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Employment Law 2020: Are You Prepared and Protected?

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It’s a brand-new decade, and employment law changes are occurring at a breakneck speed right alongside technological innovation. Trends and best practices in employment law have evolved dramatically in recent years, and it can be hard for HR practitioners to keep up.

Not Too Late to Learn About Employment Law Updates for 2015


Continuing its tradition, California rings in the new year with changes to employment laws. Did you also know that employers can now be accountable for wage-and-hour violations when they use staffing agencies or other labor contractors to hire workers? Fortunately, it’s not too late to learn more about these and other noteworthy new laws. In fact, anyone with employees in California will benefit from our employment law experts’ compliance guidance.


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California Compliance: Top 10 Q&A’s


California Compliance: Top 10 Q&A’s. During our September 15th webinar, Navigating California Compliance, we received a lot of great questions. A California employer has independent contractors in states outside of California. The law is here: [link].

Podcast Shares Questions Asked Most Often at Employment Law Updates Seminars


The California Chamber of Commerce employment law team has been on the road throughout January, conducting Employment Law Updates seminars and explaining changes that transpired over the previous year that impact workplace practices and policies.

Are Full-Time Employees of Staffing Companies Exempt? It Depends

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A new 6 th Circuit case sheds some light on whether full-time employees of staffing companies are considered exempt from overtime. 20, 2017), three full-time employees of Randstad claimed that a district court had erred in granting summary judgment to Randstad on the basis that they were covered by the administrative exemption. Attending networking events. Takeaways for Employers. She received her law degree from the New York University School of Law and her B.A.

Compliance During a Crisis: What You Need to Know About Absence and Leave Laws

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View this on-demand webinar as WorkForce Software’s Director of Compliance, Paul Kramer, as he shares the absence and leave laws in place today and discusses emerging rules and guidance.

Paid Sick Time for Federal Contractors: Creating an Audit Trail

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Paid sick time requirements are a concern for any company acting as a federal contractor or marketing to government entities. Employment law expert, Cheryl Orr, provides practical guidance about complying with these requirements in the first half of this timely and important Bloomberg BNA webinar. How Time & Attendance Software Can Help Businesses Track Paid Sick Time Hours. About the Bloomberg BNA Webinar Series.

Rest Assured, Our February 21 Webinar Provides Clarity


Live webinar is mobile-optimized for viewing on tablets or smartphones. Misunderstandings about California’s meal and rest break rules—including requiring employees to stay onsite—expose employers to expensive litigation. They’re all about providing employees 30 minutes of off-the-clock, duty-free time within 4 hours and 59 minutes from the start of their shift,” says Erika Frank, CalChamber executive vice president, legal affairs. Best practices to avoid compliance trouble.

Don’t Miss This: Rules for Remote and Traveling Employees


Don’t miss this relevant webinar on compliance requirements for remote and traveling workers. While this continuing trend offers many advantages, it requires careful consideration of how California’s employment laws address remote and traveling workers.

Paid Sick Time for Federal Contractors: Creating an Audit Trail

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Paid sick time requirements are a concern for any company acting as a federal contractor or marketing to government entities. Employment law expert, Cheryl Orr, provides practical guidance about complying with these requirements in the first half of this timely and important Bloomberg BNA webinar. How Time & Attendance Software Can Help Businesses Track Paid Sick Time Hours. About the Bloomberg BNA Webinar Series.

Reminder: Free 30-Minute HR Webinar for Small Businesses This Thursday


Don’t forget to register to attend this free webinar! Running a small business is tough, and managing your compliance with California and federal employment laws isn’t always easy. Just ask the businesses who thought they were following the law until faced with costly fines and penalties for breaking California labor and employment laws. Top 5 Labor and Employment Laws Perplexing Small Businesses.

Time for Your Paid Sick Leave Checkup


With the July 1, 2015 date for California employers to start providing the paid sick leave benefit (Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act of 2014 – AB 1522), are your company policies and practices well and good? CalChamber’s employment law experts offer a compliance remedy at their May 21st webinar. This follow-up to their “California’s Paid Sick Leave” webinar last November revisits AB 1522’s requirements. Time: 10 a.m. – Can’t attend?

