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Pay the Friendly Way: United Airlines Ties Executive Compensation to Customer Satisfaction

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While they have done much to repair the damage, a recent development highlights how this is not only affecting their external customer satisfaction policies but their internal compensation policies as well. Learn More About Our Compensation Software.

Diversity Considerations in Compensation: Part 2 – Workplace Currency, Manager Favoritism

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In our first diversity and compensation post , we covered how to identify and resolve inequities within your current compensation practices, as well as the pros and cons of a self-audit. We (reasonably) expect to receive some sort of compensation in exchange for our efforts.

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Align Your Compensation Strategy with Business Priorities

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Taylor, PHR, SHRM-CP, PayScale Senior Blogger At the intersection of business objectives and recruitment is a strong compensation strategy. Use real-time salary surveys, webinars on compensation, and content shared by experts in this area to become educated. Tess C.

Make Your Compensation Work Across Generations

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In yesterday’s Advisor , we looked at the first two of Payscale’s five compensation tips for workers at all stages of their careers, referencing their report, Compensation Challenges for a Multi-Generational Workforce.

Using Compensation Planning to Improve Engagement & Retention


One such strategy is effective compensation planning. How Can Compensation Planning Help Improve Engagement & Retention? According to PayScale survey findings the main reason why employees left in 2014 is due to compensation issues (although this can vary from company to company) which can be related to base salary, commission, overtime pay or end-of-year bonuses. Why I s Compensation Planning A Relevant Retention Strategy?

Be a Unicorn. What Your Compensation Package Says About Your Business

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Taylor, CPC, PHR, SHRM-CP, PayScale Senior Blogger It can be impossible for Human Resource pros to see things from an objective standpoint when we are so connected to the people and processes of our organizations. Compensation plays a major role here. Tess C.

Are you ready for new Equal Pay Mandates?


According to PayScale , which conducts one of the most comprehensive analyses of compensation in the US, women made only $0.79 PayScale attributes this differential to the fact that “women are less likely to hold high-level, high-paying jobs than men.

Companies Use Pay Alternatives to Keep Employees Around

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Taylor, CPC, PHR, SHRM-CP, PayScale Senior Blogger It always seems as if one company tries to be progressive in terms of it’s compensation strategy, it shakes things up for the rest of the business world. Tess C.

We’re Training Our Managers Wrong

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We tell them they’re responsible for the engagement, development and performance of their team, but then we don’t allow them to control compensation for their employees or spend a ton of time teaching them to manage. At PayScale, our professional services team provides manager training.

21 fresh employee engagement ideas

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According to PayScale’s 2015 Compensation Best Practices Report , unsatisfactory pay is the main reason people leave companies, which is no doubt why 63 percent of employers said a primary compensation objective is “retaining top employees.” Invest in your employees’ well-being.

5 Steps to Creating a Merit Matrix

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This is the art piece of compensation – use your best judgment considering where most employees fall relative to their range and where most employees fall regarding performance. Again, this is the creative side of compensation.

Hiring the Wrong Salesperson is a $2-Million Mistake

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Start with PayScale’s (free!) complete guide to compensation plans, Bring Back the Sizzle: PayScale’s Guide to Comp Plans That Get Workers Fired Up (In a Good Way). The stakes are very high when it comes to hiring salespeople, says Consultant Joseph DiMisa.

Questions for Budgeting Season

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We’re well into budgeting season, which means it’s about time for many HR and comp pros to start scrambling around to calculate the necessary information for next year’s comp budget. For some context, in the webinar we provided some ways to sell the need for a decent compensation budget.

The Executive Assistant’s Guide: Tips for Getting a Promotion or Raise


And it’s high time more executive assistants started articulating their value and requesting commensurate compensation and advancement. Your team might need a new web developer, but if you can’t even read basic HTML, well, you know the rest.

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