Top 10 Payroll Software 2021

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Arguably one of the most technical aspects of being a human resources professional is managing payroll and thus online payroll software. We’ve sifted through what’s out there in order to bring you the top 10 payroll software for 2021. Reliability with OnPay .

6 Best Payroll Options for Small Business Owners


Payroll is not only time-consuming and complicated, but it’s also the main reason why small businesses get fined for payroll-related errors by the IRS. Obviously, the last thing a business owner wants to see is a letter or notification from the IRS. OnPay Payroll.

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6 Best Payroll Options for Small Business Owners

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So as the owner, you need to ensure that your business’s payroll system saves you from all that trouble. Here are the best payroll options that are worth your consideration. OnPay. OnPay’s payroll services are the overall best choice for small businesses.

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How to Manage Better the Payroll of Your Employees 


From processing paychecks, keeping track of labor laws, maintaining compliance, calculating deductions and bonuses, and tracking all tax-related documentation, payroll is an aspect of business that is fraught with the potential for mistakes. . Standardize the Payroll Process.

Introducing Our Integration With QuickBooks Payroll


For businesses that use QuickBooks Payroll, the integration transfers information from QuickBooks to Guideline, making 401(k) contributions automatic and eliminating the need to manage employee enrollment and send payroll contribution reports every pay period. Integrating payroll with Guideline relieves many of the administrative burdens associated with a retirement plans and reduces unnecessary errors, saving small business owners time and money.

17 TSheets app integrations for better, faster business management


Combined with the TSheets mobile time tracking app , this dynamic duo makes it easy to keep on-the-go workers moving forward. . Users can complete background checks, communicate with customers, and send automatic invoices, and more directly from the app. . Enter MakeShift : an employee scheduling and communication tool that works with managers and employees to fill shifts fast while keeping everyone in the know.