4 Common Payroll Mistakes and How to Fix Them


Overtime Pay, Pay Equity, Workers’ Comp, Payroll Taxes. Payroll Taxes. Dump Your Payroll Provider. Payroll Compliance: More Complex Than You Think. Here are four common Payroll mistakes you might be making: Misclassifying Freelancers and Employees.

Obama enlists EEOC in the fight against pay discrimination

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On the seventh anniversary of the Lilly Ledbetter Act , the Obama administration announced that it is taking some monumental steps to identify potential pay discrimination. The first: Enlisting the help of the EEOC to procure more detailed payroll data from employers.

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Alleged Pay Discrimination at Google Makes Marc Benioff and Salesforce Look Amazing.

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According to Fortune , Benioff said that the company is spending about $3 million extra this year on its payroll to make these adjustments. “We In their efforts to bring wage equality to Silicon Valley, government officials have accused one of the tech industry's anchor firms of large-scale gender discrimination. Department of Labor (DOL), available data suggests that women who work at Google suffer from "systemic compensation disparities" compared to their male peers.

401(k) Match Limits 2019: What Payroll Administrators Need to Know


It’s a relatively small change, but it’s a change for payroll administrators to take notice of. Many companies struggle with the administrative burden required for handling the recordkeeping and payroll data involved in 401(k) management.

Missing Participants Errors Now Top DOL, IRS Audit Focus, Nudging Out Late Payroll Deposits, Winston & Strawn Says

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Until last year, the firm’s lawyers said in the webinar, late payroll deposits had been the agencies’ biggest pet peeve. The firm assembled IRS and DOL data requests appearing in recent years’ audit letters, and catalogued each by topic and frequency of occurrence.

Don’t Rewrite Your Policy Manuals, Just Do This Instead…


Stop Discriminating! All you have to do is read the news to see that racism, sexism, religious discrimination, and all the other isms are still alive and, in some places, positively thriving. It used to be that companies would put the EEO posters in the break room and the statements in job ads, then continue to discriminate against anyone who didn’t look and sound like the hiring manager (who looked and sounded exactly like senior management). Dig into your data.

FLSA Recordkeeping Requirements and the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act

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There is no required form for the records, but the records must include accurate information about the employee and data about the hours worked and the wages earned. Such records include payroll records, work certificates, collective bargaining agreements, and individual employment contracts.

Do You Know Your Responsibilities Concerning Joint Employment?

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Secondary employers must keep basic payroll and identifying employee data with respect to any jointly employed employees. Compensation FLSA/Wages DOL Leave Management payroll Senior Legal Editor

Tipping the Scales from Prevention to Detection: Get Ready for an IRS Examination of Your Plan

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Do the gross wages provided in the census reconcile to the total gross payroll? Have the control totals for every type of excluded compensation been reconciled to the original source payroll reports? Separate payrolls for separate locations of the employer is a risk area.

Why Paper HR Systems Are a Bad Idea

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This can make it difficult to comply with laws and to prove innocence if a candidate or employee accuses the organization of discrimination. HR professionals may also read time incorrectly (again, handwriting) and accidentally process payroll for the wrong number of hours. Data HRIS

Employee Records – How Long Should You Keep Them For?


The Americans with Disabilities Act , Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, and other federal laws require all hiring records be stored for a year after a job offer is made in order to prove the employer did not discriminate in the hiring process. Payroll records, ? In addition to the above, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act requires payroll records be stored for three year, and benefit information for a year. Payroll deductions, ?

Pay Secrecy is Illegal. Pay Transparency is On the Rise


Revelations of pay inequality have stirred up lawsuits alleging pay discrimination against a string of firms, mostly from the tech industry. Former President Barack Obama issued two executive orders : one promoting “equal pay for equal work” aimed at bringing about greater pay transparency, and a second requiring federal contractors to release compensation data to the U.S. HR Tips & Trends Payroll Compliance

Smart practices for SMB HR management


In fact, chances are one person – maybe two – is tasked with handling compliance, open enrollment, benefits administration, payroll, personnel complaints and issues, performance reviews, reporting and much more.

What is Compensation Management?


Compensation managers are responsible for working with employment data and keeping up with complex benefits administration rules and regulations. A comprehensive strategy helps the hiring managers make attractive offers to new talent based on data and current market trends. The objective is to make informed compensation decisions based on salary market data, industry, company size, job role, and location. Data access is another important feature to consider. Payroll

Equal Pay Is Not a Favor or a Perk; It’s the Law!


State employment discrimination laws. Like most employment laws, like the requirement for workers’ compensation insurance, sexual harassment training, and discrimination laws, affordability is not a defense. The idea is not to perpetuate past discrimination by basing a job offer on what someone made before. You still can be discriminating if you pay the candidate less. If there is a claim, do I have to give my employee compensation data?

25 HR Compliance Terms to Know for 2018

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Intended to remedy the effects of past discrimination or underutilization of women and minorities. E-Verify: An internet-based system that compares information from an employee’s Form I-9 and Employment Eligibility Verification, with data from the U.S.

