[Report] 3 New Global HR Trends from Globoforce & RES Forum


If you’ve been following the Globoforce blog these past few months, you may recall that we recently published a report with findings from the 2016 SHRM/Globoforce employee recognition survey. 50% of those surveyed work at companies of 25,000+ employees.

Watson Agrees With Me!

China Gorman

“More positive employee experiences are linked to better performance, extra effort at work, and lower turnover intentions.”. And I’ve had a range of data sources to back me up. Frankly, I think focusing on “employee experience” rather than “engagement” makes sense.

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Globoforce WorkHuman Research Institute and IBM Smarter Workforce Institute Unveil a New Employee Experience Index


Click the image to download the report and learn which practices create more human employee experiences. Which factors contribute to a more human employee experience in the workplace? Thus, we are now in a time when work can be a more rewarding experience for employees.

The Employee Recognition Landscape is Changing

China Gorman

The fifth research report in an annual partnership between SHRM and Globoforce was published this week. With the economy and hiring improving, businesses are wise to become concerned that the “grass is greener” syndrome may take hold of their very best employees.

With Globoforce on Social Recognition

Strategic HCM

I’ve just been attending an event with Globoforce and the Conference Board on social recognition. Some of the most interesting points included in the presentation were: Recognition is key to engagement. Globoforce’s Mood Tracker suggests that ‘only’ 38% of (N American?)

How to Find Budget Dollars for Employee Recognition

HR Bartender

I thought about this as I was planning my agenda for this year’s WorkHuman Conference , pioneered by Globoforce. If you want better business outcomes (less attrition, more engagement, higher sales, more profit), then create a better employee experience. Let’s face it.

How to approach employee engagement surveys


Surveys can reveal employee engagement issues. For example, a Gallup survey revealed that only about 13% of employees worldwide are engaged in their jobs. Could their own employee engagement surveys deliver? Tracking employee engagement can be tough.

Do Employees Give Leaders Points For Trying?

China Gorman

It was published by the WorkHuman Research Institute at Globoforce , the social recognition solutions company. The key findings of the survey analysis include: When employees believe leaders are striving to create a more human workplace, culture metrics improve.

Do Employees Give Leaders Points For Trying?

China Gorman

It was published by the WorkHuman Research Institute at Globoforce , the social recognition solutions company. The key findings of the survey analysis include: When employees believe leaders are striving to create a more human workplace, culture metrics improve.

Cafe Classic: Unions, Recognition and Employee Engagement

Compensation Cafe

Editor's Note: Today's Classic features Derek Irvine with some data and insights about the importance of employee engagement - even (and some might argue especially) in a union environment. 45% of non-union employees are engaged.

HR TechStack – Employee Engagement Software


Employee Engagement Software Definition. Employee engagement software helps organizations solicit and track feedback from their employees, recognize employee achievements, and promote positive activity. The HR TechStack for Employee Engagement Software.

I’m Not Your Mother!

China Gorman

For example, it seems like a simple observation that happy employees are better employees. And, in fact, data abound to prove that point. But how to get happy employees is a little more complicated. I wasn’t my employees’ mother. The nature of the employer/employee relationship, I believed, was a commercial relationship. Employees come to work, do a good job and I pay them. Treat people well and they’ll treat your employees well.

The HR Metric You’re Not Measuring (But Should Be)


New research suggests employee engagement may not tell the whole story of the employee experience at work. For years, HR leaders and professionals have been laser-focused on measuring and improving employee engagement.

[New Report] How to Make a Business Case for Social Recognition


It improves talent management and performance data. More than 50% of employees would stay longer in their jobs if they felt more appreciation from their boss. SHRM/Globoforce Employee Recognition Survey). It boosts employee happiness. It drives employee performance.

Report 140

How One Company Is Tackling the Turnover Challenge


Then Gallup released its State of the American Workplace report, which reveals that 51% of employees are actively looking for a new job or watching for openings. More employees have increasing optimism about outside opportunities and a “grass is greener” mentality.

Elevating the Workforce Experience: The Personal Lens

Bersin with Deloitte

In the place where we spend the majority of our adult lives, it behooves organizations to understand the true nature (and costs) of how employees interact and connect with one another. To that point, all organizations should seek employee feedback to empower them to shape their own experience.

6 Hot Digital Workplace Trends from Gartner


Workplace ethnography : Another emerging trend that complements team engagement is workplace ethnography. Mike Gotta and Carol Rozwell define it as “a research approach for understanding cultural dynamics between employees, group relationships, and the ways in which work is done.

Trends 170

Top 5 Themes at HR Tech 2017


Indeed, the theme at the 20 th edition of the conference was about celebrating humanity, putting people – our employees – center stage in an era when technology innovations continue to accelerate at a rapid pace. Employee Experience.

The ROI of Creating Human Workplaces

China Gorman

The SHRM Foundation’s latest Effective Practice Guideline, Creating a More Human Workplace Where Employees and Business Thrive , was released just in time for the WorkHuman conference in Orlando two weeks ago. Boost Employee Well-Being.

