Skillsoft’s Aspire Journeys for Leadership Development Addresses a Critical Need at a Perfect Time

Brandon Hall

Improving those competencies requires the ongoing, blended training that organizations always struggled with. So, the timing of Skillsoft’s Aspire Journeys for Leadership Development – announced June 29 – is perfect. Its integrated curriculum and resources make it easy for organizations to empower leaders with the digital leadership skills and competencies needed to thrive in this business environment. Skillsoft’s Aspire Journeys address all those areas – and much more.

Brandon Hall Group Research Highlights, July 13-17, 2020

Brandon Hall

The failures of career development affect an organization’s ability to compete and grow. The Power of Technology in Driving Career and Competency Development. To improve, organizations must increase use of learning technology to provide employees with compelling blended-learning experiences in the flow of work that link directly to competency and skill development and career growth. Executive Interview: Skillsoft on Leading in the New Normal.

3 Ways to Create a Flexible Learning Culture

Cornerstone On Demand

Instead, people move from one industry to another, and one department to the next, gathering a variety of skills and diverse knowledge as they grow. The modern career is no longer defined by a vertical ascension of titles.