Employee Engagement: 3 Reasons You Should Be Using Survey Research

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Their services include employee experience surveys. First, as much as we talk about the dynamics of employee engagement and disengagement, not much has changed. Organizations have an opportunity to find out how to engage employees.

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3 Ways to Use HR Data to Improve Employee Relations.


Everyone knows that data is BIG these days. It used to be that Sales, Marketing and Operations were generally the departments knee-deep in data, but now ALL departments need to collect and leverage data in order to make informed business decisions. HR Data

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Show Me the Money: The ROI of Employee Engagement - DecisionWise


Employee engagement drives individual performance in an organization, but do companies with more engaged employees out-perform those with a less-engaged workforce? Understanding the ROI of Employee Engagement is critical to organizational success.

The Only 3 Reasons to Send an Email

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A full-time employee (working 40 hours a week) spends over a day of their workweek on email. When we talk about making work more engaging, wouldn’t it be nice to give employees some of that time back? We can send people data to review or analyze prior to a meeting.

Your Company Needs an Engagement Strategy

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Employee engagement is a clear example. It’s not because they don’t want engaged employees. Often it’s because they don’t realize how engagement would improve if they had a dedicated conversation and developed a strategy. Engagement activities should be varied.

Five things HR needs to know about employee engagement


David Godden, VP at Thymometrics, offers advice on why engagement matters, the failings of traditional surveys, and how real-time feedback could benefit your organisation. Low engagement is a serious problem. Traditional methods of employee engagement are flawed.

How To Improve Employee Engagement at Large Companies


How To Improve Employee Engagement At Large Companies. According to a recent study from Gallup, individual employee engagement levels appear to be inversely proportionate to the number of employees at the company. Offer Effective Employee Feedback.

Employee engagement and recognition reports

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Using Tap My Back generates a lot of data. However, in order to be useful, data needs some kind of refinement with the purpose of helping get the pulse of your workplace and make better decisions. Summary report of top / bottom employees.

How Many Hours of Employee Engagement Training Do Your Managers Get?


I think it was Gallup who made famous the “fact” that employees leave managers. Which sounds prophetic but in reality it is a “duh” comment since most employees only know the company in general and don’t know their managers when they start so they can’t say they joined the manager.

What to do when the data says you’re wrong

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“As we continue into the era of data analytics, big data, AI, and personal tracking devices every HR professional should be prepared to face data that contradicts their beliefs sooner or later. New data should allow me to re-think my position and I should be fine with that.

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How To Build a Successful Mentoring Program

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Companies want to make sure their organizational knowledge and history is passed along to new employees, who will lead the organization forward. Most mentoring programs have three goals: 1) to assist in career development, 2) to increase staff retention and 3) to improve employee engagement.

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DisruptHR Detroit 3.0 Speaker Applications Now Being Accepted!

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For those who don’t know, I’m involved with DisruptHR Detroit with an amazing team of HR pros and leaders, and we are putting on our 3rd event on Thursday, September 19th at 6 pm.

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Visual Storytelling: A Way To Weave Your Own Employee Engagement Story

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Companies today are not only promoting their products, services, and branding through visual storytelling but they are also weaving impactful narratives by positively impacting their employee’s engagement and experience. It has significantly enhanced their employee experience.

Opinion: Why ‘bad’ data can be good news for your organisation


When HR professionals talk about data analytics , generally they focus on the good stuff. But every employer is at a different point in their data journey; some we work with have very little or even no people data to draw on at all, while others use a balanced scorecard to identify their financial, internal, customer, learning and growth metrics. The softer metric is bullying and harassment scores taken from latest employee engagement surveys.

Improve THEIR Life – Not Yours (Engagement Defined)


Unfortunately, engagement has become a way for companies to drive profits not people. That is why engagement is failing in the US and across the business world. The focus of employee engagement should be on engaging employees not balance sheets.

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Ford Layoffs – “Hey, stay a few days and say your goodbyes!”

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You can look at the data for yourself! Do you agree with Hackett (no relation, since my name, is “Sackett” with an “S”, and not an “H” but I see the confusion if you’re dumb) on his layoff approach of treating the Ford employees a bit differently and letting them close up shop and not walk them out immediately? A big announcement yesterday over at Ford where 7,000 or so white-collar workers will be getting laid off.

Workforce Analytics is Reinventing HR

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Over the years, organizations around the globe have spent billions of dollars on employee performance analysis, talent recruitment, leadership training, and development. I believe that the data will set you free. Once you know how to use your data, it is easier to achieve your goals.

Surveying The Employees

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If well-used and well-implemented, surveys are a powerful means of gathering unfiltered data regarding employee engagement. As long as you keep it front and center on everyone’s to-do list, the return rate should be relatively high.

The Seven Behaviors of Effective Supervisors


We gathered our consultants together in this roundtable to discuss the power supervisors wield on the employee experience. Our experts illustrate seven behaviors of effective supervisors and some of the more nuanced ways supervisors influence the engagement levels of their direct reports.

