PODCAST - #HRHappyHour 266 - iCIMS and the Talent Acquisition Technology Suite

Steve Boese

HR Happy Hour 266 - iCIMS and the Talent Acquisition Technology Suite. Guests: Colin Day, Chairman and CEO, iCIMS ; Susan Vitale, CMO, iCIMS. Additionally, we talked about the need for organizations to better integrate their different talent acquisition technology solutions with their 'core' systems, and how iCIMS is approaching that challenge and providing a platform to enable organizations to build integrated solutions. We talked a little about 'big data'.(don't

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Your Weekly Dose of HR Tech – iCIMS buys TextRecruit

The Tim Sackett Project

iCIMS made big news this week by acquiring the best-of-breed recruiting software TextRecruit. Sure your recruiters are sending text messages to some candidates through their personal smartphones, but all that data is lost. These newer text recruiting platforms allow organizations to message many candidates at once, and ensure this data from both sides is captured and usable for the future. So, what does this merger of iCIMS and TextRecruit mean?

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Breaking Down the Economic Influence in Talent with iCIMS Chief Economist Josh Wright (Podcast)


On our latest episode of Hiring On All Cylinders , hosts Sean Simerly and Lisa Holden catch up with iCIMS Chief Economist Josh Wright live from HR Tech.

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iCIMS Analyst Event: Building an Ecosystem

Brandon Hall

Last week I attended the compelling iCIMs Analyst Event in beautiful San Diego. iCIMS’ focus is both simple and strong: “to help clients win the talent war by providing the best talent acquisition software on a pure SaaS platform.”

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iCIMS and PeopleInsight Partner to Enable Data-Driven Recruitment

PeopleInsight Workforce Analytics

PeopleInsight Partners with iCIMS to Streamline Talent Acquisition Analytics for Employers. 5 Minute Fridays

iCIMS - Technology for Induction - and ensuring Quality of Hire ~ HR.

Strategic HCM

iCIMS - Technology for Induction - and ensuring Quality of Hire. And one very good example of effective onboarding / induction technology is the product provided by this blog’s sponsor, iCIMS. This post is sponsored by iCIMS. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Bio-Contact.

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#WorkTrends Preview: Data Drives Millennial Hiring


Recruitment data’s importance is continuing to grow for strategic workforce planning, specifically when considering the growing number of young workers joining the labor pool. Data Drives Millennial Hiring. How does recruitment data play a role in your workforce planning strategy?

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The Present and Future of Women in the Workforce

HR Daily Advisor

Data suggests women won’t reach pay parity in the U.S. Recently, iCIMS surveyed 1,000 office professionals, including a mix of women and men at different experience levels, to reveal some of the gender equality issues still plaguing many companies.

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New Report Offers Insight into Women in the Workforce

HR Daily Advisor

Recent data from an iCIMS survey , of 1,000 office professionals, reveals that U.S. iCIMS recently released a report on the survey findings, key findings include: Career Advancement and Salary. To learn more, or to read iCIMS newest eBook related to the findings, click here.

Here’s What You Need to Know about Integrating Recruiting Software with Your HCM

HR Daily Advisor

Today we’ll look at features like improved data governance, compliance, and adaptability. Improved Data Governance and Compliance. Since most organizational data derives from the hiring process, it is crucial that it is clean and easily transferrable.

The Benefits of Integrating Best-of-Breed Recruitment Software with Your HCM

HR Daily Advisor

In a PaaS framework, a centralized recruitment platform serves as a hub for all these hiring tools and cleanly transfers data collected during the process to and from other point recruiting, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and human capital management (HCM) applications.

2016 is the Year for Recruitment Marketing, says New Report

HR Daily Advisor

iCIMS has released a new research study, “Recruitment Marketing: Fad or Future?” to get in-depth, data-driven insights on the relevance of recruitment marketing, and what employers and job seekers have to say about it.

