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Employment Law 2020: Are You Prepared and Protected?

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It’s a brand-new decade, and employment law changes are occurring at a breakneck speed right alongside technological innovation. Trends and best practices in employment law have evolved dramatically in recent years, and it can be hard for HR practitioners to keep up.

Working parent discrimination may be the newest legal headache for employers

Business Management Daily

Working parent discrimination may be the newest legal headache for employers. Working parents with children under 14 constitute about one-third of the workforce, approximately 50 million workers. The COVID conundrum. The opposite has occurred for women.


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EEOC Task Force Recommends Training, Policies to Prevent Workplace Harassment

HR Daily Advisor

With workplace harassment claims on the rise, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) recently recommended practical steps and policies to help employers reduce the number of charges filed. Harassment claims constitute approximately one-third of all charges filed with the EEOC in recent years and can take a devastating toll on employers. The EEOC recently convened a task force to investigate harassment in the workplace.

EEOC makes $56K example of employer over deaf applicant: What went wrong?

HR Morning

Here’s an expensive reminder that job applicants — and not just employees — are also protected by the ADA. . The EEOC recently filed a disability discrimination lawsuit against McDonald’s Corp. and McDonald’s Restaurants of Missouri, accusing a Belton, MO, restaurant of discriminating against a job applicant because he was deaf. The EEOC claimed the restaurant’s conduct violated the ADA.

Should Millennials Be Concerned About Age Bias – Ask #HR Bartender

HR Bartender

The regular conversations about generations in the workplace raise an issue for candidates, employees, and employers – age bias. I’ve had supervisory positions in the past. Versus competing for a job with people who are fresh out of college? Maybe the age thing is just something in my head? So I asked Jon Hyman, partner in the firm Meyers, Roman, Friedberg & Lewis based in Cleveland, Ohio if he would share his knowledge. In the U.S.,

EEOC sees retaliation workload rise: How to stay off its radar

HR Morning

The increase in sexual harassment charges filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission have made headlines this fall, but that’s not the only eye-opening statistic coming out of the agency. Retaliation claims and lawsuits now make up almost 50 percent of the EEOC’s workload. Of course, if the reason for your action is compelling and unrelated to that activity, you need to move forward regardless.

Why your sexual harassment policy needs a contingency plan

Business Management Daily

But in the days after the termination , details emerged showing that the fast food company had prepared in advance to handle relationships between C-suite executives and subordinates. The company’s policy had already defined such power-imbalanced relationships as violations of its sexual harassment policy. Easterbrook had already signed a non-compete and severance pay agreement that took immediate effect. Discrimination and Harassment Employment Law

The Importance for HR Managers to Understand the Law

Get Hppy

The job of HR managers is not just limited to hiring competent staff, ensuring a healthy work culture, and conducting appraisals. Knowing the laws will help them take steps against discrimination, abuse, avoid liability and handle legal issues in human resource management. .

ISM Number Two: SexISM Replayed

OmegaHR Solutions

Based on the headlines not much has changed. . Sexism is the second part of my series on ISM’s in Human Resources in the United States. According to Wikipedia “ Sexism, a term coined in the mid-20th century,[1] refers to the belief or attitude that one gender or sex is inferior to, less competent, or less valuable than the other.” ” ( Click here for a great discussion of the totality of the meaning of the word SEXISM.)

At-will employment: What are the exceptions? 


Every state except for Montana follows the “at-will employmentlaw. This means it is legal to terminate an at-will employee for any reason outside of federal and state law protections without being required to establish cause for termination. . Discrimination.

Best Defense Is Good Offense: Preparing Your Office for Legal Sports Betting

HR Daily Advisor

Football season has kicked off, and baseball playoffs and basketball season are just around the corner—make no mistake about it, your employees will be gambling. And you can expect an increase in workplace gambling after the U.S. Supreme Court recently struck down a federal law that prohibited sports betting, thereby paving the way for states to legalize the practice. The Court’s decision will likely have an impact on workplace gambling.

How to HR in a growing company – A guide for every size business


When you first start a company, amid the excitement and many competing priorities, you may not be considering the vital role of human resources (HR) in growing a company. While you can probably get away with a less-than-defined HR strategy as a startup, these policies, procedures and strategies can determine your fate as the business grows. In a perfect world, all businesses would operate in strict accordance with the laws and best practices governing HR.

