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Everything You Need to Build Your Employee Handbook


The employee handbook is the holy grail of workplaces, and every employer should have one, regardless of size. Not having an employee handbook is one of the biggest mistakes small employers can make. Helps keep management and employees on the same page.

7 Challenges Facing HR Departments in 2018


Here are seven challenges facing human resources professionals in the year ahead: #1. According to a recent XpertHR survey , one of the top challenges of 2018 will be recruiting. The battle for top talent is going to become more fierce as the number of retiring baby boomers far outstrips new skilled entrants into the workforce,” he says. “HR Related: Is This The Season to Review Your Hiring Process? #2. Effectively Handling Sexual Harassment Issues.

4 Months into 2019, What are the HR Trends That are Here to Last?


There were many predictions of HR trends that would take the industry landscape by storm when 2019 started. However, there are a few HR Trends that have stood the test of time and are still going strong even as the first quarter of the year draws to a close. There has been a sustained increased focus on regulatory compliance across the board. There are several regulations in HR that have come to the forefront lately, demanding more focus than the rest.