Are you doing enough to leverage tech for employee relations?


It may not be surprising that during 2020, social and political conflict —along with ongoing challenges due to COVID-19—helped position the employee relations (ER) function as a vital factor in shaping positive employee experiences. million employees globally, including 2.3

Deepfake job interviews; the most disproportionately popular jobs; and the Burger King worker who went viral: The most interesting HR stories of the week


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Building an inclusive workplace for neurodivergent employees


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Are You Tracking These Common Employee Relations Issues?


If you own a business or are a HR manager, maintaining unified employee relations is integral to your company’s success. While this is inevitable, the key to dealing with common employee relations issues is having a plan and multiple supports in place so that when issues do arise, they can be addressed swiftly and effectively. Common employee issues HR should be tracking to avoid legal ramifications : 1) Conflict Management. Employee Relations Software

Tesla ordered to tell staff about lawsuit it faces; employers accused of trapping staff into ‘indentured servitude’


Tesla told to tell employees about lawsuit it’s facing. A US judge has ruled that Tesla must tell its employees about a lawsuit it is facing over allegedly violating federal laws by requiring workers to sign separation agreements.

What to Do if the EEOC Receives a Charge of Discrimination Against Your Company


Employees or former employees who feel that they have been discriminated against in the workplace are usually the reason that charges of discrimination are filed. Verify if the employee making the charge is currently with the company or a former employee.

The most interesting HR stories of the week

TLNT: The Business of HR

Return to office is ‘racist’ say Apple employees. A furious group of 200 Apple employees – part of a newly-formed group, ‘Apple Together’ – have written to CEO Tim Cook branding calls to return to the office as racist.

Will There Be Over 90,000 Discrimination Charges Filed In 2017?


Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) recently released the 2016 statistics for discrimination and harassment cases filed for the year, showing an increase for the second consecutive year. Discrimination charges were filed in 91,503 cases (29% being sex based claims). Well, there were most certainly those complaints that did not meet the legal definition of discrimination or harassment. Not just in fees, but in company morale, reputation and employee time.

Most Interesting HR stories of the week

TLNT: The Business of HR

Well you do now, and according to Benefits Pro this means one thing – employers will soon have to beef up their benefits portfolio to include pet-friendly perks too. And they call it, puppy love….

Alleged Pay Discrimination at Google Makes Marc Benioff and Salesforce Look Amazing.

The HR Capitalist

Here's a rundown from the post : "In a panel at a conference organized by Fortune last week, Marc Benioff, the CEO of the cloud-based software company Salesforce, said that he recently ordered a review of all 17,000employees’ salaries to see if female employees’ pay was in line with those of male employees doing similar jobs. Not only did they change the narrative related to diversity (important, but so it equality, people!), Well played, Salesforce.

Would You Fire Your Employee for Saying This?


My question for you today: would you have fired your employee for saying or writing this kind of thing, knowing that his or her actions reflect on you as an employer? . Full disclosure: it’s my Christian faith, as well. A few years ago, a well-known progressive commentator mused to his large Twitter following that sometimes he wishes all the Christians would just disappear. General Discrimination Employee Relations

If You’re Being Investigated by Human Resources – Ask #HR Bartender

HR Bartender

That being said, it can be a serious shock when an employee finds out human resources is investigating something that involves them – whether they are the focus of the investigation or just that their name has come up in conversation. What should employees remember when they’re asked to meet with HR regarding an investigation (regardless of their involvement)? Every employee has a duty to reasonably cooperate with an employer’s investigation.

The cost to defend a discrimination lawsuit (and can you do anything about it)

Ohio Employer's Law

My answer: The reality is that defending a discrimination or other employment lawsuit is expensive. Last month, insurance carrier Hiscox published its annual guide to employee lawsuits [pdf]. What does Hiscox report on the cost of defending of discrimination lawsuit, from its study of its own claim history? What can you do to mitigate this risk of lawsuits by (ex-)employees, and the high costs that go along with them? Preventing discrimination and harassment.

Should HR Give Employees Advice – Ask #HR Bartender

HR Bartender

Let’s face it, human resources professionals often know personal things about their employees, like how much money they make. As a result, it can be tempting to want to help employees tap into community resources. I work in employee relations/training department for an organization in the human services/non-profit field. For example, we link our employees to information about subsidized child care resources, job training, etc.

The Tim Sackett Covid Vaccine Employer Policy!

The Tim Sackett Project

Organizations are really struggling right now to figure out what they should do about Covid vaccinations and employees. We see some giant employers mandating vaccinations and I’ll also publicly say I think that mandating vaccines for 100% of your employees is basically stupid.

