Report Finds Employers Have Room to Improve on DEI Initiatives

Trusaic recently issued a report on a survey they ran regarding employers’ outlook towards Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives for 2021. Businesses Need to Improve Workforce Diversity .

Report 130

Why the Head of Diversity is the Job of the Moment

Linkedin Talent Blog

But there is a growing consensus that this position — whether you call it head of diversity and inclusion or chief diversity officer or diversity director — will be critical to an organization’s ability to grow, innovate, and compete for talent. 2, head of diversity at No.


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Five Factors Driving the Future

HRO Today

New research reveals key shifts that HR leaders need to consider when blueprinting workforce strategy. This is especially true for HR professionals who are at the center of employee health and safety. A commanding 85% of respondents agree with their company’s remote work policy.


How this veteran CHRO is turning his focus to AI ‘for the common good’


Mulligan recently spoke with HRE about the future of AI in HR. HRE: How has your own experience with and reliance on AI developed throughout your HR career? I can’t wait to join our illustrious team of AI researchers in utilizing AI to improve our own internal HR practices.


HR Career Path: Everything You Need to Know

Analytics in HR

Whether you’re just starting out in HR or have had years of experience under your belt, planning out your HR career path plays an essential role in helping you achieve your personal and professional goals. The modern career path for HR. HR career path options.

What Is An HR Business Partner? A Guide | CuteHR


Although HR business partnering roles back to the 1990s, the concept recently started gaining currency for its plethora of benefits. What is an HR Business Partner? This fusion and integration of business strategy with people management policies is called ‘business partnering’.

Dave Ulrich Support Act - South America ~ HR to HR 2.0 and.

Strategic HCM

23 HR Most Influential UK Thinker 2011. The HR Capitalist. 5 Things Every HR Pro Can Learn From Riley Cooper and the Eagles. Listed in SHRM Indias Top 20 Indian #HR Influencers Active on #SocialMedia. The New (Social) HR. McArthurs Rant - Human Resources, Organisations and HR 2.0. Gamification - thats the name of the game HR. Seminarium presents The Annual HR Conference 2013. Modern HR, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. HR role.

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How data and storytelling can work together under the new SEC rules


Over the last year, employers have developed and reported metrics around culture, the governance of the human capital function, DE&I, total rewards, talent development, and health and safety, among other areas.

Best HR Trends and Priorities to Follow in 2022


What is HR? HR is the department responsible for building, developing, and implementing policies that define the organization’s relationship with its employees. We can never exaggerate the importance of HR in creating strategies that lead to business transformation.

5 Types of HR Operating Models: A Full Guide

Analytics in HR

HR operating models is a topic that is dear to a lot of leaders’ hearts. In this article, you will learn what HR operating models are, different ways of organizing the HR function and various types of HR operating models, as well as best practices for creating an HR operating model.

Redefining the Organization through the Recruitment System


Not to mention that they are in charge of implementing policies that promote healthy company culture, establish employee diversity, ensure cultural fit, and many more, which perpetuates stability and order to the organizational structure in totality. Functions of Recruitment.

CEOs Get It. Do HR Leaders?

China Gorman

Here’s another survey analysis and report that should be required reading for all HR professionals: pwc’s 18 th Annual Global CEO Survey. Diversity. The first four themes are fairly predictable – and they all have some impact on talent strategies and HR functions – but the fifth, Diversity, might be a surprise to you. Would you have predicted that Diversity was among the 5 most critical themes to emerge? The big question is, does HR get it?

7 award-winning HR tools demo at HR Tech


Not much can slow down HR tech innovation, even a pandemic. That’s the takeaway from the HR Technology Conference and Human Resource Executive ’s Top HR Products keynote session. After more than 120 submissions, 70 demos, a short list of 38 products eventually narrowed to 16 winners, seven products (due to time constraints) were featured today during the afternoon keynote session at the virtual HR Technology Conference & Exposition ®.

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Sumser: How health, safety and ethics will become the heart of HR


Long-time observers of the HR technology industry traditionally have not considered health and safety to be part of the territory. Two powerful forces—the pandemic and the advance of intelligent tools —are changing HR’s role , the mission it serves and the technology it uses.