Hiring Homerun: How to Play Smart with U.S. Job Creation and Hiring Trends

HR Daily Advisor

By Susan Vitale, iCIMS. Now, more than ever, the job seeking and recruitment trends observed here, and further developed in the iCIMS U.S. What follows are a few key data points that recruiters should keep in their playbooks. Strategic HR Chief Marketing Officer CNN iCIMS trend

Do Applicant Tracking Systems Have a Future?

HR Daily Advisor

The presenters for this session include moderator Kris Dunn, CHRO of Kinetix; Mark Newman, founder and CEO of HireVue; Jon Bischke, CEO of Entelo; Jennifer Seith, VP of CareerBuilder; and Colin Day, president and CEO of iCIMS. The true test is, does big data make your life easier?

Last Thoughts on 2015’s Best Software Recruiting Solutions

HR Daily Advisor

iCIMS. 92. Clearly, iCIMS is the easiest to use based on what G2 has found. iCIMS. “Most users were highly satisfied with their iCIMS experience, and recommended the product as a great value with excellent customer support,” according to G2.

Include Recruitment Marketing In Your Hiring Strategy [infographic] – Friday Distraction

HR Bartender

Our friends at iCIMS recently released a research study, “ Recruitment Marketing: Fad or Future? iCIMS analyzed data from more than 760 human resources professionals and candidates. Before I made the decision to become a consultant, I interviewed consultants.

2019 Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings: Talent Management Technology

HRO Today

Once collected, response data are loaded into the HRO Today database for analysis to score each provider that has a statistically significant sample. iCIMS. iCIMS. iCIMS. iCIMS. View the top-rated talent management technology providers in the industry.

Recruiting Is Only Getting Tougher [infographic] – Friday Distraction

HR Bartender

Today’s infographic from our friends at iCIMS, shows data from their 2015 Hiring Trends report. P.S. If meeting your recruiting goals is tops on your priority list, I hope you’ll join me and the iCIMS team on Tuesday, May 17 for a webinar on “ How Companies Can Meet (and Exceed!)

Drumroll, Please: These Awesome New Technologies Will Take the Stage at HR Tech


iCIMS – Delivered through iCIMS Advanced Communications Suite, iCIMS chat-based online Virtual Career Fairs enable employees to centrally manage the branding, sourcing, candidate and conversation capture of events.

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PODCAST: #HRHappyHour 343 - Taking on Today's Talent Acquisition Challenges

Steve Boese

Guest: Susan Vitale, CMO, iCIMS. This week on the HR Happy Hour Show, Steve recorded live from the iCIMS Influence event in the iconic Bell Works building in New Jersey, the new home for the talent acquisition technology provider iCIMS to talk with iCIMS Chief Marketing Officer Susan Vitale about how organizations are tackling today's talent acquisition challenges. million , an all-time high for this data series.

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#ECTalent - big data analytics ~ HR to HR 2.0 and Human Capital.

Strategic HCM

ECTalent - big data analytics. So I was pleased to listen to a short input from the Economists Kenneth Cukier on big data. Kenneth started by supporting Andy Albons message that big data analytics are about knowing which way to jump when our assumptions provide wrong.

Everything #HR Needs To Know About SEO

HR Bartender

A couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to hear Susan Vitale , chief marketing officer at iCIMS, talk about SEO in the context of human resources. iCIMS has been a long-time supporter of HR Bartender.

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Cloud, big data and social media transforming HR ~ HR to HR 2.0.

Strategic HCM

Cloud, big data and social media transforming HR. Technorati Tags: HR technology , Social technology , Computer Weekly , cloud , big data , SAAS. Cloud, big data and social media transforming HR. iCIMS - Technology for Induction - and ensuring Quality of Hire.

