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25 Apps for Recruiters

Spark Hire

It’s a fact, we all spend a significant amount of our time on apps, or online in general. According to a Nielsen survey , in 2013 the average Andriod and iPhone users 18 years of age and older spent 30 hours and 15 minutes using apps! The average number of apps being used per person in this time was around 23.2. It’s hard to say, as many people use the same apps in different ways. Recruiting with social media (the right way). The tip is already included.

Recruitment strategy: 6 tips to hire top talent


Does your organization’s recruitment strategy need an update? It can be tempting to assume that the labor market is to blame when you’re having trouble finding qualified candidates or keeping new hires. But it may be time to renovate your employee recruitment strategy.


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Fully remote recruiting and hiring: overview and best practices


Remote recruiting is increasingly necessary for many employers, especially as working from home becomes more commonplace. But conducting online interviews and following an all-remote hiring process – where you meet job candidates and get to know them in a virtual-only context – may be less familiar and more daunting. What might a remote recruiting strategy look like for your company? And what do you need to know about the processes to make it work well? The good news?

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Take a Step Back to See The Bigger Picture: Introducing Digitalist Magazine, Executive Quarterly

SAP Innovation

With the introduction of the Digitalist Magazine , we announced a new direction in our journey to fully embrace the emergence of the digital economy – a worldwide transformation of the way that we connect with each other and to the things with which we work. This is the Digitalist journey: a Digitalist is anyone with the leadership responsibility of helping their enterprise strategize and execute the digital transformation.

9 creative and cost-effective employee training and development ideas


Training and development initiatives are important because they help ensure your staff continually improves and keeps their skills current. Unfortunately, many small business owners don’t have the budget for big-ticket seminars or workshops, so they assume all company-sponsored professional development is simply out of reach. Sadly, this is often to the detriment of their business, and their bottom line. Here’s how to educate your employees without breaking the bank: 1.

Recruiting the purple squirrel (and other choosy job candidates): 6 tips


Are you looking for what recruiters call a “purple squirrel” to join your team? Hence the phrase.). They’re not the only kind of choosy candidates, however. In a nutshell: They understand their worth to the marketplace. The balance of power is typically tilted in their favor. The days of posting jobs to national boards such as Indeed, CareerBuilder or LinkedIn and then sitting back and waiting for applications to arrive are long over.

How You Can Become a Simply Irresistible Organization

HR Bartender

The articles talk about developing outstanding products, killer marketing strategies, and focusing on metrics and numbers. A few weeks ago, I saw a post titled “ Engagement, Retention and Culture now the #1 Issues in Talent and HR.” But given some of the conversations about innovation and technology driving businesses today, I wasn’t expecting it. The #1 issue, with 50% of companies rating it urgent and 87% rating it important, is ‘engagement, retention and culture.’.

Want to Retain Women Leaders? Look Beyond Maternity Leave

HR Bartender

They’ve been consistently included in FORTUNE Magazine’s 100 Best Companies to Work for in America. In addition, more than half of the employers on the FORTUNE list, including seven of the top ten, are Bright Horizons clients. Enjoy the post!). According to the U.S. So, if businesses are saying to themselves, “Where can we have the most impact?”, it only seems logical and good business sense to consider the largest group.

3 tips for crafting better job postings and recruiting stronger candidates


When it comes to taking the next step in their professional lives, you can bet on people being careful with where they take the time to apply. You’re going to have to sell your company in order to attract the best talent. The majority of people, especially millennials, rely on smartphones for their web browsing. Often, job searchers bypass all the introductory text and scroll straight to the job description. The shorter that scroll time, the better.

Press Release: Study on the Use of Social Media in Recruitment Strategy

HRO Today

Philadelphia, PA – February 1, 2019 – SharedXpertise, publisher of HRO Today Magazine , has released a new flash report examining the importance and perceptions of the effectiveness of social media in recruitment strategy. The flash report, part of a series of ongoing research initiatives addressing topics of interest in the HR community, was sponsored by Newton Talent, an award-winning RPO solutions provider.

