Onboarding checklist for remote employees


As any of us who’ve joined a new business will know first-hand, the process of onboarding can make – or break – those crucial first few days, weeks and months. Simply replicating the traditional steps of in-office onboarding with ‘adjustments’ for that lack of physical contact won’t work.

4 Commandments for Successful Onboarding


Your onboarding process is the key to not only employee success, but to retaining the new hires companies have invested in. Create accurate expectations Successful onboarding actually begins before you even hire your preferred candidate.

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Attention Employers: Reinstatement of Revised EEO-1 Pay Data (EEO-2)


In March 2019, a federal judge reinstated the requirement for employers to provide pay data in their EEO report. Pay data for your EEO report is due by September 30, 2019 (for 2017 and 2018). The deadline for EEO-1 2018 data is still May 31, 2019. Component 1 requires hiring data categorized by the following: Race/ethnicity. EEO Component 2 (EEO-2) is pay data : hours worked and wage paid. I Thought EEO-2 (Pay Data) Was Put On Hold.

Data-driven recruiting 101: How to improve your hiring process


Traditional recruiting used to rely on luck and intuition more than data, which was time-consuming to amass and analyze. But now, with a wealth of software and analytics tools available on the market, anyone can create a data-driven recruiting process. What is data-driven recruiting?

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NPRM on Sex Discrimination—What Will Be Required?

HR Daily Advisor

Yesterday’s Advisor briefed readers on new guidelines (to be called regulations) on sex discrimination proposed by the U.S. Benefits and Costs of the NPRM on Sex Discrimination. Technological advances and big data. Onboarding.

Assessments in Hiring: To Use or Not to Use?


Assessments in hiring are permitted, as long as they are not designed, intended, or used to discriminate. The hiring process sets expectations for onboarding and for the larger employee experience. If you decide to adopt assessments into hiring, recognize that this data-driven approach to evaluating people can carry over into onboarding and professional development. Recruiting and Onboarding performance focus

11 steps that you can take now to reduce harassment in your workplace

The Employer Handbook

Adopt clear, transparent, office-wide processes for hiring, onboarding, promotions, lateral transfers, performance evaluations, salary increases, and discipline within the organization. Collect and use data to add value to the Company and to identify weaknesses.

Reshaping Talent Management in the Millennial Era

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Onboarding. Employee Onboarding is no longer just piles of paperwork and presentations about organizational values, as the new-gen workforce concentrates on fun, collaboration, and levity. Automation can also take bias and discrimination out of the recruiting process.

Reshaping Talent Management in the Millennial Era

TrustRadius HR

Onboarding. Employee Onboarding is no longer just piles of paperwork and presentations about organizational values, as the new-gen workforce concentrates on fun, collaboration, and levity. Automation can also take bias and discrimination out of the recruiting process.

5 HR Trends and Best Practices

Tandem HR

In addition to providing you with background information and data, we’ve included insight into best practices in each of these areas. Keep copies of the documentation listed above for a minimum of two years after you select and successfully onboard your new hire.


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Data – big, medium and small – are changing the way decisions are being made at every organizational level. Computational Thinking: the ability to translate vast amounts of data into abstract concepts and to understand data-based reasoning. Cognitive Load Management: the ability to discriminate and filter information for importance, and to understand how to maximize cognitive functioning using a variety of tools and techniques.

PDS Sponsored Free Webinar: Employers & Immigration 2018

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E-Verify compares information from an employee’s Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9 to data from U.S. OSC issues new regulations on discrimination in I-9 document requests. To request a demonstration of our Form I-9 & E-Verify and HR onboarding tools, please contact Jeanne Eberly, PDS Director of Sales at jeberly@pdssoftware.com , and visit us on the PDS website. Compliance OnboardingWebinar Details. Employers & Immigration.

Strategic HR vs Compliance HR: What’s the Difference?


Compliance HR continues to have its place in modern human resources, but growing access to employee data has seen the rise of strategic HR and the alignment between human resources and company goals. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act. The rise of new, data-driven technology is opening new opportunities for HR, however, and a chance to leverage HR talent and data to improve business goals and outcomes.

Successful Executive Transition is All about People

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Emotional intelligence is to understand, to interpret, to monitor and control emotions and feelings, to collect and discriminate among feelings, thoughts and perceptions and use the information to guide effective and rational thinking, decisions, and actions.

Smart practices for SMB HR management


The solution automates all critical onboarding processes, including I-9 filing and E-Verify completion, and allows easy access to employee data and documentation for compliance or internal reporting purposes.

Amazon's AI Recruiting Troubles Aren't Unique—And They're Not All Bad, Either?

Cornerstone On Demand

But in addition to the promise of productivity, many implementations of AI (recruiting included) may be subject to unintended bias—not because the AI is biased itself, but because the data input expresses a bias.