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Surveying The Employees

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If well-used and well-implemented, surveys are a powerful means of gathering unfiltered data regarding employee engagement. As long as you keep it front and center on everyone’s to-do list, the return rate should be relatively high.

Would You Like to Hear the Opinion of Real HR People? I Knew You Did.


We want employees to behave within those norms in order to have a sense of stability and stasis. Giving people some steps to work through situations gives them a better chance for them to be personally engaged. Related articles Is Employee Engagement Really a Community Issue?

6 Ways AI Can Enhance Workplace Employee Experience

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An organization’s success is largely determined by the productivity of the employees. One of the factors that has an invariable effect on employee productivity is employee engagement and satisfaction. In this, employees while they are working wear AR headsets.

The #1 Reason People Leave A Job Might Surprise You


Do you know the number-one reason employees leave a job? Multiple surveys have confirmed a manager can make or break an employee’s experience. A study by employee engagement firm TinyPulse identified various behaviors impact retention, such as micromanagement and a lack of opportunities for development. Companies often promote internally, rewarding skilled employees with a move to management. Enthusiastic managers can overwork good employees. “If

Organizational Prozac: Anxious Employees May Act Unethically


Anxious Employees More Likely To Act Unethically A new article in Journal of Applied Psychology suggests that… “Across multiple studies, individuals who were made to feel anxious were more likely to engage in unethical behavior than individuals in a neutral state.”

HR and health and safety teams should work together to protect employees


With mutual goals to protect both an organisation’s employees and the organisation’s reputation, it just makes good sense for these two teams to work hand-in-hand. GDPR requirements , for example, affect everyone who is responsible for protecting personal data such as employee records. Too many organisations still manage safety activities using insecure paper or spreadsheet-driven processes, which can result in potentially serious data security issues.

Engaging The Individual

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The need for a personalized way of dealing with employees will only increase and it is time to re-evaluate your reward system so you are ' not made fun of ' by the new talent flooding the marketplace. Technology is changing far more than how we utilize data.

Into the talent-verse: the rise of the talent optimizer

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There are tools for hiring, tools for performance management, tools for measuring engagement—and so on. But as the data shows, the actual results vary—and they rarely reflect the organization’s true potential.

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CEOs And Employees Want Change – So Why Isn’t It Happening?

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One of the things I consistently notice when speaking to employees about culture change is the finger-pointing back at senior management. They’re saying: “ Our employees don’t want to change. Employees blame management for not wanting to change or exhibiting the wrong behaviors.

What Does HR Actually Mean? Taking a Cue From Presidential Politics


He explained that, to him, HR “ensures the success and professional growth of employees, the integrity of personal information required by governing agencies and continued success and innovation of the organization. It does this through various strategies – recruiting, employee relations, benefits and perks, advancement opportunities, culture building and more.”. HR creates the processes by which employees are both hired and fired.

Top CEO priorities in 2019

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Those numbers are not surprising when we pull back and look at other insights from our 2019 CEO Benchmarking Report : For example, four of the five biggest challenges for CEOs relate to talent optimization (so it makes perfect sense that talent strategy is a top priority). And, on average, employee-related costs make up 55 percent of total company costs. Employee Engagement

Why Does My HR Software Not Succeed?


While HR Software is the most pervasive tool in an organization, which can potentially touch every employee, its utilization is not as much – especially in areas of people development and employee engagement. » Can it make employees productive from the first login?

Make Your New Small Business A Success—Watch A Movie!

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Her remote firing tech includes a live streaming video feed embedded inside a platform that displays details on the employee and chat messages from stakeholders. Later we get to see Natalie test her interface in firing a real employee, and it’s a disaster. You will have to let go of people—not just employees, but also some business partnerships and even customers who are stifling your business growth.

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On the 12th Day of Giving HR Gave to Me, Twelve Help Desk Answers…

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Show Employees Your Appreciation with HR Help Desk. Employee Experience is now a thing, and it’s set to become much bigger in the coming years as organizations try ever harder to retain good talent and avoid costly unplanned attrition. Modern technology plays a central role in EX as employees now expect the same level of quality and convenience in the tools they use at the office as they receive from their consumer devices at home. Employee Engagement

Can Emoji Help Improve Workplace Engagement?

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While marketers were early adopters and have used emoji to increase reach to customers and influencers and improve engagement on content, HR professionals are now learning how to leverage emoji in their work. Capturing Employee Sentiment with Emoji.

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Cutting costs in retail business with talent optimization

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Our recent survey of 156 CEOs uncovered that 55% of the average company’s operating expenses are employee-related costs. And with that turnover costing retail business owners 20% of an employee’s annual salary to replace an entry- or mid-level position, reducing turnover is key to retail operations cost cutting. It costs retailers an average of $3,328 to replace an hourly store employee. Cut costs in your retail business by developing employees.