Equality, Diversity, and the Gender Pay Gap in Tech: 5 Suggestions to Help You Pay Fairly

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By Sonnet Lauberth, PayScale Compensation Professional, As a Compensation Professional, I work with a variety of companies in the technology industry. Suggestion #1: Don’t fear diversity! In fact, ignoring diversity is actually doing companies more harm than good.

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Mykkah Herner, MA, CCP, Modern Compensation Evangelist, PayScale PayScale’s 2016 Compensation Best Practices Report is here! If you want to compete in a rapidly changing global economy, you have to pay more for your hot jobs and your top talent.

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Predictive analytics can help insurance companies make that determination by pulling both internal data about past competencies needed in a role and a candidate’s own data to determine the potential for success for that role.

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Apple’s Fortune 500 profile also includes information on how Apple is creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce. Fortune also recently released an inside look at Google’s diversity efforts. They believe that their diversity fuels innovation.

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Pay Fairly All Year Long

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Diverse teams lead to better business results. Infusing your talent pool with greater diversity gets people used to thinking in new ways, more creatively, more innovatively, and leads to finding new solutions to existing challenges.

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Ignoring first-impression bias When interviewers equate “like” with competence, problems can ensue. Use trusted sources, like Payscale, to determine fair compensation so candidates don''t run to the next competitor for more money. This practice also hinders diversity efforts.

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This becomes particularly important when trying to build cognitively diverse teams where change or transformation are mission critical. Measurements can assess cognitive attributes, emotional intelligence, health & wellbeing, personality, behaviour, culture and team fit, as well as other core skills and competencies.

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Google brings on former SAP Executive Robert Enslin, BeameryHQ Expands Leadership Team, Payscale Get Growth Investment, Limeade Launches Platform, and textio Launches New Writing Tool. Payscale Get Growth Investment Link ». you’re not going to be able to compete.

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RitaMitjans : Mom, Harvard ’90, Chief Diversity & Corporate Social Responsibility Officer. d_lux_brand : Fierce advocate for pay equity, gender equality, and diversity and inclusion within the workplace. Diversity !=