Who Cares About Compensation?

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What if you worked in an organization where the Head of Human Resources didn't view the Compensation function as vitally important to the organization? So What's Wrong With Compensation? It is unusual for this office holder to have cut their teeth in either Benefits or Compensation.

Cafe Classic: What HR Wants to Do (Not Compensation & Benefits)

Compensation Cafe

Currently HR pros are spending the lion's share of their time on employee relations. This may not be surprising, as Sharlyn notes, given the level of employee frustration and disengagement today. And very, very clearly - not compensation and benefits.

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Should Employees Have to Payback Payroll Errors?

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Here’s her question: This really isn’t a staffing agency question, which Kristna knows, but this was the specific example, it’s a payroll and employee relations issue that happens at all organizations, big, small, public, private, etc.

HR Functions and Outsourcing

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A big appeal of outsourcing is the expectation of reduction in costs and conservation of staffing. Some employers have found benefits in having a third party provide employee support for routine questions on areas such as benefits, payroll, and employee onboarding. It is thought that this particular shared service provides an organization’s employees with quick, reliable, and consistent responses. Compensation Administration.

What is a PEO? The solution to making your company great!


This can include (but is not limited to) managing human resources, taking care of payroll, overseeing workers’ compensation issues, and offering employee benefits. It’s worth mentioning that a Professional Employer Organization are not temporary staffing companies.

6 Tips for an Approachable HR Manager


As an HR Manager, your main duties include overseeing your companies HR programs and policies as they apply to employee relations, compensation, benefits, safety, performance and staffing levels. You're a representative of the company's, as well as the employee's interests, often times the confidant when an employee is experiencing an issue in the work place.

The Difference Between Being a Generalist and a Strategic HRBP

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It isn’t just firefighting employee relations issues – it’s raising the water level around living a company’s values – rewarding those that do.

The Wannabe Business Partner

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Personnel was the department focused on the interests of the employees. Its management was staffed by employee relations generalists, was sensitized by the needs of employees and left the running of the business to operations management. Compensation Philosophy

Workforce Analytics is Reinventing HR

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Over the years, organizations around the globe have spent billions of dollars on employee performance analysis, talent recruitment, leadership training, and development. Therefore, it is extremely important to analyze, assess, and predict staffing requirements. “I

Key Roles and Responsibilities in an HR Department


Team members in payroll don’t just ensure that employees are paid accurately according to a specific schedule, but they also ensure that payroll systems are aligned with other systems in the company and that employees can easily access their payroll information when needed.

What is a PEO? – Top 10 FAQs Business Owners Have About PEOs

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It’s your responsibility to ensure your employees are paid on time, stay safe throughout the workday, and have access to benefits like workers’ compensation, health insurance, and 401k. PEOs pool together worksite employees when receiving rates from insurance companies.

Flexible HR Options

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We have decades of experience diving in and getting our hands dirty in everything from sticky employee relations challenges to directing an employment termination. When you need flexibility, HR Studio Group delivers.

PEO companies vs. 4 alternatives

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In this article, we’ll pick apart these acronyms (plus several other related terms) so it’s clear what they all mean, and point out how each of these alternative human resource services compares to PEO companies. PEO vs. Employee Leasing. PEO vs. Staffing Companies.

PEO companies vs. 4 alternatives

Genesis HR Solutions

In this article, we’ll pick apart these acronyms (plus several other related terms) so it’s clear what they all mean, and point out how each of these alternative human resource services compares to PEO companies. PEO vs. Employee Leasing. PEO vs. Staffing Companies.

The Top Payroll Companies in Massachusetts

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An ASO is a service businesses use to outsource administrative functions, including employee benefits, payroll, HR management, workers compensation, and safety programs. Workers’ compensation insurance, reporting, and claims. Looking into payroll companies in Massachusetts?

Compliance is The Big Question on Our Minds

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It is achieved by successfully monitoring and managing ever changing laws and regulations as they relate to business operations and employee relations. Compliance impacts almost every task related to HR. Staffing: Growing Demand, Dwindling Supply.

Everything to know about Human Resource Management


It is designed to maximize employee performance in the service of an employer’s strategic objectives. It is aimed at synergizing the entire spectrum of creating, managing, and cultivating the employer-employee relationship. Utilization and Maintenance of Employee Workforce.

Human Resources LinkedIn Groups


It has a number of affiliated groups for HR professionals who are actively involved in competencies such as compensation and benefits, talent management, OD and Training, diversity, employee relations, employment law, labor relations, safety, staffing, technology, ethics, and analytics.

