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Companies Rethinking NDAs with Discrimination Settlements


Similar tactics are often used in racial discrimination settlements. ” Ozoma added that she experienced racism, discrimination and abuse at Pinterest. However, there’s increasing pressure on employers to disclose systemic discrimination issues within their organizations. .

Can HR really fix organisations’ diversity problems?


Instances of racism, harassment and discrimination have, for many workers who identify as part of a minority group, sadly been part of and parcel of working life for too long. HR can also draw in more diverse talent by thinking carefully about the language used in jobs ads.


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Making Social Media Work for You—Not Against You—in Recruiting for Diversity

HR Daily Advisor

Achieving a diverse workforce and learning how to use social media to recruit talent are two common goals for employers. Today’s social media-aided recruiting opens a world of opportunities to find a diverse set of potential employees. In December 2017, the Communications Workers of America and three individuals filed a class-action lawsuit in federal court in California against companies they claim are unlawfully discriminating against people because of age.

Equity from the Inside Out

HRO Today

Companies have become increasingly vocal in their support of Black and minority communities and many look to continue to improve through their diversity and inclusion efforts. Diversity is the numbers, and inclusion is about your culture,” says Tacy M.

Katherine Kirkinis of Wanderlust Careers: “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity”

Thrive Global

candidate in psychology where her work focuses on diversity and inclusion, racism in the workplace, and race-based trauma. I’m most excited about our new, online data-driven career services platform which makes the Career Testing & Assessment process faster, easier, and more affordable.

A robust response to what COVID-19 revealed: a path to resilience and inclusion

CLO Magazine

What do organizational resilience and diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) have in common? At the same time, check to make sure the descriptions and recruitment materials don’t contain language that signals discrimination.

From bystander to upstander

CLO Magazine

When my organization began developing anti-harassment training programs for companies, we noticed one key issue that wasn’t being addressed in standard workshops: What about all of that stuff that happens before a situation turns into actual harassment or discrimination?

Inclusion is the X-factor for agility and innovation

CLO Magazine

Given the rising importance of diversity and inclusion, many organizations are building internal D&I initiatives and teams to track diversity metrics and apply best practices for inclusion. Many companies have experienced product failure due to a lack of diversity.

Evaluating Workplace Diversity is More Than a Numbers Game


New hiring trends and initiatives have quickly emerged in the past five years – using tools and data to drive recruiting, catering to the ever-enigmatic Generation Y (endearingly named Millennials), and improving workplace diversity. In the past year, some of the country’s largest tech companies released their diversity reports – many of them boasting a “largely white and male” workforce. A diverse team builds stronger connections with customers and candidates.

Educated Evaluations

HRO Today

But despite its longevity and success at uncovering discrimination, this approach has a few major limitations. IRR sifts through piles of resumes using the data generated from their ratings of 40 hypothetical candidates. Through surveys, the firms recruiting at Penn expressed a seemingly genuine desire to hire diverse candidates. This could be done by using the preference data elicited by IRR to help screen real candidates without preferences over race and gender.

“Education.” with Timothy Quinn and Candice Georgiadis

Thrive Global

As part of my series about “the five things we need to do to close the gender wage gap” I had the pleasure of interviewing Timothy Quinn, a principal co-founder of Hatebase , the world’s largest repository of multilingual hate speech data. Community Authority Magazine Wonder

William Stringer of Chisos Capital: “It’s hard to address an issue you don’t measure”

Thrive Global

Investment firms would be well-advised to hire a diverse leadership team, particularly on the investment committee. Earlier this year, we completed the Diversity in VC certification; we’re in the 2nd US cohort to be certified. We have a diverse investment committee and advisory board.

Annalisa Nash Fernandez: “Walk the talk”

Thrive Global

We need to ensure there are diverse voices in our decision-making because without them, the processes are biased, whether we see that or not. And that bias is not just about color or surface-level diversity?—?it’s So diversity absolutely helps the bottom line.

“Set your own pace.” With Tyler Gallagher & Erin Michelson

Thrive Global

Only by actively rooting out discrimination in recruiting and promotion practices, a lack of representation at conferences, and a paucity of diversity in the boardroom will we be able to establish an equitable work environment that will enable women in tech, and AI in particular, to flourish.

