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Top 10 quick Team Building Games to Energize Your Team


How successful an organization can be, is dependent mainly on teamwork: how well a team of employees can work together. This concept has been the secret of many large and successful companies over the years. Why Businesses need Team Building Games. The Minefield.

Seven Team Building Activities That Actually Build Stronger Teams


Here’s how we react when we hear about strong teams: ?? Here’s how we react when we hear about “team building activities”: ??. Team building activities can be awkward. However, the benefits of strong peer relationships in the workplace are unparalleled.

35 Insanely Fun Team Building Activities For Work (“Trust Falls” Not Included)


35 Insanely Fun Team Building Activities For Work (“Trust Falls” Not Included). Believe it or not, team building activities for work are critically important to the success of your business. The Amazing Race. Go team! The Buddy System.

5 Amazing Team Events for the Summer that Promote Teamwork and Collaboration


Having a team that genuinely gets along is a great feeling. Summertime is here, and providing fun and meaningful team events is not only good for morale, but for your organization overall. In fact, happy employees are 12 percent more productive, according to FastCompany. .

4 Ways Great Leaders Can Overcome Company Scarcity Issues


When introducing the section on economics, I try to reinforce the premise that economics is really the study of scarcity – what do you do when there is not enough to go around. There may not be enough time to develop those immediately below you.

Mastering Management: How to Delegate Successfully and Manage Your Managers

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As an entrepreneur, many of us have built our businesses following the mantra: “If you want it done right, do it yourself.” In the early stages of business, we’re used to rolling up our sleeves and wearing many different hats. Use the SMART method to articulate outcomes to your team.

Corporate Training Programs for Employees

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Creating relevant, useful, and advantageous corporate training programs for your employees is an essential responsibility of functional human resource departments, while scouting, recruiting, and hiring top talent employees with relevant aptitudes in a certain business niche is important as well.

How to Keep Your Team Happy and Productive

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Happy employees are more efficient and productive, and they tend to stick around longer than their unhappy counterparts. This is why it is important to learn effective strategies to keep your team happy and productive! Happy employees are more productive. Happy employees are more efficient and productive, and they tend to stick around longer than their unhappy counterparts. The numbers say it all. The happiest employees are: 180% more energized.

How to Deliver Stand-Out Employee Training and Development


Are you one of the many companies ready to make employee training a top priority? According to the 2014 Corporate Learning Factbook , U.S. spending on corporate training grew by 15 percent last year (the highest growth rate in seven years). E-learning.

Employee Training On A Budget: 10 Tips For Small Businesses [INFOGRAPHIC]

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The topic today is training current employees – on a small budget, especially. Many small businesses find traditional employee training programs too expensive and either forego training or look for ways to accomplish that training at less cost. Cross-train.

How to Deliver Stand-Out Employee Training and Development


Are you one of the many companies ready to make employee training a top priority? According to the 2014 Corporate Learning Factbook , U.S. spending on corporate training grew by 15 percent last year (the highest growth rate in seven years). As the demand for employee training grows, so do the delivery options for employers. But how do you know which training format is best for your company and employees? E-learning.

Using Mindfulness To Infinitely Increase Your Capacity At Work


Perhaps you’ve heard of the term, mindfulness , but don’t know exactly how to be more mindful. Aren’t you using your mind all the time? The answer? Mindfulness in the workplace. We all feel the pressure to do more and to do it faster and faster.

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Do You Hold Teambuilding Events?

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Many employers opt to hold these types of events, and they feel the benefits far outweigh the costs involved. Let’s take a look at some of the potential benefits of holding teambuilding events for your organization. This can mean increased productivity later.

Employee Burnout: How to Stop the Working Dead Apocalypse


One day, you enter the office and realize that things are going awry. At regular meetings, you notice one of your best project managers sitting in the corner with their arms crossed, refusing to take part in the conversation in any way. Several employees from the Customer Support team are getting more client complaints. It seems like you’ve become the director of “The Working Dead.”. Poor training.

12 budget-friendly team bonding activities for your business


Team bonding activities can be an effective strategy for building a strong, cohesive workforce. Although working together may give your employees a glimpse into their coworkers’ personalities and work styles, it doesn’t always foster the team dynamic that bonding activities can help you build – company-wide. Extreme or embarrassing activities like this have given team building a bad name in some circles. Ideas for team bonding activities.

5 Budget-Friendly Ideas for Launching an Employee Learning and Development Program


In today’s work environment, equipping your employees with the skills they need to succeed at your company and in subsequent career steps is the key to numerous positive outcomes. First and foremost, when employees embrace a learning mindset, it’s more likely that they won’t tire of their jobs and roles. A learning mindset is the approach one takes when it comes to embracing new systems, processes and concepts. Why does employee learning matter?

What Aspects of Company Culture Lead To Increased Employee Engagement?

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A recent study by Gallup uncovered that 51% of the U.S. The Engagement Institute estimates that disengaged employees can cost organizations between $450 and $550 billion every year. Also read: Engagement in the workplace – How to measure your ROI.

