Equality, Diversity, and the Gender Pay Gap in Tech: 5 Suggestions to Help You Pay Fairly

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By Sonnet Lauberth, PayScale Compensation Professional, As a Compensation Professional, I work with a variety of companies in the technology industry. Suggestion #1: Don’t fear diversity! The truth is that the workforce is becoming larger and more diverse every year, so ignoring diversity isn’t really an option anymore. In fact, ignoring diversity is actually doing companies more harm than good. Make diversity and inclusion a priority at your organization.

Confronting Discrimination In The Workplace (For Leaders)

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Diverse Candidate Pool. Adapting to a diversity-friendly hiring process means exploring new sources and mediums for recruiting. As a result, it becomes hard for them to compete for career advancement or promotions. Appoint An Diversity Panel.

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CBPR Top 10: What Comptopians Do Differently

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Mykkah Herner, MA, CCP, Modern Compensation Evangelist, PayScale PayScale’s 2016 Compensation Best Practices Report is here! If you want to compete in a rapidly changing global economy, you have to pay more for your hot jobs and your top talent. They are evaluating their PTO practices, as well as wellness, philanthropic, and diversity initiatives. You’re no longer competing with yourself or the company across town.

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Apple’s Fortune 500 profile also includes information on how Apple is creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce. Fortune also recently released an inside look at Google’s diversity efforts. Business Insider with Payscale – The 50 Best Companies to work for in America 2016 Business Insider publishes the 50 Best Companies to Work for in America annually in partnership with PayScale—a remuneration information company.

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Pay Fairly All Year Long

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Mykkah Herner, MA, CCP, Modern Compensation Evangelist, PayScale Now that we’re heading into May and Equal Pay Day is behind us, it is crucial to remember that the most important parts of our compensation efforts are our people, having engaging and transparent conversations, accomplishing what we set out to do, and ultimately, paying fairly. Diverse teams lead to better business results. In the PayScale Gender Pay analysis , this is called the “controlled” gap.

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Predictive analytics can help insurance companies make that determination by pulling both internal data about past competencies needed in a role and a candidate’s own data to determine the potential for success for that role. Younger workers want to see a future career path with a company before they accept a job offer, a Generations at Work report by PayScale and Millennial Branding argues. The insurance industry is facing a serious threat in the form of a talent crisis.

How to Turn Pay Secrecy Obstacles Into Pay Transparency Opportunities

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It helps your organization more effectively compete for talent by ensuring that you regularly evaluate the system to ensure it is still reflective of market pay. For a less extreme approach, consider the company PayScale, which falls closer to the mid-section of the pay transparency spectrum. I’ve been thinking about the impact of snap decisions a lot lately.

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This becomes particularly important when trying to build cognitively diverse teams where change or transformation are mission critical. Measurements can assess cognitive attributes, emotional intelligence, health & wellbeing, personality, behaviour, culture and team fit, as well as other core skills and competencies.

“Gender Roles in Childhood.”, with Sheila Ronning and Candice Georgiadis

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Recognizing her expertise on gender diversity, numerous worldwide corporations have recruited her as well, including KPMG, Kirkland Ellis, Aon, NewsCorp, L’Oreal, and Thomas Reuters. These workplace disadvantages in pay, perceived competence, and benefits relative to childless women in the workplace encountered by working mothers have been termed by sociologists the motherhood penalty. Gender Roles in Childhood.

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RitaMitjans : Mom, Harvard ’90, Chief Diversity & Corporate Social Responsibility Officer. d_lux_brand : Fierce advocate for pay equity, gender equality, and diversity and inclusion within the workplace. Diversity !=

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Google brings on former SAP Executive Robert Enslin, BeameryHQ Expands Leadership Team, Payscale Get Growth Investment, Limeade Launches Platform, and textio Launches New Writing Tool. Payscale Get Growth Investment Link ». So but there is a comment that that that the prince Francisco Partners are excited about the investment in PayScale they’re. you’re not going to be able to compete.

Axiom CEO Elena Donio: “Resilience is about accepting failure as part of any learning curve”

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Elena is a member of the Board of Directors at Twilio and PayScale. He has a fantastic ability to embrace diversity of thinking and get the most out of everyone around him. What must never change is the priority we place on our culture and our (diverse, challenging, ambitious, smart, engaged, letter-writing) people. When I returned to work, I committed to compete on what mattered, letting go of measures that didn’t matter like hours and air miles.