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Who Owns Your Social Brand – Ask #HR Bartender

HR Bartender

Back in 1997, Tom Peters wrote an article for Fast Company magazine titled “ The Brand Called You ”. It’s a good read and was the first time I recall hearing about personal branding. The logic being that companies build their business on brand reputation; individuals need to do the same. A while ago, I was doing some training at a company where they had hired someone with 750,000 Twitter followers. It was part of the reason the employee was hired.

Starting your own recruitment agency: marketing on a budget


Creating a buzz is vital to getting new businesses off the ground, but putting an effective marketing strategy in place may feel like it needs resources than your start-up recruitment agency has available. Here are some marketing essentials to consider when you’re launching your own recruitment agency…. A website is much more than the window to your business; it’s an opportunity to engage and influence potential clients – so it needs to stand out from the competition.

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5 Insanely Great Company Perks That Will Draw Top Talent


Life would be simple if hiring the best people were only a matter of offering competitive pay. Incentive Magazine revealed employee benefits are more valuable than ever – according to MetLife’s 10th annual study of employee benefits trends, there is a strong relationship between satisfaction with benefits and overall job satisfaction. Workers in the era of unlimited vacation are in some ways more connected to their jobs than ever before while also being free as birds.

Technologies Supplied by and Jobvite Help GroupM APAC Secure Grand Prize at Inaugural Asia Recruitment Awards


Saratoga Springs, NY and San Mateo, CA –, the leading provider of cloud-based Predictive Talent Selection ™ technology, and Jobvite, the comprehensive recruiting solution for the world’s fastest-growing companies, today congratulated GroupM Asia Pacific (GroupM APAC) on being selected as the Grand Winner at Human Resource magazine’s inaugural Asia Recruitment Awards. Jobvite is the leading recruiting platform for modern business.

The 25 Best HR & Recruiting Blogs


The good news is, there’s so much great HR & recruiting advice out there. The bad news is, it can be as overwhelming as the Netflix homepage. About : Tim is a well known veteran in the HR & recruiting industry. Bringing over 20 years of experience to the table, he offers insight into every area of the HR & recruiting landscape in his popular blog “The Project”. Recruiting Daily. The Savage Truth.

Reskilling: What is it and why is it important?


When your business needs to pivot fast because of changes in your industry or the economy (or both), how do you fill the new roles? If your organization has laid the foundation for reskilling, you can retrain your current employees to take on those new roles.

Professional Recruiters Reveal 16 of the Best Interview Questions to Ask


Developing interview questions that will give you the answers you need to make the best hiring decision for your business can prove to be much more difficult. But there’s no need to walk into the interview room feeling unprepared, or to walk out feeling unsure about the candidate’s potential at your company. We reached out to the Insperity® Recruiting Services team for you to find out: What interview questions do you always ask, and why?

16 Top HR Influencers You Should Be Following


We’ve rounded up the best minds in the industry so you don’t have to. He has over 20 years experience advising e-recruiting vendors. Recruiting, Sourcing, Strategy, Innovation, Ethical AI, Data/Analytics, Search/Match, Lean, Agile, Social Engineering. When you read his blogs, it’s easy to see why he advises the experts. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) named HR Bartender one of the top 5 HR blogs.

High-performing employees: How to attract, retain and manage them


That knowledge will help you recruit, manage and retain top performers at work. Your first step should be learning what defines high-performing employees. When recruiting, look for employees who are: Innovative and open to challenges The “go-to” source for other employees Intuitive Accountable Transparent Proactive, rather than reactive Self-motivated. This set of traits enables them to find innovative solutions to the most challenging problems.

