The Rise of the People Strategy Platform


“Now, more than ever, the corporate strategy for large companies hinges on the people strategy.”. Embrace diversity. HR’s role is not simply to translate business strategy — but to drive it.

Mindset Matters: Why Corporate Strategy Needs The New Disability Narrative

Forbes Leadership Strategy

The New Disability Narrative moves beyond the realm of diversity of inclusion but morphs into a business philosophy that espouses leadership principles

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The Rise of the People Strategy Platform


“Now, more than ever, the corporate strategy for large companies hinges on the people strategy.”. Embrace diversity. HR’s role is not simply to translate business strategy — but to drive it.

Migration strategy must-haves for Talent Management systems


Review and dissect the current state of corporate talent management requirements. Take the information gathered above to view an optimization strategy of your current Talent Management systems. Network and discuss Talent Management strategies and best practices with other companies.

Mindset Matters: 4 Mental Health Strategies To Increase Organizational Strength During COVID-19

Forbes Leadership Strategy

The column discussed 4 key mental health strategies from Mindfulness, Patience, Gratitude, and Connection to enhance corporate strategy in this changing workforce culture.

The Roundup: Equal pay in Iceland and companies double down on diversity


Organizations are doubling down on a diversity mindset in 2018. Diversity is named as one trend shaping company practices – in particular, the report notes that the definition of diversity is changing.

HCMx Radio: Diverse Insights from HCM Excellence 2016

Brandon Hall

Steven Smith , University Corporate Vice President, Capgemini , and Dr. Regis P. Topics discussed included: Business transformation – turning their corporate university into a weapon to drive greater alignment and acceleration of their corporate strategy and market ambition.

How to Promote a Culture of Employee Engagement Through Innovation


Employers, therefore, need to find new ways to impact the key drivers of engagement that are not being effectively addressed – connecting employees with the corporate strategy, transparency from leadership, interest in employee ideas, and making progress on meaningful work. Foster a culture of inclusion and diversity. When a corporate culture is designed not just to generate ideas but to foster continual engagement and inclusion, the results are dramatic.

Workday Ventures Advances with Investments, Leadership


Most recently, Betsy was a member of Workday’s Corporate Strategy team focused on financial and supply chain management, while also serving as an advisor to Workday Ventures.

Integrated Talent Management: A Lesson from McGraw-Hill

Brandon Hall

These organizations are achieving great success with an integrated talent management strategy and technology. One customer, McGraw-Hill , shared its journey to improve its strategy and align talent management with the corporate strategy.

Looking forward – Economist Talent Management Summit

Strategic HCM

What strategies can help overcome invisible barriers? How do you transform a corporate culture and management/employee mind-sets? How should you align corporate strategy with different ways of working and career development?

Supporting Careers with Special Needs

HRO Today

Three organisations share the business case for inclusive hiring and their strategies for truly embracing the disabled workforce. From Corporate Responsibility to Corporate Strategy. “We We think about it as CSR, a corporate social responsibility.

Transforming the supply chain for health care providers Part 2

Bersin with Deloitte

Supply chain analysts organized in an “analyst pool,” for example, could be flexibly deployed according to strategic priorities and in this way accelerate the execution of supply chain strategy. corporate, regional, facility) within supply chain and beyond (e.g.,

Workday Ventures: Democratizing Employee Enablement Experiences


Leighanne serves as Workday’s senior vice president, corporate strategy and Workday Ventures’ managing director and co-head, and has spent her entire career focused on talent and technology.

Insurance Recruiting: How to Overcome the Skills Gap


Appealing to millennials is a key strategy for insurance companies to fill in the talent gap. A group of diverse individuals is going to bring forth more diverse ideas for problem-solving and innovation. .

What is Organizational Development? A Complete Guide

Digital HR Tech

Organizational development is a critical and science-based process that helps organizations build their capacity to change and achieve greater effectiveness by developing, improving, and reinforcing strategies, structures, and processes. Diversity interventions.

The Mind Heart Body and Spirit of Total Rewards

Compensation Cafe

And our employees have become more diverse. Dan Walter is the President and CEO of Performensation a firm committed to aligning pay with corporate strategy and culture.

Tools 103

HRO Today Forum North America Provides Leading Programming around the Future of Human Resources

HRO Today

The responsibility for HR to drive corporate strategy is secure, but the evolution of HR is constant and involves great opportunities and threats. Economic forces, evolving technology, and an increasingly diverse workforce are changing the profession as we know it.

Middle Managers Will Always Be the Strategic Linchpin of Your Organization—Make Sure You Look After Them

Bersin with Deloitte

After all, middle managers not only manage other managers (and thereby the workforce), but by doing so they translate corporate strategy into frontline execution. Adobe, for example, creates “leadership pods”—diverse groups of leaders who meet regularly on a virtual basis.