Lu Zhang of Fusion Fund: “More female tech entrepreneurs should consider joining the VC community”

Thrive Global

Another point I want to highlight is that when I was a founder, I was not a big fan of venture capital, as I faced discrimination in the industry. The lesson I learned from this is to always talk about why diversity is critical for innovation. Community Authority Magazine Wonder

Brandon Hall Group Research Highlights, July 30-August 2, 2020

Brandon Hall

Most organizations believe diversity and inclusion is a powerful driver of business goals, according to Brandon Hall Group’s latest research. However, the majority don’t leverage the strategies, programs and processes to build an inclusive culture of diverse talent. First is their ability to give insights by pulling in data from all systems that they use across a very large market offering. Brandon Hall Group Featured on Training Magazine website.

Vicky Shum of World Innovation Lab: “Find allies”

Thrive Global

Just as we need both knowledge and social capital to achieve our goals professionally, it’s no different in promoting diversity and inclusion. The intolerance of diverse viewpoints hit home right around when we moved to the US (Oahu, Hawaii?—?yes, Community Authority Magazine Wonder

Victoria Pelletier: “To improve culture”

Thrive Global

She is a visionary leader with a passion for innovation, creativity and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. In fact, Victoria has won both the 2020 Mentor of the Year award from Women in Communications & Technology AND the 2019 HSBC Diversity & Inclusion in Innovation Award.

Monique Mardinian of Zii Technologies: “Think Big?”

Thrive Global

My goal was to develop my organization with as much diversity as I could, in order to enhance perspective. Along the way some of my people were discriminated against, and I had to make some difficult choices. How did they do this without any reference to data? Think Big?—?we

Upile Chasowa: “Taking time to recharge”

Thrive Global

Diversity is and should not be used as a recognition framework ?—?I I find more companies using diversity and inclusion plans solely to get recognized on a top 100 diversity management list. Promoting diversity is the first step to not just “tolerance,” but true acceptance.

Cory Munchbach of BlueConic: “Trust your gut and use your voice”

Thrive Global

Cory Munchbach is the Chief Operating Officer at Customer Data Platform BlueConic, where she supports customers like HEINEKEN USA and VF Corporation with their digital transformation strategies. macro topics like climate change, poverty and extreme inequity, and diversity and access?—?are,

Percival Barretto-Ko: “Listen with curiosity. Speak with honesty. Act with integrity”

Thrive Global

We took a stand publicly, in partnership with other industry leaders, as PhRMA unveiled a series of new commitments to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, stating: “Diversity is essential to a robust innovation ecosystem that can create new medicines for those who need them.

Wells Fargo’s E. Monique Evans: “Employers should be at the front line of change”

Thrive Global

population, as reported by the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Demographic Data Interactive from The Williams Institute. Unemployment estimates are much higher for transgender individuals who are racially and ethnically diverse, averaging 20%, according to the 2015 U.S.

Shiri Avnery of Thistle: “Purpose”

Thrive Global

We need to invest in diverse women-owned and women-led businesses, hire and promote more women of all backgrounds at the highest levels of leadership, and elect more women political leaders. Community Authority Magazine Wonder

Aihui Ong: “Always follow your gut”

Thrive Global

In the past, I’ve used that power to hire a diverse team, hire and train inexperienced women developers to address the tech pipeline issue. It was a very hurtful experience, not because I was being rejected, but because I felt that I was discriminated against. I’m a data freak.

Why should employers care about the gender pay gap?


They represent old data. Glamour magazine invited 12 people to its offices last year to discover the gap for themselves. Nurul, one of the data analysts, looked around at the cards. Companies that close the gender gap increase their skills diversity, collective intelligence and their bottom lines. Gender discrimination in the form of pay disparities can tank a company’s brand, in the form of Glassdoor comments, employee discrimination lawsuits and bad publicity.

“Have a WOW mentality!” With Jimi Tele

Thrive Global

My expertise in location data intelligence, combined with my lived experience of loneliness during my time of hardship, makes me the perfect entrepreneur to bridge the gap between online and offline interactions, the fundamental elements to what we are creating with Chekmate.

