Workforce Management Tools for Staffing Agencies

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Technology has changed for job seekers, hiring managers, HR professionals, and staffing agencies. It has sped up the application process, made recruiting and onboarding more efficient, and created new ways to engage with employees. Staffing Agencies Are in Demand. For workers and employers, staffing agencies can be big time savers. Each month, millions of workers find temporary positions via staffing agencies, according to the American Staffing Association (ASA).

Time Tracking For Hourly and Temp Agency Workers


With the holiday season right around the corner, thousands of companies are frantically searching for temporary employees to help them fulfill the burst in consumer demand that characterizes this time of year. To name just a few examples, the shipping giant UPS is set to hire an additional 100,000 employees while the retail clothing store GAP has its sights on hiring at least 30,000 additional employees for the holiday shopping season.


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Meeting Healthcare Needs with Advanced Scheduling

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Healthcare in the U.S. has been a hot topic for some time with congressional showdowns, insecurity around costs, and the steps that providers and organizations take to meet the rising tide of need. As a whole, the healthcare industry is growing. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), healthcare occupations are expected to continue to have the fastest employment growth among all industries through 2024. Read the White Paper.

Reliable Time & Attendance for Employees, Managers & Business Owners

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Between the country’s economic growth and the record low unemployment rate of 4.1%, times are looking good for many companies and workers. Now wages are starting to nudge upwards too. According to recent Bureau of Labor Statistics data, average hourly earnings moved up nearly 3% from a year ago. According to the New York Times , along with raises, companies are also enhancing benefits packages, exploring new perks, and even changing the way they recruit.

Just-in-Time Scheduling—Good News and Bad News

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And the same goes for the related challenges of show-up pay and on-call pay. Just-in-time or call-in scheduling (or “call-in shifts”) usually involves the establishment of a tentative work schedule; the employee then learns via e-mail, text, or telephone call when or whether to physically report to work. It is most commonly used in the retail, food service, restaurant, and hospitality industries. Paid time off (PTO)/sick.

Retail Worker Scheduling

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One essential part of a retail manager’s job is creating the employee schedule. You have to know what the store needs, have a sense of sales trends, and be able to anticipate shopping spikes, all while making sure to keep the wishes of your employees in mind. It depends on who you ask, and what tools the manager is using. The last question is perhaps the most interesting. What happens when the store is short-staffed?

HR, Training and the ‘Gig’ Economy


New survey data finds few organizations are investing in their employees’ training and development these days, and I’m beginning to think the “gig economy” may have something to do with it. For those companies that are providing training, only 35 percent are offering career development opportunities online. Surveys, including one by the advisory firm Staffing Industry Analysts of nearly 200 large companies, point to similar changes.

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Shifting for the Gig Economy


Uber and Lyft have become synonymous with the gig economy, but ridesharing is far from the only industry ripe with opportunities for on-demand work. From shelf stockers to restaurant workers to sales representatives, hourly workers are taking advantage of new platforms that give them the ability to control when, where and for whom they work—all with just the touch of a button. Enter on-demand shift staffing. The Digital Demand.

Expert’s Top Tips for Training a Retail Workforce for the Holiday Season


Retailers are also facing a tough time filling all the extra positions the holiday season generates. The National Retail Federation (NRF) President and CEO Matthew Shay estimates that retailers will hire 650,000 seasonal workers for the 2018 holiday period, up 10% from 2017. For employers, this volume of new workers presents significant hiring, onboarding and training challenges. How does the onboarding process change during a peak period? .

Hiring Seasonal Workers? Here’s a Checklist to Guide the Process


Many businesses are staffing their teams in preparation for the busy holiday season. Figure out the basics. But before you do that , it’s important to determine your hiring budget, your needs, and the length of employment you’re hiring for. Are you looking to hire employees that will be terminated at the end of busy season? Decide what you want early on and be transparent during the interviewing process.

Why Having Time-Clock Software Is a Must


When we look at old movies where employees are knocking off work, we often see them punch a time clock – an antiquated piece of technology that many have assumed had gone the way of the dodo. to return to the office to simply punch a clock. Run the report.

4 Questions HR Leaders Need to Ask About Holiday Workers Now


If you work in HR for a holiday hustle industry, managing staffing shortfalls and linking talent to customer satisfaction are likely at the top of your priority list right now. With an unemployment rate at a 17-year low of 4.1%, retail and delivery companies have executed a variety of tactics to land workers in a tight labor market, whether it’s through candy and movie-ticket giveaway s or voluntarily increasing the minimum wage to $11 an hour.

