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Are you doing enough to leverage tech for employee relations?


It may not be surprising that during 2020, social and political conflict —along with ongoing challenges due to COVID-19—helped position the employee relations (ER) function as a vital factor in shaping positive employee experiences. Last year, nearly half of the organizations surveyed closed these cases in five days or fewer.

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7 Ways To Improve Employee Relations In Your Organization

HR Tech Girl

As an HR professional, manager or leader, part of your role is to help maintain healthy relationships between employees and the company and ensure a productive and positive work environment. Poor employee relations can lead to a decline in productivity, low employee morale, and ultimately impact the company’s bottom line.


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Sample human resources manager job description and interview questions

Business Management Daily

The Human Resources manager will perform personnel management functions relating to recruitment, hiring, training, performance management , compensation, and termination. They will also be responsible for developing personnel policies and regularly updating the employee handbook. Support conflict resolution between employees.

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Talent-short firms relax tattoo policies; Amazon workers in shock anti-unionization vote

TLNT: The Business of HR

Talent-short companies relaxing policies on visible tattoos. Disney, UPS and Virgin Atlantic have all been revealed as just some of a growing list of companies that have decided to relax their policies around tattoos being on show in the workplace. A recent Rasmussen Reports survey found nearly half of Americans under 40 have tattoos.

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Building An HR Department: A Step-By-Step Guide

HR Tech Girl

Besides creating compelling job descriptions, evaluating job applications, and interviewing candidates, these teams must also keep up with the latest tech, marketing, and psychology trends and innovations. Employee relations. Do you have any talent management policies in place?

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15 Job Titles for Human Resources: A Comprehensive HR Job List

Analytics in HR

HR Specialist Job description An HR Specialist is someone who performs specific HR functions like recruitment, training and development, compensation and benefits, or employee relations. It is common for an HR Specialist to be involved in recruitment and employment, training and development, and employee relations.

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Diversity and Inclusion Trends to Look Out for in 2021

Vantage Circle

In recent years, employers and business leaders around the world have been trying to predict the diversity and inclusion trends that will impact their work cultures the most. All of these changes are significant factors in determining the upcoming and ongoing D&I trends for 2021. Diversity and Inclusion Trends in 2021.

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