New Employee Benefits Mandated in Thailand

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Thanks to amended labor protection laws, more employees in Thailand will be protected from unfair treatment since there are now increased regulations for employee entitled benefits. Additionally, employees may now take a minimum of 3 personal leave days per year.

3 Employee Benefits Trends Driving Change In 2020


2019 was a busy year in human resources and employee benefits. Several states issued new laws that expanded regulation on everything from parental leave to classifying contracted employees. Here’s a quick breakdown of the top benefits trends for 2020. .

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Making Sense of New Hire Documents


Job offers and employment contracts are among the most important documents in your HR toolkit. Along with outlining roles, salaries, and other benefits, employment contracts set the terms for ownership of intellectual property, a vital asset for venture finance and acquisition prospects. The problem is that many employers aren’t aware of what to include or how to present hiring documents to best protect their business, which puts them at serious risk. Employee benefits.

The Onboarding Documents You Need to Collect and Keep


In fact, you may collect employee documents during onboarding and throughout the employment period. As the employer, it is your responsibility to keep employee records safe. What Is Employee Data? The forms must be stored separately from other employee data.

How to Assemble an Ideal Compliance Team

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We’re sharing some tips with you on how to assemble the right compliance team as your company grows. Have you had compliance issues in the past? Is employee turnover high in your industry? Do employees know what’s expected of them in the workplace? Benefits coordinator.

How to Assemble an Ideal Compliance Team

CIC Plus

We’re sharing some tips with you on how to assemble the right compliance team as your company grows. Have you had compliance issues in the past? Is employee turnover high in your industry? Do employees know what’s expected of them in the workplace? Benefits coordinator.

Fiduciary Liability and Employee Benefit Services Explained


If you are involved in your company’s benefits plan, no matter what you offer or how the plan is administered or by whom, you may hold fiduciary responsibility in some fashion. But in the case of employee benefit services plans, it can also mean the business’ owner or executives. You can place yourself in a position of a “functional fiduciary” by doing something as simple as discussing investment options with an employee. Legal Compliance

Tips to help you streamline HR tasks


Right now, for example, you may be wrapping up open enrollment , ensuing all employees have enrolled in – or waived – coverage. Open enrollment : As discussed earlier, all new benefits enrollments or waivers must be completed within the enrollment period your company establishes.

Piece of Cake: Perfecting the Recipe for ACA Compliance


Common compliance errors. Supplementary ACA Documents. This webinar is presented by Larry Grudzien , attorney at law, practicing exclusively in the field of employee benefits. Repeal and replace efforts have come and gone - it's time to prepare to comply with the Affordable Care Act for another year. With chatter and speculation surrounding the ACA, it's easy to lose track of what's required of employers.

401(k) Summary Plan Description: Basics, Requirements, and Compliance


That’s the basic definition, but there’s a lot more that you need to know about the SPD for successful benefits administration. ERISA Compliance and Fees. The 401(k) SPD in More Detail: The SPD is one of the most important documents associated with your retirement benefit plan.

Employer Penalties Increase for Federal Law Violations


Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). Penalty of up to $13,072 for each employee subject to the violation. Violations of child labor laws that cause death or serious injury to an employee under age 18. Failure to provide summary of benefits and coverage (SBC).

Assessments, Policies, and Training Are Key to HIPAA Compliance

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Periodic risk assessments, updated policies and procedures, and ongoing training are critical to HIPAA compliance, said Kathryn Bakich, senior vice president at Segal Consulting. Slaughter , JD, is a Senior Legal Editor for BLR’s Thompson HR products, focusing on benefits compliance.

9 FMLA record keeping requirements employers need to know

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When an employee goes on FMLA leave, it can pay to double-check that your FMLA record keeping processes are up to snuff, should your FMLA administration/processes ever be called into question. . The records must contain basic payroll and other data detailing the employee’s compensation.

4 steps toward making equal pay a reality at your company


wage gap, but provided you have executive-level support, you can develop an equal pay plan that compensates employees of all genders equally and without damaging the company’s bottom line. Solving the gender gap in employee pay isn’t simple, but it is possible.

Attract And Manage Top Talent In Your Small Business


For a small business owner, attracting and managing these vital employees can be a source of high anxiety. Stand out with your benefit offerings. Implement a bonus structure in addition to annual compensation to attract and incentive your employees. Improve employee engagement.

DOL Fiduciary Rule Officially Vacated by Appellate Court; SEC Seen Receiving Baton on Adviser Oversight

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As reported, the five-part test in place since 1975 has been called back into action for determining fiduciary status for investment advisers and other retirement plan service providers working with Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) plans and individual retirement accounts (IRAs).

ERISA Record Retention Requirements In Plain English


The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 requires that you retain important plan documentation. ERISA requires you to retain plan documents and employee benefit plan information for a few good reasons: Being Ready for Audits. Fiduciary Plan Documents.

An Internal Plan Audit Team Essential for Anticipating Changes

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This includes complying with the Internal Revenue Code, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), and the regulations under both. This column takes a look at best practices and benefits of establishing an internal plan audit team. s Tax & Employee Benefits Law group.