6 Business Cases for Interim HR Staffing


Here are just a few of the problems that interim HR staffing can solve for your organization. Compliance & Changing Laws. There’s a whole slew of employment laws that your HR team needs to stay on top of: Fair Labor Standards Act. Sexual harassment laws. Anti-discrimination laws. Other industry-specific laws. Some of the most essential items include: Effects of the acquisition on structure.

WIRTW #504 (the “once bitten, twice shy” edition)

Ohio Employer's Law

I’ll be watching Norah and her bandmates warming up the crowd for 80’s hair band Great White. I’ll be the one without the motorcycle. Discrimination. If You’re Sued, Your Sexual Harassment Report Could Become Public — via TLNT. Labor Department tells senators it’s too ‘complex’ to collect sexual harassment data — via Workplace Fairness. Sexual Harassment has a major impact on NYC employers — via Mike Haberman’s Omega HR Solutions.

How many things can you find wrong with this picture?

The Employer Handbook

Last night, I found the employment law equivalent from this recent Sixth Circuit opinion. [ tl;dr: A colossal series of HR-compliance gaffes leads to a whopper of a jury verdict against the employer, which includes an award of punitive damages.]. The plaintiff, in this case, was a parcel sorter. His views on women in the workplace were, shall we say, dated. Then, in January 2012, he suggested again that the plaintiff demote herself.

WIRTW #484 (the “happy place” edition)

Ohio Employer's Law

Where do you take your mind when you’re just having a bad day, when you have to deal with that employee, when a client chews you out (I know, that never happens), or when you otherwise need a mental breather from the world and all of its evil and other craziness? Like this : D-man has ALL the moves! Have you voted yet for the Worst Employer of 2017 ? Polls for the first round close on November 22. Discrimination. via The Tim Sackett Project.

WIRTW #370 (the “I’m ready for my close-up”) edition

Ohio Employer's Law

Here’s the official description of my segment: With politicians talking about job creation, you would hope government would make it easy to hire people. But the opposite is true. Pop some corn, or, if you’re out and about on a summer Friday eve, set your DVR, to get your seven-minute fix of Hyman on employment law. Here’s the rest of what I read this week: Discrimination. SCOTUS ruling on religious garb puts employers in a double bind — via HR Café.

Survival Guide: Politics and Work

HR Examiner

If the Super Bowl costs US companies a billion dollars in lost productivity, imagine what the tab is for politics. The current issues touch people deeply. There are also changes to health care, taxation, and employment laws that create further concern and confusion. Some employees have quit because of the position the organization took. And candidates are deciding whether to interview there based on which side the company supports.

HR Roles in a Workplace Culture You May Not Know


The term HR is quite commonly flung around in offices and workplaces. The Vital Roles of the Human Resources Department. This HR department is the assisting arm of the main department and will help the firm to execute its work in a much efficient and simplified manner. Strengthen the employer-employee relationship. A major role of HR is to improve, establish and strengthen the employer-employee relationship.

WIRTW #358 (the “appreciation” edition)

Ohio Employer's Law

Employee appreciation needs to be a year-round effort, not a one-off to-do to check off your corporate calendar. Here are some thoughts, from the archives, to make employee appreciation part of your corporate culture. via The HR Capitalist, Kris Dunn In-House Counsel: Is Transgender Discrimination on Your Radar? — The DOL’s Model FMLA Forms Expired Just Days Ago. o your employees feel appreciated? Today is Employee Appreciation Day.

WIRTW #472 (the “back to school” edition)

Ohio Employer's Law

Here’s what I read this week: Discrimination. Yep, that could still be age discrimination. — via Eric Meyer’s The Employer Handbook Blog. EEOC: “gentleman’s club” broke law by refusing to hire male barkeep — via Walter Olson’s Overlawyered. Facebook shuts down anonymous in-house forum over harassment — via The Verge. Ebola, Trypanophobia, And Deafness: What Does The ADA Require? — Think Again… — via The Emplawyerologist.

