Why corporate transparency is giving new impetus to diversity and inclusion


Many left it to the last minute, with analysis from People Management magazine suggesting that just 15% of employers published their data in the 11 months leading up to April’s deadline, more than 1,500 releasing their reports in the final 24 hours, and a further 1,500 organisations failing to publish their pay gaps in time. Whenever you have a particular focus on a particular group, there’s always a risk that you stop thinking about true inclusion and diversity”. Download it here.

Hiring for diversity vs. skill sets: How do you find a balance?


Efforts to hire for diversity can be challenging. You, the business leader, know you need a workforce diverse in age, skill sets and culture for your business to thrive. When the word “diversity” comes up, business leaders often think first of hiring people outside their usual gender, religion or race. But that’s only part of the diversity equation. Talk openly about the benefits of diversity.

#HotInHR: Will Work For No Benefits: The Challenges Of Being In The New Contract Workforce


Office Perks Delivering Fun and Health Only Blur the Work/Life Boundary Further – Slate Magazine . America’s Best Employers For Diversity – Forbes. One study after another has shown that companies with more diverse teams have stronger financial performance. But without being an employee, it’s often difficult to get visibility into how seriously a company takes diversity. Related: Presenting 50 Best Companies for Diversity (Black Enterprise).

Want to Retain Women Leaders? Look Beyond Maternity Leave

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They’ve been consistently included in FORTUNE Magazine’s 100 Best Companies to Work for in America. They’ve been consistently included in FORTUNE Magazine’s 100 Best Companies to Work for in America.

Video: i4cp 2016 Conference | Next Practices in Total Rewards


Clements is responsible for outdoor retailer REI's long-term people strategy—including talent management and leadership development—and also serves as an executive sponsor for REI's diversity and inclusion initiative. REI is consistently ranked as one of FORTUNE magazine's "100 Best Companies to Work For." If you missed the award presentation or want to view it again, the video is available here: Download the slides from the presentation (i4cp members only

Support employment for people with disabilities: 5 inclusive hiring tips


Building an inclusive workforce means being open-minded to the diverse population of people with disabilities. Viewing a disability as just a difference, like culture, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation, expands workforce diversity.

3 ways to build job candidates’ trust through transparency


Since taking a new position can require a leap of faith, they want to understand and align with your organization – from your commitment to diversity and fair pay to your dedication to corporate responsibility. Diversity report. The first type of report you should consider creating is a diversity report. Diversity is important to employers because it’s the catalyst for innovation. Applicants today demand transparency.

How to retain millennial job hoppers


That translates to job hopping, collecting a diverse set of skills and getting healthy pay rate increases along the way. They’ve collected a sufficient and diverse enough set of skills (and promotions). If you’d like to learn more strategies for how to retain millennials (and employees of every generation), download our free magazine: The Insperity guide to employee retention.

3 no-nonsense tips for effectively managing Gen Z


Like their predecessors, Gen Zers value and expect independence, creativity, freedom to work when and where they want, diversity and, of course, technology. Desire for diversity. Gen Z is generally considered to be our most diverse generation. So, for Gen Zers, diversity is the norm, not a workforce goal or trend. They’ve always been able to instantly download the latest hit song, and they’ve never had to stop at a gas station to ask for directions.

Employment laws to watch in 2019


Diversity. A broad mix of new rules enacted at the state level are designed to encourage diversity or protect vulnerable groups. These include: Learn about laws affecting your industry by keeping up with the news published in trade magazines, and subscribe to legislative alerts from industry trade organizations. Learn more by downloading our free e-book Employment Law: Are You Putting Your Business at Risk ?

Should I foster bottom-up ideas? Yes, here’s how and why


Increasing the diversity of the talent you ask for help will only increase your chances of receiving an innovative solution. If you’d like to know what else goes into a healthy company culture (and the benefits that go along with that), download our free magazine: The Insperity guide to company culture. The best ideas don’t always come from upper management, sometimes it is the bottom-up ideas that can help put a company on top.

Dear leaders, please stop making assumptions – here’s how


Because it’s unique, it’s just one of many diverse points of view. By opening your mind to diverse, and at time conflicting, perspectives, you’ll be better equipped to craft creative and comprehensive solutions to any challenges that arise. If you’d like to learn more strategies for effectively leading others, download our free magazine: the Insperity guide to leadership and management.

11 Things You Need to Know About Generation Z


Gen Z lives in a world of continuous update and information downloads. Gen Z is much more diverse than former generations. Thus, companies will need to fortify and re-examine their messaging and commitment to diversity & inclusion.

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7 strategies for more effective communication across your organization


Everyone learns and processes information differently, so it’s critical that you communicate using diverse channels. For more tips on how to inspire your workforce, download our free magazine, The Insperity Guide to Leadership and Management. It probably comes as no surprise that the most successful businesses are made up of highly engaged employees. These top-performing workforces share a relentless dedication to what’s in the best interest of their employers.

7 ways to shrm: essential tips for making the most of shrm [infographic]

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Pro Tip: Browse our daily roundup of Must-See Sessions and download the SHRM app to create your schedule for each day. Pro Tip: Make sure your team comes prepared with a must-see speaker list in tow and schedule diverse sessions for each team member.

HR Tech 2015: Employer Branding is on the Rise

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It has been two weeks since Human Resource Executive magazine’s annual HR Technology Conference (HR Tech), one of the most well-attended and talked about HR events of the year. It was a great example that illustrated the importance of diversity recruiting while putting a real face and experience with job roles.

3 lessons from Google’s HR policies


Best Company to Work for” by both Fortune magazine and the Great Place to Work Institute a total of 7 times. By adopting this scientific approach to its processes; from improving employee retention, workplace collaboration, diversity, to hiring algorithms which indicate which prospective candidate has the highest probability to succeed at Google. If you would like to learn more about how to evolve the culture of your organisation, then download this white paper.

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BenFanning1 : #INC Magazine Leadership Columnist and Speaker: Free report to get the most out of your workforce. BenFanning1 : #INC Magazine Leadership Columnist and Speaker: Free report to get the most out of your workforce [link]. Download our app and never pump in a bathroom again.

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RitaMitjans : Mom, Harvard ’90, Chief Diversity & Corporate Social Responsibility Officer. d_lux_brand : Fierce advocate for pay equity, gender equality, and diversity and inclusion within the workplace. Diversity !=

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Finding diamonds in the rough through social media, eg using git hub (a repository of software networkers) - spying on them - finding out who are the developers who contribute most, whos code is downloaded most. But does it deserve to be on every conference, every magazine issue, ever blog?