13 Employee Engagement Trends for 2020

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Employee engagement is a very abstract concept. It is the “emotional connect” that an employee feels towards its organization. Same goes for employee engagement. With every new generation in the workforce, employee engagement trends change drastically.

How to Foster Employee Engagement in the Competitive IT Industry

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With the current tech boom showing no signs of stopping anytime soon, companies often find it difficult to acquire and keep high-quality employees over long periods of time. Using cutting-edge employee engagement software. Employee engagement Talent Management

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9 Dos and Don’ts of Employee Engagement Surveys

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The following are good “rules of thumb” for planning: Keep the data anonymous, but communicate the actions. Organizations often keep survey information anonymous and confidential to increase the accuracy of the data received. Decide how to analyze data before you gather it.

Confronting Discrimination In The Workplace (For Leaders)

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Discrimination, subtle or blatant, can be seen everywhere in our day to day lives. However, many leaders choose to believe that discrimination in the workplace doesn’t really exist. Discrimination can be in the little acts itself. Should they fire the ones who are discriminating?

Building Your Company Culture and Employee Engagement Dashboard


More than ever before, leadership teams and human resources departments understand the important role company culture and employee engagement play in remaining competitive and innovative in the long-term. . Recommended Company Culture and Employee Engagement Dashboard Metrics.

10 Employee Engagement Trends for 2019

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Employee engagement is a very abstract concept. It is defined as the “emotional connect” that an employee feels towards its organization. However, reports and statistics reveal some common drivers of employee engagement. And Employers must keep themselves updated on these employee engagement trends and statistics. Same goes for employee engagement. 10 Employee Engagement Trends for 2019. Employee Engagement General

Get Your Crystal Balls Ready, HR Data Ninjas


There is a way to avoid this continuing to happen… HR, it is time to embrace your inner Data Ninja! Although companies generally have useful workforce data distributed across the business, fewer than 22% of those surveyed by Harvard Business Review felt able to leverage this data.

NPRM on Sex Discrimination—What Will Be Required?

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Yesterday’s Advisor briefed readers on new guidelines (to be called regulations) on sex discrimination proposed by the U.S. Benefits and Costs of the NPRM on Sex Discrimination. Employees all over the world, many of whom you’ve never met in person.

Sumser tech spotlight: This hiring tool ‘distinguishes itself’


The city is a working-class town with significant discrimination and high murder rates. The idea was to apply the predictive/big data/matching tools to the problem of workforce stability in healthcare. Arena only takes clients who are willing to contribute outcome data to the mix.

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Gender Pay Gap and People Analytics: A Practice with Open Data

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Gender Pay Gap and People Analytics: A Practice with Open Data. However, one issue remained unsolved for years: The lack of open HR data to practice on. A Practice with Open Data. For that reason, I constantly search for open HR data and use it in learning sessions.

Building the house: How to instill DEI culture from the ground up

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Engaging in real conversation around diversity and inclusion , difficult as it may be, is a matter of trust. In particular, you need to create a safe place for anyone who has been marginalized or discriminated against. Rather than settling on some token involvement, engage your people.

What Employee Analytics Won't Tell You

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Many businesses are reaping the benefits from employee data analytics. What many businesses are beginning to focus on in addition to performance is employee analytics. Objections to be Aware of Regarding Employee Analytics. labor analytics employee engagement

Changing Organizational Culture

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Low employee motivation? A recent global Gallup survey shows that 85% of employees around the world are not happy at work —whoa! Many employees can devolve into complaining when things aren’t going right and you will probably catch wind of it.

How employees respond to disruptive workplace behavior

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What would you guess most employees who witness disruptive behavior at work do? As defined by the study, this behavior included a number of disruptions, including those caused by discrimination, poor management, sexual harassment, fraud, and theft. So, why did so many employees remain silent? Employee inaction was driven by a variety of factors and fears. Get your engagement score. Company Culture Employee Engagement People Management

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This is How to Create an Effective Employee Handbook

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Making an Employee Handbook that Truly Engages Your Staff. You could be working with the most talented staff the world has to offer, and still have an organization with high turnover, low engagement, and unmet expectations of your company by employees. Employee Benefits.

Why don’t some employees trust HR?


Both are dangerous to the company; they can cause widespread discontent as well as the loss of valuable employees. “More than 70% of surveyed tech employees said they didn’t trust their companies’ HR departments.” Even if both are true, this data should still drive you to dig deep and find out exactly why your employees might distrust HR at your company. The best way to find out how your employees feel about anything is to ask.

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HR Increases Focus on Engagement and Company Culture

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The report, “Paychex Pulse of HR Survey” (run by Paychex), was the second annual report that showed that HR has sharpened its focus on talent management strategies that impact employee engagement and company culture in a real way. ” Employee Engagement.

