How to Create a Strong Diversity Recruiting Strategy


What Is a Diversity Recruitment Strategy? A diversity recruitment strategy defines goals, accountabilities, action items and success measures for attracting, engaging, assessing and hiring diverse talent to drive business success. A diversity recruitment strategy can help. .

Recruiting a Diverse Workforce in Healthcare

Hospital Recruiting

The prevailing wisdom is that a diverse workforce in the healthcare industry can lead to better patient outcomes. A workforce that better represents patients may be more adept in practicing cultural competency, awareness, and sensitivity. Developing a Diversity Protocol.

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Ensuring Fair Hiring Practices

HRO Today

Unemployment is at one of the lowest levels in recent history and the war for talent is on,” says Greg Dubecky, president of Corporate Screening. Employers that pre-screen candidates based on race and criminal history without considering competencies, potential, and a holistic view of the candidate will ultimately lose the war on talent—potentially causing long-term damage to their organization.”.

Blindfolding Your Bias: How to Make Diversity an HR Staple


Diversity—it’s a key to good business. Whether you’re a tech firm, a hotel, or a hospital, diverse employees can only bring good things to your company. Plus, in a more diverse and inclusive workforce, individual discretionary effort improves by 12%.

Diversity Isn’t a Program


Lighthouse Research Principal Analyst Ben Eubanks’ session at SilkRoad’s Connections conference hammered home the importance of culturally embedded diversity and inclusion practices. According to Deloitte, employees that rated their employers highly for both diversity and inclusion were 80 percent more likely to say their organization was high performing. Furthermore, companies in the top quartile for racial and ethnic diversity are 35 percent more likely to perform about average.

Here’s How Your Word Choices Could Affect Hiring Gender-Diverse Talent

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That’s right, language matters and in our new global Language Matters Gender Diversity report , we’re diving into just how much of an impact words have on your hiring and employee engagement strategies. Talent Leadership Diversity

‘We need cognitive diversity to bring in new perspectives and ideas’


More than a third (37%) of organisations surveyed for the report said they were not effective at recruiting for cognitive diversity (also referred to as ‘neurodiversity’), which is a key predictor of positive team performance. Organisations were also found to be poor at leveraging the benefits of cognitive diversity; just a quarter (25%) of respondents said their organisation was effective in this area. News Diversity and inclusion Talent management

Launching a Diversity and Inclusion Program Isn’t Enough – Here’s How to Make a Meaningful Impact

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This is shocking, considering that 97% of respondents report that their company has a diversity program in place. Simply launching a diversity and inclusion (D&I) program isn’t enough. The diversity and inclusion (D&I) initiatives that all employees rank as highly effective.

How recruitment and hiring trends will evolve in 2018


Companies competing for the best candidates have multiple ways to find and entice job seekers to work for them. Multiple companies are competing for the same small pool of top talent, who may not even necessarily be looking for a new job (also known as passive candidates ).

Why Are Companies Turning to Older Workers? Should You?


As David Case, Vice President of Workforce Strategies and Chief Diversity Officer at CVS Health explains on the company’s Talent is Ageless recruitment webpage, “We know that 90 percent of Americans aged 65 and older are using at least one prescription drug a month, and 40 percent use at least five.

Unconscious bias in recruitment: How can you remove it?


There’s a lot of talk around diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Some of them are actively looking to attract diverse candidates, e.g. by applying blind resume screening methods or by hosting female-only career days. Biased hiring decisions result in less diverse teams.

Why you should consider non-traditional candidates


Look at it from a different perspective: if you want to hire a doctor, the first thing you’ll do when screening resumes is to disqualify those who don’t have a medical degree or don’t have enough relevant experience. Diversity is a choice – not a ‘nice thing to do’.

What is blind recruitment – and does it work?


Discover why hiding personal details from candidates’ applications helps to improve the diversity of new hires, and how to introduce it to your organisation using an ATS. Blind recruitment is gaining traction as an effective way to recruit more diverse staff. Those with ‘male’ names were rated as “significantly more competent and hireable”. Instead of doing the auditions face-to-face, they put up a screen between the musicians and those hearing the music.

4 Tips for Diversifying Your Talent Pipeline, from Shopify, PowerToFly, and Vrbo

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Despite lofty promises to improve workforce diversity across every industry, progress has been slow — and fatigue seems to be setting in. And the number of participants who said they’d actively engaged in discussions about diversity dropped from 42% to 35%. Diversity

How to grow your startup with a great company career page


How to build diversity and inclusion into your hiring process. Attract diverse candidates. This isn’t going to sound great, but when I first joined SnapTravel, my impression was that diversity was a major issue. It’s statistically proven that diverse teams perform better.

Women in Tech: Hiring Strategies to Attract and Retain Top Talent

Hacker Earth

Here’s how you can fine-tune your organization’s diversity and talent strategies to achieve better attraction of today’s growing pool of female tech talent. Blind hiring can consist of blind candidate screening, pre-employment testing, or even blind interviewing where online or written Q&As separate the two parties. Nowadays companies are competing to be seen as having the most innovative and forward-looking benefits programs.

