In the Long Run, Diversity Wins

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Is religious diversity too politically difficult and socially disruptive, as many argue? But new research published over the summer provides some reason to think that humans may not be as averse to diversity as we think, at least not over time.

Making Diversity Central to Success: Q&A With Chevron’s Chief Diversity Officer

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Diversity is an overused word, but at Chevron it’s a perfect description of its corporate culture. The company’s 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report highlights how diversity and inclusion (D&I) feature so centrally in the company’s success story.

Making Social Media Work for You—Not Against You—in Recruiting for Diversity

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Achieving a diverse workforce and learning how to use social media to recruit talent are two common goals for employers. Today’s social media-aided recruiting opens a world of opportunities to find a diverse set of potential employees.

Retreat on Diversity? Sure!

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As we wait to see what a new administration could mean for the country, employers and jobs, it might be tempting to pause or pull back from activities that promote diversity and inclusion. Year after year, study after study has shown diversity improves innovation, brand awareness and client retention, and results in higher revenue and gross profits. For three decades, many companies have been paying lip service to diversity. Making Diversity Work.

Educated Evaluations

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IRR sifts through piles of resumes using the data generated from their ratings of 40 hypothetical candidates. Through surveys, the firms recruiting at Penn expressed a seemingly genuine desire to hire diverse candidates.

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Strength in Numbers

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Cigna’s CHRO John Murabito leverages a data-rich people strategy to drive proactive business decisions. He also shares two enablers of Cigna’s talent strategy: data and unique employee benefits. How does the data you have help advise and guide the business?

Why corporate transparency is giving new impetus to diversity and inclusion


Many left it to the last minute, with analysis from People Management magazine suggesting that just 15% of employers published their data in the 11 months leading up to April’s deadline, more than 1,500 releasing their reports in the final 24 hours, and a further 1,500 organisations failing to publish their pay gaps in time. Whenever you have a particular focus on a particular group, there’s always a risk that you stop thinking about true inclusion and diversity”.

Is There Gender Bias in the Workplace?


Reflektive customer Glassdoor supports those findings and reports that their data shows women earn.76 Reflektive’s CEO Rajeev Behera shared his thoughts on gender bias and what can be done to reduce biases within tech companies with Forbes Magazine this week: Tech leaders are data-driven by nature, and data is helping the industry move towards a much more fair environment for workers. Workplace Diversity diversity gender gender bias gender diversity

Fitting Data into Your Hiring Process


Traditionally, data and analytics have been the domain of departments like accounting, marketing and sales, but this is changing. Increasingly, data drives all aspects of a business, including HR. Getting Started With HR Data. Using Data for Recruiting and Hiring.

Shiny Happy Employees

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Employees are happier when they are allowed to express their individuality—a fact that is becoming more clear with the increasing importance of diversity and inclusion. CultureIQ has one statement: “Respect data but make human decisions.”

Top Ten Digitalist Magazine Posts Of The Week [December 7, 2015]

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On the Digitalist Magazine site, we deliver the top blogs, news, and featured content for professionals looking to grow and gain a competitive business advantage. Each week on the Digitalist Magazine site, we curate and publish the top ten posts of the week from across our content categories.

Evaluating Workplace Diversity is More Than a Numbers Game


New hiring trends and initiatives have quickly emerged in the past five years – using tools and data to drive recruiting, catering to the ever-enigmatic Generation Y (endearingly named Millennials), and improving workplace diversity. Small or larger, diverse companies lead by example.

The Digital Divide

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Applicants with the deep expertise of data scientists are especially rare. We’re probably missing out on some talent that could add greater diversity to the way we work.”. Engaged Workforce Learning Workforce Management Magazine Article November-2019 Talent Acquisition

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50+ Ideas for Cultivating Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace That You Can Start Today

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Nobody’s ever said that diversity and inclusion work is easy. And the earlier the better – the longer you wait to build a diverse workforce and inclusive culture, the harder it will be in the future. Explicitly request a diverse range of referrals. Diversity

Going Beyond Basic Benefits

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And increasingly, they expect their employers to offer a diverse range of benefits that support them physically, emotionally, socially, and financially. Developing a benefits package that supports the needs of a multi-generational, increasingly diverse workforce is not easy.


The New HR

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Innovations in data science and technology, the growth of a diverse, multi-generational workforce, and increasing globalisation are shifting the focus of HR departments from process-centric administrative tasks to people-centric functions that support greater business strategies.

Thirst for Knowledge

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Data shows that the solution is to ensure learning and development (L&D) plays a much more central role in the employee journey. The study found that employees are eager for more frequent, diverse training.

Artist Geraldina Interiano Wise: “The US is the market economics vortex of the world; We should be able to match our labor and skillset needs with visa programs abroad”

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The immigration reform that needs to happen is very simple: it has to be orderly and backed by data. We have big data, we should be using our best minds in technology to put a solution forth that is more palatable to everybody. Community Authority Magazine Wonder

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Seven Steps to Meaningful Diversity and Inclusion Metrics


When it comes to this concept, the success of diversity and inclusion (D&I) programs is no different. A lot of D&I practitioners may gleefully note that there is no lack of metrics in the diversity and inclusion space—but which will move the needle on performance? Magazines, consulting companies, and a host of other groups use their own metric systems to determine who will get recognition awards and ascend to the top of their employer of choice lists.