New to leadership? Learn how to delegate effectively


For those of you passionate about your work, giving up a beloved task can be the most significant obstacle to delegating. How can you ensure the best possible outcome for the project? The first step to delegation is understanding the need for it. From there, when it’s time to hand off an assignment, follow these best practices on hot to delegate tasks effectively. Does the task provide an opportunity to grow and develop another person’s skills?

7 HR Priorities (and the online resources that can help you stay afloat)


The internet's become the number one information resource for pretty much everything in our personal and professional lives. With so many channels available to prospective talent, it’s difficult to know which one to concentrate on or what recruitment strategy to use. Attracting the right people for the right job is obviously a top priority for HR, but it’s not just about getting talent to join your organisation. Host of recruitment events.

5 signs your job application process is scaring away top talent


When you’re hiring for an open position, are you getting the number and quality of applicants that you want? If not, your online job application process could be part of the problem. A frustrating online application process can scare off good talent. The takeaway.

Human Resources New Technology Quarterly Summary: Q3 2019

HRO Today

The rate of new technologies being developed and companies providing them is exponentially increasing each year. In order to track the players and the innovation they bring, Alexander Mann Solutions, a global provider of talent acquisition and management services, has partnered with HRO Today Magazine. Together they produce quarterly reports that summarize activity in technology advancements and funding initiatives that support product innovation in the HR world.

#AtdMENA - The need for people centricity in learning / 2

Strategic HCM

This is the second part of a discussion on the need to focus on people - rather than technology or the business - when developing an organisation''s approach to learning. See the first part here. I''ll be speaking about the topic on Sunday at ATD''s MENA conference in Riaydh, Saudi Arabia. Efficiency comes from cost savings, often from lower travel expenses due to not having to bring everyone together into a training room. Learning

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Hire A-Players Like This CEO Who Grew His Company 140%

Spark Hire

Eric Siu, CEO of Single Grain, one half of The Marketing School Podcast, and voice behind the Growth Everywhere podcast, joins The Growth Recruiting Podcast to share how he recruits for his fast growing digital marketing agency. In this episode, you’ll learn how to use proven marketing techniques to drive amazing recruiting results. Eric discusses his role in the hiring process as CEO and gives tips on improving your candidate conversions.

M&A Friday! This Week’s HR Deals and Trending #HotInHR News


Our weekly recap of fundings, mergers & acquisition, partnership and other interesting news from the human resource, recruitment and employee benefits marketplace. Guild Education helps the Fortune 1000 prepare for the future of work with $40 million in Series C funding led by Felicis Ventures. Technology Learning Platform Galvanize Secures $32M in Series C Financing; Acquires Hack Reactor. HR tech is evolving quickly — more acquisitions are on the way.

Top 3 Reasons to Integrate Social into Your Employee Referral Engine

Oracle HCM - Modern HR in the Cloud

Studies continue to indicate one consistent message to hiring teams – employee referrals garner the highest number of quality candidates in comparison to any other source. Making Social as a Part of the Strategy. Your employees, the ones you so carefully chose to invest in, represent a vast network of reach to other talented professionals outside of the organization. This means the anti-social war on our employees will need to change. By Sunita Khatri.

“Shift your color palette” With Channing Muller

Thrive Global

When it comes to rebranding, there should be a lot of thought and true introspection going into the process before it even gets started beginning with “Why do you want to rebrand?” It seems simple but getting to the roof of this is key in deciding whether you should go down the very intensive path of a rebrand. As part of our series about “Brand Makeovers” I had the pleasure to interview. The creation of my company came about pretty organically.

5 Solutions for Hiring During Busy Season

Get Hppy

When it’s your job to hire and recruit exceptional talent, you know the ins and outs of the business change with the wind. It’s a fast-paced world in which your job is to find the best of the best and provide those outstanding candidates to clients in need of someone with those skills. Mobile strategies are some of the most efficient tools imaginable. Mobile recruitment processes are some of the most beneficial in the industry.

