Evaluating Workplace Diversity is More Than a Numbers Game


New hiring trends and initiatives have quickly emerged in the past five years – using tools and data to drive recruiting, catering to the ever-enigmatic Generation Y (endearingly named Millennials), and improving workplace diversity. Small or larger, diverse companies lead by example. (In

Together is Better

Kerry Alison Wekelo

Diversity of Ideas – Discussions with others can broaden your horizon. Culture Infusion – Survey Your Team Regularly: At Actualize, we thrive when we obtain feedback and survey our people often. Recently, we surveyed our team to check in on a challenging project. The results showed us that our team wanted more dedicated client-specific support, and they made suggestions on how we could meet their needs.

How To Foster A Thriving Team Via Better Meetings: An Interview With Mamie Kanfer Stewart


When they are done right, they can align the entire team around key objectives. How can the learnings from effective team meetings translate into action? She also shares her plan for helping individual employees thrive so that the team and entire company can succeed.

What Branding Really Means: A Translation Guide For The C-Suite

SAP Innovation

While you and other leaders may strive to avoid buzzwords and limit jargon, you should also be fluent in industry lexicon in order to help your team develop a brand that keeps customers interested – and employees unified.