Employee Empowerment: Definition, Benefits, and Factors

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Many companies distribute annual engagement surveys , but very few actually take the time to read employee comments, let alone act on them. The timing and manner in which a company collects feedback has a direct impact on the results they will receive.

7 Benefits of Attending Leadership Training Programs

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The great thing about attending leadership training is that it is applicable also in everyday life. A company that stands out definitely attracts the same kind of stand-out employees. Bad team leaders will generally result in a poorly executed project almost all the time.

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Keys to Effective Networking & Direct Contact – Definitive Guide


Finally, perhaps the most common meaning of the term networking – and the one most likely to obfuscate the others – relates to attendance at networking activities , like industry conferences, continuing ed, and other kinds of local meet-ups.

How to create, implement and enforce a time and attendance policy


A time and attendance policy – the set of rules for your employees on when to show up for work and in what circumstances they can be excused – is essential for running your business successfully. This conversation definitely applies to your company as well.

Is the Android App the Next Big Step For Time & Attendance


So many Time & Attendance solutions have already added an Android app to their offering, those that haven’t yet will have to move to keep up. Rolling out an Android app extends the functionality of your solution, empowering both workers and managers to access to it whenever the time is right for them. Extend the reach of your time & attendance solution with an Android app. You can learn more about our new Android-based time clocks here.

11 Small Business Tips for an Epic Annual Meeting

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One of my favorite instances of this benefit is the annual ExactHire company meeting. Having at least six of these yearly meetings under our belt now, I can say we’ve definitely improved our efficiency and meeting outcomes over the years.

100 Plus HR Interview Questions & Answers For Top MNC


Are you attending a job interview and you are worried on how to give a good answer to an HR Interview question. How did you handle the employee Describe a time when you had to restructure a process within your organization Describe a time when you supported an idea that no one else supported.

Super Meetings: More Effective, Productive, And Collaborative


The core strategy team arrives in the meeting room. The boss is already anxious and stressed out—for this is a crucial meeting that will define the future of his unit. Needless to say, this was a totally ineffective, mismanaged and unproductive meeting—and everyone knows it.

employee expects us all to attend her destination wedding, avoiding handshakes during coronavirus, and more

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Employee expects us all to attend her destination wedding. One of our employees firmly believes that since we spend most of our time at work, coworkers should function more like family than like, well, coworkers. At this point, she fully expects that every employee will attend.

Make Meetings Matter

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Meetings do matter. For me, their main importance is as a forum for making timely decisions that will benefit the business. But most people know the feeling of frustration when the meetings they have to attend get overlong and dull, or the subjects under discussion don’t concern them.

8 Strategies for Running an Effective Team Meeting

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Attending meetings is an everyday occurrence for many of us at work. However, not all meetings make good use of employees’ time. Meetings don’t have to waste anyone’s time. Know the Meeting Objective. Keep the Meeting Engaging.

What is inclusive leadership?


There are also ways to reinforce these characteristics over time. Here are some best practices for inclusive leaders: Attend an inclusive leadership training: Through certain activities (e.g. Looking for more definitions? Why is inclusive leadership important?

6 Questions That Will Help Improve Your Meetings

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There’s a reason no one likes attending your meetings! They’re boring, repetitive, and often times irrelevant. Most companies hold more meetings than they actually should, and the meetings they do hold often times aren’t as useful as they could be.

How to Attend an HR Conference (and make it worth your while)


Think about the last conference you attended. That’s why today’s episode is focused on how to get the most out of the HR conferences you attend. I attend a lot of conferences. I meet people. I meet vendors.

Why It’s Strategic to Ask Questions Before Meetings


Time management is a crucial element in just about any workplace. According to the Muse, managers in upper management can spend about 50 percent of their time in company meetings. The sad thing is that most of these meetings tend to be unproductive with little to no decisions made. As such, before scheduling any meeting, it’s important to ask questions to determine the viability of your meeting. Define the Purpose of the Meeting.

a fired employee still wants to attend the office holiday party

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It for was for minor things such as frequent lateness, too many personal calls and emails on company time, and general friction with other coworkers, to more serious things such as a very sharp decline in his work quality, cursing at other coworkers, and admitting to getting high at work. He has mentioned it to other workers that he will be attending, and they see no problem with it, as he got the party invitation before being let go.

