The 10 Best Tools for Increased Employee Engagement


A lot has been said and written about employee engagement. In fact, when it comes to increasing productivity in the workplace, the first question to pop in our heads is often the same—How do you engage employees in the workplace? What is employee engagement?

Measuring Employee Engagement the Right Way

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Measuring employee engagement the right way is something companies often struggle with. In addition, we dive into the two most common employee engagement scales and discuss their characteristics. Why measuring engagement is difficult. Measuring engagement yourself.

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The Evolution of Employee Engagement


It’s no secret that organizations with high levels of engagement consistently outperform the competition. Research shows that engaged employees produce better outcomes, and businesses with a high level of engagement report up to 4x higher levels of success.

Measuring Employee Engagement the Right Way

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Measuring employee engagement the right way is something companies often struggle with. In addition, we dive into the two most common employee engagement scales and discuss their characteristics. Why measuring engagement is difficult. Measuring engagement yourself.

One Answer to Company Data Breaches: Better Employee Engagement

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Some of these cybersecurity breaches come from outsider hackers, but it is not uncommon to hear about breaches of security coming from company contractors, employees, or outsiders with employee assistance. Employee loyalty and company data breaches.

Improving Employee Engagement with HCM Technology


There is a great deal of responsibility and work involved in fostering positive relationships with your employees. Many businesses fail to realize that the employee/employer relationship begins long before a new hire’s first day. Improving Employee Engagement with HCM.

Can Technology Drive Employee Engagement?

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I will be facilitating a panel discussion at the conference about the role of technology in employee engagement. Can technology drive employee engagement? . There are a lot of technologies promising to improve engagement these days.

When It Comes to Employee Engagement – Size Matters – Negatively


So… the Pros from Dover are out with more enlightening data on the state of employee engagement. Their new report is out: 2015 Employee Engagement Trends Report (click that link to get it!) Employees go from doing marketing to doing emails.

21 HR Tools for Employee Engagement & Workforce Planning


There are several tools available across multiple areas of HR that can make a huge difference in engagement, productivity, organization, and beyond. Here’s a list of 21 HR tools that demonstrate how technology can improve employee engagement and workforce planning efforts at your organization.

Q&A: Rethinking Your Employee Engagement Strategy


Last week we hosted a webinar with Human Capital Institute, Forrester Research Analyst Claire Schooley and Patagonia VP of Human Resources and Shared Services Dean Carter called, It’s Time to Rethink Your Employee Engagement Strategy. Check out the Q&A below: Isn’t it kind of a “chicken and egg” situation with company financial stability and employee engagement? At my company, the score from the engagement survey is used as a metric for each department.

How to Find Budget Dollars for Employee Recognition

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If you want better business outcomes (less attrition, more engagement, higher sales, more profit), then create a better employee experience. Products and services will come and go, but it’s your employees that are the constant and the driving force behind those products and services.

This one quote can kill employee engagement

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Employee engagement activities: how relevant are they and what does that even friggin' mean? about standard business to get at this idea of employee engagement activities: The first is a misunderstanding of what profits are and represent. This is a super-ironic position, because most executives couldn't analyze data if their life depended on it , but it still resonates. Employee Engagement Activities: Oh yea, employees matter?

HR TechStack – Employee Engagement Software


Employee Engagement Software Definition. Employee engagement software helps organizations solicit and track feedback from their employees, recognize employee achievements, and promote positive activity. The HR TechStack for Employee Engagement Software.

How Digital Chat Keeps Remote Employees Engaged

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As employees push their employers to accept remote work, HR managers are looking for ways to maintain a company culture and collaborate with each other without missing a beat. In order to work efficiently and accurately, employees need to maintain communications about every aspect of their responsibilities, schedules, projects and more, ensuring that everyone is on the same page. Surprisingly, watercooler conversation itself also comes with benefits for your workplace and employees.

Webinar Recording: Connecting Employee Engagement to Sales Performance


Engagement = Higher Sales. Even when their salespeople are working remotely or out in the field, they are equipped with everything they need on their app, from the latest promotions to positioning documents to product updates.

Visual Storytelling: A Way To Weave Your Own Employee Engagement Story

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Companies today are not only promoting their products, services, and branding through visual storytelling but they are also weaving impactful narratives by positively impacting their employee’s engagement and experience. It has significantly enhanced their employee experience.

4 Employee Engagement Statistics You Can’t Afford To Ignore


4 Employee Engagement Statistics You Can’t Afford To Ignore By Salvatore Giliberto. As HR professionals, we’re bombarded by business data. Mountains of data! So much data, in fact, that we often ignore it out of sheer self-preservation.

Improving Employee Engagement with HR Technology: A Look at Tech Focused Strategies

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With employee engagement being such a covered topic due to the benefits it provides to strategy development and overall business improvement, you would think that statistics in this area would be booming – unfortunately, that’s not the case.

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Why Personal Responsibility Is The Core Of Employee Engagement


Employee Engagement: Be A Player You are not a pawn. When you survey people about who is responsible for employee engagement, you'll often hear the onus placed on HR, senior leadership, managers or internal communications. The choice to engage.

How Better Employee Management Leads to Better Employee Engagement


Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.” Organized and smooth onboarding is a huge deciding factor in the length of time an employee decides to stay with your company. How do you ensure that your team members remain engaged and happy, but also feel respected and valued professionally? Excellent employee management is a must if you want your team to stay engaged and productive in the workplace.

