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Sexual Harassment Training for Your Whole Workplace

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Online Workplace Harassment Training for Employees. Teach and train employees through immersive interactive online scenarios. Robust online sexual harassment training is key to improving workplace culture and mitigating business risk.

Which States Require Sexual Harassment Training?

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Do you need to know how sexual harassment prevention legislation will affect your business? A new legislative landscape and a desire to stay out of a potential harassment spotlight are forcing employers to rethink their sexual harassment prevention strategy.


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EEOC Busy: Focus on Sexual Harassment


The EEOC continues to collect money from employers in lawsuits and settlements for sexual harassment. The U.S. The agency continues to focus on sexual harassment in America’s workplaces as recent press releases demonstrate: On June 13, 2018, the EEOC announced a multimillion-dollar sexual discrimination settlement against a transportation supplier. The employer must pay $3.2 Harassment Prevention Training.

Workplace sexual harassment: what it is and how to combat it


Growing public conversations around workplace sexual harassment highlight a harrowing reality: It’s both widespread and frequently mishandled. How do you discern the difference between harassment and conduct that is merely inappropriate? staring or sexual gestures).

Ask an HR Expert: Anti Harassment Training in IL

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Today’s question is: What are the new requirements in 2020 for harassment training in the state of Illinois? Prior to this, there were no regulations requiring consistent training. It was recommended that a business provide the training once every two years.

High Profile or Not, Sexual Harassment Claims Require Employer Action

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Sexual harassmentthe subject has exploded in recent weeks as people from all walks have spoken up about a menacing workplace problem. Even though antiharassment efforts are a priority in human resources circles, recent revelations about the actions of some high-profile executives are likely to cause employers to ask the question, “Are we doing enough?”. Plus, top executives at Fidelity Investments were let go after more allegations of sexual harassment.

Calling All Companies: It’s Time to Get Real About Sexual Harassment


Let’s talk about sex (-ual harassment)! In fact, 81 percent of women and 43 percent of men have experienced some form of sexual harassment in their lifetime, according to a survey conducted by nonprofit organization Stop Street Harassment. The survey spanned across industries and the “continuum of unwanted experiences,” ranging from: Verbal sexual harassment (either online or in person). We’ve all seen the headlines recently.

4 key steps to maintaining HR compliance


These days, managing HR compliance is like a game of Whac-A-Mole. Furthermore, the perils of noncompliance are fierce: fines, penalties, potential class-action lawsuits—not to mention the hit to your company’s reputation. See also: Compliance issues continue to concern employers.

A Blog with a story

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Sexual harassment in the workplace is an ongoing risk to the safety of your employees and your business. Sexual Harassment has a serious financial impact. In 2019 alone, the U.S. Of course, these figures don’t reflect any of the associated legal costs.

Does Unconscious Bias Training Work?

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As companies are being called to address racism in today’s workforce , there have been responses suggesting that merely providing unconscious bias training isn’t enough to eradicate racism. Does Unconscious Bias Training Work in the Office? Learn More!

Internal Investigations—The Cornerstone of Compliance Programs

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The Feds are always on the lookout for administrative, civil, and criminal infractions. Mehfoud says an organization needn’t worry as long as it has an effective compliance program supported by thorough internal investigations. What Constitutes an Effective Compliance Program? Mehfoud says that regardless of size, a company must have a compliance program in place. And what is the appropriate response should an issue arise?

5 more reasons why your workplace anti-harassment training is ineffective

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“There’s Little Evidence Sexual Harassment Trainings Work,” wrote Madison Pauly in this article at Mother Jones. Pauly notes that the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission received over 162,000 EEOC Charges of Discrimination between 2010 and 2015. Here’s my hot take on five more reasons why your workplace anti-harassment training is ineffective. First , you bought flood insurance after the flood.

Senate Bill 1300 Training: The New Workplace Harassment Laws in California

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Workplace harassment laws in California are the topic of ongoing discussion these days. The #MeToo movement and what can seem like almost daily reports of egregious behaviors by employees—at all levels and in all industries—has kept this topic front and center. Both employers and legislators are taking steps to tighten up rules, regulations, and reactions to workplace harassment in California. California laws regulating workplace harassment.

The 3 Things School HR Pros Should Know About Title IX


What Are the 3 Things You Should Know About Title IX? Sexual harassment is far from just a workplace issue. On the contrary, discrimination and harassment presents itself early on and within the education system. A designated member of your HR staff should be the point person for Title IX compliance and to facilitate issues or grievances that arise. A Sexual Discrimination Policy Must Be in Place and Acknowledged.

Mitigating Harassment

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Over the past three years, Google, Ford Motor Company, 21st Century Fox, Bank of America, and the New York Knicks are among an exhausted list of companies that have experienced employment practice liability (EPL) lawsuits due to sexual harassment claims. Companies of all sizes can experience harassment or employment practice-related claims. Could the increase in claims be driven by the #MeToo movement? million from the 2017 fiscal year.