Use MyPrint® to Engage Your Remote Workforce


In the early months of 2020, HR professionals and managers have been faced with the biggest unilateral shakeup that doesn’t discriminate against industry or country borders, the COVID19 global pandemic. teamwork remote-work motivation employee-engagement soft-skills

A Financial Institution Simplifies Incentive Process and Eliminates Manager Bias with Empxtrack Appraisal System


The company has a large support staff of more than 2,200 employees spread across 800 offices in 31 countries to provide end-to-end financial services to worldwide customer base. Their subjective performance appraisal process resulted into unfair, biased and meaningless employee evaluation.

Celebrating International Women’s Day at The Predictive Index

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It took the SVP with kids longer to grow in her career trajectory because she had to overcome gender discrimination. There is still disparity even if we neutralize the data for this time away from careers. We have built a culture here where every single employee can have and does have an opinion that matters. It equalizes the playing field by democratizing access to data about people’s strengths. Company Culture Employee Engagement People Management

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7 of the Biggest Business Risks in 2017 (Part One)


While every business has its own risks, these risks are also opportunities, points out Brian Dershaw, a partner in Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP’s Labor & Employment group , during our conversation with him on the topic of risk mitigation and the tie to employee engagement and culture.

What You Need to Know About Pets in the Workplace


About 22%-25% of companies currently allow employees to bring pets, according to a survey by Banfield Pet Hospital , an increase from 20% of companies in 2008. Dogs are the most common employee companions, but some workers may bring cats or smaller pets like hamsters.

#TimesUp: What this Movement Means for Employers

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Ensure they’re fair, being enforced, and that employees are being trained in what constitutes harassment and what to do if they see such actions or are subject to them. Ensure that all policies have been distributed to all employees and they know where to find copies of them if need be.

Beyond Business Bias: If I Don’t Take Responsibility, Who Will?


Just as important, we need to combine our commitment to developing and continuously improving that culture with data and analytics that enable us to measure and understand our progress. The frustration of discrimination.

Employee Mental Health: The Diversity Issue No One Talks About


Although the business community addresses these issues regularly, employee mental health often fails to enter the discussion. How, you might ask, is employee mental health a diversity issue? Some companies even offer mental wellness programs to support employees.

Are Your Hiring Algorithms Legal? 4 Questions To Ask


Conversational interfaces like chat bots and natural language processing will emerge this year, allowing companies to change how workers interact with the system and derive insights from those activities, including what people are working on and how engaged they are.”.

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6 Changes Your Company Must Make To Develop More Female Leaders


What former Uber engineer Susan Fowler’s story highlights is that not only do women face direct discrimination from managers and peers, when they speak out they often feel the backlash in their opportunities for advancement.

How To Avoid Creating A Negative Culture Of Cynicism And Sabotage


Some employers fall victim to scare-tactic polls that report 80 percent of employees are either running for the exits , job hunting, or sabotaging their businesses from within as a result of a negative culture. Employees can’t connect changes in the organization with their feedback or input.

6 Changes Your Company Must Make To Develop More Female Leaders


What Susan Fowler’s story highlights is that not only do women face direct discrimination from managers and peers, when they speak out they often feel the backlash in their opportunities for advancement.

The Pay Business Is The People Business


Pay equity means ensuring that you’re not discriminating in your pay practices, especially on the basis of gender. Defend your pay decisions with data. One way to both ensure and demonstrate that you’re paying fairly is to base your pay on current and accurate market data.

Let’s Be Honest About Diversity: Age Matters Too


Instead, age discrimination in tech has rendered the three older generations barely visible—even millennials are starting to feel the pressure. Consider this: In 2014, there were more than 20,000 age-related discrimination charges filed against employers. For more on age discrimination in the workplace, see Workplace Diversity Means Employees Of All Ages. The conversation about diversity is finally opening up.

For Companies Like Buffer And Zingerman’s, Is Transparency Good For Business?

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According to Ari Weinzweig, Zingerman’s CEO and partner, transparency is key to their open-book finances philosophy: Employees have access to the company’s financial performance and key business metrics. Operationalized into how they do business, transparency has guided Buffer to make progress reports available to all employees. They post them on their blog for employees and users of their app to view. Buffer makes all salaries public , from employees up through the CEO.

People Analytics and AI in the Workplace: Four Dimensions of Trust

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Companies use surveys and feedback tools to get our opinions, new tools monitor emails and our network of communications (ONA), we capture data on travel, location, and mobility, and organizations now have data on our wellbeing, fitness, and health. The Risk of Data Abuse.

Strategic HR vs Compliance HR: What’s the Difference?


HR is expected to ensure the company meets all legalities concerning employee treatment while making sure employees understand workplace handbooks, codes of contact, and similar issues. Compliance HR continues to have its place in modern human resources, but growing access to employee data has seen the rise of strategic HR and the alignment between human resources and company goals. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act.

Top 5 Trending HR analytics Articles of October 2018

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Clean data? In his article, he focuses on the idea that HR professionals shouldn’t put the data first, but instead, they should concentrate on asking the right questions. If you start with the data, you can easily end up in the land of “So what?” 1: Employee Engagement 3.0: