Scary and Frightening: The #ELBC Carnival for October

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Employment law is a scary enough theme. What happens when employer discovers that former employee is working for a competitor? Janette Levey Frisch, the EmpLAWyerologist, offers a more positive take on employees competing against their former employers. Doug Haas broaches a subject very frightening to employers, or at least it should be, with two posts on the Fair Labor Standards Act. In his second post he talks about a common problem that many employers make.

Protecting Data from Departing Employees (or Why I Love Auditing and Access Restrictions)

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An employee with access to payroll and benefits databases who is working out the final weeks of a reduction in force notice period may decide to save her coworkers’ personal information for later use in the event she cannot find subsequent employment, becomes financially desperate, and determines that “borrowing” her former coworkers’ tax refunds is a financial cure-all. Convenience is the enemy of security, however, and that is especially true in the digital domain.


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Five for ’15: The legal issues that need to be on your radar

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Now that business is back in session, employers need to figure out the issues that will keep them up at night over the next 12 months. My phone will start to ring as employers realize that they haven’t updated their handbook since the (first) Bush administration, of haven’t conducted harassment training since before Anita Hill made sexual harassment a household phrase. What are the hot-button employment law issues that will keep your HR department busy over the next year?

WIRTW #409 (the “thank you” edition)

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Yesterday morning, I presented Everything You Need to Know About Cyber Security (in 30 minutes). Then, last evening I presenting Hot Employment Law Issues for 2016 to a group of HR professionals for ConnectedHR. via Eric Meyer’s The Employer Handbook Blog. Vindicated, and it feels so good… — via Robin Shea's Employment & Labor Insider. via Employment Matters Blog. via Employment Essentials. via Employment Discrimination Report.

Contract Management for HR Departments


Contracts between employee and employer are of the utmost importance, which means proper management of these documents is essential to good business. Once this starts to happen, manually keeping track of employment and other contracts becomes much more of a hassle.

#ECTalent Managing in the Great Reset / 1 ~ HR to HR 2.0 and.

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There are big shifts in technology underway as well. But the next generation will see about 20 - the mobile phone, nanotechnologies, fusion energy, advanced materials, carbon sequestration, space, managing the nitrogen cycle, water, health informatics, durable customised infrastructure, customised medicine, the brain, cyberspace security, enhanced virtual reality, personalised learning, new manufacturing methods eg 3D printing, and the internet of things.

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