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California Firm Esri Reaches $2.3 Million Pay Discrimination Settlement


Despite continuous legislative and social efforts aimed at closing the gender pay gap, pay discrimination persists. While the news of the pay discrimination settlement is not good for Esri’s reputation or brand image, it’s worth noting that the company did enter an early resolution agreement to correct the alleged violations.

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From Compliance to Talent Management: The 15 Essential HR Responsibilities

Analytics in HR

Today, HR professionals play critical roles in policy development, onboarding, manager training, employee experience, digitalization, and much more. As mentioned, HR is responsible for identifying workforce requirements needed to achieve goals and analyzing trends to ensure the right talent is in the right positions to succeed.


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New York City Law to Mandate Salary Transparency


This is the latest move to encourage salary transparency and address systemic pay discriminations. Prior to this law, NYC employers were allowed to withhold pay information until the hiring process was complete. It’s worth noting that the federal Equal Pay Act , which bans sex-based pay discrimination, has been in effect since 1963.

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Sample human resources manager job description and interview questions

Business Management Daily

Finding and hiring the right HR Manager is extremely important, as this role has a direct impact on the employee experience for everyone in your organization. If you’re looking to hire an HR Manager or hoping to become one, take a look at this sample HR Manager job description to learn about the key job duties and required qualifications.

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Fantastic Strategies To Eliminate Bias And Discrimination


The first step to eliminate bias and discrimination in the workplace is to first understand what it is. Age discrimination can come in many forms, so it’s important for employers to recognise what they are. Let’s begin by understanding what age discrimination is. What is age discrimination? What is age discrimination?

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Efficient Background Checks a Must as Hospitality Preps for Peak Travel Months

Sterling Check

Is your hiring workflow up to the challenge? Rebound is Welcome, but Current Trends Pose Challenges. Unfortunately, hires aren’t keeping pace, leaving a hiring shortfall of 485,000. Unfortunately, hires aren’t keeping pace, leaving a hiring shortfall of 485,000. Hiring Needs to Happen Fast.

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4 Compliance Legislative Trends to Watch in 2023

Sterling Check

In a year-end webinar which you can watch on-demand here , Sterling’s compliance experts covered the latest regulatory and legislative updates set to impact hiring and background checks for your workforce, especially with upcoming deadlines for new and pending laws about to take effect. Let’s explore the major trends to watch in 2023.