Virtual HR Training Event: HR Metrics and Change Management


In the last few weeks I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Toronto and the Caribbean to speak about metrics, evidence, and leading change. Here’s the schedule: Tuesday, March 6th Metrics: Measuring HR’s Business Value. Register for the event.

WEBINAR: Tracking Learning Metrics that Matter

PlatCore LMS

What Learning Management Metrics really matter to your company? Join us to learn the first step to getting core insights on your training program. If you cannot make the event, register anyway and we would be happy to send you the recording.

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Futureproof Your Organization with These 8 Manager Effectiveness Metrics


Editor’s note: The organization of the future will be more agile and flexible, requiring a new team structure to support these characteristics. As such, the role of manager will evolve into two distinct types: administrative and mission.

Human Resources KPIs: An In-depth Explanation with Metrics & Examples

Analytics in HR

It is impossible to improve at managing people if you do not measure the results of your work. In this article, we will dive into the nitty-gritty of HR key performance indicators. KPIs are strategic metrics. The HR strategy follows the organizational strategy.

Enriching the Employee Experience

Speaker: Isaac Mallory, Director of Sales & Business Development at HR Performance Solutions, and Jennifer Dickey, HR Consultant and speaker for HR Performance Solutions

In today’s employment market, the power has shifted from employer to employee as the competition for top talent grows. In the month of October 2017, the U.S. This means our employees now have the choice to be very selective regarding career opportunities and employers.

SocialChorus’ Upcoming October and November Events


We’re coming to a city near you, and there are also plenty of opportunities to join us online. Join communications leaders from LinkedIn, AB InBev, Extreme Networks, American Cancer Society, and Visa to discuss the employee experience and the future of work.

13 Product Management KPIs and Metrics You need to Know


You can use certain metrics that measure the product’s performance. Finding the right metrics to measure is pivotal to having a successful product strategy in place. Yes, the Product Management KPIs. How to choose the right product management KPIs? #1

10 Years Of The iPhone And L&D Has Some Learning To Do

It’s unlikely to have escaped your attention over the last week that it’s 10 years since the iPhone was first unveiled. This is significant whether it’s your smartphone of choice or not, as it has provided the blueprint for subsequent handsets, tablets and phablets ever since.

21 Employee Performance Metrics

Analytics in HR

Employee performance metrics are key to tracking how well employees are performing. Implementing them the right way is tricky. However, when done right, employee performance metrics benefit both the organization and the employee. We listed the most important ones below and included some practical examples of each metric. There are various kinds of employee performance metrics. Work quality metrics. Work quantity metrics.

4 tips for a successful community service event


And how to bring employees along for the ride. In one month, Intuit’s Boise campus will be hosting its second ever Week of Service —a community service initiative taken up by every Intuit site around the world. Planning for our September event started back in April.

Five Must-Have Manager Effectiveness Metrics for Engagement, Performance, and Tech Innovation Success


How to Link Workforce Metrics With Business Outcomes, Part Two. The second in a four-part series on linking workforce metrics to business outcomes, this post looks at five key metrics for manager effectiveness that will help your organization motivate talented people.

Five Must-Have Manager Effectiveness Metrics for Engagement, Performance, and Tech Innovation Success


How to Link Workforce Metrics With Business Outcomes, Part Two. The second in a four-part series on linking workforce metrics to business outcomes, this post looks at five key metrics for manager effectiveness that will help your organization motivate talented people.

2020 Guide To Recruiting & HR Events, Part 1


With the new year around the corner, it's time to start thinking through your 2020 plan. What skills and technology gaps stand in the way of those priorities? How can you equip your team with the necessary skillset and resources? January Events. February Events.

The 4 Metrics You Need to Gauge Employee Performance


A company is only as good as the talent behind it. Consistently and accurately evaluating employee performance is essential not only to individual success, but to the overall success of an organization. The question is, how exactly do you measure employee performance?