The 10 Best Meeting Scheduling Tools for 2020

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All of this juggling requires a copious amount of meetings — to formulate a game-plan, track progress, collect feedback, correct course accordingly and meet deadlines. . While most people hate the time wasted in endless meetings, some of them simply cannot be avoided.

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How to Find the Time for Mentoring

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But, scheduling free time isn’t a luxury, it’s necessary. Most importantly, when you find time for mentoring, you choose the opportunity to recharge and expand your horizons. But, that’s definitely not the most productive use of your time. Be realistic with your time.

How to Manage a Direct Who Resists 1 on 1 Meetings


Their recent podcast struck a nerve: Resistant Directs in a 1 on 1 Meeting. If you do not have 30 minutes to listen the podcast now, below is a 3 minute summary you can take to your next meeting. If you do 1:1 meetings with your direct reports, keep reading.

Conference Topics To Meet Every Need

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Technological advances provided hints at future inroads and areas ripe for automation, but no innovations met the definition to be categorized as “artificial intelligence” yet. A slightly more scientific observation was the discernible number of first-time attendees at the conference.

A Guide to Planning the Best Offsite Meeting


This begs the question: what is it that makes an offsite meeting productive and memorable? Offsite meetings give your organization one of its biggest chances to confirm its culture. Like culture, these three abstract terms need a solid definition.

Are You Attending Sundance Film Festival? Kosha Dillz Shares 6 Ways You Can Stay Sober and Still Enjoy Yourself

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Doing drugs, dealing drugs and jail time didn’t change his change anything about him wanting to fit in. I think in times of danger, a phone is a powerful tool to have. This means making the daily meetings in Park City at noon, if you have to take $30 Uber and Lyft rides to get there.

should I ask to be paid to attend the holiday party, how do people call in sick, and more

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Should I skip the holiday party unless I’m paid to attend? It is after hours and I found out from the HR manager that we are all expected to attend. I am part-time and hourly; the “after hours” part of this is four hours after my day usually ends, and I would not be paid for the time spent. and have my time respected? Technically, if the party is truly mandatory and you’re hourly, they need to pay you for your time there.

The “10 Percent Meeting Rule” and Other Ways Workplaces are Keeping People Engaged

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And over time, those days have a huge impact on your overall experience — and your creativity and productivity — at your job. A “10 percent” meeting rule. “We It’s part of our culture in valuing each other’s time. Open-forum meetings.

Why I’m attending #HREvolution

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I’m off to Atlanta on Friday to attend the US HR community’s HRevolution unconference. I love and strongly believe in unconferencing – in all its forms – and very nearly attended the first HRevolution back in 2009.

HR Strategy Coronavirus Meeting Themes (i4cp login required)


This speaks to the relevance of i4cp’s Talent Ecosystem Integration Model, which outlines the multiple avenues – collaborative/agile teams, internal and external talent marketplaces, partnerships, for example – that high-performance organizations pursue to meet their talent needs.


fired employee wants to attend the holiday party, rejected for going to school full-time, and more

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Fired employee wants to attend the company Christmas party. Our office recently let go of an employee for numerous reasons after several warnings, for minor things such as frequent lateness, too many personal calls and emails on company time, general friction with other coworkers, to more serious things such as a very sharp decline in their work quality, cursing at other coworkers, and admitting to getting high at work. I just thanked her for her time.

I got fired for attending a conference that I wasn’t invited to

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The idea of the conference sounded interesting and at our next departmental meeting I asked my manager’s manager about being able to attend the conference. This was for several reasons: (1) what I heard about the conference in the elevator sounded interesting, (2) I was trying to show initiative, and (3) It would be good for my career to attend something like that. I offered to do all the conference so he could get the meeting set up.

How I Meet 500+ Customers a Year as a CEO

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Yes, I am definitely an “E” in Meyers-Briggs language. of their time with clients, I was shocked. That averages out to roughly 11 clients a week, 45 clients a month, and over 500 client meetings a year. If you are a leader looking to meet more clients, this article is for you!

updates: the office pooper, the fake brainstorming meeting, and more

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I ended up setting up a meeting with my manager and letting her know how I felt about her idea and how I was perceiving it. I think I mentioned in the comments that we had a Sergeant from the sheriff’s office at a staff meeting the year before to discuss workplace violence. He offered during that meeting to review our policies and make suggestions. I faked a team brainstorming meeting. Here are four updates from people who had their letters answered here this year.

How to Prepare for the New Overtime Changes


By definition, an individual is currently exempt from earning overtime if he or she meets all of the following three conditions: Performs executive, administrative, or professional job duties. Time Tracking . As you hopefully know, starting on December 1st, effectively 4.2

“READ … MY … FAX!” Is NOT a Good Termination Meeting!

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Yesterday’s Advisor celebrated Back to the Future: Part II on the date of Emmett “Doc” Brown and Marty McFly time-traveling to October 21, 2015—and it highlighted a few scenes that were surprisingly applicable to HR. Time to start planning with BLR’s new HR Playbook.

my coworkers won’t come to my meetings, ankle-length hair at work, and more

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I can’t get my coworkers to read my updates or come to my meetings. To give a few examples, I send weekly updates via email that no one reads and I schedule meetings that team members skip without notice beforehand or acknowledgement after. And they might not actually need the weekly updates or the meetings. So I’m doing X, Y, and Z, but I want to make sure you know those other pieces may not be finished by the time I leave unless Jane and Fergus have time for them.”

employee lied about coronavirus to get time off work, coworker sprayed Lysol at me, and more

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She was given two weeks of paid time off. She apologized at the end of the meeting. Policy is not to ask for doctor’s notes or documentation for time off for illness or bereavement unless it is extreme circumstances. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

we’re supposed to share emotional baggage at meetings, managers calls to me whenever I pass his door, and more

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We’re supposed to share any emotional baggage at the start of meetings. My supervisor has recently adopted a “baggage-drop” activity, where we all go around the room and share what is on our minds, mostly personal stuff, supposedly to clear our heads and make the meeting more productive. (I I find it irritating, probably due to the fact that I can never think of a good answer, and I feel our meeting time is so precious and this is not a productive use of our time.

Meet The Female Leaders Of Finance: “Women have a responsibility to elevate one another” with Kassandra Dasent and Jason Hartman

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…Finally, women have a responsibility to elevate one another instead of trying at times to undermine the efforts of each other. This is a definitive example that cookie cutter personal finance solutions will not suffice.

refusing overnight travel for training, attending a coworker’s baby shower after being fired, and more

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I’m a recent grad and am looking to enter an office job for the first time. That aside, though, I think the situation really means that your best bet will be to focus on employers where it’s highly unlikely that this will ever come up (just like someone with severe anxiety about, say, public speaking might avoid applying to jobs where they might need to give presentations or lead meetings). Attending a former coworker’s baby shower when I was suddenly fired.

updates: the early morning meetings, the boss posting fake news, and more

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Can I push back on daily morning meetings before my usual start time ? (#2 I emailed the meeting organizer something like, “8am is a bit early for me on a daily basis. Could we do this asynchronously or at a later time on some days?” ” His reply indicated to me that I was not the first person on the team to ask ;) In the end the daily meeting idea was dropped (thank goodness). I’ve been lost for a long time, and everything’s felt wrong.

new employee wants me to give him money, I wet myself during a board meeting, and more

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If you can’t feasibly say that (because he’ll see you chatting with others or so forth), then say, “I’m sorry you’re having a tough time. I wet myself during a board meeting. I’m heavily pregnant with only three weeks to go until my due date and plan on working right up until labor to save my leave time. I’m an executive assistant and a huge part of my job is to attend board of director meetings. How do I survive wetting myself during a board meeting?

is this work-from-home set-up unfair, my schedule means I can never attend office happy hours, and more

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On the other hand, if none of that is the case for them, then yes, it comes across as a double standard — that they’re holding others to a bar that they’re not meeting themselves, and without good reason for the disparity. My schedule means I can never attend office happy hours. when the other staff member and I cannot attend. I want to bring this up to my manager, and see if there is a way we can include everyone, but at the same time it feels like something so petty!