Employer Strategies for Successfully Hiring Justice Involved Job Candidates

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My gut tells me that many employers are open to the idea of hiring individuals from the justice involved community, but have historically avoided the opportunity for a variety of reasons. Why you should consider hiring the justice involved population. The time is now.

7 common HR technology challenges and how to overcome them


While piecemeal, manual or paper-based systems may seem cost-effective, the truth is inefficient or inadequate HR technology wastes valuable staff time and energy. It can also lead to costly errors and even fines when wage and hour regulations aren’t followed. Off-the-shelf software packages that handle one aspect of HR rarely “talk” to your other systems without significant intervention by an IT specialist. Insecure data storage or transfer.

What is a PEO? – Top 10 FAQs Business Owners Have About PEOs

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It’s your responsibility to ensure your employees are paid on time, stay safe throughout the workday, and have access to benefits like workers’ compensation, health insurance, and 401k. Using a PEO to outsource HR lets you focus on your mission and operations to deliver the best products and services to your clients. In this blog, we’ll discuss the top 10 FAQs business owners have about professional employer organizations (PEOs). How does the PEO model work?

Flexible Work Schedules: How to Support Even Super Short Shifts of Varying Lengths


However, the trend was dramatically accelerated in early 2020 thanks to COVID-19. Because standard shifts rarely work in the home setting, new patterns of work hours quickly emerged. What is the benefit of flexible work for employers and employees?

Industry Spotlight: Conversation with Wharton Professors Marshall Fisher, Santiago Gallino, and Serguei Netessine

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While this may seem like a quick and easy way to meet those goals, it can be detrimental for a retailer in the long-term. Their research shows that when optimal staffing is applied systematically, it can add as much as 20% to the revenues of existing stores. That’s why it’s critical that retail companies realize that employees are not expendable, but the most valuable asset on the sales floor. So the relative effectiveness of these two levers changes over time.

7 Ways an HR Portal Can Radically Transform Your Business in 2021


An HR portal is the employee interface in a Human Resources Management System (HRMS). In the portal or dashboard, employees handle HR tasks. (An Eliminate the processes that scream “we hate our employees” Transport your HR team from the Dark Ages. Hiring data.

The Ripple Effect of a Pay Strategy Change

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PayScale was there for The Elevate Summit , BambooHR’s first ever user conference, and we know many of you were too. There were tons of great sessions and keynotes — from the brilliance of Susan Cain to The Science of Happiness — and so many smiling faces. One particularly special session for us was “The Ripple Effect of a Pay Strategy Change,” in which PayScale CPO Dave Smith presented with Justin Gagnon, CEO of our customer, Choicelunch. If so, what was the result?

Employee Burnout: 4 Ways Technology Can Help

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(Editor’s Note: Today’s post is brought to you by our friends at Kronos , the global leader in delivering workforce solutions in the cloud. To help employers navigate the upcoming U.S. Department of Labor changes to overtime pay, Kronos has published a research brief on The Changing Face of Wage and Hour Law. Enjoy the post!). It drives morale and engagement, which in turn, impact productivity and the bottom-line. The Drivers of Burnout.

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How to legally manage remote employees

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Plus, creating a telecommute option opens the door to Americans with Disability Act (ADA) accommodation requests to work at home. Remote employees also need training in time-keeping and safety and accident prevention. Source: Telecommuting Trend Data , 2018.

What Is the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)?

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Statistics about the labor force and other economic indicators are collected and communicated at the national level by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). It is the primary resource for all labor-related statistical information. According to the Department of Labor (DOL) website, “The BLS is an independent national statistical agency that collects, processes, analyzes, and disseminates essential statistical data to the American public, the U.S.

What Is Joint Employment and Can It Work for Your Company?

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The increased interest in it occurred because the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) released a new rule related to joint employment and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). What Are the Two Types of Joint Employment? On January 12, 2020, the U.S.

Stop Spying on Social Media


Ten of his colleagues saw this post, and it eventually made its way to his manager, Robert McSweeney, the target of the vehemence. Three days later, Perez deleted the post—but the damage had already been done and, following a 12-day investigation, he was fired. Pier Sixty employees were in the midst of unionizing when Perez made his post, which ended with “Vote YES for the Union!”. The post Stop Spying on Social Media appeared first on

Improve Employee Scheduling to Fast Track Business Recovery: The Comprehensive Guide


Companies that initiated work from home policies during the coronavirus lockdown are bringing teams back to the office in phases. The Benefits of Effective Employee Scheduling. The Benefits of Effective Employee Scheduling. The system alerts you to scheduling conflicts.