Event Activities at UK HR Directors Summit in Birmingham, February 6-7, 2018


The UK’s newly announced Industrial Strategy is based on “Five Foundations of Productivity”, one of these Foundations being ‘People’. The impact of employee engagement on key business objectives is staggering. And this is just a taste of some of the amazing speakers this year.


4 Key Reporting Metrics for HR Leaders


This same line of thinking also applies to which metrics HR leaders should focus on to achieve business success and this definition of success will also vary from business to business. It’s important to note that these will depend on the size and scope of your business.

The 5 Key Job Application Metrics You Need to Know


06/16/2017 // By tracy kelly // recruitment metrics. The job application is a candidate’s first interaction with your company and their entryway to the organization. But even talent acquisition teams who prioritize the candidate experience may overlook the application, focusing instead on providing a positive experience during the interview and offer processes. Did you meet the applicant at a career fair? Application Drop-Off Rate.

Upcoming BCGi Events

Biddle Consulting

Here is a list of all the upcoming BCGi Events: Affirmative Action Boot Camp | February 21-22. If you are new to the field of Affirmative Action Planning join BCG consultants for a crash course. Are you a seasoned AAP professional just looking for the basics? The complex and rapidly – changing landscape and increased focus with compliance and EEOC on recruiting, hiring and retaining individuals with disabilities involves many departments in an organization.

Using Email Activity as a Performance Metric!

The Tim Sackett Project

So, the other day I was reading this article by Josh Bersin. Bersin by Deloitte, big time voice in the HR Industry for decades. Josh might be one of the most recognizable thought leaders in our space. Sat at dinner with him one night, at an industry event, for about 3 hours and had some really good conversation. In fact, using employee communication data with a Deep Learning Model, Genpact can predict “Rockstar” performers with 74% accuracy.

Event Recap: Key Takeaways from Elevate 2017


The event took place on September 19 and brought together more than 100 dealership General Managers, Dealer Principals and HR Leaders, for a full day assessing competencies, identifying gaps and formally developing their 2018 human capital management plans.

4 Ways to Centralize Event Recruiting on Decentralized Teams


09/14/2017 // By Tracy Kelly // Hiring Events. According to the Society of Human Resource Management , 12 percent of large companies have decentralized HR and recruiting departments. But when each division recruits independently, it can lead to challenges at hiring events: multiple career fair booths for a single company, candidates confused by different divisions and a lack of data transparency across recruitment teams. Hiring Events Talent Acquisition

5 Talent Pipeline Metrics You Should Be Tracking

Nextwave Hire

Many companies are now building out talent communities of passive candidates who are nurtured until they are ready to get into the interview process. With new ways to recruit, come new metrics that talent acquisition and HR teams should be aware of. Here are the top metrics we think you should be tracking regarding your talent communities: Conversion to Lead: What percentage of people opt into your talent community given the opportunity?

HR Metrics You Must Track and Optimize This Year - Sapling Blog


There are more job openings than there are unemployed people to fill them, a problem that’s further exasperated by the skills gap, creating a lot of competition for talent. Tracking and optimizing for the right HR metrics can help keep a pulse on retention and elevate your HR and People Ops functions in the process.Employee turnover rate First thing’s first: you should track your employee turnover rate monthly and annually.

Why Events Are the Backbone of Any Diversity and Inclusion Strategy


Even though events are a well-known strategy for some roles, such as recruiting programmers or recent graduates, they are somehow overlooked for other TA challenges like sourcing diverse talent. But events are the best way to get talent inside your doors and interacting with who you hope will be their future team. Diversity Recruiting Events: An Idea for Everyone. Imagine the impact of Think Tank-type events opened to the wider community.

A Recruiter’s Guide to Maximizing Hiring Event Success


10/26/2017 // By Deanna Kane // HIRING EVENTS. At high-pressure recruiting events, it’s important to set your company apart from the other companies to recruit more efficiently and maximize your organization’s ROI. Position your recruiting team for hiring event success by measuring key metrics throughout the lifecycle of a career fair, ensuring every team member is prepared and establishing a measurable candidate communication plan. Event Metrics.