We Interrupt Your FMLA and CFRA Challenges for This Live Webinar


And it’s still an evolving area of compliance. CalChamber’s employment law experts, Erika Frank and Jessica Hawthorne, know a thing or two about the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the California Family Rights Act (CFRA), and they’ll share insights in their upcoming webinar: FYIs and FAQs on FMLA and CFRA Rules. Be ready with answers before new regulations take effect, and be sure that your policies and procedures comply with current FMLA and CFRA laws.

The woman who worked for a sex-toy store has … wait for it … a sex-plus claim.

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On most days, I blog for you, my readers, to educate you on new legal issues and to keep you ahead of the HR-compliance curve. If you haven’t signed up for “ The Best-Ever Year-End Employment Law Review that Five Employment Law Bloggers Have Ever Presented ,” you need to fix that so that you can attend the webinar from 12-1 pm ET. After that one-time encounter, the two remained on good terms.”

Preventing Whistleblowers in the Workplace: OSHA Expands the Rights of Whistleblowers

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In part one of this article, we focused on how the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has become more aggressive in its whistleblower enforcement efforts. Together, the EEOC and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have recently taken steps to make it easier for employees to demonstrate that an employer acted with retaliatory intent. Recommendations for Employers. Employers should document and maintain the training on such policies.

Q&A: Employment Authorization for Remote Workers

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As we’ve discussed in recent articles , the Trump administration’s aggressive stance on immigration enforcement suggests that employers should also be prepared for an increase in workplace audits and document inspections from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). During a recent webinar on Smart I-9 Recordkeeping , we had a subscriber ask several timely questions on how best to comply with the requirements of Form I-9 when you have remote workers.

Your HR Recommendations Being Dismissed? Helpful Tips on What to Do


Whether they need to mediate workplace conflict or craft policies that comply with state and federal laws, the advice HR professionals provide can be an invaluable asset to businesses. Human resources professionals often have some of the most difficult conversations in the workplace.

5 ways the COVID-19 crisis will transform HR’s role

HR Morning

Human Resources is at the front lines of employers’ response to the COVID-19 crisis. And that is a good thing, because, in addition to workers moving to remote temporarily as we weather this crisis, many will continue working remotely at least part of the time after businesses re-open their doors. Luckily, for most employers, the technology and communications infrastructure needed for successful remote work are available to employees. Accommodation and compliance.

11 Ways to Celebrate Women’s History Month

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In addition to the list below, I also suggest attending a webinar I’m doing with an employment law attorney on April 1 at 9 am Pacific. We’ll be talking about the compliance and culture related to flexible work schedules. We’ll see you at the webinar on April 1!

Top 25 HR Websites for HR Professionals


With the ever changing needs and laws, human resource managers need to be on the lookout for best HR practices to follow. They need to keep themselves updated to create a positive work environment and meet all compliance requirements.

Upcoming HR Events UK & Ireland June 2018


Time to get your diaries out. We have the hottest upcoming HR events that you should be attending in June. Location/ Date / Time – Peakon, 25 Charterhouse Square, London ,EC1M 6AE ,United Kingdom. Give you an overview of the current retail employment market. Time : 08.15 – 12.15. Employment Law Compliance and HR Best Practice Workshop. Who should come: Employers- large/small . Contracts for the Modern Employment Relationship.

Teambuilding: Making Work Teams Work

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No matter how many times we try to remind workers that we’re all on the same team at our organizations, individual styles, egos, and personalities come into play. It’s absolutely worth taking some time to figure out how to best surf the wave: “Companies that move through change with grace, speed, and agility not only win in the marketplace, they also become the best places to work,” she notes.

The Top 10 HR Conferences You Should Know About


2020 SHRM Employment Law & Legislative Conference. While HR law and legislation doesn’t seem like an exciting topic, this area of HR changes constantly. Companies that really want to thrive should look into this conference which will explore compliance issues, regulations, and everything about employee law that you must know. 2020’s event will be a must-attend HR conference. This event is a must-attend for anyone interested in the future of work.