Everything #HR Needs to Know About Machine Learning

HR Bartender

His work has covered diverse fields from robotics to educational modeling, and now workforce management. Walsh] In the last decade, HR professionals have seen the amount of data they oversee proliferate. All of these are use cases that HR professional have confronted for decades, but the growth of Big Data means machine learning tools are now capable and even needed to confront these familiar problems. A great HR example is around compliance auditing.

A Four-Part Framework to Modernize Rewards and Recognition Programs


Indeed, many companies were questioning the sustainability of their HR strategies during 2020. During the health crisis, leading organizations found that enabling a technology-driven HR function has been the key to supporting their employees and progressing with business as usual.

If You Have Humans, You Need Human Resources


Is it time to talk about the end of/death of/extermination with prejudice of HR again? I know, I know, “everyone hates HR” just like “everyone hates lawyers,” so when the mandatory seasonal think pieces on the much-looked-for death of HR come along, we’re supposed to take our knocks and accept it as due. Some HR departments are bloated and unstrategic — it’s true. These functions, broadly speaking, are: Recruiting.

This CHRO approaches health and wellness with a legal mindset


Maxine Carrington describes herself as 80% HR leader, 20% lawyer. It’s a realization that came to her gradually throughout her diverse career journey, which includes roles as assistant general counsel and later manager of the New York City Mayor’s Office of Labor Relations.


Direct & Temp to hire Staffing Services


Through the years, our Company has earned an exceptional track record in various areas of HR functions. Job Placement for HR Professionals (Multiple Levels and Experience). The approach is beneficial since your HR department can evaluate the individual’s capabilities in preparation for a full-time employment offer. As a full-service and specialized agency engaged in professional HR services, PCS employs the following methods: Searching and Sourcing.

10 People Operations Tips for HR Leaders in the Cannabis Space


Businesses of all sizes in the industry need well-resourced HR leaders to staff, support, coach, and train their workforces to support the needs of the business, all while remaining compliant and keeping turnover low. What’s the most painful thing that you do during your HR day?

The Secrets to Keeping the “Human” in HR


All functions of HR are not so “human” today. Many tasks that have eaten up time on the part of employees and HR staff can now be automated with greater efficiency and far less chance for error. What Exactly is Digital HR? This term applies to the use of any type of technology to perform human resources functions, many of which were formerly conducted by people and some of which are new themselves. HR Management digital hr hr human resources workplace

The Top 40 Job Titles in Human Resources


In this article I share 4 pieces of research I hope will assist you in using the most effective HR job titles: HR Job Titles Hierarchy — An pyramid of the basic org chart of HR teams. Examples of the job titles used in the 6 tiers/levels of those HR titles. HR Temp.

Ways HR Should Support Leadership

Tandem HR

The HR team plays a vital role in managing this asset in various ways. One could argue that the most critical role of HR is to ensure employees receive the support they need to reach their full potential and maximize their contribution to the organization’s success.

Summer Reading 2017: 5 Popular HR Analytics Articles You Need to Read Today


As more organizations climb up the HR analytics maturity curve , we continue to see new success stories coming from data-driven HR leaders who strive to move the needle on business outcomes. Whether it’s a video game developer using analytics to make headcount predictions, or a social media giant using data to determine the ROI of a new parental leave policy, the common thread is this: evidence-based HR functions can drive organization-wide change.

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Workplace 2025: Five Forces, Six New Roles and a Challenge to HR


In September 2013, top HR leaders undertook a voluntary and collective effort to envision the HR profession in 2025. They conducted interviews, focus groups, reviews of published findings and drew upon their significant personal experience through CHREATE (The global Consortium to Reimagine HR, Employment Alternatives, Talent, and the Enterprise). Should they be guiding your own strategies, organizational initiatives, capability development and HR functional design?

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Brand Advantage

HRO Today

HR not only needs to ensure the brand is felt throughout a company, but also contribute to it and ensure the business gets full value from its investment. As far as HR is concerned, the brand should be integrated into every part of an employee’s experience.

Four Priorities for Chief Human Resource Officers in 2022 (i4cp login required)


The profile of the CHRO (and the HR function in general) has risen exponentially in the past two years in visibility, significance, and recognized contributions to the business. For more insights from Chief HR Officers, download our 2022 Priorities & Predictions report

Q&A With HR Tech Influencer Katherine Jones


What area of the HR function will be most impacted by emerging technologies, and why? AI functionality can decipher relevancy of past history to the job requisition, providing a filter up front that recruiters and hiring managers cannot see today. In acquiring and implementing new technologies, what’s the one or two most common mistakes HR organizations make? How is HR technology changing the way people work? HR Technology . Katherine Jones.

