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Time Tracking For Hourly and Temp Agency Workers


With the holiday season right around the corner, thousands of companies are frantically searching for temporary employees to help them fulfill the burst in consumer demand that characterizes this time of year. Time Tracking for Temp Agency Workers.

Ask the Expert: Is Employee Owed 2 Hours of Reporting Time Pay for 45-Minute Meeting?

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Question: We had a store meeting. One employee was off and only came in for the 45 minute meeting. She is saying she is entitled to 2 hours of pay. Do I owe her for 2 hours or just the 45 minutes. She says there is a minimum of 2 hours for working.”

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Hours Worked: What’s Compensable in a Day’s Work?


For instance, the daily commute to and from work isn’t compensable, and a few minutes chatting with colleagues at the water cooler tends to go by un-penalized. Instinctually you might say ‘common sense,’ but the reasoning is more complex then that.

How to create, implement and enforce a time and attendance policy


A time and attendance policy – the set of rules for your employees on when to show up for work and in what circumstances they can be excused – is essential for running your business successfully. It levels the playing field for all employees. Office hours.

The Legal Consequences of Not Paying Your Employees On Time


Payroll compliance is a new topic we’ve been exploring on the blog, and this week, we’re talking about the legal repercussions of not paying your employees on time. Read on to learn what to expect: Employee rights. Your duty to keep time records.

Demystifying Compensation for Everyone


Scene 1, Take 1: A Compensation Conversation—Without the Proper Rehearsal You’re a people manager walking into a one-on-one meeting about compensation. As you begin to share the news—a pay raise you thought would be well-received—you’re having difficulty explaining how the compensation decision was made, and answering all of your employee’s questions as well. A confused look appears across the table. The employee is attentive and receptive.

6 Considerations For Employee Attendance Policies


For employers, developing and enforcing timekeeping policies can seem just as daunting, especially with the Department of Labor cracking down on wage and hour law violators. How many times can an employee clock in within the grace period before getting a warning?

Paying Employees for On-Call Time and Travel Time


If you’re unsure of the answer, or questioning whether your existing arrangement is legally compliant, look to federal law to define the basis on which employees are and aren’t entitled to pay. . “All on-call time is not hours worked,” says Attorney Jonathan A.

Governor Signs New Employment Laws for 2019


Governor Jerry Brown signed several key employment law bills that businesses need to be aware of for the coming year. Here are some of the new laws taking effect in January 2019 that employers should anticipate: Assembly Bills.

Trading Restaurant Tips For Better Engagement

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Approximately 10 million Americans work in the restaurant industry, and it is one of the few industries where wages can legally be below the federal minimum wage of $7.25/hr. The remaining 24 states fall in the middle of that spectrum. in the U.S.)

I found a bedbug at work, my bosses spend a half hour at early morning meetings on small talk, and more

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I was told that this would be unpaid time off. To force an employee to leave and not return until they can prove either they don’t have bedbugs or that the bedbugs have been eliminated at home? And if your home is found clean, can I do anything to recoup my lost wages? And I certainly hope they’re having the office itself inspected (and treated if necessary) now that a bedbug has turned up there. Is it acceptable to start showing up late to these meetings?

“5 Things We Need To Do To Close The Gender Wage Gap”, with John Schwarz CEO of Visier

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Organizations need to take both a macro and micro look at their pay practices to understand if they are fairly compensating their employees. As part of my series about “the five things we need to do to close the gender wage gap” I had the pleasure of interviewing John Schwarz.

Free Up Your Time: 5 Types of Flexible HR Software

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When we think of a Human Resources Department, we think of a team of people working diligently to make sure that everyone else within the organization is able to succeed in their own positions without having to worry about extraneous paperwork. 2: Time & Attendance.

What is Absence Management and How Do Companies Approach It?


A key issue faced by employers is how to deal with absence management in the workplace. This means finding a way to institute a comprehensive absence management policy that maximizes the days that employees come to work and minimizes the number of days they are absent. Today we’ll examine some of the reasons for absenteeism , the costs associated with lost productivity, and how a sound absence management policy can boost morale and reduce absenteeism rates in the workplace.

What’s Keeping HR Up at Night in 2020?


The number of job openings in the U.S. million in January 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Is this an early sign that the talent shortage is dwindling? Although the talent shortage began dominating the labor market more than a decade ago, the No.

Overtime Pay: Exempt Vs. Non-Exempt


*This blog is adapted from the second episode of HR Party of One , Overtime Pay: Exempt Vs. Non-Exempt, which you can view below. The Five Stages of Overtime Grief. Change is hard… and compensation is perhaps the most sensitive of all HR subjects.

More Businesses Make Election Day a Holiday. Can Small Businesses Keep Up?


Dan Golden is closing the doors of his digital marketing firm on election day. The CEO isn’t required by law to give his employees the day to vote on November 6. For me, it’s always about walking the walk,” Golden, the CEO of the Chicago-based Be Found Online , says.

12 ways your company can help new moms transition back to work


The addition of a new family member is a happy event, but also a stressful one. And this new human requires a whole different care regimen than the adults and older children in the household. The stress of leaving a baby after only a few weeks, coupled with a body that’s still recovering and the high cost of day care can make any new mother’s return to work nerve-wracking. But in the end, 43% of them end up leaving their jobs. Bring the baby to work.

How to legally manage remote employees

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Plus, creating a telecommute option opens the door to Americans with Disability Act (ADA) accommodation requests to work at home. Remote employees also need training in time-keeping and safety and accident prevention. Handle attendance, discipline and discharge identically.