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Everything #HR Needs to Know About HR Technology

HR Bartender

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation, is designed to protect all EU citizens from data and privacy breaches. Machine learning is quickly becoming an important data tool for HR professionals. In the U.S.,

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The 10 Best Tools for Increased Employee Engagement


iCIMS Onboard. 5 — iCIMS Onboard. Connect, Recruit, Offer & Onboard Candidates With iCIMS Software. Overview: iCIMS Onboard is an employee onboarding software that allows you to tailor the new hire onboarding process based on department, location and more.

41% of the Fortune 500 Are Using Recruitment Marketing Platforms


As we collected ATS data we also checked to see if companies were using a recruitment marketing platform to enhance their career site. The ATS’s they are typically overlaying include Workday, Taleo, SuccessFactors, Kenexa Brassring (IBM) and iCIMS.

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PODCAST: #HRHappyHour 350 - The US Labor Market and Economic Trends for 2019

Steve Boese

Guest: Josh Wright, Chief Economist, iCIMS. This week on the HR Happy Hour Show, Steve was joined by Josh Wright, Chief Economist from iCIMS to talk about the important labor market trends, why these trends are important for HR and Talent Acquisition leaders, and what 2019 might have in store for the labor market and the economy at large. HR Happy Hour 350 - The US Labor Market and Economic Trends for 2019. Hosts: Steve Boese , Trish McFarlane.

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T3 – Are Enterprise HCM systems Killing Talent Acquisition?

The Tim Sackett Project

Last week I sat down with the folks at iCims to take a look at their system. iCims is the second largest ATS/ talent platform by market share for enterprise-level organizations, with only Taleo (Oracle) being larger. Do you see what all of them (except iCims) have in common? will tell you all of the advantages of having all of your data under one umbrella in using one fully integrated system. This is where iCims comes into play.

Recruiting Software Solutions: the Best of 2015

HR Daily Advisor

While the raw data begin partially with user feedback, the analysis is untouched by human bias. iCIMS Recruit. iCIMS Recruit. While LinkedIn scored the most overall, we can see that it’s actually been beaten by iCIMS recruits for customer satisfaction. iCIMS Recruit.

Forget Jobs, Manufacturing Needs Job Seekers

HR Daily Advisor

Long associated with factory workers, the manufacturing industry’s hiring of such production jobs only accounted for 22% of its total hires in 2016, still good enough for the largest concentration among major occupations, but not by much, according to iCIMS’ proprietary data.

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Top 7 HR Challenges In 2018


According to a study by iCIMS , 77% of hiring managers say that recruiters’ candidate screening is ‘inadequate’ where 51% of recruiters claim that hiring managers ‘should do a better job by communicating what they are looking for in a candidate’ and ‘provide relatable examples’. Implementing Data Analytics. When it comes to data analytics, there are many challenges that rise up: » Often companies ignore the significance of analytics to identify people related trends.

Text and App Recruiting Are the Now, and the Future Too

HR Daily Advisor

We recently had a chance to sit down with Erik Kostelnik, Founder and CEO of TextRecruit, and Susan Vitale, Chief Marketing Officer of iCIMS, to discuss text and app-based recruiting and communication. Our conversation comes in light of iCIMS’s recent acquisition of TextRecruit.

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Top ATSs used by the Fortune 500!

The Tim Sackett Project

Now, Rob has been releasing ATS use data for a few years across all segments, SMB, Large, Enterprise. I will continue to argue there is no real reason to have your employee data (HRIS) and your candidate data (ATS) in the same database.

HR MarketWatch: Get Real About Talent Acquisition, AI, and Jobs


It starts in the media with a steady stream of data and opinions about the job market, then extends into our world of recruiting with a seemingly unrelenting barrage of new tips, techniques, and technologies. There is always a lot of hype around jobs and talent acquisition.

The Major Hiring Trends That Every Hiring Company Needs to Know


In iCIMS’ recently published U.S. Data Insights. Whether you’re an organization seeking top talent or a candidate searching for your next career, a little data goes a long way. After analyzing many data points around the concentration of available jobs in the U.S,

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