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Diversity and inclusion training: How to apply it in the workplace


When you craft a D&I training program, you need to carefully design and apply it to gain its maximum benefits. In this blog post, you can find the skeleton of a diversity and inclusion training program that you can use with adjustments within your company. Training (e.g.

Take diversity and inclusion to the next level in your company culture


As soon as hundreds of organizations and business leaders responded to these events by publicly committing to racial inclusiveness and justice in the workplace, we at CultureIQ started getting calls asking what was missing from existing Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) efforts. By Paul M.


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Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace: Benefits and Challenges

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The positive impact of diversity and inclusion is no longer debatable. According to Deloitte, diverse companies enjoy 2.3 Gartner found that inclusive teams improve team performance by up to 30 percent in high-diversity environments. What is diversity and inclusion?

How to Implement Diversity & Inclusion Programs That Actually Work

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Diversity is a topic that is on everyone’s minds right now, but corporate diversity programs are nothing new. Nearly every large company (over 1,000 employees) in the United States has some sort of diversity program in place, according to research by Harvard Business Review. employees attested to having witnessed or experienced discrimination based on age, race, gender, or LGBTQ identity at work. Creating a truly diverse workplace starts with how you hire.

One-way video interview biases: potential risks for diversity


No matter how trained or aware you are, biases will always surface and may sidetrack your attention away from what matters. What metrics would you use to measure our social media’s performance?”). Train recruiters and hiring managers.

7 Steps to Reaching Your Workforce Diversity Goals

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Workforce diversity, whether it’s gender, ethnic, or age diversity , is often linked to strong organizational performance. Other benefits of workforce diversity are the fact that it drives innovation, creates skill diversity and that it makes your company more appealing to a broader customer and candidate demographic. But how do you go about actually building a diverse workforce? The workforce diversity plan. Look for diverse sourcing channels.

Use 'The Interruption Strategy' to Tackle the Diversity Gap

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population will soon be more diverse than ever: Census data suggests there will be no ethnic majority in the next 10 to 30 years. Williams writes, “When an organization lacks diversity, it's not the employees who need fixing. " There are many emerging strategies to increase diversity and eliminate bias in organizations — including several focused on using big data to tackle the problem. Step 2: Identify Key Metrics. Talent Management Diversity

Without Retention, Diversity Efforts Fall Short


Building diversity in the workplace is an initiative HR leaders cannot afford to miss. Companies with diverse workforces are proven to deliver higher performance and greater innovation. Therefore, many technology companies are directing large sums of money to increase internal diversity metrics and cultivate a broader pipeline of minority candidates. Despite investment in equal-opportunity hiring practices, diversity numbers are unimpressive Click To Tweet.

What Makes a Workplace Diversity Program Successful?

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Facebook publishes an annual diversity report —a way to catalog the efforts the company is making toward diversifying its staff, and to report on its progress. Diversity initiatives are policies and practices designed to improve the workplace experiences and outcomes of target group members. These surprising, complex findings motivated me to research why diversity initiatives don’t always work as intended, and what we can do to try to make them more effective.

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace: Are employers doing enough?


If you are having trouble understanding the importance of diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the workplace, you aren’t alone. Spurred by a growing social consciousness, businesses are slowing making a more concerted effort to improve diversity and inclusion in the workplace. What is diversity and inclusion? As diversity and inclusion expert, Verna Myers put it best, “diversity is being invited to the party, and inclusion is being asked to dance.”.

Beyond Diversity: Creating an Inclusive Workplace


The next generation of professionals working their way up the ranks are demanding more of employers when it comes to diversity and inclusion. Millennials are the most diverse generation in history : 59% identify as Caucasian, and 27% have immigrant backgrounds. There is a given expectation by them to see equal representation and opportunity at work, but that barely scratches the surface of how millennials see diversity evolving. Diversity vs. Inclusion.

Supreme Court Ruling Protects LGBTQ Employees

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Supreme Court ruled that discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. That’s because it is impossible to discriminate against a person for being homosexual or transgender without discriminating against that individual based on sex.”. This ruling essentially provided clarity on if sexual orientation and gender identity were covered under sex discrimination. Training.

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace: How to Create More Inclusive Careers

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There’s no other way to mince it: Discrimination and prejudice in the workplace regularly stop otherwise qualified candidates from advancing in their careers. But diversity and inclusion shouldn’t be viewed as a simple box you tick on the way to meeting quarterly goals.

Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DIB) in the Workplace: How to Create More Inclusive Careers

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There’s no other way to mince it: Discrimination and prejudice in the workplace regularly stop otherwise qualified candidates from advancing in their careers. But diversity and inclusion shouldn’t be viewed as a simple box you tick on the way to meeting quarterly goals.

There’s no excuse for lack of diversity in talent sourcing

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Sourcing and including diverse candidates in all hires and promotion considerations is a vitally important way to make sure your team comprises the highest-quality talent. Ensuring that you have diverse candidates for new hires and promotions may require a little more work at first, but it quickly becomes part of your everyday talent sourcing processes and the branding of your organization. State clearly that you want diverse candidates to apply.

The Complete Guide to Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace: How to Create More Inclusive Careers

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There’s no other way to mince it: discrimination and prejudice in the workplace impede qualified candidates’ careers. But diversity and inclusion shouldn’t be viewed as a simple box you tick on the way to meeting representation goals. Nor can they be summed up in a 60-minute on-demand webinar training or solved for in a two-day off-site workshop. This deep-dive discusses the on-going problem of how discrimination and prejudice affect career mobility.

Why the Head of Diversity is the Job of the Moment

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But there is a growing consensus that this position — whether you call it head of diversity and inclusion or chief diversity officer or diversity director — will be critical to an organization’s ability to grow, innovate, and compete for talent. 2, head of diversity at No.

Beyond Lip Service: How HR Software Can Improve Workplace Diversity

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Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) is finally recognized by many as a necessary part of developing any company culture and achieving HR and talent management goals. Given the close relationship between the two, effective HR management software can also enable better diversity and inclusion in your business as well. While D&I is more commonly prioritized than it used to be, how businesses should go about creating a diverse organization is less well’defined.

Root Out These 7 Insidious Hiring Biases to Increase Workforce Diversity


Hiring bias limits efforts to increase workforce diversity. Companies that do more than pay lip service to diversity identify the types of bias in their process. At the end of this article, we discuss the benefits of increasing workforce diversity. After that, we will outline an 11-step roadmap to eliminate the bias and build a more diverse and inclusive workforce. An 11-Step Roadmap for Increasing Diversity Through Recruitment. Is your hiring team diverse?

The Failures of Bias Training, and What You Should be Doing Instead

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Last year, Starbucks made headlines for closing over 8,000 stores to conduct anti-bias training in response to a racial bias scandal. Starbucks’s response this discrimination, mandatory training, is a common response to social injustice in the business world. Unfortunately, bias and sensitivity training is as ineffective as it is popular. Why is bias training so popular if it’s proven to be so ineffective? Why Training is an Appealing Approach.

Diversity & Inclusion Strategies to Take You to the Next Level in 2020


Diversity and inclusion (D&I) continues to be an important topic in 2020. Over half ( 57 percent ) of employees believe their companies need to improve diversity, and two-thirds ( 67 percent ) of candidates will actively seek out diverse companies when they’re looking for new roles. GoodHire recently hosted a webinar around diversity and inclusion strategies to share key ways employers can take their efforts to the next level.

DEI in the workplace: Three experts discuss


Siobhan Randell – Inclusion and Diversity Lead at WhiteHat. Below, you’ll find some of their most valuable points around representation at work, DEI data analytics, diverse recruitment and inclusivity. through our one-way video interview feature) and build a more diverse workforce.

7 Actions HR Can Take to Help Create an Inclusive Environment at Work

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Diversity and inclusion are separate concepts Ways HR can cultivate an inclusive environment. Workplaces are becoming increasingly diverse, and not everyone feels like they fit in because of obvious treatment or subtle attitudes they experience. Diversity & Inclusion

What is blind recruitment, and is it effective?


Not only have there been digital advancements, such as the development of bots , there has also been a shift towards a more diverse workplace. Diversity in the workplace has been under scrutiny in recent years. Despite improvements in diversity, it’s clear we still have some way to go. Through its practice, each job applicant will be fairly considered on a level playing field, leading – at least in theory – to organizations creating a more diverse workforce.

Hiring Without Bias 3 Steps Your Company Needs to Take


With the relentless media focus on the subject of diversity, you may think that bias in the hiring process is a well-controlled issue. STEP TWO: FORMALIZE TRAINING. Others prefer to sign on with one of the many vendors who offer subscription-based programs, online modules or in-person training programs to help companies lower their risk of hiring bias. Talent Management Workplace Culture and Innovation discrimination Diversity Hiring bias HR workplace bias

Gender inequality in the workplace: A lack of women in leadership


In other areas the inequality of men and women is even larger: for example, in Japan, the same metric went from 1% to 2% and in North America from 15% to 18%. Everyone is all about Diversity & Inclusion these days. Age discrimination in the workplace is also a common issue specifically for women. Recently, we collaborated with SGO for an event dedicated to age and gender discrimination and learned what companies can do to tackle these challenges.