Can Employees Refuse a Pay Increase – Ask #HR Bartender

HR Bartender

I’ve always (jokingly) said that the one thing I can count on is an employee not refusing a pay increase. Well, this reader note shows me that’s not always the case. He said that I need to speak with HR, who said they can’t take the pay increase back because it’s a law in Massachusetts and would look like the company is discriminating against me. Even if the employee feels a complete answer isn’t provided, he/she will have more information to use in further efforts. .

Want real HR change? Look to data and analytics


For more than a year-and-a-half, HR teams have been dealing with fallout from the pandemic, including seismic shifts in how and where work gets done and a transformed workplace that requires new skills and employee experience initiatives.

From the Archive- Employee Birthdays: Recognition or No?

OmegaHR Solutions

well maybe a few LOL. As I got to my birthday it made me think about how companies recognize employee birthdays , if indeed they do. One such post was How to Celebrate An Employee’s Birthday. Light the candle, gather the other employees and go to the birthday boy/girl and sing happy birthday. Again get the employee’s permission before automatically celebrating to avoid religious discrimination issues. Celebration. This post first appeared in 2011.

HR Issues in Family Run Businesses: Keeping the Lines Clear

Astron Solutions

A lack of fairness and consistency in treatment of family and non-family employees can lead to accusations (and even proof of) nepotism in hiring practices. Organizations should strive to always hire the best candidate instead of hiring a relative just because they’re a family member.

Astron Solutions’ 2021 Wrap-Up: Our Key Takeaways

Astron Solutions

Despite the ending of unemployment funding programs, employees were still quitting their jobs in droves. A recent SHRM survey revealed some common reasons employees gave for leaving their employers: Better compensation. A desire to make a career change … related to “ COVID clarity.”

Employees: You Need to Read This

HR Bartender

Take, for instance, the employee handbook. Companies have been writing, printing and distributing employee handbooks for decades. Is there another way to provide employees the same information without killing a bunch of trees? Employee handbooks are time consuming and expensive to produce. And there’s a perception that employees don’t read them. Human resources creates an employee handbook to protect the company. Employees swear they will read it someday.

Uber CHRO Resigns Amid Whistleblower Allegations: Serves as Cautionary Tale for HR Pros at all Levels.

The HR Capitalist

It apparently hasn't gone well. In addition to encouraging employees to hug during town hall meetings with the singular purpose of talking about harassment issues (WOW!), Hornsey has been accused of routinely dismissing racial discrimination claims. More from Engadget : Uber's Chief People Officer Liane Hornsey has resigned after a third-party firm investigated allegations that she routinely dismissed internal racial discrimination complaints.


Workplace Investigations Improve Company Culture. Really?


Over the last few months, I have been speaking at regional HR meetings on the topic of “Using Workplace Investigations to Drive Employee Engagement and Improve Company Culture. When talking to the attendees, I am hearing that HR professionals are very interested in finding a better way to handle sticky and serious employee relations issues. Although investigations are costly and time consuming, most HR departments do not have a budget set aside for employee relations.

Mizzou Football: Leaders Need To Make Sure Urgency Is Obvious to All.

The HR Capitalist

If you're a leader who just happens to be white, there's probably some lessons there for you - but probably for all leaders as well. In case you missed it, here's a basic rundown from ESPN : "The president of the University of Missouri system stepped down Monday, and the flagship Columbia campus' chancellor announced he will "transition" into a different position at the end of year amid criticism of their handling of student complaints about race and discrimination.

Mom cannot sue employer for discrimination against her son, court says

Ohio Employer's Law

Brittany Tovar claimed that her employer, Essentia Health, discriminated against her when her employer-sponsored medical insurance denied her son gender reassignment services and surgery. 5/11/16) , the court had little issue dismissing Tovar’s claims because the alleged target of the discrimination, her son, was not an employee protected by Title VII: There are no allegations that Tovar herself is transgender or was denied health benefits…, let alone denied benefits because of her sex.

Dress Coded: What to Do When an Employee Dresses Inappropriately

HR Payroll Systems

And with a dress code come employees who will break that dress code. Before talking to an employee about their dress, look over the company dress code. The dress code shouldn’t require employees to violate religious beliefs or impose a heavier burden on members of a certain race or gender. Banning beards, for example, could be both considered both racial and religious discrimination. For some companies, however, there may be safety reasons involved as well.

Dress Coded: What to Do When an Employee Dresses Inappropriately

HRIS Payroll Software

And with a dress code come employees who will break that dress code. Before talking to an employee about their dress, look over the company dress code. The dress code shouldn’t require employees to violate religious beliefs or impose a heavier burden on members of a certain race or gender. Banning beards, for example, could be both considered both racial and religious discrimination. For some companies, however, there may be safety reasons involved as well.

Sometimes You Get Sued and Your Best Employees Come To Your Defense.

