20 Surprising Employee Retention Statistics You Need to Know


Despite that focus, progress for many organizations have been stymied by competing priorities and a lack of resources. Collaborative research from Owl Labs and TINYpulse found that supporting a remote work program can have a meaningful impact on employee retention. If your organization is not willing or able to maintain salary parity, it can't expect to compete for talent effectively. Employee retention is a challenge for nearly every organization.

Employee Experience Guide: Employee Surveys & Polls


You can use employee experience polls and survey tools like SurveySparrow, SurveyMonkey, TinyPulse, Typerform, etc. . Retirement, Termination, or Resignation: This is the final stage of the entire employee journey map.


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11 Easy Ways to Reduce Employee Turnover


Voluntary turnover can be due to relocation, retirement, family illness, a more enticing job offer, an interpersonal conflict, or a micromanager who's constantly blocking an employee's progress. When a great employee reaches retirement age after serving your organization for many years, their turnover will make room for a talented successor to advance their career. TINYpulse , Officevibe , and CultureAmp are great examples of simple but powerful ways to better understand your team.

HR Advice for Small and Medium Businesses

HR Partner

Instead, try hiring competent and dependable people as first and use their achievements as templated for future hires. “Not only are small businesses competing for early talent with other small to medium-size businesses (SMBs), they have established brands to compete with as well. Succession planning identifies job vacancies that can be expected to occur through retirement or promotion and the strategy for how internal candidates can fill these positions.

5 Reasons Offering a Sabbatical Program Pays Off


In a study conducted by the Allianz Longevity Project , nearly 70% of millennials (69%) said they would prefer to “explore, experiment, and travel” prior to retirement, which is higher than other generations. Furthermore, the results from a 2013 Tinypulse study showed that transparency in the workplace was the number one factor contributing to employee happiness.

17 Proven Ways to Improve Employee Satisfaction and Create an Awesome Office


Two of our favorites are TINYpulse and 15Five , software that makes it incredibly easy to survey your organization and gauge employee sentiment about anything under the sun. Both TINYpulse and 15Five provide crucial insights into the state of employee satisfaction, and can help lead you to solutions that will help boost satisfaction and elevate your company. #2 Balancing these competing imperatives can be tough.