“If you always tell the truth, you never have to remember what to say”, With Clarke Murphy and Parveen Panwar, Mr. Activated

Thrive Global

Hire, retain and develop diverse talent: Make a visible commitment to DE&I and create authentic partnerships with diversity-focused organizations. Once diverse talent is through your door, actively sponsor them and ensure they get visibility and stretch opportunities to advance within your organization. The United States is currently facing a very important self-reckoning about race, diversity, equality and inclusion. Some are inclusive but lack diversity.

D Sangeeta of Gotara: “It all starts with a dream, which is fueled by an unwavering passion and an insight into the unique solution you’re offering”

Thrive Global

Luckily a mentor stepped in and encouraged me to continue, and months later, I was vindicated when the data proved my point. Then there is the dampening of intellectual curiosity and stifled creativity when teams lose the diverse minds that spark innovation.

Amanda Greenberg of Balloon: 5 Steps We Must Take To Truly Create An Inclusive, Representative, and Equitable Society

Thrive Global

The United States is currently facing a very important self-reckoning about race, diversity, equality and inclusion. My background gave me a uniquely keen eye when it comes to looking at systemic discrimination. Community Authority Magazine WonderAllow people to change and grow.

Gabriela Ramos of UNESCO: “Policies matter”

Thrive Global

We need to promote diversity and inclusion in the whole AI system life cycle, particularly by supporting the participation of women and developing countries. For instance, AI-powered analytics of crop data can help identify diseases and enable soil health monitoring. Policies matter.

Keep a growth mindset” With Penny Bauder & Dr. Pallavi Tiwari

Thrive Global

I really like what Dr. Jen Heemstra, a fellow academician, rightly said (on Twitter) regarding a similar incident, “I’ve worked hard to be where I am, I’ve overcome discrimination, I’ve overcome harassment. The data suggests, child-care and household chores disproportionately impact women.

“The Five Things You Need To Know In Order To Create A Very Successful Tech Company” with Stacy Kirk

Thrive Global

If you don’t have a diverse team, you are going to struggle. Fueled by the discrimination she experienced as a Black woman in tech, she leads a 45+ and growing team of brilliant technologists and innovators, including over 46% women of color. Diversity. More diversity.

Jon Gray of CaptionMate: “Unwavering Determination”

Thrive Global

For example, many hard of hearing individuals face discrimination simply because they do not voice well for themselves. We also set up very strict privacy policies which included guidelines to never sell any consumer data or information. Community Authority Magazine Wonder

Kwesi Ames: Five Things You Need To Know In Order To Create A Very Successful Tech Company

Thrive Global

The United States is currently facing a very important self-reckoning about race, diversity, equality and inclusion. Can you articulate to our readers a few reasons why it is so important for a business or organization to have a diverse executive team? Have a Strategy.

“Offer transparency” with Michele Ashby & Parveen Panwar, Mr. Activated

Thrive Global

Ashby has a diverse background, which includes 30 years as a specialist/analyst, financial expert, independent corporate director on boards re the precious metal — Gold. The United States is currently facing a very important self-reckoning about race, diversity, equality and inclusion.

Christine Spadafor On How We Need To Adjust To The Future Of Work

Thrive Global

not just share price Executes on DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion)?—?gender, In my experience, I’ve found discussions addressing the questions to be most productive when invited participants have diversity of: thought, tenure, gender, generations, geography, and position levels.

10 important ways to couple DE&I with your hiring strategies


With diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) as an increased business focus across the board, more are setting a strategic DE&I goal to hire a diverse workforce (aka DE&I hiring”). Ask your team: Have you defined what diversity means for your organization?

“Gender Roles in Childhood.”, with Sheila Ronning and Candice Georgiadis

Thrive Global

Recognizing her expertise on gender diversity, numerous worldwide corporations have recruited her as well, including KPMG, Kirkland Ellis, Aon, NewsCorp, L’Oreal, and Thomas Reuters. Discrimination. Community Authority Magazine WonderGender Roles in Childhood.

“Shatter the glass ceilings.” Candice Georgiadis & Dr. J Paul Rand

Thrive Global

Family court commissioners blindly discriminate based on what the court feels mom and dad should be in life. It does not take much effort to research the fact that family court commissioners blindly discriminate based on what the court feels mom and dad should be in life.