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I’ve just been attending an event with Globoforce and the Conference Board on social recognition. Globoforce’s Mood Tracker suggests that ‘only’ 38% of (N American?)

Data & People Analytics: A WorkHuman 2018 Recap


Big data. Many other fields are leveraging the power of data. And now, HR leaders are investing heavily in programs to utilize data for all aspects of workforce planning, talent management, and operational improvement. Or is it compensation and benefits? M ater the data.

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Meaningful Work Tops Company Culture, Compensation, and Perks as Workers’ #1 Must-Have in New Global Employee Survey


One of the survey’s most important findings is that workers across all age groups rank meaningful work as the most important aspect of their career, beating out positive company culture, compensation and perks, a supportive manager, and a fun team.

A New Employee Benefit: Social Justice PTO

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At this year’s WorkHuman Conference , pioneered by Globoforce, I learned about a new employee benefit called social justice PTO. If the survey data is correct, then companies who take a stand on important social issues could have an advantage finding and hiring the best talent.

Asked and Answered * Decoupling Performance Reviews and Compensation

Compensation Cafe

In my last post , I tackled the topic of decoupling the traditional formal performance review from compensation, asking why we hold onto old systems we are fairly confident do not work.

The Best Workday Integration You Never Knew About


Learn more about Globoforce’s pre-packed integration for social recognition in our webinar this Wednesday. Globoforce is the only certified Workday partner offering pre-packed integration for social recognition. 5 Reasons to Integrate Globoforce’s Social Recognition with Workday.

Win a VIP Meet And Greet With Rob Lowe or Arianna Huffington


Employees of Globoforce and their immediate family members are not eligible to enter the Contest. Globoforce assumes no liability for winners who are unable to attend due to schedule limitations. You probably know that Arianna Huffington and Rob Lowe are speaking at WorkHuman 2015.

Connecting People: How Cisco Used Social Recognition to Transform Its Culture


While at HR Tech in October, Claire Gray, senior director of global compensation at Cisco Systems (a Globoforce customer), presented a session titled, “How Cisco Fuels a Culture of Innovation for Employees.”. What did recognition at Cisco look like before you partnered with Globoforce?

A Question of Measurement and Value Creation

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Developing the right formulas for executive compensation is a tricky balancing act, ensuring that one’s focus is appropriately distributed across short-term performance and longer-term value creation. Which leading indicator-type attributes do you think leaders should be compensated on?

10 Things I Learned at Total Rewards


Brenda Pohlman (Globoforce) and Cesar Villa (The Hershey Company). Cesar Villa, Director of Compensation Global Functions at The Hershey Company, shared some really powerful data on their Hershey’s Smiles program.

ATS 193

A Paycheck Is Not Recognition for a Job Well Done

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But used together in a balanced way, compensation and recognition achieve goals for employee satisfaction, engagement, productivity, performance and retention. Data shows that a 10% increase in pay delivers a 5% decrease in quitting behavior. Compensation Philosophy Recognition

Separating Raises from Performance Reviews: But Then What?

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Assuming the answer above is affirmative, the next step lies in determining the types of performance information that can and should be used for deciding salary increases and other compensation. Compensation Communication Performance ManagementReading through Inc.

I rate you a 4.5. Or maybe a 3.

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During the last couple of years, I’ve had the opportunity to host executive forums with CHROs, EVPs, and other senior leaders looking to evolve (and sometimes revolutionize) the foundations of HR – compensation structures, performance processes, and more.

Pay Transparency as One Part of a Larger Culture

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But if the compensation structure is generally fair, the problem should not be insurmountable. Compensation Philosophy RecognitionPay transparency is a topic whose popularity appears to ebb and flow over time.

What Are We Paying You For?

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When we need to dream up new projects or programs (divergent thinking), perhaps we should start by spending some focused time on humdrum activities such as answering emails, making copies, or entering data. Compensation PhilosophyThink about your last business meeting.

Major Studies Detail Correlation Between Employee Engagement and Retention


The most serious challenge facing Human Resources is not benefits, compensation, or performance management. SHRM/GloboForce Employee Experience Survey. The revelation about HR challenges comes from the 2016 SHRM/Globoforce Employee Experience Survey (sent to nearly 800 HR professionals). IBM/Globoforce Employee Experience Index. Times have changed and the data now paints a much clearer picture.

What’s Next? The #MeToo Movement and HR


Use data to address underlying causes of friction. HR has access to raw and robust data on work-related topics from performance to compensation to paid time off. By Laurie Ruettimann, Guest Blogger. How many of you have heard that HR doesn’t care about employees?

One Word You Should Stop Saying at Work


Beyond removing “cascade” from your vocabulary, Gary shares other tips below, like how to give employees more control of their work and their compensation and how to take the politics out of performance management. Globoforce: How are employees are rewarded in a humanocracy? Then, compensation becomes really tied to marketplace outcomes. ” Every employee’s compensation is directly linked to marketplace outcomes. Sarah is managing editor at Globoforce.

Calling All Students: 3rd Annual WorkHuman Fellowship Essay Contest


Judging: All entries will be judged by the Globoforce Communications Team , based on the following criteria: originality (25 percent), creativity (25 percent), use of language (10 percent), and appropriateness to contest theme (40 percent).

The 2015 WorkHuman Fellowship Essay Contest


Judging: All entries will be judged by the Globoforce Communications Team , based on the following criteria: originality (25 percent), creativity (25 percent), use of language (10 percent), and appropriateness to contest theme (40 percent). Do you know a college or graduate student in the U.S.

