Are You a Spectator or Active Virtual Participant in Meetings?

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Consider the professional story you communicate when you either are a spectator or an active virtual participant during meetings. How you show up, during virtual meetings, sets up sensory expectations about your level of post-meeting engagement and performance.

How to Keep Your Virtual Meetings Efficient and Productive

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But even with technology to keep us connected and productive , collaborating with teammates over instant messenger and keeping meetings focused over video conferences can be challenging. Otherwise, I ask to be briefed on the meeting output in an email afterwards.”.

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94 Example Performance Review Phrases for Common Skills and Competencies


As this can be a nerve-wracking time for employees, it is vital that those conducting the performance review do so in a comprehensive and positive way. Goals and outlooks As many businesses are very busy, there sometimes isn’t enough time to check in with all of your employees on a personal basis. Take the time during a performance review to set out some personal goals with the employee and talk about their role in the wider scheme.

100 Plus HR Interview Questions & Answers For Top MNC


Are you attending a job interview and you are worried on how to give a good answer to an HR Interview question. This interview guide is based on competency based HR Interview questions with answers using STAR model of HR interview.

Meet the New Ceridian!


The very nice investment banker and lawyer they installed as CEO at the time had to worry more about the huge debt service than product innovation. Each of those big vendors has its own time and attendance or time and labor product that meets the simpler needs of most of its customers.

Why Career Management Competencies Matter to Your Organization

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In the world of HR, we have competency models that guide recruiting, learning, performance, and promotion. In times where engagement numbers are shockingly low, while competition for talent is incredibly high, this is a vital consideration. Career Management Competencies.

Conference Topics To Meet Every Need - Part 2

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The breakout sessions that I attended were all uniformly above average, or better. Of the approximately 85 individual breakout presentations offered this year, I made a concerted effort to attend one session in every available timeslot.

Meet Your 2020 Campus Recruiting Goals With These 20 Strategies


Here’s how to increase turnout and meet more candidates at your next career fair. Face-to-face time is still important to attract top talent, but students are tired of the same old, same old. Use these techniques to change your approach and boost attendance.

Learning & Development Coronavirus Meeting Themes (i4cp login required)


Garbus noted that at Marsh the L&D team has been very focused on quickly training their trainers to be proficient with the virtual classroom modality, at the same time they work to migrate core content as well.

Meet ‘Model 2’ Christina, the happier, healthier version

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Christina enjoyed her time as a student at North Dallas High School so much that she returned as a teacher. She agreed, with a caveat: She needed to be released in time to attend the graduation ceremony Saturday. Now it was time to get serious about controlling her diet.

can I compare attending college to working a full-time job in my cover letter?

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I have been trying to spin my college years as actually working a full-time job in my cover letter. What I mean is comparing attending college full-time to having a full-time job. For example, showing up to classes on time is just like showing up to work on time. Here is what I have so far for my cover letter concerning my college years: “Attending college has been my full-time job for the last four years.

Increase Productivity with Fewer Meetings and More Feedback

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Time is money, and wasted time is money down the drain. We’re actually referring to the countless meetings your whole team sits through to hear the same thing over and over again and the wasted time each of them experiences by sitting in a meeting that’s not going anywhere.

Pivoting & Positive Solutions in Difficult Times

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In Tessa Greenspan’s book “From Outhouse to Penthouse: Life Lessons on Love, Laughter and Leadership” and in her speaking engagements, she talks about staying positive in difficult times. We could not compete with the chain stores.

Zachary Misko: A rare blend of competence and courtesy in the HR industry


By Marylene Delbourg-Delphis I do not attend too many tradeshows and conferences per year. The APAC region also meets twice monthly to discuss similar topics. there is still time to nominate HR professionals, providers and team excellence for the HRO Today EU Awards Gala.

employee lied about coronavirus to get time off work, coworker sprayed Lysol at me, and more

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She was given two weeks of paid time off. She apologized at the end of the meeting. Policy is not to ask for doctor’s notes or documentation for time off for illness or bereavement unless it is extreme circumstances. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

How to Use Emotional Intelligence to Drive Employee Engagement


This can feel exciting and terrifying at the same time. If yes, you were sitting on the other side of a leader with a high level of EI (aka EQ), and he/she would likely score higher than their peers on an Emotional Social Competency (ESC) inventory. By: Leigh Burger.

10 Ideal Jobs for People who are Not Afraid of Heights

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There are, however, a number of people who not only aren’t afraid of heights, but they simply enjoy spending their time on high altitudes. 6) Flight attendant. That’s why being a flight attendant can be a demanding and stressful occupation.

10 Soft Skills Job Seekers Will Need to Advance Their Careers (2020)

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Good critical thinking meets the criteria of such intellectual values as accuracy, clarity, precision, relevance, depth, breadth, and good reasons. Improve your time management. It is essential for improving task performance during times of organizational change.