The Best Features of a High-Performance Engagement and Retention Strategy


For much of the past decade, HR departments everywhere in the world have been dealing with an unprecedented challenge. In such a hiring environment, businesses no longer have the upper hand, and job-hopping has become the new normal. Begin With the Right Metrics.

Your Action Plan for the DOL’s New Overtime Rules


The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires workers to be paid overtime if they work more than 40 hours a week. However, since the law’s passage in 1938, certain employees have been exempted from this requirement. Calculate the costs. or any other specific time of day.

How to HR in a growing company – A guide for every size business


When you first start a company, amid the excitement and many competing priorities, you may not be considering the vital role of human resources (HR) in growing a company. In a perfect world, all businesses would operate in strict accordance with the laws and best practices governing HR.

6 tips to avoid losing rock-star candidates to counteroffers


It’s even more likely to happen if the person’s expertise is highly specialized or hard to find. What are the best strategies for talking to candidates in this situation? Here are six strategies to increase the likelihood of your company staying on the winning side of a counteroffer battle. The use of counteroffers increases as the unemployment rate drops and the time it takes to fill positions grows. Keep the offer simple.

FMLA leave: Who’s eligible and for how long?


The Family and Medical Leave Act, passed by Congress in 1993, entitles eligible employees of covered employers to take unpaid, job-protected leave for specific family and medical reasons for up to 12 weeks. It also allows up to 26 weeks to care for certain family members who are or were in the military. Additionally, it ensures continuation of group health insurance coverage during this period under the same terms and conditions as if the employee had not taken leave.

Employee Turnover: The Most Common Myths/Misconceptions

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Employee Turnover: The Most Common Myths/Misconceptions Most businesses think about employee turnover only after it becomes a problem. Surveys report that as economic conditions continue to recover from the Great Recession more disengaged employees may seek to change jobs over the next year.

New overtime law: an employer’s guide


November 2016 Update: According to a recent Forbes article , ” a federal judge in Texas has issued a nationwide junction blocking the [new overtime rule.] The injunction halts enforcement of the rule until the government can win a countermanding order from an appeals court.”. 2016’s new overtime laws have shaken the US business world. Almost five million more employees will now have the right to time-and-a-half overtime pay. or 2 times normal wage.

San Francisco Paid Parental Leave Ordinance Applies to a New Group of Employers


The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) provides eligible employees with 12 weeks of job-protected leave, but federal law does not require this leave to be paid–effectively leaving the decision in the hands of covered employers. In the absence of paid family or sick leave provisions in federal law, a growing number of states, including California, New York , Washington, and Arizona have begun to fill the gap.

Everything You Need to Know About Hiring Interns for your Small Business


Does your business have the opportunity to train an intern in exchange for valuable work experience? An intern can provide temporary assistance during peak times, and a chance to give back some of the skills and knowledge you (or your employees) have acquired. Hiring interns for your small business can also offer the potential to build a pipeline of similar talent. Small business can take a lot from their model and adapt programming to meet their own needs.

HR TechStack – Payroll Software


The software typically calculates wages, handles taxes and deductions, and delivers checks. Payroll solutions ensure employees are paid timely and accurately. These products help HR and accounting teams automate payroll processes to save time and ensure accurate bookkeeping.

Everything You Need to Know About Hiring Interns for your Small Business


Does your business have the opportunity to train an intern in exchange for valuable work experience? An intern can provide temporary assistance during peak times, and a chance to give back some of the skills and knowledge you (or your employees) have acquired. Hiring interns for your small business can also offer the potential to build a pipeline of similar talent. Small business can take a lot from their model and adapt programming to meet their own needs.

Conference Twitter Primer #HRtechConf 2018


Once again using HRmarketer software, we analyzed the #HRTechConf conference website and tweets to come up with the following Conference Twitter Primer — all the information you need to socially prepare for the world’s largest HR technology conference and exposition hall!

How to Fight Unemployment Insurance Benefit Hearings


The History of Unemployment Benefits. Unemployment insurance benefits first appeared in Wisconsin in 1932 as part of an effort to provide relief to workers who were unemployed as a result of the 1929 financial collapse. The length a state offers unemployment insurance benefits varies.

I used an alias to reapply for a job, I can’t drive on a business trip, and more

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I applied to a job and went to the third round and then never heard back. Later I learned that the position has been filled. I was not getting any reply from the company after my interview, although I was told “you did great and you ll hear back in a week.” ” I was trying to reach HR, the team, and everyone, but nobody answered, so I made another profile in their online application system with the same resume, but I changed the name to my alias.

What to Do About Employee Disengagement? 5 Steps to Take Right Away

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The Conference Board , a nonprofit specializing in management and marketplace research, defines it as “employees’ emotional and intellectual attachments to their jobs.” Learn more about curbing disengagement when you attend BLR’s THRIVE event , held May 11-12 in Las Vegas, learn more below.

Businesses Rely More Heavily on Contingent Workers, but at What Cost?


The contingent workforce could be one of the fastest growing categories of workers in the US today. The numbers are only expected to grow as business and workers reap the benefits of this new working category. Contingent work has its benefits for both the business and the individual, but there are also drawbacks. Before you hire your next worker, consider the following. The case for contingent workers. per year per full-time employee.

Talent and Performance Management Survey Summary

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The HR Daily Advisor research team conducted the 2016 Talent and Performance Management Survey in January, 2016. Talent and performance management are some of the most important and rigorous tasks any HR professional has to deal with. The least common answer was “other.”

Understand Important HR Trends in 5 Minutes


But if you’re pressed for time, then skim this review for key takeaways. Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll find: Critical components of the recruiting process. In fact, according to a LinkedIn study, the top obstacle to hiring is finding suitable candidates (46%). Ban the box.