What Hotel Owners and Operators Can Learn from the Chicago-Area Hotel Worker Strike


The employees on strike are represented by the union UNITE HERE Local 1 and include housekeepers, doormen, cooks, bartenders, room service attendants and more. While the strike is limited to the Chicago area, this news is a wake up call to hotels across the country.

Why “Best in Tech” Workplaces are Built on Innovation

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We’re honored to frequently rank on a variety of “best workplace” lists, including being named Fortune’s #7 Best Company to Work For in 2017, and the #1 Best Large Workplace in Technology the past two years. and learned, with the right people, more than we could have imagined.

Chatting with hubEngage about Employee Engagement and Company Culture

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In a recent interview for hubEngage, I got the chance to talk about my views on employee engagement and company culture, and how they connect to business objectives. I don’t think anyone can be happy all the time. Objectively, the purpose of a business is to make a profit.

A Guide to Planning the Best Offsite Meeting


This begs the question: what is it that makes an offsite meeting productive and memorable? The key to an effective offsite is to learn, communicate, bond, and grow in a way that promotes your culture. Is it to produce a product? Does the venue provide catering?

Re-energize your workforce: 13 easy ways to get employees engaged

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What manager wouldn’t love to walk into the office each morning to a group of smiling, eager employees, ready to take on the day? . But the reality is … that just doesn’t happen. Study after study shows the majority of employees struggle just to make it through the day.

How to Streamline the Employee Onboarding Process


With the unemployment rate in the United States is sinking to just under 3.7 percent, employers are struggling to invent new ways to attract and retain talented candidates for their teams. Arguably the most important impactful process to focus on is employee onboarding process.

How to Recognize & Reward Top Performers in the Workplace?

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Remember the last time you were recognized for a job well done? These are the employees who are on the management track and other leadership positions. No matter the type of personality, a top performer can be picked out from a mile away.

How to Prevent Employee Engagement Drop-Off


It goes without saying that employees are the heartbeat of every organization. A business is only as good as the team that’s working behind the scenes to get the job done. The Work Institute reported that employee turnover cost employers over $325 billion in 2017.

Improve Employee Retention Rates with These 7 Tips

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Employee retention is not only valuable to company culture, but essential to the bottom line: turnover can cost a business as much as 150% of a position’s annual salary. The Human Resources team is essential to maintaining employee satisfaction and engagement, and their work is never finished.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Onboarding New Employees


Did you know that 22% of employee turnover happens within the first 45 days of employment? Most companies still make the mistake of expecting employees to get “up to speed” within the first week or two, but the onboarding process needs to be much longer than that.

6 low-cost employee engagement ideas

The Predictive Index

Employee engagement is essential to a productive, innovative workplace. According to Gallup’s State of the American Workforce survey, one-third of U.S. In addition to being happy at work, engaged employees are dedicated to making the company better. On the other end of the spectrum, the survey found that 16 percent of employees are actively disengaged. The remaining 51 percent of workers are simply not engaged. Volunteer as a team.

HR and the Distributed Workforce: Working Apart Together (5 Tips)

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It’s not just about figuring out how to get the best out of every single individual. No, it’s about getting everyone to work together as a team, too. It’s up to recruiters and hiring managers to find the right people in order to create a high-performing team. Face time.

3 Key Ingredients for an Effective Work Retreat


How to thrive and stay productive in an unplugged, off-the-grid work environment. While beneficial (conferences, for example, usually include a lot of skill-sharpening, speech-attending, and networking), travel can often call for early mornings and late nights.

5 Steps to the Ultimate Office Retreat


The phrase “company retreat” often comes attached with a stigma of corny song-singing and boring group exercises and drills. To learn how to plan an effective retreat that will bring you and your employees closer together and more focused then ever, read on: Eyes on the Prize.

Recruitment and Induction Process Best-Practices


Everyone wants the best. The best in fashion, food and… life – face it, it’s what you want too. For myself, I personally want the best in food (I’ve attended the Sydney Night Noodle Markets recently to test this out). For HR managers, what they want the best of is the best talent pool. It’s this strategy that enables HR professionals to find, attract and select the right potential. Know What to Look for in the Recruitment Process.

CX Day: Secrets to a Winning Customer Experience


Previously, the relationship between customers and businesses was largely transactional and one-sided – the business provided a product or service to a customer, the customer acquired or used it, end of story. People buy products, but they stay for service.

How To Create A Culture Of Connection Within Your Organization


Corporate leaders recognize the important role employee fulfillment plays in driving business success, and in recent years there’s been a strong focus on making workplaces collaborative, supportive and engaging.

How to Use Emotional Intelligence to Drive Employee Engagement


This can feel exciting and terrifying at the same time. It opens up a tremendous opportunity to leave your thumbprint on the organization’s bottom line. So how can organizations shape emotional culture for the better? This is all the more true for great team leaders.