It’s Time to Evaluate Your Payroll Processing Model


Full- and part-time employees. So, the question is: are you utilizing a payroll processing model that’s economical and capable of meeting your current payroll needs? Questions to ponder when determining the viability of your in-house model: How competent is your payroll team?

my coworker loves meetings and jargon, temp is hawking health products at work, and more

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My coworker is weirdly formal and loves meetings and jargon. She’s in her mid 50s and has been in our industry for a long time, although in higher positions than she has now. She loves meetings, and takes every opportunity to schedule recurring one-hour meetings with various teams and colleagues. Her meetings are also very formal and controlled, but not in a way that is a good use of time. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

Build your Skills: Resilience

Sergio Caredda

Resilience is one of the topics that has been “hot” in the recent HR Congress I attended in Nice. Technically it is challenging to define Resilience as a Skill, as it is something more complicated than a pure competence. It is robust and flexible at the same time.

Tips for Hiring a Strong Hotel Staff


To slow the cycle of hire, train, repeat, you have to be sure that the people you bring on are right for the role—meaning they have the traits and competencies to succeed in the position, and possibly the potential to move up within your organization. Staffing a hotel is no easy feat.

Payroll Rocks the World! 10 Takeaways from APA Congress.


I recently had the opportunity to attend the American Payroll Association (APA) Congress in Orlando, Florida. It had been a couple of years since I last attended. It was great to see and interact with many old colleagues, industry analysts, partners, customers, and enjoy four days of being the unabashed time & attendance geek I am. At the end of the day, employees expect to have their time accurately recorded and paid correctly for the work they do.

Fake it until you make it

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You have to attend a meeting and you have to look attentive. There are ways to fake confidence at a meeting, to seem happy for someone when you are not, to do it even when you can’t and how to smile when you don’t feel like it. Sometimes you have to act like you care.

6 Tactics LinkedIn’s Product Team Used to Cut Its Time to Hire in Half

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And the average time to “approved for hire” was 83 days. The average time to approved for hire has dropped from 83 days to 41, and 93% of the time interviewers are now completing their feedback (usually, within 24 hours). Or, “Not right now, but maybe at another time.”.

Benefits of a Skill-Centric Learning Management System (LMS)


The individual’s development plan, the manager’s dashboard, and all other aspects of the LMS focus on learner skills, not just the training classes attended. An inventory of skill records proving their competency. Competency GyrusAIM LMS eLL skill

A Few Lessons from a Few HR-Related Fiascos


It seems Price had gotten hold of a Princeton University study back in 2010 indicating that, “when people were trying to meet their needs and they made generally less than $75,000, there was less contentment, happiness and a sense of well-being,” Sturt says.

The Power of Action Learning: A Process for Building a Collaborative Culture

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the results; and through being held responsible for these actions, learn from the results so that they develop greater competence in future problem solving and opportunity taking. A system for learning reflectively – sets, which are small groups that meet regularly over several months.

Time to Shine the Shoes and Blow the Dust Off the Old Resume

Jeff Waldman

More importantly, I love attending and/or participating in job-related events that enable participants to connect, talk and get to know one another. Needless to say they were more a waste of time than anything.

How to Spend More Time on Your HR Strategy


Jump into a time machine set to 1982, and you’ll find “personnel” departments full of forms and paper. When the competition has access to employees and materials cheaper than yours, you need a better way to compete. Recruiting and training new people makes turnover expensive so less turnover saves money, time and frustration. Where can they find extra time to just strategize?

Give Your New Managers the Tools to Succeed

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They can take a vacation or attend a conference with confidence, knowing that the department isn’t going to fall apart. Unfortunately, many organizations hire or promote the most technically competent person into management. Give them the tools to meet their goals.

Tools 427

I'll Have Meat And Potatoes, Please

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Once upon a time I knew a fellow who believed in pursuing everything cutting edge with his career, which happened to be as a Human Resources generalist. But often times the basics are the best approach, at least for the time being, for your organization.

manager won’t let me leave on time for physical therapy, what happens after an interview is over, and more

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Manager won’t let me leave on time for physical therapy. I am not asking for anything special – just being allowed to leave on time two nights a week. I purposely scheduled my therapy sessions for after hours so it is on my time, not the company’s. My potential boss said they meet to decide, but I didn’t probe. Asking for time off right after starting a new job. Does it hurt to ask for the time off, especially so soon and after accepting?

Employment Law 2020: Are You Prepared and Protected?

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There are three requirements employees must meet to be exempt from these thresholds, and employers must ensure they’re well-versed with these exemptions to avoid hefty fines and collection actions. Paid Sick & Safe Time.

ProQuest Case Study: Using the Oscillation Principle for Software Development

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The company began in Michigan with the invention of microfilm in the 1930s and over time its role has become essential to libraries, universities, research centers and other organizations whose mission depends on the delivery of complete, trustworthy information. Summit Meetings .