Strategic Compliance: Wage Garnishment Risk Avoidance

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Industry analyst firm Nelson Hall recently identified ADP as a leader in both the small and medium business as well as mid to large market segments. Enjoy the read.). Some people might look at the title of today’s article and say, “Wage garnishments? an hour).

How Payroll Systems Work for Small Businesses


What is an effective payroll system ? These include payroll registers, reimbursements or refunds, and attendance reports. Payroll Software Features & Capabilities. Many small enterprises use a payroll software mainly for organizing payment of wages and filing of taxes.


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Outsourcing: Key to Efficient Payroll Management


Under the California wage payment system, all employers within the State must comply with laws on payroll management including the twice monthly payment of salaries, payment method, and coverage of employees. Importance of Payroll Management.

Small Business Payroll Guide: Utah Minimum Wage and Overtime Laws


Here is a simplified guide for minimum wage and overtime payroll laws in Utah : Federal minimum wage law is governed by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The current federal minimum wage rate is $7.25 per hour for nonexempt employees. per hour.

Timekeeping Integration - The Key to Compliance

Speaker: Cynthia Hoyt, Regional Sales Director, Southland Data Processing

You hear about them almost every day. Another ruling on a wage and hour class action law suit. As an HR Professional, how can you know it all, and how can you help ensure that your company is in compliance? Today, more than ever, accurate timekeeping is the key to compliance. Tracking employees' time on paper just isn't cutting it, and you could be left holding a timebomb. ready to explode at any minute.

Minimum Wage Increases for 2022


Despite talk of raising it, the federal minimum wage is still $7.25 per hour and unchanged for most states that have historically maintained the federal standard. However, many states that have higher minimum wage rates have announced *increases for 2022.

State Minimum Wage Law Changes 2022


Many states make frequent minimum wage adjustments to account for the impact of inflation on wages. This year is no exception, with 25 states increasing their minimum wage. Here is a comprehensive list of the changes: . New Minimum Wage . an hour.

The payroll process simplified: How to do hourly payroll for your team


Running payroll isn’t exactly fun. The payroll process covers everything that goes into paying employees while staying compliant with labor and tax laws — like registering for tax IDs, accurately tracking hours, calculating and withholding taxes, and sharing pay stubs. .

HR vs. Payroll: What’s the Difference?


As your organization grows, you’ll likely add new departments into the mix. Payroll and HR often work together, but seeing where the line gets drawn can be challenging. With small teams, HR can handle payroll, making the lines even blurrier. The U.S.

Payroll Services Guide: How do Payroll Companies Work?


Running payroll can be a tedious, time-consuming task. Even though it is time-consuming, payroll has to be completed accurately, but it doesn’t have to be done by you. What is a Payroll Service Provider? How do Payroll Companies Work? Benefits of Using Payroll Services.

Ensuring Payroll Accuracy and Compliance: Address, Compensation and Tax Verification

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Then, the pandemic dispersed employees like never before. Able to live anywhere, employees can relocate at the drop of the hat and often without notifying their employers. This can cause serious compliance issues. . What are the benefits?

Guide to mandatory overtime: Can you force employees to work long hours?


Most business owners don’t want to ask their employees to work overtime, but sometimes it’s necessary when the unexpected happens. To avoid any misunderstandings between you and your team, it’s important to address the question: Is mandatory overtime legal? Learn more.

The most fun you can have in a week with wage and hour compliance!!!

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ImperfectTommy / Edmond Meinfelder [ CC BY 2.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons What’s better than a three-part series on wage-and-hour compliance? Ok, here’s the thing. For the rest of you stuck in the office this week, well, I’m saving my good material for next week. Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division Opinion Letters, which the DOL released yesterday. Here is the proof. Just play the vinyl backward.

Payroll Software Guide: Key Features and Benefits

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You certainly know what payroll is. You might even know all that is involved in the payroll process. But did you know that payroll software can make the payroll process easier and more efficient for your company? What is payroll software?

Payroll Compliance: Getting It Right


The fallout from failing to comply with payroll laws can be staggering. For this reason, payroll compliance should be top priority for all employers. But what exactly is payroll compliance? What is payroll compliance? What is wage compliance?

Payroll Processing Done Right: In-House vs. Outsourcing

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How to handle payroll processing is a question all businesses must consider. Small business owners might be able to manage payroll themselves, but it takes time and is susceptible to errors. The right software solution can make payroll tasks faster and easier for all size businesses.

How the Cloud Can Help You Stay Compliant with Wage & Hour Laws

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For many professionals, the phrase “cloud-based computing” has become synonymous with business-as-usual, and the promises that come with the cloud, such as rapid deployment, faster services, and greater connectivity, are baked into many modern work environments. However, less than a decade ago, the concept of the cloud was still new and fairly novel for many businesses and organizations. This is because compliance is everywhere. Download the Report.

How Does Payroll Software Work?

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It is unbelievable what can be accomplished with the proper application of the right knowledge into our everyday processes. When efficient and effective technology is brought into the workplace, companies can: Improve processes, Increase efficiency, and. What is payroll software?

How a Payroll Provider Can Help You Maintain Compliance


Keeping up with constantly changing state and federal compliance regulations can be a never-ending cycle, and employers can face steep fines or lawsuits for common human error mistakes. But automating your HR processes enables you to stay compliant and save time that would have otherwise been spent manually tracking each compliance update. Below, we’ve outlined several compliance regulations the right payroll provider can help you track. E-Verfiy Compliance.

10 steps to maintain end-of-year payroll compliance

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The end of the year is a hectic time for payroll staff and business owners. While the year is winding down, the payroll department is ramping up to prepare for the end of the year and ensure that all reporting deadlines are met.

