Avoid Time & Attendance Issues When Hiring New Employees

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That includes time & attendance. Time & attendance for new employees. As new employees get acquainted with things related to your culture, processes, and workflow, you’ll need them to track time worked & attendance—just like all of your other employees.

Utilize Payroll & Improve Cash Flow


Unfortunately, in times of crisis, sometimes it is not up to profit. In this article, we present completely honest, and moreover, effective ways to utilize payroll to improve your cash flow. This is also one of the basic ways to utilize payroll to improve your cash flow.

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Must-have features of a Time & Attendance Software


Manually managing your employees’ attendance using traditional processes like forms, excel sheets, and emails is difficult. As the headcount increases, the process of maintaining every employee’s record and processing leave while complying with organisation policy becomes complex and time-consuming. While managing many leave requests manually would result in payroll errors, legal complications, and more. Payroll Software Integration. Real-time Attendance Analytics.

That Dirty Four Letter Word – DATA!


Payroll Tables setup. Payroll Processes. Often times, data comes from multiple sources, including manual sources (i.e. You definitely do not want to load dirty data and have to clean it up in the new system. Written by: Erik Frokjer.

Data 362

Shining a Bright Light on Shadow Payroll


Recently, I presented a webinar with the GPMI on the topic of Shadow Payroll. It was surprising how many payroll professionals registered and attended on the day. Last month I found myself in a conversation with a manager of US payroll in a well-known international company.

Top HR Conferences to Attend in 2018


To help you find the conference that’s right for you, we’ve rounded up the top upcoming HR conferences across the country (Events with an asterisk indicate that Namely will be in attendance—we hope to see you there!) 1. Professionals from across the nation attend this conference to catch up on the latest HR legislation and stay ahead of the curve. Where is the best place to learn the latest industry trends, hear from industry thought leaders, and network with your peers?

10 Best Payroll Software Solutions for Small Businesses


Don’t you just LOVE managing payroll?! Show of hands, please, who here just can’t wait for that time of the month (or week) to calculate employee wages, PTO, taxes, benefits, and all those super-fun things? 33% of employers make habitual payroll mistakes. Payroll reminders.

HR TechStack – Payroll Software


Payroll Software Definition. Payroll software is used by companies to streamline and automate employee payment and tax filing. It allows companies to easily perform and track their payroll processes. Payroll solutions ensure employees are paid timely and accurately.

Why Time Tracking Software is So Essential for Companies That Hire Union Workers


Tracking employees’ time and paying them appropriately is a large task for any organization. Today, though, this process has become easier to manage through the use of time tracking software and workflow software solutions. The Complexity of Time Management for Union Workers. As it relates to pay and time tracking, this generally includes: Definitions for different salary levels. How Time Tracking Software Can Help.

Getting the Most Out of Your Global Payroll RFP, Part I


By definition, a proposal document offers a solution to a problem. In this case, you’re asking for a solution to your payroll problem. Your company’s request for proposal ( RFP ) document should specify exactly what your organization is looking for in your new payroll solution. So don’t create a “standard” RFP — use this opportunity to leverage your vendors and get the best solution for your global payroll operation. Expensive and fragmented payroll.

Understanding Payroll maturity – four ways to optimise your Payroll practices


In recent years, Payroll processes have significantly evolved thanks to the move towards transformation projects, the increased adoption of cloud and the desire for Payroll practitioners to get more involved in business operations. With a need to contribute to key business decision making, Payroll professionals must have a mature and potentially global Payroll solution in place to support the new range of challenges they face.

How to Prepare for the New Overtime Changes


By definition, an individual is currently exempt from earning overtime if he or she meets all of the following three conditions: Performs executive, administrative, or professional job duties. Time Tracking . Payroll .

Compliant Time Tracking: Getting It Right with Time Clocks


In a time when machines are learning and data is big, you need to finally trade in the pen-and-paper timesheet for a smart time tracking software solution. Why you NEED a time clock in your business. Why you WANT a time clock in your business. Real-time notifications.

The Best Business is Built on Relationships: A Visit with ExponentHR


However, I spent a ton of time talking with vendors and friends in the industry. There’s just no substitute for face to face conversation and I spent my limited time in Chicago focusing on that and nothing else. Fast forward a few days, and I was in Idaho for my first time ever. If we didn’t get the basics of payroll and benefits right, none of it mattered. They are definitely worth a look. HR Events Payroll Strategy

Changing Employees from Salaried to Hourly


By definition, salaried workers are salaried because they perform certain job duties, typically managerial, and are compensated solely based on the job they perform, not the hours they work. So does this mean that affected employers will be forced to increase their payroll costs?

Why GPS Tracking is a Must-Have for Home Health Employee Management


New mobile time clocks ensure timekeeping accuracy wherever your employees are throughout the day or night. But it’s definitely not easy to care for people with physical, mental, and emotional challenges. Mobile time clock apps capture hours and automatically tracks accruals.

7 Ways HRMS Can Transform How Your HR Department

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And on top of it all, you still have to answer questions about payroll and keep up with compliance reporting. No one needs to tell you that your time and energy are valuable. Whether you’re doing everything on pen and paper or using specialized software for recruiting or training, it’s time to consider a change. If you haven’t heard about HRMS, now is the time to check out the technology that can streamline HR and help you take back your day.

