EBOOK: 5 Reasons your LMS Should be on ServiceNow

PlatCore LMS

External silos are creating sprawl that your IT department can’t manage, data that your managers can’t track down, and ever-rising costs. This eBook will teach you: The benefits of system consolidation.

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[eBook] The Employee Experience Journey

Spark Hire

Applicant tracking systems, video interviewing, performance management systems, and employee experience data let you and your candidates develop a mutual understanding.

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Recruit Better By Thinking Like a Marketer (Free eBook)


Recruiting has been changing for some time. It’s no longer about simply tracking candidates–not if you’re trying to beat the competition, anyway.

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4 Steps to Cleaner and Better HR Data


Dirty data refers to the errors or gaps within your workforce data—think missing personal information, the folder of performance reviews you haven’t collated with your HRIS, typos, and other simple human errors. It’s next to impossible to have perfectly clean HR data.

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Small Business Guide to Comp Benchmarking

Ebook: Defining an Employee Engagement Platform for the Modern Workforce

Maritz Motivation

Today, sophisticated enterprise-level employee engagement takes its cue from behavioral research, with comprehensive, new-generation, data-driven and outcome-based solutions. The work of engaging employees has become more complex, more human, and more effective with more data than most professionals know what to do with. We’ve explained it all clearly in our new guide, From Data to Direction: Defining an Employee Engagement Platform for the Modern Workforce.

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How to Get the Employee Experience on the CEO’s Agenda [eBook+Webinar]


Read on for details about how to sign up and how to get a free copy of the new eBook! George and I will be leading a webinar on March 29th at noon Central to explore the concepts in the eBook and to dig a little deeper into the employee experience. In addition, we’ll be giving registrants a copy of the eBook for free! About the eBook. The eBook specifically looks at how to get the employee experience on the CEO’s agenda.

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What is B2B Purchase Intent Data?

Aberdeen HCM Essentials

The B2B marketing world is abuzz with “purchase intent data.”. I write about it often enough, so to make sure my proselytizing is accurate, I often reference a super-handy guide Aberdeen produced, “Demystifying B2B Purchase Intent Data: Understanding the Basics.”.

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Everything You Need to Know About Communicating Pay [New eBook]

Compensation Today

Using data to back up positions and decisions. Compensation can be a sensitive, and therefore scary, topic. Emotions frequently run high in these conversations, and pay decisions touch every level of the organization: employee, manager, HR/comp pros and executives.

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A New Way to Look at Recruiting: Think Bigger and Broader [eBook]


With the right processes, data, and technology in place, you can reduce your time-to-fill without sacrificing your quality-of-hire. The post A New Way to Look at Recruiting: Think Bigger and Broader [eBook] appeared first on HealthcareSource Blog.

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Building AI to Unlearn Bias in Recruiting

anecdotal data points (e.g., This means that if incorrect data. — or more likely insufficient data — is fed in, the. and is now evaluating large amounts of data that were not earlier methodically. Building AI to Unlearn Bias in.

eBook: Workday’s Technical Foundations Chapter 2


As the eBook authors put it: “Grab your coffee—we’re going on a tour of our development process and architecture. Our approach helps make Workday products secure and ready to meet compliance requirements— there are no backdoors when a single security model continuously applies to all data.”. The post eBook: Workday’s Technical Foundations Chapter 2 appeared first on Workday Blog.

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3 Ways Quality Intent Data Improves Your Demand Gen Strategies

Aberdeen HCM Essentials

Intent data is the key to doing just that. With quality intent data at your disposal, there are 3 key ways you can improve your demand gen strategies. Intent data helps you build out account profiles beyond the first-party information that’s in your CRM.

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How to Get the Employee Experience on the CEO’s Agenda [eBook]


Short version: we’re releasing a new eBook and a companion webinar focusing on the employee experience and how to get executive attention and investment in building your own firm’s employee experience. Click here to download the eBook.

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How Intent Data Unlocks the True Potential of Email Personalization

Aberdeen HCM Essentials

Before you can unlock the potential of email personalization, you need to overcome a few key challenges by setting yourself up for success with the right data. Data Silos. You could dig into your CRM data and send a single message to a single customer to address a problem. To personalize emails at scale, you need all of your customer data integrated across systems. Solving Email Personalization with Intent Data.

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Compensation 101: A Beginner's Guide to Compensation Management

How leaders can align workplace culture

PI Worldwide

People Data leadership company culture workplace culture leadership skills cultural change leading cultural change leading cultural change ebookBy Jared Lafitte.

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Personalizing the Customer Experience Through Data

Aberdeen HCM Essentials

One of the biggest challenges brands face is using their customer intent data to make their marketing more targeted and relevant. The problem is that data can come across cold an impersonal—a bunch of numbers that barely relate to real-time sales and marketing activities.

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Which Intent Data Use Case is Right for You?

Aberdeen HCM Essentials

Using intent data to fuel your marketing activities seems like a no-lose situation. At least that’s the promise of quality intent data. It’s why about half of B2B companies are already investing in intent data to some extent. Make a Plan to Get the Most Out of Intent Data. “I

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Get Content Syndication Right with Intent Data

Aberdeen HCM Essentials

You put so much time, effort, and money into creating blog posts, eBooks, white papers, and more because you’ve been promised that content marketing will drive business results. You need the right strategy and the right data to make effective decisions. By taking advantage of intent data , you can make informed, data-driven decisions about where to syndicate your content. Find Valuable Syndication Opportunities with Intent Data.

