Hot in HR: Amazon’s 30 Hour Work Week Experiment, Men Benefit From Closing the Pay Gap, Too


In case you haven’t noticed, equal pay is a hot topic at the moment. In fact, analysis of equal pay gaps are sort of the new diversity report—in the sense that companies seem to be releasing their salary discrepancy numbers in an effort to attract and retain female employees. Subtle changes in what employees think about compensation or product road maps, or how they feel about specific leaders can often be accurate predictors of future productivity or attribution.

Bersin: 8 positives from the pandemic for HR leaders


As an executive from Sanofi said, this crisis has been an equalizer in some ways. We’ve started a healthy, albeit difficult, discussion about race, income inequality and diversity. Related: Positive product of the pandemic—culture.

Employer Branding 101: How to Attract Millennials?


In other words, what’s the groundbreaking product or service that’s driving the business? Are the people diverse and wholly accepted? Your product makes a real impact in the wider community. Click here to find out how you can work with Glints!