The Self-Disruptive Leader

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This framework was based on a survey of futurist literature and skills required for success, and the data from 150,000 senior leadership assessments. Engaged Workforce Innovation Learning APAC APAC-JulyAug-2019 Leadership Magazine Article

Cutting-Edge Change

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Subsequently, my previous company realised they needed a more diverse team. A lot of candidates just find it so convenient, plus data can be easily accessed from the system. Enabling Technology APAC APAC-JulyAug-2019 CHRO-Focused Article HR Technology Leadership Magazine Article

“Five things we need to do to close the VC gender gap” with Angel Investor, Marjorie Radlo-Zandi and Jason Malki

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I have been blessed along the way with mentors from diverse backgrounds, whether at University or at technology companies. Investor groups should make it easy to identify the companies they’ve funded, and consider pointing to diversity in investing as part of their mission.

Music Star J Wesley “Wes” Ulm: “How we can use music to heal the world”

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He went on to earn a dual MD/PhD degree from Harvard Medical School and MIT, supported by an NIH Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) fellowship, publishing diversely in gene therapy and pharmacology. Community Authority Magazine rising stars Wonder

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Use These 18 Job Boards to Keep Compliant


Job boards remain an excellent way to engage talent, especially diverse candidates. One of the more popular means to target diverse candidates is with diversity job boards. List of Diversity Job Boards HR & Recruiting Compliance. IMB Diversity. Diversity Jobs.

“5 things I wish someone told me before I became a VP”, with Rebecca Weizenecker of FundThrough

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At FundThrough, diversity is one of our core principles. I would say the most striking difference between my actual job and how I thought it would be is the amount of data analytics that is involved. Community Authority Magazine Wonder

“5 things I wish someone told me before I became a CEO” with Robin Fleming CEO of Anvl

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Anvl replaces outdated paper processes, checklists and electronic forms with smart digital workflows, rich data analysis, and real-time communication. Anvl’s workflow engine evaluates real-time data and helps companies manage risk at the point where work occurs. I did everything from software setup, database setup, data entry, software testing and end-user training. Community Authority Magazine WonderCarve out time to read and think.

“Five Things we Need to do to Close the VC Gender Gap” with Investor & Entrepreneur Michelle Volz & Jason Malki

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Michelle has worked in a variety of Silicon Valley startups including big-data company Palantir and cybersecurity platform Synack. Firms that publicize open jobs may get candidates from different backgrounds and have a more diverse pipeline. Community Authority Magazine Wonder

Glassdoor CPO Annie Pearl: “Why Overcommunication is critical”

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that feel empowered and are on the ground listening to our community, engaging in the data, and understanding pain points that our users may. culture where diversity is celebrated, and people feel like they can be. At Box, I hired a product team with people from diverse.

“Five things we need to do to close the VC gender gap” with Sara Batterby of Equity Capital Collective and Jason Malki

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This is bad for those being excluded but it is just as bad for LPs whose money is being deployed without priority consideration of data and merit over comfort and familiarity. Community Authority Magazine Wonder

Chaz Bono’s Journey of Humanity & Courage


Nurturing a culture that celebrates diversity, inclusion, and belonging has always been at the heart of the WorkHuman movement. And now forward-thinking organizations are realizing the ROI of diversity, inclusion, and belonging , and making it a key component of their overall business strategy. The theme of building a work culture grounded in diversity, inclusion, and belonging is woven throughout the WorkHuman conference.

Peter Fasolo, CHRO at Johnson & Johnson, On the Value of Transformational Growth and Innovation

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Such a degree of corporate socialization can also stifle innovation and overall cognitive diversity. Individuals who have the skills and background to move across our businesses have a higher probability of advancing through the organization because we view the diverse experience as a major strength and key driver of innovation and growth. From that lens, we view generational diversity not only as a real strength for our business but as an imperative.


Kellogg Company’s Melissa Howell on The Value of Recruiting Veteran Talent

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From the vantage point of a lifelong career in human resources, Melissa Howell talked with The HR Digest about the various Diversity & Inclusion programs which have put Kellogg on the global map as one of the top companies for veterans, LGBT employees, and executive women. The HR Digest: Under your leadership, Kellogg Company has taken great strides in the field of diversity and inclusion (D&I). Melissa Howell: Diversity & Inclusion is essentially about culture change.

#ECTalent - big data analytics ~ HR to HR 2.0 and Human Capital.

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ECTalent - big data analytics. So I was pleased to listen to a short input from the Economists Kenneth Cukier on big data. Kenneth started by supporting Andy Albons message that big data analytics are about knowing which way to jump when our assumptions provide wrong.

Opinion: Next year’s gender pay gap reports will be the true test for UK employers


So what does the reported data actually tell us? We know that, as of the snapshot date of 5 April 2017, at about three-quarters of the roughly 10,000 UK private companies and public sector organisations that submitted their data, men were, on average, paid more than women. This data is hardly a surprise, given the structural inequalities rife in such industries. She was previously deputy editor at People Management magazine.

5 Tips for Removing Unconscious Bias Towards Female Assignees

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In larger organizations with strong commitments to Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) goals, the criteria goes so far as to require diversity of candidates. Companies with predecision scorecards to assess assignee fit can include gender diversity as one metric. Use Your Data.

Why should employers care about the gender pay gap?


They represent old data. Glamour magazine invited 12 people to its offices last year to discover the gap for themselves. Nurul, one of the data analysts, looked around at the cards. Hire diverse leaders. Businesses do not profit from the gender pay gap. It hurts them.

Do you make these 7 common HR mistakes?


Workforce judges companies in seven categories including workplace culture, employee benefits, diversity and inclusion, employee development and talent management, human resources innovation, leadership development and talent acquisition.