The HR Capitalist

You did the right thing with some problematic employees, but then you got investigated/sued. Missouri has concluded its Title IX investigation into Earleywine with no finding that he violated federal non-discrimination statutes. There's an art to dealing with employees who won't get with the program. Of course, your employees can't attend a meeting under protest and make it public in a way that matters, right? . It's every manager's worst nightmare.

How to Tactfully Address Dress Code Violations

HRIS Payroll Software

Due to the shift in policies and perceptions of professionalism, some employees may have differing views regarding acceptable dress. Acceptable dress should be detailed in an employee handbook and discussed even before hire so that new employees can prepare to comply. The more thorough the explanation of acceptable dress, the easier it will be for employees to follow and for employers to correct if discrepancies crop up. Meet with the Employee Privately.

Handling Employee Incidents and Grievances

HRIS Payroll Software

When incidents occur that affect the well being of employees or undermine the company culture, it is important to address the issues in a way that is effective and legal. Far too often, employee incidents and grievances are swept under the rug with the explanation that the issue is “under investigation.” Sitting down with an employee and listening to their grievances or a description of how an incident occurred is an important first step.

HR and Workplace Guide Tackling Employee Conversations That Stink


Employee friendly HR software designed to help tame your business. . As the HR manager and business leader, it’s your job to address these types of stinky workplace situations and doing so from a position of strong leadership, positive employee development and an awareness of the sensitivity of the matter is key. I know these conversations with employees are uncomfortable. Make sure there is really an issue before approaching someone based on a report from another employee.

Saying “I am sorry” is protected in 36 states

OmegaHR Solutions

Research has shown that telling an offended party that you are sorry defuses many situations, whether it is in a personal relationship, a malpractice suit or even in a discrimination lawsuit. According to the website Sorry Works!, “ Thirty-six states have ‘apology laws’ which prohibit certain statements, expressions, or other evidence related to disclosure from being admissible in a lawsuit. I think it is well-known that respect goes a long way.

The Burden of FLSA, FMLA and ADA


It was born in an era where, quite honestly, US employers took advantage of their employees. You have benefited from the FLSA during your working lifetime and your children have or will benefit from it too so please, for the love of a good banana cream pie, quit denying your employees these benefits. Employers, not employees, are required to determine if an employee’s duties are considered “exempt” from overtime.

Janine Yancey On How We Need To Adjust To The Future Of Work

Thrive Global

Increasing Employee Activism and Higher Expectations of Employer. As a part of our interview series called “How Employers and Employees are Reworking Work Together,” we had the pleasure to interview Janine Yancey. Increasing Employee Activism and Higher Expectations of Employer.

Care About Employees, But Be Careful


I have conducted a number of management training programs in which I have asked managers what they think employees expect of them. Less frequently raised is the reality that employees want to know that their manager cares about them. No employee wants to be “just a number.”. Employees who feel cared for are more engaged. And, companies with engaged employees are more profitable. Of course, managers should not tell each employee that he or she is loved.

How to Avoid Pregnancy Discrimination in the Workplace


Avoiding pregnancy discrimination in the workplace is a top priority for employers. And it’s also a hot-topic these days, especially with the new EEOC guidelines surrounding the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978. The best thing you can do to protect yourself from litigation is to train all managers or supervisors—but especially the ones who are directly overseeing employees. You have to be respectful and mindful when informed by an employee about her pregnancy.

Are Employee Loans a Good Idea?

HRIS Payroll Software

Many employees ask their employers for a loan when faced with emergencies and financial difficulties. Asking an employer may seem to be a good idea for employees, as the employer may offer more favorable terms than a bank and will be able to line up repayment dates with paycheck dates. However, there are pros and cons to lending employees money that should be considered before going forward with loans. Employee Loans Can Foster Loyalty. Compensation Employee Relation

Workplace Wellness Programs: Are They Really Worth the Investment?


Happier employees? Workplace wellness programs can bring both benefits and liabilities into your organization. Why workplace wellness? Promoting wellness as a way to contain rising costs of healthcare has been researched extensively, but the verdict remains unclear. One 2012 report found that most North American employers who have analyzed the ROI of their wellness programs saved one to three health plan dollars per dollar invested.

Freelance isn’t Free Act

Astron Solutions

If so, organizations that hire freelancers from the New York area, as well as organizations that function in the New York area, should take special note of this new law. Roth also noted that even if FIFA currently does not cover your organization, pay close attention that local, state, and / or federal definitions, such as in the Fair Labor Standards Act, do not define a hire you consider to be a freelance worker as an employee.

Workplace Frustration and Social Media Usage

Astron Solutions

An employee’s Facebook post and its comments about an organization resulted in the organization firing all employees that participated in the on-line discussion. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) found that these employees actually were engaged in protected concerted activity, making termination inappropriate. Workplace venting via social media is becoming an increasing concern for employers and employees alike. Employee Relations