HR Departments Should Have Data Policies

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Human resources departments are filled with data. This data includes addresses, health information, and social security numbers. HR has assessment data and information from drug/criminal/credit background screening. I believe HR has always taken data seriously.

How Customer Data Can Inform Your Hiring Strategy


Customer data is transforming the way companies recruit talent. . With data, hiring managers and human resources departments no longer rely on intuition or assumptions to match the best candidates to a position. Information mined from customers can be invaluable in recruiting.

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Don’t Overthink Your Data – Friday Distraction

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The purpose of collecting data is to take some action using the data. And, taking action is often one of the most challenging steps in any type of data collection process. Obviously, it doesn’t make sense to collect data and not do anything with it.

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Organizations Need Good Data to Make Good Decisions

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When it comes to making organizational decisions, good data is essential. One of the best ways to get good data is to participate in surveys. But the payoff is HUGE because the data is valuable. It could be the information that the organization needs to make good decisions.

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Discover 4 Use Cases for Applying AI to Your Recruiting Processes

understand large data sets, distinguish patterns and. self-improve over time using historical data points. Data shows recruiters are hungry to use. to individual job openings • Filling out forms with the same information found. to struggle with disparate data.

Using Buyer Intent Data to Inform Content Marketing

Aberdeen HCM Essentials

In other words, this video tells the story of how a tech firm transformed their fast and loose content marketing initiatives into an intelligent, targeted strategy informed by intent data. Check out Aberdeen’s comprehensive report Demystifying B2B Purchase Intent Data to learn more.

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Visualize Their Intent: Data Visualization Informs Decision Making

Aberdeen HCM Essentials

If the market-leading intent data and insights into that data Aberdeen delivers didn’t lead to tangible performance improvements, there would be no reason to bother making sure clients knew what to make of the data. Florence Nightingale Fought Germs with Data Visualization.

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How Your HR Department Can Improve Information Security and Prevent Data Loss


In an era where cybersecurity regularly makes the headlines and data is increasingly valuable, it’s often IT professionals who take the spotlight. While tech pros are certainly critical to information security safeguards, they aren’t alone. Consider Your Data.

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Your Data Isn’t Magic – Friday Distraction

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Very interesting data. So Mr. Bartender and I regularly look at data that impacts our business. In order for data to give you answers, it needs to have four qualities: Timeliness – We need to understand what timely information means in our industry.

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Better Business Decisions Start With Better-Informed Leaders

Business2Community Leadership

Digital transformation brings about an incredible opportunity for fostering a data-driven culture and enabling faster, better-informed decision making. However, psychology and attitude—which play a larger role in tackling data-entangled decisions—are often overlooked.

Global Payroll Reporting: What Good Looks Like

Speaker: Amber Morris, VP Commercial Development, Immedis

Improve Quality of Hire Using Recruiting Data and Analytics

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Technology can also aid in data collection and analysis. Data are facts and statistics collected for reference or analysis. And analytics is the systemic analysis of data or statistics. I know that at times I’m guilty of using terms like data and analytics interchangeably.

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Data Design - Solving Information Problems


Data & Analytics News Big Data Communication MediaRecently, the crisis in Syria and the huge number of people fleeing the horrors of war is a much debated topic. Everybody including the media has been trying to analyse reasons and the wider range of consequences. Depending on our political standpoint, we tend to hear what we want to.

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What is Information Governance?


Managing and securing vital company data? So what’s driving that need, and what are various components of an Information Governance initiative? Data and information. Just two of the new data management complexities businesses must deal with.?

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Data Integration: The Secret Sauce Behind Successful Analytics

Aberdeen HCM Essentials

There’s more data available to businesses now than ever before. But lost at sea in this data ocean are companies that have not yet made strides to better integrate their business with the information at hand. Data Integration Drives Results.

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How Automation Advances the Talent Pipeline from Beginning to End

Speaker: Jeff Mills, Solutions Marketing Director, SAP

4 Steps to Cleaner and Better HR Data


Dirty data refers to the errors or gaps within your workforce data—think missing personal information, the folder of performance reviews you haven’t collated with your HRIS, typos, and other simple human errors. It’s next to impossible to have perfectly clean HR data.

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Worried about Information Security? Study Says Focus on Employee Engagement


Your employees are your most likely source for data breaches. Sure, there are logical technology steps you must take to protect your organization’s data. Employee Engagement Social Recognition data security happy employees information security relationships at work

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Fixing Data Visualization for Today’s World


We are making data visualization harder than it need be. The root of the problem is that the thinking behind data visuals grew up in an old world of paper. If we re-focus on the purposes of data visualization in business today , then we will get better results faster.

