Can an employer require proof of religion for time off requests?


Background scenario: George requested time off but was denied by his manager due to scheduling demands. Shortly afterwards, George explained to his manager that he intended to be part of a religious celebration that day, and that denying him time off would be religious discrimination.

Religious Discrimination Hazards on the Rise

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Religious discrimination hasn’t been a major concern for employers in recent years. Segal, a partner at Duane Morris, also noted that employers have experienced an increase in religious discrimination claims in recent years. The same goes for paid-time-off days.

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FMLA: California Employer Put Up with Performance, Attendance Issues Long Enough

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In addition to her attendance issues, she was frequently tardy and became a poor performer. AT&T warned her several times that she would be suspended if her attendance and performance didn’t improve. Monica Cannot Maintain a Disability Discrimination Claim.

Turns Out, There Is Political Discrimination and Harassment Too


Seven or so years ago, I was asked to teach a course for a client regarding discrimination and harassment prevention. If they did so, they could terminate anyone who didn’t meet that behavioral standard and still sleep like a baby at night.

Disability Discrimination: Terminated Cancer Survivor’s ADA Claim Fails, Part 2

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8th Circuit Court of Appeals (which covers Arkansas, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota) recently affirmed a district court’s ruling that an employee failed to establish a case of disability discrimination and retaliation. start time.

Did Supervisor Discriminate Against Reservist Due to Possibility of Deployment?

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An Army reservist claimed that he was discriminated against after informing his supervisor about the possibility of an upcoming deployment. . That was the only meeting that he had missed. At one meeting, she said she was “cleaning house,” pointed to Louis, and said “Poof, be gone.”.

Does Facebook Facilitate Age Discrimination in Job Ads?

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They hold meet and greets, provide free food (a guaranteed method of attracting college students), and conduct interviews that only students at that particular university are eligible for. We don’t call this age discrimination because, theoretically, old people (defined legally as over 40) are allowed to attend college and would be eligible to apply for such job. Who are the people most likely to want a part-time package handling job?

The #1 Way Small and Medium Businesses Save Time


Think back to some of the most time-consuming activities you’ve undertaken for your business. A major study from earlier this year shows that small and medium sized business owners consistently underestimate the amount of time and energy required to run their HR functions in-house.

Disability Discrimination: Terminated Cancer Survivor’s ADA Claim Fails, Part 1

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8th Circuit Court of Appeals (which covers Arkansas, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota) recently affirmed a district court’s ruling that an employee failed to establish a case of disability discrimination and retaliation. start time. start time.

What Non-Discrimination Policies to Include in an Employee Handbook


They also make it easier for you and your management team to prevent discrimination and the complaints that may result. Written non-discrimination rules might also limit your liability in the event of a complaint, as you will have a record of your efforts to prevent discrimination. If you’re wondering which non-discrimination policies to include in an employee handbook, we’ve got you covered. Types of Non-discrimination Policies to Include in an Employee Handbook.

my boss refused to send a dying coworker flowers, people keep stealing food for meetings, and more

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The next time you’re talking with your manager, I’d bring it up again. People keep stealing food meant for meetings they’re not attending. We have a number of conference rooms in our large building that various departments book, and often order catered meals for the meetings they hold. This morning, the breakfast ordered for a group was consumed almost entirely before those actually attending the meeting arrived. It’s five answers to five questions.

Just because it takes extra time and effort is no reason to avoid the accommodation discussion

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In a meeting with one of the supervisors of the company the two applicants requested written information about the jobs for which they were applying. The employer will also keep a written log of all complaints of disability discrimination and report to the EEOC on a semi-annual basis.

Sexual Harassment Nightmare at a Small Business


Living in meetings. My favorite part of being a business owner was spending time with our customers. Guess what I didn’t have time for? I spent so much time in meetings that attending to my real job was just a dream. I had meetings with each employee in the shop that day, phone meetings and in-person meetings with lawyers, meetings with the employee accused of sexual harassment to learn his side of the story.

How many of you would risk the retaliation claim here? (I would)

The Employer Handbook

One of your employees just complained about discrimination in the workplace. One claimed that the defendant-employer violated the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination when it fired him for participating in a workplace investigation. Both plaintiffs claimed that time was on their side.

No answer on legality of cutting hours under ACA: Dave & Buster’s settles ERISA suit

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If you were hoping a court ruling on a recent ERISA lawsuit involving Dave & Buster’s would offer some clarity into whether it’s legal to cut employees’ hours to avoid having them count as full-time employees under the ACA, you’re going to be disappointed.

Employment Law 2020: Are You Prepared and Protected?

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There are three requirements employees must meet to be exempt from these thresholds, and employers must ensure they’re well-versed with these exemptions to avoid hefty fines and collection actions. Paid Sick & Safe Time.

If Employee Reveals Disability Shortly Before Termination, Does He Have a Bias Claim?

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After all present executive committee members expressed negative opinions of his job performance, Clark informed the committee of his Parkinson’s diagnosis for the first time. The full board met on October 20, 2014, and voted to terminate Clark 11-1 (not all board members attended).

Employee Voluntarily Quits, Could She Be Eligible for Unemployment Benefits?

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Shiloh Community Development Corporation hired “Raegan” to work as a part-time data manager in February 2014. She claimed that her supervisor, “Olive,” screamed at her during a meeting and prohibited her from attending a training session.