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Discover 4 Use Cases for Applying AI to Your Recruiting Processes

understand large data sets, distinguish patterns and. self-improve over time using historical data points. Data shows recruiters are hungry to use. even more in the future %87 In this eBook, we will evaluate the evolution of recruiting workflows from its history. The next.

Privacy, profits and trust: Lessons from Facebook’s data scandal


With the rapid advances in digital technology, companies of all sizes have discovered the fruits of mining consumer’s browsing and shopping data to target ads to them. Data-targeted experiences have become part and parcel of our daily lives. Is trust the new currency in business?

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Can You Trust Third-Party Intent Data to Improve ABM?

Aberdeen HCM Essentials

In reality, most marketers face a data problem in their ABM strategies. The more data you have about targeted accounts the better. However, not all data is created equal. As you build out your ABM strategy, can you really trust third-party data vendors? The Problem with Third-Party Intent Data. Part of the problem is that many marketers look at third-party data as a silver bullet solution. 3 Reasons to Trust Third-Party Intent Data.

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In Data, We Trust: How Business Users Benefit From More Effective Data Governance

Aberdeen HCM Essentials

Failing to provide your business users with enterprise data that’s accessible, timely, accurate, and complete has a shockingly negative impact on your ability to make better-informed business decisions. Demystifying B2B Purchase Intent Data.

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In Data, We Trust: How Business Users Benefit From More Effective Data Governance

Aberdeen HCM Essentials

Failing to provide your business users with enterprise data that’s accessible, timely, accurate, and complete has a shockingly negative impact on your ability to make better-informed business decisions. Demystifying B2B Purchase Intent Data.

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What Is The Data Management Lifecycle?


Looking for more info about how to improve your Legal team’s data management? Download the free eBook to learn best practices from AIG’s former Legal Chief Data Officer. . The post What Is The Data Management Lifecycle? appeared first on Mitratech. Infographics

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3 Challenges Facing Employee Engagement Today

Maritz Motivation

In our recent ebook “From Data to Direction,” we put together an overview of three challenges facing today’s engagement leaders, the opportunities those challenges create, and what your platform needs to meet those challenges and fulfill those opportunities. 2: HR is drowning in data. Organizations are collecting and creating data at unprecedented rates — there is no shortage of data to be analyzed.

Slideshare: How To Navigate These 6 Stumbling Blocks To Business Growth


4) Using Data Effectively. Leadership business communication business growth company culture eBook management by objectives organizational developmentThe world is evolving rapidly, and new technologies or seemingly uncontrollable events can quickly render your offering obsolete.

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Buyer’s Guide: Questions for Workforce Management Vendors

Workforce Software

While there might not be a magic formula, this eBook is designed to help ease your decision process. eBook Absence Management Cloud Compliance Data Collection Fatigue Management Labor Analytics Payroll ROI Time and Attendance Workforce Management Workforce SchedulingFinding the right workforce management solution for your organization can be a challenge. Download your copy today.

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Guide | Digital Transformation for CIOs: 7 Steps to Success


How unified analytics reporting will create a bird’s eye overview of all your communications channels, which will improve targetted messaging, track performance, and form actionable data insights. Communications is often a weak point for IT. Digital transformation is a top priority for CIOs.

Guide | Communications Leaders of Change 2019


This ebook will introduce you to five communicators who are rising to the challenges and opportunities of the future of work. Webinar Recording: 6 Surprising Data Insights You Can’t Ignore. How influential communicators reimagine internal communications.

Who Exactly is In-Market to Buy Your Product? If You Had Intent Data, You’d Know

Aberdeen HCM Essentials

This can be accomplished by using intent data , which captures buyer intentions by tracking the online research activity of specific companies regarding particular products/solutions. Intent data is a game-changing tool that can enable you to increase pipeline quality, close larger deals, and significantly boost win-rates. But not all intent data is created equal, and it’s crucial to look before you leap in order to ensure the highest possible ROI.

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Guide | 5 Steps You Need to Set Your Internal Communications Goals


Today’s superstar internal communications pros don’t launch new programs or content without first mapping out goals and a strategy to measure success with data and metrics. If you’re new to the goals/data/metrics trifecta, you’re not alone—and we are here to help.

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What Marketers Can Learn About Truth from Cause of Death Reporting

Aberdeen HCM Essentials

Everyone has access to their data. And yet, we see large differences between CDC data and the causes of death you’d find from Google search results or media coverage. This simple data visualization really highlights the discrepancies.

This Week in Employee Engagement: December 1, 2017

Maritz Motivation

HR’s Next Steps: Having a Dialogue With the Data — This article is part of a series from the CIPD Analytics Conference on HR Zone and highlights how HR professionals are getting more from their data. Today, a more mature and complex industry faces significant obstacles to creating a culture of purpose and extracting and analyzing the meaningful data needed to maintain it. The utter explosion of digital content presents countless opportunities for learning.

Why Employee Recognition Matters


Start with the data. All this valuable data and more is presented in our new eBook: The Case for Employee Recognition. By: Kellie Wong. Social Media and Blog Manager, Achievers. Do your employees feel recognized?