#WorkHuman Day 2: Organization of the Future

The People Equation

Derek Irvine of Globoforce leads a panel discussion with HR Executives on how to make work more human. Derek Irvine, Globoforce’s VP, Client Strategy & Consulting, moderated a three-person panel of senior leaders in the HR role. WorkHuman Day 2 just wrapped.

Announcing the 2016 WorkHuman Fellowship Essay Contest


Judging: All entries will be judged by the Globoforce Communications Team , based on the following criteria: originality (25 percent), creativity (25 percent), use of language (10 percent), and appropriateness to contest theme (40 percent).

Survey: What 2,700 U.S. Workers Want from Their Work


Globoforce’s WorkHuman Research Institute annually surveys full-time U.S. A more in-depth look at the data makes a clear case for bringing more humanity to how we recognize, grow, and celebrate our people. But the data tells a different story.

Survey 146

6 Hot Digital Workplace Trends from Gartner


Tactics used include open-ended interviews, employee ‘shadowing,’ observation of physical activities, analysis of work artifacts and data logs, and compilation of field notes and journals. Report] 3 New Global HR Trends from Globoforce and RES Forum.

Trends 170

[Webinar] Making Recognition More Inclusive at Cardinal Health


we are thrilled to have Amanda Linard, director, compensation at Cardinal Health, with us for a one-hour webinar on how Cardinal Health uses social recognition to create more celebratory moments across the organization.

The Proven Links Between Retention and Employee Experience


The day before I was going to give my notice, my manager started a discussion about compensation. This post is the first in a series on findings from the new SHRM/Globoforce Employee Recognition Survey (sent to nearly 800 HR professionals).

Technology Is Changing Human Resource Management – But Where Will It Go?

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In its 2015 report in collaboration with Globoforce , The Society for Human Resource Management identified employee engagement, talent retention, competitive compensation, and developing the organizational leaders for tomorrow as major human capital challenges.

DEADLINE EXTENSION: WorkHuman 2016 Essay Contest


Judging: All entries will be judged by the Globoforce Communications Team , based on the following criteria: originality (25 percent), creativity (25 percent), use of language (10 percent), and appropriateness to contest theme (40 percent). Attention graduate and undergraduate students!

Pulling the Lever of Social Recognition

Compensation Cafe

Successful solutions to this challenge will need to link compensation to both culture and performance, as well as to employees’ sense of meaningful and important work. Take recent data from Willis Towers Watson for example.

A Brief History of Bureaucracy with Gary Hamel


Globoforce: What’s the difference between a bureaucracy and a humanocracy? Think about the latest chip in an Apple iPhone, the A12 chip that is built on a 7-nanometer architecture, which requires almost an inconceivable amount of control to create that many millions of data on a chip every time you take a photo with your iPhone. Globoforce: Why do so many companies default to a bureaucratic management model? Sarah is managing editor at Globoforce.

The Changing Nature of Performance

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Perhaps nowhere are we seeing more of this happen than around performance and related appraisal and compensation activities. The natural progression is perhaps even greater comfort with a compensation-by-conversation approach.

Why Friends at Work Matter

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Overall, this data is a good reminder that everyone communicates differently, whether on an individual basis or by the larger personality of an age demographic. How does all of this tie into a blog on compensation strategy?

The Changing Role of Performance and its Measurement

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Performance, feedback, and recognition occur in real time, generating rich data along the way. Interestingly, the appraisal process has become more general, grouping levels of performance into broad categories while still meeting the needs of compensation and workforce planners.

Reshaping the Organization

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On the other hand, HR and company leadership expect to have reliable and accurate performance data to feed into a number of downstream systems, spanning compensation, talent management, and succession planning.

Insights from the CHRO Panel at #WorkHuman 2017


This week I’m honored to be at the WorkHuman conference put on by Globoforce. Vicki Williams, SVP of Compensation, Benefits, and HRIS at NBCUniversal. One of the key business reasons for why Accenture changed its approach is because it looked at some sobering internal data.


Recognition & Inclusion


In the United Kingdom, greater gender diversity on the senior-executive team corresponded to the highest performance uplift in our data set: for every 10 percent increase in gender diversity, EBIT rose by 3.5 SHRM/Globoforce Survey. SHRM/Globoforce survey results reported that.

Cafe Classic: Unions, Recognition and Employee Engagement

Compensation Cafe

Editor's Note: Today's Classic features Derek Irvine with some data and insights about the importance of employee engagement - even (and some might argue especially) in a union environment.

Elevating the Workforce Experience: The Personal Lens


At a leading data company, leaders elevate human connections through the organization’s employee wellness program. 9 Similarly, a LinkedIn study revealed that 49 percent of employees would give up part of their compensation to stay in their position with an added sense of purpose.

300+ Women Leaders in HR! These Women in HR Bring a Unique Blend of People & Strategic Skills.


Even though HR is known to be a female dominated profession, there’s still much room for improvement in the top C-suite positions, especially when it comes to closing the gender pay gap (something we will know in more detail following data received from the Equal Pay Day 2018 deadline). Ann Bares , Compensation Consultant. HR Data Integration. Janet Dwyer , CEO/Co-founder at DataScava (Unstructured Data Miner) and TalentBrowser (Skills Analytics and Job Matching).

Conference Twitter Primer #SHRM18


BerkshireHR : (BETH RONNENBURG) Berkshire provides solutions for applicant management, compensation management, affirmative action, workforce planning, diversity, and professional training. GregoryWStevens : I/O Research Consultant, @Globoforce.