Building Relationships with Remote Employees


– All employees, regardless of location, benefit from having a best friend at work. Let’s talk about your remote employees for a minute. Are they engaged? I used to be a remote employee for a different company. by Andrea Gappmayer. Recognize This!

Bringing Recognition to Real Estate: Minto Group’s Story


We recently spoke to Dave Bond, director of talent management and total rewards at the Minto Group, to discuss how the home building and property management company modernized its approach to social recognition and saw immediate results in terms of employee reach.

Groups 136

Why HR Communications Deserves More Attention This Year


People are the core of your organization, and Human Resources ( HR ) is the bridge connecting employees to leadership. HR is responsible for communications related to employee training, benefits and wages, and company news. Companies with 100,000 employees lose an astonishing $62.4

Feedback is Welcome

HRO Today

Empower employees by embracing a feedback-based culture. It’s one where all employees feel confident voicing their perspectives. We have what I would call a ‘by the people, for the people’ relationship with our employees,” says CHRO Karen Crone. Employee resource groups.

Insights from the CHRO Panel at #WorkHuman 2017


This week I’m honored to be at the WorkHuman conference put on by Globoforce. Employee-Focused Programs. Vicki Williams talked about NBCUniversal’s approach to crafting a positive employee experience. Unique Engagement Drivers.


Surprise! Survey Shows How Employee Recognition Landscape is Changing

TLNT: The Business of HR

The fifth research report in an annual partnership between SHRM and Globoforce ( the 2015 Employee Recognition Survey ) was published this week. Engagement is dropping – and a top challenge.

‘I’m Not Your Mother!’ In Defense of Happiness


I wasn’t my employees’ mother. “The nature of the employer/employee relationship, I believed, was a commercial relationship. Employees come to work, do a good job and I pay them. Treat people well and they’ll treat your employees well.

Connecting People: How Cisco Used Social Recognition to Transform Its Culture


While at HR Tech in October, Claire Gray, senior director of global compensation at Cisco Systems (a Globoforce customer), presented a session titled, “How Cisco Fuels a Culture of Innovation for Employees.”. What did recognition at Cisco look like before you partnered with Globoforce?

Answers to Your Top 5 Recognition Questions


This helps sustain the employee engagement boost throughout the year instead of limiting that positive effect to the 4 to 6 weeks following the bonus distribution. . This question was in reference to the below information shared from the results of a Globoforce customer.

1% of Payroll: The Magic Number For Social Recognition Investment


Underinvesting in your recognition program, however, can weaken the recognition experience for your employees. For example, imagine a global recognition program that allows the average employee to be recognized only once per year. The data doesn’t look good.

“Engagement is flawed because we count every boat the same.”


When it comes to employee engagement, do we have it all backwards? Are we truly engaging employees? Cy talked about the differences between accountability and engagement and how to change your perspective when it comes to internalizing feedback. Feedback is just additional data for growth.”. Cy will share more about why engagement is broken and how to fix it at WorkHuman 2019. Sarah is managing editor at Globoforce.

Technology Is Changing Human Resource Management – But Where Will It Go?

Get Hppy

In its 2015 report in collaboration with Globoforce , The Society for Human Resource Management identified employee engagement, talent retention, competitive compensation, and developing the organizational leaders for tomorrow as major human capital challenges.

Cy Wakeman: Your Ego is Not Your Amigo


Cy opened WorkHuman 2018 with a pre-conference keynote, “No Ego: How leaders Can Cut the Cost of Drama, End Entitlement, and Drive Big Results,” making salient points through data, humor, and storytelling about how to build a positive workplace. Your ego is a filter on reality and corrupts your data. You’re making decisions based on corruptive data. Cy cited ego as the primary source of drama, which, when left unchecked, has a negative impact on employee engagement.

#WorkHuman Day 2: Organization of the Future

The People Equation

Derek Irvine of Globoforce leads a panel discussion with HR Executives on how to make work more human. Derek Irvine, Globoforce’s VP, Client Strategy & Consulting, moderated a three-person panel of senior leaders in the HR role. Employee Experience in the Cognitive Era.

Leaving Behind, Moving On


Too many good employees leave out of boredom. Identifying areas of interest for new career paths can keep top employees engaged and on board. I wonder how often that same feeling is true for our employees and fellow colleagues at work. by Lynette Silva. Recognize This! –

[Webinar] Making Recognition More Inclusive at Cardinal Health


Prior to working with Globoforce, Cardinal Health was in a position many companies find themselves in today – with disparate, cash-based programs that have minimal reach and do not deliver sustained employee engagement.

21 Top Talent Management, People Ops, And HR Conferences In 2019


One study found that a whopping two-thirds of employees actually changed jobs due to a lack of L&D. Discussions cover coaching mindsets, gender bias, remote workers, use of data, pay gaps, and hiring practices, among various others. Employee Experience Impact Summit.

Optimism 101: How To Lead In Times of Change


They found that: “Optimistic managers are more likely to be engaged managers who are more likely to engage employees; engaged employees, in turn, are more optimistic and productive than disengaged employees, and their increased productivity increases profitability.”.