How the FBI is Beating the Skills Gap by Recruiting “Unexpected Agents”

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Here’s why this strategy might be the key to solving the FBI’s skills gaps and attracting diverse candidates —and what other employers can learn from it. FBI agents are a constant presence on TV and on the big screen, but this has proven a double-edged sword.

The Top 3 Recruiting Trends of 2017

Cornerstone On Demand

With more job opportunities, candidates are increasingly in control of the job hunt—which means recruiters will need to work harder to compete for talent. Last but not least, companies are not only interested in hiring more people, they want to hire more kinds of people, too: As more employers recognize the social and financial benefits of having a diverse workforce, the ability to attract qualified diverse candidates will become a competitive advantage in 2017.

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4 Ways to Eliminate Unconscious Bias From Your Recruitment Process


The cold hard truth is that unconscious bias affects the authenticity of your hiring process, while also resulting in a lack of diversity within your company. Candidate Experience Diversity Hiring

Prediction: Organizations will use AI and behavioral nudges to reduce bias across the workplace

Bersin with Deloitte

Clearly, a more thoughtful approach to “programming” the AI is required in order to identify and bring on a more diverse talent pool. decisions on resume screenings, interviewing, selection, performance management, or internal mobility).

The Economist's Talent Management Summit and the new rules of.

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Prioritising engagement - understanding that its important, and will continue to increase in importance, as more and more organisations compete on their culture / organisational capability and which needs to include at least an element of engagement. skip to main | skip to sidebar.

Expert Roundtable: Why Digital Transformation in HR Means More Than Tech

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Digital tools can also help amplify the diversity of our workforce by facilitating hiring and management of geographically dispersed workers. I promote the alternative practice of hiring for potential and recruiting on the basis of minimum needed competency rather than maximum qualifications.

Automated assessments

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In conventional skill assessments, recruiters typically spend 20 to 30 minutes asking about a candidate’s experience, relevant work samples, or offline skill-based tests as part of a pre-screening round. Changing how you think about talent acquisition.

How Talent Intelligence Software Improves the Success of Clinical Trials


Technology has opened the door for more geographically diverse clinical trials. Finally, there is the matter of diversity and inclusion, drivers of excellence in medicine, notes Dr. Desmondes Haynes , a pulmonologist in Jackson, Mississippi. Hiring Systems Promote Diversity .

Peter Cheese CIPD Progress Update ~ HR to HR 2.0 and Human.

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Were not going to feel included whilst your competing with us.). skip to main | skip to sidebar. Bio-Contact. Consulting. Speaking. Writing. About-HCM. Welcome. Welcome height=200 id=Image1_img src=[link] width=220/>. Connect with me. Jon Ingham. Contact me at.

When HR and Hiring Managers Clash


HR professionals work diligently to find and screen candidates, only to get pushback from managers about the quality or quantity of applicants. Doing this upfront will improve the level of candidates that make it through initial screens.

When HR and Hiring Managers Clash


HR professionals work diligently to find and screen candidates, only to get pushback from managers about the quality or quantity of applicants. Doing this upfront will improve the level of candidates that make it through initial screens.

Insurance Recruiting: How to Overcome the Skills Gap


Transition to a ‘Screening In’ Approach to Recruiting. Traditionally, companies have screened out talent, which means looking for flaws on their resumes that would remove them from the list of potential hires.

Top 10 Healthcare & Compliance Blog Posts from 2019


The nursing talent shortage, healthcare compliance and recruitment conference takeaways, workforce diversity, and employment drug testing are all topics that were most popular among our readers in the past year. The First National Healthcare Diversity Conference: 15 Years in the Making.

Gamification in recruiting: How and why to give it a shot


Both parties would benefit from this: candidates would enjoy the game and maybe land a job, while Google would easily attract pre-screened, high-quality applicants. You can evaluate people who have diverse experience. These games can: Help you build diverse teams.

10 Ways to Avoid Making $100,000 Hiring Mistakes

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Don’t screen on compensation and skills too soon. Conduct exploratory phone screens. Don’t use generic competencies and behavioral interviewing without context. Hire for diversity in diverse ways. Same old, same old” is a bad strategy for hiring diverse talent.

Stay Compliant With Hiring Laws As Your Workforce Grows


As part of the settlement, the EEOC ordered Bass to proactively increase diversity hiring. We recommend that you retain competent counsel. You cannot use lie detector tests in pre-hire screening or while the worker is employed. Create compliant screening applications.

Blind Hiring Becomes More Prevalent to Overcome Hidden Bias


Faced with the diversity challenges more than fifty years ago, several orchestras began to experiment with auditioning candidates behind a sheet to shield a performer’s gender or race from the selection process. The Wall Street Journal noted that “bosses say blind hiring reveals true talents and results in more diverse hires.” Hiring and Recruiting all industries diversity hiring trends reference checking

How innovative companies combat unconscious hiring bias


Here’s a wrap-up of the discussion including tools, tips and techniques that real companies use to minimize hiring bias and build a more diverse and inclusive workplace. Bias, diversity and inclusion. The best way to source diverse candidates is to hire diverse executive talent.

AI: Useful in all stages of the HR process, but a digital double-edged sword


AI is changing the way firms screen, hire and manage their talent. Screening can also be done interactively, using online chatbots. For example, there are AI-based chat systems that can communicate with candidates and quickly screen people.