How to Face Implicit Bias Head-On When Hiring and Build a More Effective Workforce


Every organization should promote equality, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace. Workplace diversity is the right thing to do, and it’s linked to increased productivity and profits for the company. The fact that this evidence hasn’t eradicated workplace discrimination points to an issue that runs deeper within our company cultures. Overt discrimination is rare these days. Including those among us who believe we would never discriminate.

Four Ways Company Culture Can Support Women in Leadership

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Instead, a recent Bersin by Deloitte brief suggests that the problem comes down to culture: It turns out that most organizations simply do not provide an environment that supports diverse leaders or encourages everyone to strive for senior positions. Rather than addressing the existing problem as solely a gender balance issue, companies should work to create a culture of inclusion that fosters diversity and encourages everyone to strive towards leadership opportunities.

Sure, She Works Here. But, Do We Employ Her?

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Essential terms and conditions can include: Hiring; Rejecting new hires; Training; Discipline; Setting pay and benefits; Establishing working conditions; Firing or demanding firing of workers; Assigning tasks; and Providing oversight or evaluations. Recruiting and HR Management are diverse fields, with diverse problems and solutions. Hiring & Recruiting BLR Las Vegas recruiting TrainingConsider the following situation: You hired a worker through a staffing agency.

2019 BCGi Summit: Speaker Spotlight #2

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Industry thought leaders and subject matter experts will be presenting at the BCGi Summit: Striving for Diversity: Sure It’s Required…But It’s The Right Thing To Do! Session Title: Diversity Metrics. Many diversity programs fail in part because of lack of good metrics. This data should be disaggregated by the demographic categories chosen to be in the diversity initiative. Each stage of a diversity program can be measured.

Employment laws to watch in 2019


Diversity. A broad mix of new rules enacted at the state level are designed to encourage diversity or protect vulnerable groups. Harassment, discrimination and bullying. Fallout from the #MeToo movement prompted a host of new or updated requirements related to gender-based harassment and discrimination training. Companies could once post an online training module to be finished by all new employees.

From Employment Opportunity to Employment Value

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They do so in at least four ways: Inclusion and Diversity. Inclusion and Diversity. This element of employer brand is all about enabling innovation, creating trusted partnerships with customers and suppliers, and contributing to the success and sustainability of the business by directing formulating and linking a company’s inclusion strategy to the organization’s shared values – respect for all individuals and the diverse contributions of all.

The Importance of Creating a Gender Inclusive Workforce


By many metrics, this is still an ongoing struggle - by recent studies, women still only hold around 21% of executive roles. Let’s take a step back for a minute and remind ourselves why the evolution of a diverse workforce is imperative to a business thriving. Multiple studies have concluded that having a highly diverse workforce is simply more productive and profitable than a monoculture. Hold seminars and training sessions in the workplace.

The problem with hiring for ‘culture fit’


Today, the concept of corporate culture fit has been flipped on its head, as the public continues to scrutinize the lack of diversity in the tech industry. Instead of being a strategy for hiring and keeping talented people, culture fit is often seen as a convenient way of discriminating against otherwise qualified people. Of course, employment discrimination isn’t new to our times. Their stars turned out to be the people plugged into the most diverse networks.

8 Meaningful Ways to Celebrate Black History Month in the Workplace


There’s a plethora of research that covers the racism, discrimination, and unfair treatment that African-American employees face. This attitude persists despite the efforts of diversity initiatives. As HR professionals, it’s up to us to set the standard of how to eradicate discrimination and bias—conscious and unconscious —and, in the process, encourage the inclusion of all employees. Trust us —and decades of research —a diverse and inclusive workplace is worth the effort.

The Nature of Work Is Changing, and So Does Employee Experience: Interview with Brian Kropp from Gartner

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Data is becoming key to driving desired behaviors at the workplace and delivering personalized employee experience , yet managers and training leaders might not immediately see the value of knowing more about the lives of their employees outside of work.

Recruiting Trends 2020 Report: Predictions for the Year Ahead


Here are our top hiring predictions for 2020 and beyond: 2020 Recruiting Trends and Predictions: Recruitment operations teams will be a must-have HR teams will become data analysts Diversity & inclusion efforts will drive business success Automation is the answer We’ll redefine “candidate experience” “Worktirement” will replace retirement Remote work is on the rise HR leaders will become business partners Employee benefits will expand Recruiters will become marketers.