HR Informational Interview Questions–Answered


It depends on the position, but an HR generalist typically touches a variety of areas, such as recruiting, compensation, benefits, employee relations, training and development, and safety. Beyond that, the satisfaction of helping families with their benefits, working with an employee to develop themselves for a promotion, or helping to coach managers through challenging times are some of my favorites.

Mergers & Acquisitions: Blending for Success

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This involves a deep dive into the acquiring company – review of financials, understanding of staffing, transparent conversation on pain points and successes. Leo Wolfert/123RF.com.

Talent Acquisition vs. Talent Management vs. HR: A primer


Our guide will help you distinguish between these HR roles and learn how they work together to attract, hire, develop and retain skilled employees. Human Resource Management (or HRM) relates to how companies manage employees, from recruitment to retention.

ASO vs. PEO: What’s the difference?

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An administrative service offering (ASO) is a service businesses use to outsource administrative functions, including employee benefits, payroll, HR management, workers compensation, and safety programs. Workers’ compensation reporting and claims.

People Analytics and Driving Growth: Part III : Performance and Organizational Network Analysis


It can also be used to help encourage productivity and effectiveness at the employee and team levels. At one point in time, Cisco conducted annual employee engagement surveys. Some 73,000 employees respond. It’s a complex and challenging time in HR.

Why HR is Important


Having come a long way since traditional “personnel,” HR is a critical business function that helps companies succeed in hiring employees, keeping them engaged, and supporting their growth and development. HR Builds Strong Relationships with Employees.

HR Needs to Transform and Refocus, Now, with HRBP


On one side, you have traditional human resources—a profession focused on recruiting, retention, employee relations, benefits, compensation, and compliance. They may also be responsible for internal communication, like employee newsletters, or act as social coordinators.

Human Resource Planning to forecast for less risky business


The employees are more empowered today with the choices to say “yes” or “no” to a certain job and have substantial say in the company’s growth strategy. The economy has become Knowledge-based and the expectations of the employees have changed manifold.

You're Underpaying. Now What?

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Jenni Marquez, CCP, PayScale Compensation Professional Most organizations don’t intend to pay employees low, but market shifts and legislation changes can often result in underpaid employees. The DOL recently passed legislation increasing the minimum salary for exempt employees.

What is a PEO (& why do you need one)?

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A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) allows its clients to outsource many of their human resource functions, share employment liability, and, oftentimes, gain economies of scale to bring an improved benefits package to their employees. Workers’ compensation claims.

3 Questions to Help You Cross the Recruiting Finish Line


This way, when you found your “diamond in the rough,” you can make your star candidate an offer before you are in a staffing crisis. However, hiring employees with lack of experience can be beneficial for you too. But recent college graduates can be some of your best employees.

The Top 27 Talent Management Resources


Or really anyone in charge of hiring, training, and monitoring the performance of some or all of your employees. A group blog run by members of Oracle’s Fusion HCM team, TalentedApps focuses on everything from compensation to learning management, to brown-nosers at work. Staffing Talk.

6 Areas Where People Analytics Can Help HR Get Ahead

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More companies are implementing data and analytics than are using these business-critical tools to help drive employee-related decisions. Employees are becoming more prized for their soft skills, and there is increasing competition for talent in areas such as data science.

5 HR Analyst Job Descriptions – A Brief Analysis

Analytics in HR

Prepare all letters or contracts for any changes to employee terms and conditions e.g. flexible working. Assist with the UK payroll; update the provider with changes, respond to employee queries. Maintain and update electronic and hard copy personnel record systems containing all employment-related information including absence, holidays, starters and leavers, benefits and equality and diversity. Proactively monitor the employee life-cycle and key dates in the HR calendar.

What is Co-Employment?


a co-employment agreement, workers are technically employed by two separate entities: the business owner, or client employer, who controls their daily duties and core job functions; and the PEO, or co-employer, who handles personnel-related functions. The client employer maintains control of all business decisions and operations while the co-employer manages employee-related aspects of business operation.

300+ Women Leaders in HR! These Women in HR Bring a Unique Blend of People & Strategic Skills.


Allison O’Kelly , Executive Search and Staffing Executive • CEO/Founder Corps Team / Mom Corps. Ann Bares , Compensation Consultant. Angela (Skalicky) Lamsback , Senior Team Lead, Staffing at ZipRecruiter. Claire Schooley , Independent Consultant on Learning, Recruiting, and Employee Engagement. Deb Muller , CEO & Founder, HR Acuity – The Employee Relations Case Management Solution.

HR Roles

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They take the "business" POV in dealing with a conflict between management and an employee. HR Generalist : Most large companies don't truly have a generalist, although I suspect this term is sometimes applied to employee relations people (See below). A true generalist does everything--benefits, hiring, business partner, employee relations. Employee Relations : Instead of looking at the department as a whole, they tend to deal with individual problems.