Employee GPS Tracking


At the same time it is becoming a more challenging task for employers to control and track the amount of hours workers actually spend performing their jobs. Companies do trust their employees in some extent, however they also need better tools to be in control of employees time, attendance and location. That’s why GPS tracking is one of possible options to get employee’s location in real data and control their performance at the same time.

30 HR Tools For Improving Human Resource Workflow

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HR tools can be used to automate the payroll process as well as improve the onboarding process. The following fifteen tools aren’t free, but they are definitely worth the investment. Payroll Software NO. Attendance Tracking NO. 2) INOVA PAYROLL. Payroll Software NO.

Tools 56

How to Decide Which HR Certification Exam to Take – Ask #HR Bartender

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Prior to that, I worked in the family business for 10 years doing payroll and HR. It’s best to do your homework before investing time (and money) into the process.

Keep it Simple: Optimizing User Experience for your Benefits Portal


We have High Definition on our laptops, tablets and phone, and manufacturers continue to add quicker processors. Many Portal tools allow the creation or modification of Site Themes, which hold the definitions for colors, headers, indentation and fonts. Written by: Eric Frokjer.

Case Study: Meeder Investment Management


Adding Paycor Recruiting , Onboarding and Learning Management to their HR process helped Meeder Investment Management save time and increase employee engagement. “I And then I click a button and all the [new hire] information seamlessly transfers to payroll. ”. Time & Attendance.

Everything #HR Needs to Know About HCM

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Bill, let’s start with a couple of definitions. IBM still runs payroll on a mainframe Tesseract system purchased in 1986 because it still works, which is not witless. Kutik] Many people have full-time jobs keeping up with the HCM market, and they can barely cope.

The Top 12 Free and Open Source HR Software Systems for Your Small Business


Update 08/27/2018 : We’ve updated this article with additional software options and removed software that no longer meets our market definition, was outdated, or no longer free. Factorial also doesn’t have any time tracking features.

Different HRIS Systems and their comparison with benefits


You tend always to lose track of time and never get enough done on time despite having enough time. As time goes on, you might have to depend on the use of sticker notes to remind and keep tracks of all activities. Payroll processing. Time and Labour Management.

HRMS software benefits: 7 ways to help your business grow

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If you’re always bogged-down handling repetitive tasks and routine admin work, you certainly won’t have much time to focus on more in-depth projects like improvements in the greater work environment. Payroll. Save time with an employee portal.

The 10 Best Meeting Scheduling Tools for 2020

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They are often in charge of recruiting and employee onboarding , processing mountains of paperwork related to payroll and pensions, ensuring the employees’ mental health is taken care of, while also devising a good offboarding strategy for layoffs. HR professionals have a lot on their plates.

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Where can You Find InfinityHR at the AZSHRM18 Conference?


As the InfinityHR platform is an automated HCM tool aimed to make the lives of both HR administrators and the employees who use the software easier, we definitely have to crash the party! Payroll. Time and Attendance. Time-Off Tracking.

Smartphone Apps Are Becoming The Catalyst Of HR Management

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Managing workforce and time is not an easy achievement, whether you run a private company, non-profit or a government organization. Mobile technology is definitely reshaping the way people connect with each other and is changing the way organizations are formed, organized and ran.

3 Must-Read Digital HR and HR Tech Articles of 2019 (and 1 Bonus Article)

Digital HR Tech

It’s time to kick off the year with an overview of not-to-be-missed Digital HR and HR tech articles of 2019. Payroll Benefits Time & Attendance Training Performance management Succession planning Employee self-service Reporting & Analytics.

What are the Benefits of Cloud Computing?


If you’re using outdated technology, the answer is definitely not. Most wish they could spend less time troubleshooting and more time working on high priority assignments. These automated rules help to reduce a lot of human, manual errors and time needed to fix issues. .

What Franchise Owners Need to Know About the “Save Local Business Act”


In 2015, the National Labor Relations Board changed the definition of a joint employer to be anyone with “indirect” control over the policies of the workplace or an employee’s duties. Though it’s hard to determine an exact number, most franchisors limit involvement in employee relations or dictating payroll, hiring, firing, salaries, or other day-to-day operations.

HR Tech Weekly: Episode #240: Stacey Harris and John Sumser

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I’m joining you from sunny Las Vegas as it is this time of year and how about you? So if something gets off in the middle of it this time, it may not be the technology. is always a conversation mean, you’ve had blind times on the radio show, right?

Two Seasonal Employment Laws You Need to Know


It’s That Time of The Year Again. And the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and state laws require companies to pay their seasonal employees 1 ½ times their regular rate of pay for any hours worked in excess of 40 in a given work week… just like their regular employees.

The Problem of Employee Tardiness and How Staff Scheduling Software Can Help


When a valued employee walks in five minutes late for their shift, blaming traffic congestion, it can seem the definition of a small problem. If one associate is repeatedly late, and nothing is done about it, colleagues may question why they need to be on time.