Fired Learning Consultant with Performance Problems Points to Racial Bias

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Turner later alleged that there was no evidence that she was required to perform both jobs, and even if there were, he had to travel more and his workload was heavier because of the time of year he was promoted. poor performance) was pretext for discrimination.

Refusal to Undergo Medical Exam Tanks Michigan Worker’s ADA Claim

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Sam’s performance began to suffer about the same time. ” Also, the city required all employees to attend training on respect and responsibility in the workplace. Leave Management, Policy, and Compliance ADA business discrimination employeesThe U.S.

Dear ReWorker: My Employee Is Harassing a Contractor—Do I Intervene?

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For instance, you shouldn't invite contractors to attend staff meetings, offer them health insurance or control their schedules. However, in some places like New York state , there are laws that protect independent contractors from harassment or discrimination.

Employees: When Should You Lawyer Up – Ask #HR Bartender

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I reached out to two individuals who have been very gracious with their time. Ballman outlines several reasons you might need an attorney: “There are some times in your employment that you may definitely need an attorney. There are times when you absolutely, positively need a lawyer.

Turning Age into Advantage: Tips for Job Searching for Professionals 55-plus


Age discrimination is illegal, but that doesn’t stop it from happening. Just like any other type of discrimination, it can be subtle and hard to pinpoint. Join an industry organization and attend training events. Aging workers looking for new jobs face a slew of challenges.

7 Steps to Reaching Your Workforce Diversity Goals

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They should look like this: This time next year, we’ve got a 3% representation of people with a disability Starting six months from now, we’ll provide half-yearly cultural-awareness training for all leaders By next year, we’ve launched a collaboration with at least two Women in Tech organizations.

Building Your Company Culture and Employee Engagement Dashboard


One way to get started is to create a company culture and employee engagement dashboard that monitors the increases and decreases in certain metrics over time. Attendance (Are there any interesting patterns in increasing or decreasing use of PTO or time off?).

Employees: You Need to Read This

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Employee handbooks are time consuming and expensive to produce. EEO policy, anti-harassment policy, PTO and attendance policy , I-9 policy, etc.). The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is requiring you to circulate a non-discrimination policy.

HBR Says Women Experience More Incivility than Men at Work — Especially from Other Women (KD at #workhuman)

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One of the best shows I attend, highly recommended. I've been to WorkHuman one time a couple of years ago, and I'm back this year. This discussion will be moderated by top-rated Wharton professor and best-selling author Adam Grant, a long-time advocate for workplace equality.

ATS 141

15Five Takes PRIDE In Every Employee


Pride began as a way to honor the 1969 Stonewall riots in New York City, and has evolved into a joyful parade that millions all over the world look forward to attending every June. While this “trend” has been in vogue for quite some time, this is not something we take lightly.

The opioid crisis: Is drug addiction a disability?

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Employers cannot discriminate against applicants with disabilities. Employees who are being counseled may request time off to attend counseling or therapy sessions. The time off may be a reasonable accommodation under the ADA.

Alcoholism and the ADA: Is it a disability? If so, how do you accommodate? And what are the limits?

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The EEOC notes here that the ADA may protect a “qualified” alcoholic who can meet the definition of “disability.”An Some ideas: Adjusting an employee’s schedule to allow him or her to attend AA to remain clean and sober.

“Harassment is Not Just that Nasty Comment”


Managers or supervisors declining to allow certain workers to attend training or other career-advancing opportunities. Employee(s) playing practical jokes on a second worker, particularly if they inhibit an individual’s ability to perform their job in a timely or appropriate fashion.

Wisconsin Employment Laws Business Owners Should Know


We did some of the hard work for you and put some of the most important Wisconsin statutes in one place so you can either learn them for the first time or give yourself a refresher. . Holiday Leave: Private employers are not required to provide paid or unpaid time off for holidays. .

No ADA Violation for Ramping Up Productivity Demand for Traffic Camera Job

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Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), an employee who is a qualified individual with a disability may not be subjected to discrimination or an adverse employment action on the basis of her disability. Inability to Meet Standards. her violation of its attendance guidelines.

Is Capitalism in Jeopardy Because of Pay Inequity?


That’s a pretty bold statement, but in this era of #MeToo, people are just as bold, empowered to speak out about not just sexual harassment but discrimination, inequality, and other forms of unfairness in the workplace. Is capitalism about to go away?

Celebrate The Big Women’s Soccer Win—But Maybe Not the Wage Gap

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However, the minimum salary for female players in the National Women’s Soccer League ( NWSL ) is $6,842 with the current cap at $37,800, which, says the article, has forced many players to take second jobs to make ends meet or leave the sport to pursue a full-time career outside of soccer.

Women in Leadership: #BalanceforBetter

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Director of Human Resources, SafeStreets USA , graciously took time after the event to answer the audience questions we didn’t have time to address. That aside, you will be remembered as someone committed to solutions the next time they need ideas.

From the courtroom: Hiring do’s and don’t’s

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Yocum then had Belcher meet with the supervisory committee, members of which allegedly asked her why she complained to the EEOC. The EEOC sued on behalf of all three women, who alleged age and sex discrimination, as well as retaliation. Tatyana sued for pregnancy discrimination, alleging the VA rejected her because she was trying to get pregnant. Hiring for a new position in your company can be a daunting task.