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What is GINA? The federal discrimination law you need to know.

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GINA, or the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act, outlaws genetic discrimination. GINA bars employers from discriminating against or harassing employees based on their genetic information. GINA definition. It prohibits genetic information employment discrimination.

Tips for Re-screening Employees After a Merger or Acquisition

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Reasons for Re-Screening Employees After a Merger. Organizations need to make sure that a background screening program is included in the procurement process and added to the total cost of ownership to mitigate the risks and protect the brand after the merger. What is Re-Screening?

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The Value of On-Going Screening Throughout the Employment Lifecycle


A new consideration in the background screening industry is whether employers should conduct ongoing or periodic background checks on their current workforce. Although a comprehensive background screen may have validated and confirmed a clear record on the way into an organization, something you may need to know may have occurred since that time. 7 Seventy-two percent of organizations do not conduct any form of post-hire background screens on their employees.

screening for candidates who will be comfortable with cursing and crude jokes, bringing a backpack to an interview, and more

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Can I screen for candidates who won’t be uncomfortable with our cursing and crude jokes? I have no problem with cursing , even at work, but depending on the specifics of what you mean, crude jokes and being a “boys club” are potentially a problem from a legal standpoint — in terms of sexual harassment, discrimination, and hostile workplace — as well as a problem from an inclusiveness standpoint, if you’re interested in having a diverse office. It’s five answers to five questions.

Predictive Analytics in HR: Our Crystal Ball Says …


Let’s explore some of the potential risks: Manager Mayhem : HR will go overboard with the data they have and lose great employees by giving managers individual turnover risk metrics. In this approach, correlations are sought for any and all data points. Analytics Big DataPart IV.

6 top tips for preventing ageism in the workplace


The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) protects individuals 40 and over from discrimination in any decision made during the full cycle of employment – including everything from hiring, termination, pay, job duties and beyond. Fifty years after its enactment, one in four discrimination claims are still related to ageism, according to the EEOC. Follow these tips to help prevent age discrimination in your organization.

Another SMD Prediction Validated: Bad Analytics Leads to Bad Business


in SHRM titled “ The Promise and Peril of Big Data ,” and it confirms our fear that bad analytics can lead to bad business. “If Among the most pressing concerns inherent in relying on big data is that improperly used HR analytics can result in employment discrimination,” said Milam-Perez.

Artificial Intelligence In A New Decade


It helps more with top of funnel sourcing and screening, and it will continue to evolve as a strategic presence there. Verdict: It's here, it's kind of usable and definitely a time saver, but using it comes with a big caveat.

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Here’s a New Way to Verify HR Software’s Capabilities


Some of the most important takeaways by the RSI’s review committee included that some vendors are stretching the definition of “AI” just a bit, says McGuiness.


6 of the Most Disruptive Hiring Technologies You Should Be Paying Attention To This Year

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Many companies are replacing their core systems with cloud-based technologies and or building entirely new infrastructures of team-oriented, app- and data-centric, network-based applications for HR.”. HireVue: streamlining and analyzing video screenings with AI.

Mental health in the workplace: What HR needs to know

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The clinical definitions of depression and anxiety involve complex assessments of behavior and symptoms best left to professional assessment. Under the ADA, employers cannot discriminate against disabled workers.

HR In the Stoned Age: Prescription Pills in the Workplace

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Sterling Talent Solutions explored how prescription drug misuse and abuse is impacting employers and what should be considered in a drug screening program in our recent webinar, “HR in the Stoned Age: Prescription Pills in the Workplace.” Employee drug testing is a single data point in the assessment of an employee or candidate and an integral part of candidate and employee assessment.

How innovative companies combat unconscious hiring bias


If we don’t put the right processes in place, bias can snowball into discriminating against qualified people and undermining diversity initiatives. "I Recruiters always screen for the right behaviors and qualifications.

Book Review – Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Understanding the Workplace (5th ed.) by Paul E. Levy

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This concept, defined in the Guidelines as the ‘80% rule of thumb,’ is the common practical operationalization of discrimination according to the courts. to discriminate) against a group if the selection rate (i.e.,

Illinois law regulating use of AI in hiring goes into effect


It doesn’t have a definitions section so that the term “artificial intelligence,” for example, is not defined.

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How to Recognize and Manage Employees’ Cognitive Mistakes

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Of course, we can’t tell for sure what exactly Katie was thinking about, but her thoughts definitely made her call the police because of the people’s appearance. I should have completed that today,” sighs Jeremy, tiredly looking at the code on his screen, blurred behind his eyes.

Check your Blind Spots, Avoiding Unconscious Bias with Technology


Madeline: absolutely yeah great answer it goes both ways and it’s not it’s obviously not perfectwaitis but I love that resource AI nowinstitute.orgI i’ll definitely be checking that outElaine I know you have lots of thoughts on AI and the role it plays and bias and.

Understand Important Trends in Recruiting and Hiring in 10 Minutes


For detailed action plans on how to find more qualified talent, leverage big data in the recruiting process, and how to use social media and marketing in the hiring process check out our executive summary. Using data to inform your hiring decisions. A clear definition of what talent is.

New California Laws and HR Trends for 2017 and Beyond

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Conduct an individualized assessment of the circumstances and qualifications of the applicants or employees excluded by the conviction screen. The new regulations relate to gender identity and gender expression discrimination in the workplace.

HRExaminer Radio – Executive Conversations: Episode #322: Jim Stroud, VP, Product Evangelist, ClickIQ

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Whether the cards discrimination in hiring is legal today. Yeah definitely I don’t know. So you’ll see a lot of chat bots was going to create a divide between candidate screening and application status.



New York City issues interpretative guidelines on their credit restriction law “Stop Credit Discrimination Employment Act”. The New York City Human Rights Law (hereinafter the “NYCHRL”) prohibits discrimination in employment, public accommodations, and housing. Positions Exempted from the SCDEA’s Anti-Discrimination Provisions Consistent with the broad scope of the NYCHRL, all exemptions to coverage under the SCDEA’s anti-discrimination provisions are to be construed narrowly.

#6things: Hate You Can’t Ignore, How Teams Work, and Old White Dudes

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Are we human or are we cancer and ALSO…do we own LinkedIn or does LinkedIn own us (our data)? RecruitingHeadlines reports that Indeed has added automated phone screening to its offering, allowing 4 pre-written questions that act as an initial screen from applicants.

my boss snooped in my personal email account, my employee quit smoking and is being a pain, and more

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The director would have had to scroll through several days worth of chats to find this — i.e., she was definitely snooping. It’s true that employers can monitor and view anything sent on their servers, but you’re talking about your manager looking through your Gmail account at everything that’s there — not just looking at data that’s gone out via the company’s server. discrimination, retaliation, harassment, etc.). This wasn’t a formal screen.