ICYMI: Potential, Mindfulness and Communication at Convergence 2019

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Over 7 million jobs remain unfilled, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, but employers are missing the talent opportunity right under their noses. It comes down to effective talent management across things like onboarding and succession planning.

Are Your Diversity and Inclusion Efforts Only Skin Deep?


Social science data shows that overt discrimination has decreased in organizations, but subtle biases are still rampant. The company went the extra mile in their onboarding process by inviting him to join an employee resource group (ERG) for black professionals.

Recruiting Trends 2020 Report: Predictions for the Year Ahead


A newer human resources function meant to streamline the operational aspects of sourcing and hiring top talent, recruitment operations teams oversee logistics like interview scheduling, extending offers to new hires, and the onboarding process. HR teams will become data analysts.

The #1 Way Small and Medium Businesses Save Time


Managers in top companies understand that high-performing employees are developed through regular training that goes far past the onboarding stage. Recruiting, Hiring, and Onboarding. Your HR Department Can Improve Information Security and Prevent Data Loss.

HR Discipline: When Employees Violate Safety Regulations


This is because OSHA usually sides with employees since it’s in its mission to do so, specifically in Section 11(c) of the OSH Act , which prohibits employers from discriminating or retaliating against workers who report injuries.

8 HR Nightmares & How to Avoid Them


An HRIS keeps important and sensitive data centralized and secure by providing digital storage for your most important documents and records — this includes everything from employee contracts to performance evaluations — so that you’ll have them at your disposal when needed.

Artificial Intelligence In A New Decade


Make sure human eyes review the work an AI hiring tool produces to ensure you're not accidentally discriminating against anyone. But … AI is helpful for taking employee data and putting it into easy-to-understand recommendations.

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The ClearCompany Authoritative Guide to HR Technology Terms

ClearCompany HRM

In layman’s terms: Your ATS speaks seamlessly to your onboarding software , which speaks to your performance management system, which also ties into your payroll system. In layman’s terms: In most of our world’s CSVs are used to export and input employee or candidate data.

5 (Unexpected) Things You Need To Include In Your Employee Handbook

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When it comes to the onboarding process, whatever you can do to streamline it, the easier the adjustment period will be for your new hire. Focus on the topics that are most relevant to a new hire without overwhelming her with unnecessary data.

3 Takeaways from the 2019 ASHHRA Conference


Consult the applicable state anti-discrimination and accommodation obligations. . Texting: They used text messaging software to speed up the recruitment and onboarding process, which yielded greater response rates than other methods such as e-mail.

How to HR in a growing company – A guide for every size business


For companies without a dedicated HR person, it’s common for the Controller or Chief Financial Officer to maintain employee files and the onboarding/offboarding paperwork. Employee onboarding and offboarding.

What are the HR Processes That Can Be Readily Automated

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However, by bringing in automation, not only can we better utilize our HR experts, but also cut costs, save time, eliminate errors, avoid any scope of discrimination or biases and improve data security. New Employee Onboarding.

A Full Guide to the HR Generalist

Digital HR Tech

Every company needs someone to recruit and onboard new candidates. Discrimination/harassment investigations. HR Generalists handle sexual harassment, gender discrimination, age discrimination, race discrimination, and national origin discrimination claims.

7 Modules Your Compliance Training Resources Must Include

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Compliance training resources and modules generally consist of a long list of code of conduct which includes topics such as anti-harassment, bribery, FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practice Act), protection of company data, client interactions, usage of company property and data security, etc. GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation Module: GDPR has changed the way modern day workplace operations function. Again, data security plays an important role here.

Tips for Streamlining Your HR to Drive Business Growth


Utilizing digital records also provides the opportunity to perform valuable data analysis. There’s a reason that 60% of companies are investing in big data and analytics tools to improve their HR departments. Examine the Interview and Onboarding Process.

The Wider Angle of the Employee Experience

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It could be, for example, being discriminated against at work or getting injured at work and it could also be about taking maternity leave or being promoted. Employee experience is not only a top priority for organizations today.

Need to Find Better Candidates? Here’s How AI Can Help


LinkedIn’s own data reveals that 90 percent of its users are willing to have conversations with recruiters and hiring managers about new companies or positions, even when they aren’t actively looking for a new job. Onboarding and Training.

Another One Bites the Dust: NY Legislature Votes to Decriminalize Marijuana

Crimcheck | Pre-Employment & Background Check Information

The Expunging of Records Decriminalization also provides for the expunging of hundreds of thousands of records of low-level marijuana convictions, those that correspond to the new violation quantity limits, undoing decades of discrimination and injustice.

Six Myths about Disabled Workers that Prevent Business Growth


Disabled people are likely to earn less than able-bodied employees, according to data from the United States Census. Further, holding someone back because you perceive that their disability would preclude them from performing well constitutes discrimination.