5 Examples of an HR Business Partner Job Description [+ free template!]


HR business partner job description” is a popular Google search (900 queries per month!), In this post, you’ll find: What is an HR Business Partner? — a quick definition HRBP vs HR Manager — are they the same? What is an HR Business Partner?

Which Job Perks Do Employees Value?

HR Digest

Companies like Asana, Capgemini, Pinterest, Spotify and WWF are stepping up their game with a wide range of sweet-perks, which include executive and life coaching services, flexible vacation policy, employee assistance programs, and weekly happy hours. In a remarkable interview with The HR Digest, Capgemini North America’s Head of Talent, Kate Savage, discusses the value of promoting employee well-being through innovative and cost-effective initiatives.

17 Benefits of Using HR Software: Ways To Grow Your Business


HR software benefits are one of the finest methods to keep this gear running smoothly. And, because HR influences every other department in your organization, HR software benefits may help all of your firm’s departments perform better together.

How HR Leaders Are Changing the World With These 5 Key Trends?

Thrive Global

HR is key to the drive for sustainability. This means sustainability must involve everyone in an organisation, and certainly HR. Call to action 1: If you or an HR colleague aren’t already on your company’s ESG committee, go get involved, they can’t achieve as much without you.

The 100 Year History of the Human Resources Department

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The HR department has been around since early 1900s, and it’s changed a lot—from managing payroll, to enforcing equality laws, to the modern strategic business partner it is today. “HR” The origins of HR – the early 20 th century. The late 20 th Century — HR as rule enforcers.

Disease and Lifestyle Management: Smarter Spending of Wellness Dollars

HR Daily Advisor

Have a population with average chronic conditions and a somewhat diverse population? Have few chronic conditions and a very diverse workforce? It’s the brave new world of HR. Start your strategic thinking with BLR’s new practical guide: HR Playbook: HR’s Game Plan for the Future. Fortunately, says Ahlrichs, all of these are core HR functions in the future. HR 2015? Time to start planning with BLR’s new HR Playbook.

Influencers Discuss HR Tech’s Dramatic Shifts


Influence in HR technology comes from many places, takes many forms and continues to evolve over time. When the HRE /HR Tech Conference team met over the winter to work on this Influencers list, we knew it would be important to consider all aspects of influence. It’s safe to say all, however, are having an important and noticeable impact on where HR technology has been, where it is today and, perhaps most importantly, where it is heading. HR Technology Top Stories

No Vacation from Innovation

HRO Today

EVP and CHRO Mike Yonker shares how Marriott Vacations Worldwide transformed its HR approach during an acquisition and the global pandemic. He is all about reinvention—in fact, his redesign of all HR processes resulted in $13 million in savings for the organization.


The Balancing Act of Compliance

HR Topics

Like it or not it’s a major part of every human resources function. There are certain lines that cannot be crossed, but a creative HR professional can often find a way to honor the obligations of law while still moving the initiatives of the business forward. Risk management.

Josh Bersin: Tracing the evolution of HRBPs


HR business partners are at the frontline of today’s talent strategy. A great HR business partner must balance strategy and execution, have an intimate understanding of business challenges and be able to re-frame those challenges through the lens of the employee experience and talent strategies. In last month’s column , I recapped conversations I had with HR leaders during a Meeting of the Minds focused on the role of today’s HRBPs. Columnists HR Technology

HR Team: A Step-by-Step Building Guide


In many smaller organizations, the owner handles HR functions. Or, an employee in a position unrelated to HR handles them. But as organizations scale and evolve , their need for a dedicated HR team grows. . Worry not—we’ll explain how to put a first-class HR team together.

Looking Ahead: Future-Proofing HR


The HR function of today is not the one of yesterday, and it certainly won’t be the one of tomorrow. So how do businesses make sure their HR departments are ready for upcoming challenges? One of the surest ways is to put resources toward future-proofing HR—implementing policies, procedures, and technology that will enable business to keep pace with further evolution. Redefine the value of HR.