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Big Data v Big Information


I hear a lot about big data. That''s not what big data looks like of course. I mean, I don''t think that''s what big data looks like. More specifically, how am I supposed to apply all this data to my specific organization? Am I the only one not in on the big data joke?

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10 Habits of Highly Successful Tech Recruiters

Speaker: David Nicola, Senior Sourcing Lead, Terminal

What Dashboards You Need to Make Informed Talent Decisions


But in order to be a true strategic partner in an organization, with a seat at the executive table, they need compelling data. And more than that, they need compelling ways to track and present data. It pulls together information from all those different arenas we mentioned and organizes it into graphs and charts on one easily accessible, easy-to-read screen. These data visualizations allow you to monitor KPIs, trends, and progress.

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Improve Your Company Culture Using Data


In an interview with ic4p , Genentech, a global biotechnology organization, shared how they used attrition data paired with people analytics to understand which employees were at risk at their organization. By using attrition data, they found that commute time doubled within the last 15 years.

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Why Being Data-Driven Isn’t Enough


Even the most qualitative departments, such as Marketing, moved from “art” to “science” through the use of data. . Indeed, the “art” of modern business is that everything can be quantified and measured, and data is now the single most important type of capital that an enterprise can own.

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The 80% Blind Spot: Are You Ignoring Most of Your Organization’s Data?

Ultimate Software

Decision-makers love data. In fact, in the sixth annual “ Big Data Executive Survey ” representing senior executives from 57 large corporations, 99% of responders reported transitioning to a more data-driven culture and a full 97.2% had invested in Big Data and AI initiatives.

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Up Your Analytics Game: How to Empower People to Take Action

Speaker: Tom Davenport, President’s Distinguished Professor of Information Technology and Management, Babson College

What Is Predictive Analytics? How Data Informs Future Insights

G2 Crowd

Knowing “what” happened and “why” it happened are two crucial first steps to addressing business problems. Technology

That Dirty Four Letter Word – DATA!


Let’s take a look at data and the impacts a four letter word can have on your system(s). Data quality is affected by the way it is entered, stored and managed. It all comes down to… Data, Data, Data. Have we extracted data from each of the above sources?

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Part 3: Engage. Inform. Communicate. Your Social Enterprise awaits

Bersin with Deloitte

I’m sensing there’s more to it… To make clear and informed workforce-related decisions, it’s important for organizations to continually sense, anticipate, and prepare for the external factors impacting their workforce. Inform.

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Additional EEO-1 Component 2 Pay Data Information

The OutSolve Blog

New details revealed in Judge Chutkan’s written order

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Are HR Technologies Ruining Your Employee Experience?

Speaker: Rayanne Thorn, Founder and Lead Strategist at Never Enough Media

Technology Can Augment Engagement and Reveal Important Data. Data Can Show You Where There are Breaches and Breaks in Engagement. You won't want to miss this informative webinar presented by someone who loves technology, but wants more for today's workforce.

Why Clean Data is the Best Data

Cornerstone On Demand

In today's HR landscape, data is having a moment. HR data is essentially HR business intelligence. All of the cool technology in the world cannot override bad data, which is why the accuracy of HR data is a highly strategic function. Technology as a Data Keeper.

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Is Performance Management Data Completely Backward?

ClearCompany HRM

The truth is, the poor cycle of performance management blunders can be solved with a simple word: data. Now, you probably already use data, in fact, I know you do. However, when you look at the information… how accurate is your performance management data ?

Glassdoor Pricing Information

Nextwave Hire

The good news: if you’re savvy, you can negotiate a better deal for yourself when buying one of these packages (and the data we have will make you savvy!). The best way to use this data set is to find a package/company that looks like you and use it as a benchmark.

The Importance of Democratizing People Data


The pace of business moves fast and the amount of data organizations create in the process is staggering. With so much information available, savvy organizations are able to figure out better ways to be more competitive. Drowning in data.

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Enriching the Employee Experience

Speaker: Isaac Mallory, Director of Sales & Business Development at HR Performance Solutions, and Jennifer Dickey, HR Consultant and speaker for HR Performance Solutions

As we continue to compete for talent, recruiters are poaching and employer social information on sites like Glassdoor and Indeed are more accessible than ever making it harder and harder for us to attract and retain top talent. How to use data to seek them out.