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The 6 Best New Internal Communications Tools for 2020

Advanced Learning Institute

Take your internal communications plan for the year and shake it up a little. You don’t want to just send company messages in the same old ways. As technology has evolved it’s opened the door for brilliant new ways of engaging staff. Some are opportunities ready for seizing now, while others are on the horizon. This is your chance to be creative and get ahead of the pack. So in 2020, let’s agree to banish the boring and embrace the innovative.

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The high cost of a bad hire – and how to avoid it


Bad hires are an incredibly common problem in the business world. You may be surprised to discover how quickly the cost of a bad hire adds up and how prevalent the issue is. Consider these results of a 2017 CareerBuilder survey : The average cost of one bad hire is nearly $15,000, factoring in the recruiting, interviewing and selection process; training; and salary. Don’t have the right personality for the specific job they were hired for.

A Great Employee Experience: Lessons from “The Just 100”


Forbes’ analysis of its “Just 100 list” shows that offering a high-quality employee experience pays off. In December 2017, Forbes Magazine released its list of “The Just 100” — 100 public companies known for being good corporate citizens and treating their employees well. Download now The Forbes analysis explains that we’re in a tight labor market right now, with low unemployment, and a lack of highly skilled workers. They outperformed the market by 2.3

Professional conferences 101: Get more from employee attendance in 5 steps


Attending a professional conference should be much more than a chance for your employees to polish their golf game or get out of the office for a few days. This is an opportunity for them to find out how your company fits into the larger industry, gain insights into your competitors and pick the brains of some of the business world’s best and brightest. Here’s how to help everyone on your staff maximize the value of attending a professional conference.

How Can Companies Thrive in One of the Most Competitive Talent Markets Ever?


Year after year, trend reports are released to the HR industry with outlooks on the immediate future. They are already in the thick of it. Many factors have influenced the current talent market, but these are some of the major underlying forces at work: The lowest unemployment in a decade – With unemployment low, there is more freedom for employees to pick and choose opportunities or entertain “grass is greener” notions while in their current roles.

Top 10 Stats From the 2018 State of Workforce Management


While many companies like Deloitte, McKinsey & Company, SHRM, and many others release annual reports for mass consumption, DATIS found that not many of these stats reflected the current landscape of the Health and Human Services industry. The needs and pains of mental health clinics, rehabilitation facilities, and behavioral health organizations are unique, and, to their misfortunate, are being ignored by the larger corporations.

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How to be an employer of choice – even in uncertain times


Add in the disruption of a worldwide pandemic, and the challenge to recruit and retain top talent demands new, refocused energy. You’re thought of as offering the total package and are sought-after by employees in the marketplace.

The Top 27 Talent Management Resources


UPDATE 8/20/2015: This list of resources has been updated with even more great places to keep up with and learn about talent management based on feedback since publication. Or really anyone in charge of hiring, training, and monitoring the performance of some or all of your employees. You need to have your ear to the ground of the talent industry; marking all the newest developments and greatest ideas for finding, attracting and managing talented people.

5 ways to make your company more appetizing to top talent


In a recent survey , more than two-thirds of hiring organizations indicated that they’re having a difficult time recruiting for job openings, according to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). With a lower unemployment rate and more job openings, it’s becoming increasingly critical for employers to make sure they get noticed in the crowded job market. But what does that mean in the context of being an employer in a competitive job market?

5 steps to kick-start your succession plan via your org chart


Let’s explore the link between your organizational chart and succession plan. The most constant thing about business is change – and no one is immune. Ensuring your business is ready for the inevitable is essential to its growth and longevity.

Support employment for people with disabilities: 5 inclusive hiring tips


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics , the unemployment rate for persons with a disability was 8 percent in 2018, more than twice the rate of those with no disability. How does your company attract and hire candidates with disabilities who may be the perfect fit for your employment needs? Building an inclusive workforce means being open-minded to the diverse population of people with disabilities. But the definition goes farther than many realize.