7 Ways to Keep Call Center Employees Engaged


Your call center employees are very often the first employees your customers interact with. They are problem solvers, and they are the keys to driving innovation, knowledge, and revenue throughout your organization. The rigors of this work can lead to increased employee frustration and disengagement. According to Gallup, only 30% of the current American workforce say they’re engaged and inspired at work. According to Gallup polls, only one in three workers in the U.S.

5 Tips for Tracking Labor Costs in Real Time


But one of the most important costs to keep a close eye on is your labor costs. With new higher minimum wages and overtime rules small businesses will face higher labor costs. And on top of all you have to do to run your business, you might not have the time to do it.

How Healthcare Organizations Can Increase Employee Engagement


Its importance is reflected in its sustained growth — even during the Great Recession, the healthcare industry continued to expand. However, burnout is a major issue in the healthcare industry, affecting both top-ranked surgeons and hospital support staffers. The jobs are stressful and taxing, and retaining employees — both within an organization and within the industry — can be incredibly challenging.

How to Buy Employee Time Clocks For Small Business in 2021: The All-Encompassing Guide


You found the most comprehensive guide to employee time clocks on the web. If you have a small business and need a time clock, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a review of the types of employee clocks for SMBs: Card Punch Time and Attendance Clocks. hours.

How to Buy Employee Time Clocks For Small Business in 2020: The All-Encompassing Guide


You found the most comprehensive guide to employee time clocks on the web. How The Right Employee Time Clock Will Increase Retail Profitability. The Benefits of Biometric Time Clocks. On January 1, 2020, the new overtime rule took effect. Eleven of them are hourly.

5 HR Management Tools To Fill Any Position in 30 Days


Like Sonic the Hedgehog fast. . Each day a role remains vacant, money is flying out of the company accounts. Businesses lose $500 per day on average from vacant roles, and with the usual time to fill a position being 30-63 days , that could be up to $30,000 for one vacant spot!

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Everything You Need to Know About Workforce Scheduling


In any organization that relies on hourly workers, a workforce scheduling solution forms the very foundation of smooth business functioning. One of the main reasons for loss of profits can be linked to ineffective workforce scheduling. Ensure you get the numbers right.

Recruiting in Germany? 10 Q&A’s You Don’t Want to Miss

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Recruiting throughout the world can be a difficult task. If you’re in the United States and asked to recruit in a foreign country, you might not know where exactly to start, especially if you are not familiar with the language. Throughout 2019, we will break down the data and interview the top job boards in countries where most US-based companies are recruiting. 65% of the German population is of working age (15 to 64).

Maybe automation will hit managers as hard as staff

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Super (long) read from over the weekend on the site titled 'When Your Boss is an Algorithm' that takes a really deep and thoughtful look at the challenges, pain, and potential of automation and algorithms in work and workplaces. Here's the excerpt of interest from the piece , then some comments from me after the quote: The next frontier for algorithmic management is the traditional service sector, tackling retailers and restaurants.

Setting the [Employee] Record Straight


Employee records management may seem like one of the easier aspects of running a business: collect your employees’ names, addresses, and banking information, get them to sign a few forms, and then lock that dossier up for…wait, what is the legal requirement again? The Ministry of Labour recently found that poor employee record keeping is one of the most common compliance violations in Ontario. Put simply: data makes decisions easy.

A Disciplined Strategy for Success in High-Volume Recruiting

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Whether it’s hiring for open enrollment, tax time, or the holiday season, the pressure to find a large number of qualified candidates in a short span of time never goes away. In fact, it’s gotten even more challenging in recent years, as unemployment rates hover around historic lows and the number of jobs added increases. In certain markets and for high-demand skill sets, the unemployment rate is even lower—often less than 2%. The stakes couldn’t be higher.

How to improve your restaurant turnover rate


Now bring this exact image into your mind again, only this time your server is rude, looks miserable, brings your meal a full hour after you’ve ordered, and has no knowledge over the food they’re serving. If you’re working in hospitality, you know that it takes more than a good menu and nice decor to keep the customers queuing for a table. The restaurant space is notorious for its exhausting work schedules, high-pressure environment, low wages and even some toxic behaviors.