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How one organization is breaking organizational silos—and increasing engagement

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The 2019 Employee Engagement Report found that one of the top 10 drivers of engagement is the opportunity for learning and development. In fact, employees ranked growth opportunities higher than compensation when it comes to what keeps them engaged. Learning and development are often relegated to workshops or traditional education. But there are so many more ways to grow your employees’ skill sets. What are the key metrics for success?

Digital Transformation of Employee Training and Engagement

Rallyware for Human Resources

Personalized employee engagement improves business profitability . If you’ve been in a talent development role for a while you will no doubt have received marketing material for training solutions. One of the most significant of these is employee attrition.

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5 Employee Incentive Ideas that Boost Employee Motivation


In today’s job market the competition for top talent is fierce. Finding employee incentive ideas that boost talent recruitment, retention, and development is like finding a golden ticket for business success. Yet most traditional employee incentive plans don’t work for longer-term employee retention or talent development. Creating an employee experience that builds an employee’s own motivation to do their job.

2019 L&D Focus Shift: from Learning Engagement to Performance-based Learning

Rallyware for Human Resources

We’ve heard a lot about employee engagement impacting a healthy, collaborative, and goal-oriented workplace culture as well as overall company productivity. However, just having a learning platform with great engagement is not enough to provide business results.

Your Guide to AI Talent Acquisition


Today’s operating environment demands that companies turn talent acquisition into a competitive advantage, and artificial intelligence is key a stepping stone toward this goal. In this article, I draw on my more than two decades in HR tech as well as the expertise of other leaders to explain: In this article: How AI transforms every phase of talent acquisition. AI best practices for executive talent acquisition. How to prepare for AI talent acquisition rollout.

HR TechStack – Learning Management System


TalentLMS is a super-easy, cloud LMS to train your employees, partners and customers. Channel Executives and Training Managers look to Latitude when they struggle to manage training across hundreds of locations or want to include performance metrics in their certification programs. Today, more than 100+ customers and brands are using the Thought Industries Learning Business Platform to transform the way they reach, teach, and engage audiences. DiscoverLink Talent.