Why creating a culture of HR compliance could reduce risk


Business owners in the United States today must abide by and stay compliant with more laws and regulations than at any other point in history. If you establish and ingrain your company’s values into the fabric of the culture, then your business is likely more risk averse. ” Being proactive in compliance, Sarvadi wrote, is the best approach. Prevention is better than the cure.”. For more grave or gratuitous offenses, employers can also be jailed.

Lurking Business Litigation: 4 Things You Can’t Afford to Ignore


Add to that the hundreds of ever-changing federal and state employment laws that you’re expected to comply with and your head may be spinning. And overlooking these regulations or not following the proper protocol can lead to costly litigation and penalties. While questions regarding these laws are endless, here are four areas you need to pay close attention to. Ensuring that departing employees are paid according to timelines set by state law.

WIRTW #372 (the “bad work day” edition)

Ohio Employer's Law

From Mediate : During last Sunday’s broadcast of Fox & Friends, co-host Pete Hegseth tossed an axe to tease an upcoming segment on timbersports, missed the target, and hit a marching band percussionist standing in the distance. Let’s go the replay : Here’s the rest of what I read this week: Discrimination. Or Can Employer Take Action? — via Dan Schwartz’s Connecticut Employment Law Blog. via Minnesota Employer.

WIRTW #437 (the “Elevate HR” edition)

Ohio Employer's Law

Elevate HR is the largest virtual HR conference in the world. And, for the second straight year, I am thrilled to be one of the more than 50 industry leaders chosen to present. In this session, you will learn the most important steps you can take right now to train your employees on effective cybersecurity awareness, to place your company in the best position to protect against a costly data breach. And the best part? Discrimination.

WIRTW #414 (the “happy 10th” edition)

Ohio Employer's Law

I have no idea how this happened in 10 quick years, but I am certainly enjoying the ride. Here’s the rest of what I read this week: Discrimination Is sexual harassment training a turn-off for men? — via Robin Shea’s Employment & Labor Insider Another Advertising Agency Courting the EEOC: Have They Ever Heard of Retaliation? — via Troutman Sanders HR Law Matters.

Strategic HR: Writing a Strong Termination Letter

HR Daily Advisor

A few straightforward strategies can help you prepare a termination letter that provides all the benefits and helps you manage the risks that accompany all termination decisions. It will be scrutinized by the employee. Every word will be parsed by the employee’s lawyer. And, if necessary, jurors will review it during their deliberations to decide whether you proved the legitimate reasons for termination you explained in the letter.

WIRTW #481 (the “proof of concept” edition)

Ohio Employer's Law

When a commenter starts his thoughts with “Hey faggot,” you know you have one for the internet-troll hall of fame. A couple of months ago I wrote a post entitled, When You Discover That You Employ a Nazi. This post generated the above-referenced comment on (which cross-posts my blog daily). The rest of this winning comment? For the record, he is con, con, and WTF?! Here’s what else I read this week: Discrimination.

WIRTW #425 (the “tschüss” edition)

Ohio Employer's Law

The Hymans did not take a vacation this summer. Tschüss” is the German equivalent of “bye.” Here’s what I read this week: Discrimination. Title VII and sexual orientation bias, revisited — via Robin Shea’s Employment & Labor Insider. Bullying or Harassment or Am I Missing Something? — EEOC Rules That “Don’t Tread On Me” Hat Might Be Racially Offensive — via The Employment Brief. The Voice Of Sexual Harassment: “Just Shut Up.

WIRTW #403 (the “royals” edition)

Ohio Employer's Law

One of the benefits my kids get from going to a K – 12 school is the experience of varsity high-school sports. The school is much more focused on academics and fine arts than sports. Right now, the girls’ basketball team is that team. Tomorrow night, we play Cornerstone Christian (a team we beat in January) for the right to go to Columbus for the State Division IV Final Four. It will be the school’s first ever trip to the Elite Eight in any sport.

WIRTW #466 (the “solo” edition)

Ohio Employer's Law

She’s got cohones (especially at the age of 11). Through a casual exam-chair conversation with her orthodontist , he learned that she plays music and she learned that he’s involved with an annual summer solstice music festival. She spent the next day working up and running through six songs, and played to a mid-afternoon crowd outside our favorite French restaurant. They will rock the courtyard outside of the Grog Shop, 2785 Euclid Heights Blvd.,