Adobe 88

Q&A with CEO: How Better Care Benefits the Workplace


During a Business Leader Forum at Workday Rising, CEO Sheila Marcelo sat down with Leighanne Levensaler, senior vice president of corporate strategy at Workday, to discuss changes to the workforce and the implications they have on our society. To drive growth and productivity in your organization, you need the participation of a diverse workforce. ” —Leighanne Levensaler, senior vice president of corporate strategy, Workday.

Michelle McCarthy of Verizon Ventures: “We need to create more opportunities for women at the investment partner level”

Thrive Global

She was recognized as a Global Corporate Venturing Rising Star in 2016 and is a board observer for select portfolio companies in the areas of advertising technology and connected devices. My background is in corporate strategy, M&A, and tax credit investments.

Team Culture in the Age of Gig: How to Build a Happy Workforce, Near and Far

Sterling Check

Corporate Self-Awareness. It’s creating corporate self-awareness in your organization. In today’s market, you cannot wait… particularly when it comes to changing your strategy around the people you hire or engage. What if we embraced diversity in workstyles?

The leadership shift

Thrive Global

Adaptive – In many cases, corporate strategies have had to be suspended, ways of working have been upended and they have had to put something different in place to respond to the current situation. Most leaders haven’t faced the kind of uncertainty in their careers.

2018 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends Unveiled

Bersin with Deloitte

Millennials’ high expectations for corporate responsibility are a strong contributor, with 76 percent regarding business as a force for positive social impact. Human Capital Trends AI C-suite corporate citizenship disruption millennials social impact Social responsibility technology

300+ Women Leaders in HR! These Women in HR Bring a Unique Blend of People & Strategic Skills.


The HR women in this list include numerous leaders across a number of different industries and organization sizes, who have a great wealth of experience in developing and executing strategies, managing talent and improving how HR is operating alongside regularly sharing articles, insights and open discussions into best practices. Lloyd , Global HCM Strategy and Customer Engagement. Christine Dover , Lead Analyst, Competitive Market Insights and Corporate Strategy at SAP.

How Talent Management Can Catalyze Your Self-Developing Organization


Today and in the future, the corporate world will continue to harness the ideas and strengths of the mover and shaker mindset, and you won’t even have to be an executive to contribute to this progressive movement.

Does Your Company Proactively Address Gender Inequity?

Compensation Today

Again, this is in your company’s best interest: studies have shown that companies with diverse leadership are more profitable. Tweak your compensation strategy based on employee feedback.

Unconscious Bias Can Shape Company Culture: Here’s How to Root It Out


We rely on our unconscious processing ability to handle about 99 percent of the information we process,” says Hayley Barnard , cofounder and managing director at MIX Diversity Developers. . The right tools can help companies combat bias and build strong, diverse and inclusive teams. .

ADP 56

You Don’t Have to Be a Data Scientist to Fill This Must-Have Analytics Role

Analytics in HR

Given the diversity of potential use cases , translators may be part of the corporate strategy team, a functional center of excellence, or even a business unit assigned to execute analytics use cases. It’s no secret that organizations have been increasingly turning to advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve decision making across business processes—from research and design to supply chain and risk management.

“We need greater transparency.” with Candice Georgiadis & Erika Karp

Thrive Global

Erika presents and writes extensively on topics including: sustainable investing and finance, corporate strategy and business models, transparency and excellence in the areas of Environmental, Social and Governance performance, and employee engagement/diversity in the workplace. It seemed obvious to me that those issues would include environmental impact, treatment of employees, impact on communities, ethical corporate stewardship.

Elements of A Great Employee Performance Management System


Managers and staff in today’s corporate environments often dread annual performance reviews that can be subjective, demeaning, disregarded and excessively time-consuming. HRIS Flexibility for Agile Performance Management Processes You need a responsive and flexible system to handle today’s agile development processes and the preferred value-added performance strategies of younger workers.

Do Employees Leave a Company or a Boss? 

Women of HR

Other sources suggest that employees rarely leave a job solely because of the boss since there are many other contributing factors such as a compelling strategy, company culture and meaningful work. Key components of a strong workplace culture include diversity and inclusion, a common purpose and a sense of community. Ensure employees understand the diverse career opportunities available to them company-wide and the steps they can take to grow within the organization.

6 Concepts That Help Create A Culture of Collaboration


Ask anyone in the military about the importance of communication and you’ll likely hear it is everything – even more important than weapons or strategy. Diverse thinking fosters innovation. Communication, of course, is the foundation upon which all strategies are built.

2018 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends Unveiled

HR Times

Millennials’ high expectations for corporate responsibility are a strong contributor, with 76 percent regarding business as a force for positive social impact.

Edcor Interview for the 2019 SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition


Sara Van Wagoner, Edcor’s VP of Corporate Growth Strategies answered these questions to explain the services that Edcor provides for its Clients. We help companies link their education benefit programs with their overall corporate strategies.