HR Moments Matter: 3 Compensation Challenges Solved With People Analytics


In this series, Allison McConville, Visier’s VP of Human Resources , will share how you can use data to support the people moments that matter, enabling the best decisions for both your employees and your organization.

HR Moments Matter: 3 Compensation Challenges Solved With People Analytics


In this post, Allison McConville, Visier’s VP of Human Resources , will shares how you can use data to support the people moments that matter, enabling the best compensation decisions for both your employees and your organization. .

Make Your HRIS Work for You!


Many companies turn to an HRIS for a couple of fundamental reasons – they need a place to store their employee information and a way to process payroll. Systems can provide a location/field for an employee or employer to upload their educational data, including level of education and degrees obtained. This data can be tracked and reported on for many reasons. When this data is readily available in one location, it assists in reporting and compliance efficiency.

8 HR Nightmares & How to Avoid Them


An HRIS keeps important and sensitive data centralized and secure by providing digital storage for your most important documents and records — this includes everything from employee contracts to performance evaluations — so that you’ll have them at your disposal when needed.

3 Tech Tools No HR Department Should Be Without


Payroll software. Still running payroll on the manual system your business started with? Moving to an automated payroll system is a crucial first step. An automated system would also allow the person processing your payroll to enter exceptions for the given payroll cycle (e.g.,

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Looking Ahead: The Biggest HR Trends in 2020

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Traditionally, Human Resources restricted itself to hiring, payroll, and some administrative duties. Most will lean on the power of data analysis to find the right fit. Companies must have a clear policy of no discrimination based on the criteria mentioned above.

How to HR in a growing company – A guide for every size business


Process new employee paperwork, including I-9s Maintain employee files Prepare employee payroll Process employee termination paperwork Ensure requisite compliance posters are posted and OSHA logs maintained.

Did You Know? The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Proposes New Requirements for the EEO-1 Report


A new compliance regulation could soon be implemented that will look to improve enforcement of federal pay discrimination laws and require employers to provide pay information about their employees on EEO -1 reports.

Are You Prepared to File the Updated EEO-1 Report?


The current EEO-1 Report requires company employment data to be categorized by race, ethnicity, gender and job category. Federal contractors with 50-99 employees would not report pay data but continue to file the current EEO-1 report.

The ClearCompany Authoritative Guide to HR Technology Terms

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In layman’s terms: Your ATS speaks seamlessly to your onboarding software , which speaks to your performance management system, which also ties into your payroll system. In layman’s terms: In most of our world’s CSVs are used to export and input employee or candidate data.

3 Ways Workforce Intelligence Enables Better Workforce Risk Management


Whether HR is dealing with health and safety incidents, compliance issues, compensation and payroll errors, or wrongful hiring and termination practices, these are all risks that HR can mitigate with the right data-driven approach.

Pay Equity: What It Is And Why It’s Important


Pay equity is a method of eliminating gender and race discrimination when establishing and maintaining wages. Numerous laws exist today to protect workers from wage discrimination. That data is then used to study trends in compensation for women and minority workforces.

How to Ensure Your Compensation Management Program Is on Target


Compensation data that’s in line with your competition can give your hiring managers important information they’ll need when making a job offer to a candidate (this applies to raises and bonuses as well).

Roadmap to Better HR Compliance

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Appoint a data steward to ensure compliance for processes, and for asking any questions. From payroll schedule and vacation policies to federal, state, and industry regulations. Discrimination policies for race, color, origin, religion, age, and sex.

What Is a Reward? (Part III): The Right Employees

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When you think of the payroll expense that represents your staff of employees, do you consider that amount of money primarily as; a) a required cost to the business, or b) as an investment in business success? It’s all about being effective and efficient with your payroll dollars.

When should you hire an HR manager, if at all?


This typically involves a team responsible for people management, setting up benefits and payroll , helping with the company’s culture and making sure compliance is being met. If the in-house team is large enough, you may have specialists for benefits and another for payroll. This could mean software for payroll, time and attendance, benefits administration or any number of other tasks. The employer has real-time access to employee data.

5 Reasons Your Retention Rate Is So Low

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Take a look at the data chart below from Indeed showing how long most employees stay with one company. LinkedIn survey data showed that 25% of employees leave their organization due to personal problems. With the unemployment rate hovering at an historic low of 4.1%

Ghouls and Ghosts May be Scary, but GDPR is not….

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According to a poll following the findings of the 2017 Global Payroll Complexity Index : 24% of UK payroll professionals remain blissfully unaware of GDPR! 66% of payroll professionals say legislative and HR & payroll updates are their primary payroll complexity challenges (source GPCI). The facts according to ICO (the UK data protection authority) guidance "We'll be fined €20 million for every incident." Is your HR data ready for GDPR?

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3 Tech Tools No HR Department Should Be Without


Payroll software. Still running payroll on the manual system your business started with? Moving to an automated payroll system is a crucial first step. Payroll software can streamline the payday process and reduce the time necessary to enter information that is repetitive across all payrolls. An automated system would also allow the person processing your payroll to enter exceptions for the given payroll cycle (e.g.,