Using Event Management Software to Grow Your Talent Pipeline


Provided your team is equipped with the correct tools, a relevant talent pipeline will help ensure your team isn’t starting every search from scratch. Attending hiring events are a great starting point to build a well-vetted talent pipeline, and implementing event management software can help your team engage with top talent well after the events are complete. To Keep the Talent Pipeline Flowing. To Track Key Recruiting Metrics.

Cafe Classic: We've Gone Too Far With Metrics!

Compensation Cafe

It's also interesting to note that a number of these points were raised early on in the advent of HR metrics by our own Stephanie Thomas -- clearly they still bear consideration today. I love metrics. we've officially gone too far with metrics.

Kyle Lagunas on Why Talent Teams Aren't Tracking Recruiting Metrics


Kyle Lagunas, talent acquisition research manager at IDC , pointed out that no recruiter is going to claim recruitment metrics aren't important. They will, however, confess to a serious lack of tracking the numbers that speak to the talent team's true value. Recruiting Metrics

Stop Creating HR Metrics! You Already Have What You Need #TSLive17

The Tim Sackett Project

I was out at Halogen’s TalentSpace Live 2017 event this week speaking to great HR pros and leaders. Halogen is the king of performance management and they just announced their merger with the king of Learning, Saba. TalentSpace Live brought in Patty McCord one of the main builders of the famous Netflix Culture deck (if you haven’t read this, you need to take a few minutes and do it!): We don’t need more HR metrics.

The Two Most Important Employer Branding Metrics For Your Talent Acquisition Team

Nextwave Hire

If you’re starting from scratch in terms of metrics to track, here is our advice. Break up your metrics into two buckets, traffic and conversion. By looking at metrics related to these two themes, you’ll be able to quickly understand where you should be spending your time to get more quality job seekers into your hiring funnel. First, here’s how we define these metric categories: Traffic relates to anyone who’s interacted with your employer brand.

3 Stories of Transformational Learning from #Perspectives17


This week I have had the pleasure of attending and speaking at Skillsoft Perspectives in Las Vegas. It has been a great event and I enjoyed the content and the updates on the technology. Saving $500k on Mobile Learning at Praxair. The cost?

[WEBINAR] What to measure, how to measure, and why to measure


Do you know which pages get the most visits and who your top users are? If you don’t know the answers, you aren’t alone. You have to understand specifically what you are measuring, why you are measuring it, and what you can learn from the measurements to improve your intranet.

HR Metrics and Business Partnering in South Africa

Strategic HCM

I’ve just booked my flights back to South Africa where I’ll be delivering a session on HR metrics in a couple of weeks time (22nd & 23rd February). And I’ve got another blog post on metrics coming out shortly (hopefully tomorrow!). Events HR measurement HR role

4 Strategic Ways to Keep Remote Employees Engaged

HSD Metrics

The good news is that employee engagement among U.S. workers is on the rise. The bad news is that even with a recent uptick in engagement, only 34% of employees describe themselves as engaged at work—which means of course that more than half say they’re disengaged.

Are Annual Employee Surveys Dead?


Last Spring, when I was leaving SHRM, I travelled through the Orlando airport. Under the sign were four large button smiley faces that looked like the ones to the right. As I rushed to catch the transit train, I reached out and tapped the dark green smiley.

Survey 172

The Metrics That Really Matter in Recruiting (And the Ones You Can Ignore)

Linkedin Talent Blog

If there is one thing I learned that I took to recruiting, it is: you have to know how to accurately hit your target. In recruiting, some people think reducing time to fill or cost per hire is the big target. At the event, one recruiter leader asked me what metrics do matter.

HR Metrics for Business Improvement and Strategy Alignment

Strategic HCM

I’ll also be delivering this programme on HR Metrics for UMI on 6th and 7th December 2010: Measurement is an increasingly topical and important field for all HR practitioners to understand. Events HR measurement