Outsourcing Payroll for Small Businesses


Payroll involves a lot more than just signing checks. There are many steps involved in the payroll process and they can quickly become overwhelming. Beyond that, there are payroll-related compliance laws that come with heavy penalties if you aren’t in compliance.

5 Compliance Challenges for Hybrid Workplaces


One distinct benefit is that it delivers the best of both worlds — meaning employees sometimes work onsite and sometimes remotely. In fact, studies show that “Workers prefer a hybrid model 83% of the time.” Among other things, these obligations often revolve around: Wages and hours.

How to keep track of payroll hours with an Excel Spreadsheet


How to keep track of payroll? If you’re wondering how to keep track of payroll, here is a good start. The spreadsheet eliminates the hassle of trying to read or interpret employee time-punch data. This will save your payroll department processing time.

Retail and regulatory compliance explained


But some of those problems can be mitigated by complying with the legal and policy requirements vendors and retailers have to follow. In this article, we’re going to talk about two types of compliance requirements: what they are and how they can support your retail operations.

Earned Wage Access: Key Compliance Considerations


Earned wage access is certainly gaining momentum in the workplace. What is Earned Wage Access? Earned wage access (EWA) means giving access to wages earned—in this case, before they would typically be paid out on payday. LISTEN TO THE PODCAST.

How to Choose the Best Payroll Company for Your Business


When you run a small business, you have several options for processing employee payroll, including processing payroll in-house or outsourcing to a payroll company, accountant, or PEO. Outsourcing payroll is often cheaper than employing an in-house payroll team.

Reliable Time & Attendance for Employees, Managers & Business Owners

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Between the country’s economic growth and the record low unemployment rate of 4.1%, times are looking good for many companies and workers. Now wages are starting to nudge upwards too. According to recent Bureau of Labor Statistics data, average hourly earnings moved up nearly 3% from a year ago. According to the New York Times , along with raises, companies are also enhancing benefits packages, exploring new perks, and even changing the way they recruit.

How an online payroll system benefits businesses

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Undoubtedly, payroll is one of the most taxing yet crucial tasks that an organization has to manage, and it must be done carefully to improve employee morale and keep compliance issues at bay. Payroll systems also help organizations simplify tax calculation and filing.

How does Payroll Software work for a Staffing Agency?

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Payroll: It’s not the most glamorous or exciting part of running your business, but it’s essential. Without it, the members of your temporary and permanent staff may not get paid on time or in the correct amounts. That’s where payroll software solutions come in.

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Compliance for 2022, 2023, and Beyond

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Like taxes, employee benefits administration requires a lot of paperwork and management to ensure compliance. Since its inception, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has had several requirements for employee benefits and annual reporting with some changes over the years. As 2022 comes to end and with 2023 just around the corner, ensure that your company remains in ACA compliance to avoid rising penalties with benefits administration software.

Payroll Software Pricing in 2022

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Payroll is the lifeblood of HR. Employees can repeat training modules, and HR can revise records. But not paying your employees or paying them the wrong amount is how you get a rebellion (or worse, legal trouble). What Does Payroll Software Do? QuickBooks Payroll.

Retail Worker Scheduling

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One essential part of a retail manager’s job is creating the employee schedule. You have to know what the store needs, have a sense of sales trends, and be able to anticipate shopping spikes, all while making sure to keep the wishes of your employees in mind. It depends on who you ask, and what tools the manager is using. What’s your payroll budget for a given month and/or quarter? The last question is perhaps the most interesting.

Payroll Best Practices for 2022 and Beyond


The heart of every business is its employees, and these employees need to be paid their wages on a regular basis. Whether a monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly pay schedule, payroll is typically done via a payroll system. What Is Payroll Management? Automate Payroll.

Got a Payroll Continuity Plan? Here’s What Employers Need to Know


So when disaster strikes, it’s critical for any employers to have a payroll continuity plan in place. So, what’s a payroll continuity plan? The plan should outline ways to manage payroll through the disruption. The U.S. Backup copies of payroll files.

How to Say “Thank You” To Payroll Professionals (& Why You Should)

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Payroll professionals are amazing. Before I started at Ultimate Software, I had a little bit (a very little bit) of payroll processing experience. Moving from small business accounting software to working with significantly larger organizations opened my eyes to the true complexity of payroll and payroll systems. Thank you, Payroll Professionals! They perform a variety of audits to ensure the payrolls are accurate for just that reason.

Keeping Your Small Business in Compliance


There are many e mployment laws that small businesses have to keep track of in order to stay in compliance. Not staying in compliance can hurt your business and your employees. Because of this, you need to be aware of the different employment laws that affect your company.

How to Avoid Wage and Hour Violations


Compliance Isn’t a Given. Maintaining compliance with hundreds of rules and regulations at the federal, state and local levels is tough. But making sure your minimum wage and overtime pay follows federal and state wage and hour laws is important. Most workers in the United States who are paid hourly are entitled to be paid the federal minimum wage of $7.25 The U.S. to pay $158,230 in back wages to 126 employees.

The Best Way to Process Payroll [Updated for 2020]


Or you own an existing one that is moving into the realm of employees. Payroll is one of the most important processes to handle correctly. Learn to Process Payroll Efficiently and Legally. We’ve created a comprehensive 5-part payroll processing guide to help you.

Payroll Risk Management Strategies


No matter the size or nature of your business, payroll is something you have to monitor and manage carefully. The payroll process can be complex to understand, especially as the rules and regulations governing it are numerous and constantly changing.

Payroll Checklist: What Businesses Need to do at Year-End


If you’re a business owner, it’s essential to understand all the tasks and objectives related with year-end payroll processing. verifying your employee’s social insurance numbers, reviewing your payroll system, etc.), Year-End Payroll Checklist.