How Many Hours of Employee Engagement Training Do Your Managers Get?


I think it was Gallup who made famous the “fact” that employees leave managers. Which sounds prophetic but in reality it is a “duh” comment since most employees only know the company in general and don’t know their managers when they start so they can’t say they joined the manager.

Will Asking Employees to Write a Monthly Journal Increase Employee Engagement?


It is documented. It seems that some of the early data may suggest that expressive writing might be a good idea. Do you think this could impact overall employee engagement? Related articles How Many Hours of Employee Engagement Training Do Your Managers Get?

Employee Engagement Dialogue with Jennifer Schulte from Mars, Inc.

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Jennifer Schulte offers her wisdom and experience surrounding employee engagement in large organizations. This a a must watch recording if you are directly involved in a large organization’s employee engagement efforts. organizational engagement

Natural Resources Companies Ignore Data At Their Peril


In the future, a company’s brand will not only impact how it attracts customers, but also how it attracts employees. It is well documented that millennials are more prone to making value-based decisions and are heavily influenced by perception (true or not).”

Employees First

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The Big Shift Puts Employees First: HR Transforms from Processes and Transactions to Employee Experiences , is the 2017 contribution to their annual State of Talent reports. This shines a light on how the HR tech conversation has switched from tech to employees.

3 Ways to Use HR Data to Improve Employee Relations.


Everyone knows that data is BIG these days. It used to be that Sales, Marketing and Operations were generally the departments knee-deep in data, but now ALL departments need to collect and leverage data in order to make informed business decisions. HR Data

Guide to a Customized Data-driven Training

Rallyware for Human Resources

Working as an HR specialist or L&D professional and being responsible for corporate training in your company is challenging, but keeping employees engaged and excited about training is even more challenging. Make your employees tick with pertinent learning technologies.

Empirical Data on Why Intranets Fail

Advanced Learning Institute

What practitioners generally believe kills intranets: The biggest surprise for us was how the key drivers and ultimate causes of failure more often than not were rooted in not having a clearly defined purpose, poor governance, and lack of executive engagement. Written by: Simpplr Research.

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How to Quickly Improve Any Performance Appraisal System


This same study found that managers in these programs spent, on average, 17 hours per employee preparing for their performance reviews. The Society for Human Resources Management ( SHRM ) has reported that 95% of employees are dissatisfied with their company’s performance appraisal process, and, according to SHRM, 90% of these employees do not believe their performance review process yields accurate information. [ii] It’s too valuable a data source and management tool.

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The Value of Purpose

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It’s a 14 page, easy to read document that walks the reader through a discussion of the meaning of your organization’s purpose for your employees and what it can mean for your business. And if it does, how is it manifested in your employees’ day-to-day lives on the job?

Employee Photos in Vista: Navigating Employee Privacy

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In the ever-evolving world of Human Resources regardless of the current trends and innovations one thing that is critical to keep in mind when strategizing on a new HR project is respecting employee privacy. This is the first article in our latest blog series— Employee Photos in Vista.

How Your HR Department Can Improve Information Security and Prevent Data Loss


In an era where cybersecurity regularly makes the headlines and data is increasingly valuable, it’s often IT professionals who take the spotlight. Your HR department can and should play an important role in protecting the sensitive data your business houses. Consider Your Data.

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How Blockchain Technologies Can Impact Human Resources


In line with employees’ consumer-grade digital services expectations, HR departments are transforming their structures, processes, and technologies to ensure a five-star employee experience. Employee happiness is more important than ever.

Achievers in the Flow of Work: The Open API


Imagine all of your employee recognition and rewards programs; everyday recognition, innovation, recruiting referrals, or years of service awards; even sales incentives, on one platform. Employees spend at least 30 hours of their work week in their email and other collaboration tools.

Electronic Signatures: Ready For Prime Time After 148 Years


On July 1, 2000, President Clinton e-signed the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN) and established a legal framework for using electronic documents. With e-signature solutions, documents can be signed and returned online in minutes.

6 Ways to Make Your Remote Onboarding Process Seamless


The COVID-19 crisis is unprecedented and many companies and HR leaders have had to quickly pivot to a new remote work model that requires companies to assess how they can bring remote employees into their company culture and get them up to speed so they can be productive as quickly as possible.

Disengaged Employees and the Risk of Inside Hackers


Successfully engaging your employees instills a loyalty that can prevent company insiders from leaking private information. The breaches caused by Edward Snowden and leaks of US government security documents are still world news. Increase employee engagement.

The 3 dos and don’ts of remote time tracking for you to know


For some business owners and managers, this could trigger a trust issue that revolves around one important question: “How do I know my employees are working while they’re on the clock if I can’t physically see them?”. Don’t: shock your employees with a sudden rollout.

Do Employees Give Leaders Points For Trying?

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Because it is a white paper, it has a definite bias towards recognition, but it also has some very interesting insights to share about the larger question of the impact of culture on employee engagement. It would seem that employees give their leaders points for trying.

Do Employees Give Leaders Points For Trying?

China Gorman

Because it is a white paper, it has a definite bias towards recognition, but it also has some very interesting insights to share about the larger question of the impact of culture on employee engagement. It would seem that employees give their leaders points for trying.