What is a Pooled Employer Plan (PEP)?

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An MEP is a retirement benefit plan that is offered at the group level among a set of employers who share a commonality. In short, several related employers work together to create one 401(k) offer package and then share the benefits of this approach.

Court Supports Plans’ Freedom to Craft Own Process for Beneficiary Designations

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The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) does not prescribe a particular manner by which participants in ERISA-covered plans must designate their beneficiaries. One recent case rejecting the substantial compliance doctrine is Ruiz v.

Form 5500 Instructions: 5 Steps to Filing Correctly


When it comes to employee benefit plans, the government requires punctuality. Offering pension benefits and other employee benefit plans is a noble thing to do. You see, when you sign Form 5500, you’re taking personal liability for the plan’s compliance.

Do you have—or are you considering—a private health care exchange strategy?

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In addition to common considerations such as cost, benefit plan choice, and compliance, a holistic approach to a private exchange strategy should address the interplay among populations, exchange models, and HR and benefits service delivery.

4 tips for managing payroll accurately


The recent American Payroll Association “Getting Paid In America ” survey revealed that 92 % of American employees are confident that their paychecks are accurate every pay period. Are your employees’ paychecks consistently accurate? Accurately document onboarding data.

Mastering Tough FMLA Issues: Effectively Managing FMLA Investigations by the DOL

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In the last installment , we focused on employees who do not have job restoration rights once they return from leave. For employers, this means that if the DOL comes on-site, employers can expect an FMLA check, document requests, and DOL interviews of supervisors and employees.

Workplace Blitz!


Recent inspection blitzes conducted by the Ministry of Labour have identified the most common—and most costly—compliance violations made by Ontario businesses. ’ These raid-style workplace inspections are designed to enforce compliance with core ESA standards and catch rule-breaking bosses. Earlier this year, the Ministry released blitz results focused on employers with a history of non-compliance. Penalties range from mere Compliance Orders (i.e.

What is EDI? And Why Should HR Professionals Care?


Electronic Data Interchange is the ability for computers to exchange documents in a standardized electronic format. Rather than manually entering information, a computer at one company is able to read a document provided by another. EDI enhances employee experience.

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Your Employee Handbook Checklist for 2020 (With Free Download!)


Download the Workest Employee Handbook Checklist. While the task of creating or updating an employee handbook might seem daunting for a small business (really, who has the time?), Employee handbooks put your policies in writing and outline expectations for your employees.

Two Benefits of Leveraging Automation for HR Leaders


The convergence of mobile computing, video, sensors and artificial intelligence is taking place simultaneously with an intense focus on employee engagement, culture, wellness and productivity. Offer automation tools to your mobile employees to boost productivity and ensure compliance.

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ERISA Doc Requests: It’s Not Just the DOL You Need to Consider

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Now it’s the workers’ comp and labor attorneys who want to see the employee’s file, your handbook and all of your ERISA Plan documents … When it comes to ERISA Plan Documents, most employers immediately think, “I better get these in place or risk a DOL audit or fine.” While this thought is not incorrect, a new player is now paying close attention to those ERISA documents, required for your retirement/pension and Health & Welfare plans.

Make Your HRIS Work for You!


Many companies turn to an HRIS for a couple of fundamental reasons – they need a place to store their employee information and a way to process payroll. However, there are many other ways that you can make your HRIS work for you, and provide strategic value to both the employee and employer. Systems can provide a location/field for an employee or employer to upload their educational data, including level of education and degrees obtained.

HR and Finance Leaders Collaborate On Critical Business Decisions


Finance leaders also benefit by involving HR to help them make better informed organizational decisions. How can we show the Finance team the financial impact and ROI of things like company-wide employee benefits? HR Hangout Risk & Compliance HR and Finance

DOL Launches “Public-Facing Guidance Website”

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earlier, Executive Order 13891 ordered all Executive Branch agencies to review agency guidance documents, rescind or modify them as necessary, and make them available to the public in a single, searchable online database. The new website, [link] , is live, and allows users to filter document search results by 29 different agencies. Notably, many have not posted any guidance documents at all to the new DOL database, though that could change in the coming days. As we reported.

Lawyers Speak: How to Prepare for a DOL Audit


Keeping accurate records of your employees’ time worked is important. “Employers should have a system in place to accurately track their employee’s time. Wage, pay and benefit records. Compliance

Employee Onboarding Best Practices: A Technology Perspective


The employee onboarding process is no longer used just for administrative issues. It’s true that advanced software and automated technologies eliminate duplicate entries and streamline employee onboarding, but that’s just the beginning of the array of business and employee benefits that onboarding technology can deliver for your business or HR department. Astute employees can quickly spot whether anything is missing or seems inappropriate for their positions.

Lumber Company Settles DOL Allegations of ACA, ERISA Violations

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Department of Labor’s (DOL’s) allegations that the plan violated claims procedure and other requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). Benefits ACA DOL EBSA ERISA