How To Write And Update Your Employee Handbook For 2021


Employee Handbooks in 2021: The Definitive Guide. Many business owners overlook the importance of a well-written employee handbook. Make training and enforcement easier. Protect you from compliance violations. The Challenge of Keeping Handbooks Up-To-Date.

How To Write And Update Your Employee Handbook For 2020


Employee Handbooks in 2020: The Definitive Guide. Many business owners overlook the importance of a well-written employee handbook. Make training and enforcement easier. Protect you from compliance violations. The Challenge of Keeping Handbooks Up-To-Date.

This vaccination metric can teach us a lot about diversity and inclusion efforts

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Universal vaccination is the light at the end of the tunnel for the COVID-19 pandemic. The science is clear — the more people who develop immunity through vaccination or surviving COVID infection, the harder it is for the virus to spread.

5 HR Trends and Best Practices

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Keeping a pulse on the management, compliance and best practices associated with your most valuable assets – your human resources – is crucial when striving to become an exceptional workplace. As an organization immersed in the field of HR, we find the following five HR trends and best practices impacting the workforce today. Recruiting is the first interaction you have with and the first impression you have on your future employees.

How to Improve Your Onboarding Process (COVID & Remote Work Issues for 2021)


Start the new year by aligning onboarding with carefully-considered policies. Let’s discuss the issues that affect new hire onboarding. We will discuss the following broad Human Resources categories. Compliance. The Human Part of Onboarding. Compliance.

3 Steps to Protect Information While Leveraging Social Media

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The number of companies maintaining a corporate presence on social media rose from 34% in 2008 to 77% in 2013 according to SHRM Survey Findings: Social Networking Website and Recruiting/Selection. According to the survey, social media is primarily used to attract passive job candidates, but, according to Brian R. partner with the law firm of Faegre Baker Daniels LLP., Garrison advises that the guidelines or policies should not just be stuck in the employee handbook.

Recap at Summer Break: Employment Bills Remain


The following list summarizes CalChamber’s top priority employment-related bills and their status as of July 6. A review of action on major employment-related legislation for business before the Legislature began its summer recess on July 6 shows both good and disappointing outcomes for the employer community. On the plus side was the passage of a CalChamber-sponsored job creator that enables businesses to avoid hiring repeat sexual harassment offenders.

Insubordination in the workplace: Managing misconduct

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Even the best-run business can have problem employees. Others may bring problems at home into the workplace. Managers must resist both the impulse to overreact and the temptation to ignore the defiant behavior. Consistent employee discipline is the key to managing insubordination. Generally, insubordination is the willful defiance of authority. has given the employee an order. The employee acknowledges the order.

Why a Strong HR Department Improves Your Business


Throughout it all, there is one area that can make all the difference and yet is often relegated to a lower priority. After all, who processes the payroll? Who is conducting onboarding, processing hiring paperwork, or running trainings ? Despite being unrelated to an organization’s core business, HR responsibilities add up quickly for even the smallest of companies. The workforce understands exactly what constitutes a violation and how to respond if they witness one.

A Full Guide to the HR Generalist

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The HR generalist is probably the most varied HR professional out there. In this article, we will answer what an HR generalist is, what he or she does, how to become one, how much you earn as a generalist, and all the other information that you’ll want to know! An HR generalist is usually the first HR hire any company makes. As the job title suggests, this is a person with a broad range of responsibilities instead of a specialized line of work.

Employment Investigations - Land Mines and Lessons


Workplace investigations and the way they are carried out are c ritical to liability issues and to the quality of the working environment. Workplace investigations and the way they are carried out have both legal and human implications. This article begins with a review of the governing law, then addresses human issues, and finally , the implications for litigation. Development of the Law Governing Investigations. iv) Contents of the Investigation.

A Balancing Act: How to Manage Social Media in the Workplace


The push and pull of social media monitoring is a difficult one to manage. As an HR manager, your relationship with an employee or a prospective employee’s social media profile must have the right amount of intimacy and distance. But how do you find the balance between being a laid back, carefree manager and an overbearing social media monitor? Inhabiting that middle ground between social media stalker and stranger will help to make the HR-employee relationship a smooth one.

New California Laws and HR Trends for 2017 and Beyond

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Each year, California employers are faced with the task of keeping up with a whole new round of labor laws and regulations, most of them courtesy of the state legislature. Staying up to date and ensuring compliance with these ever-changing state, local, and federal laws is an ongoing and serious responsibility for employers and HR professionals. Covered employers should begin using the notice immediately and distribute it to all new hires and current employees (upon request).

How to Select and Implement an HRIS You’ll Love

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HRIS solutions offer a large number of benefits for companies, including saving valuable HR time, attracting top talent, and even saving the company money. However, choosing the right HRIS for your company can be a long and costly process. Not to mention the document was enormous.