To Be or Not to Be: Is Retention Becoming Obsolete?

HR Daily Advisor

Employee retention is one of the most important factors contributing to the growth and success of a company. For decades retention has been viewed by HR professionals as one of, if not the leading health-indicator of an organization. So, Is Retention Obsolete?

Healthcare’s Challenging Relationship Between Onboarding and Employee Retention

Hospital Recruiting

The healthcare industry is suffering due to under staffing and low employee retention rates. Healthcare facilities benefit from an employee’s long tenure, but retention is difficult for some facilities. Turnover rates and costs. annual turnover rate.

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Using people analytics to improve health care performance

Bersin with Deloitte

Along with overall consolidation in the industry, the health care workforce is undergoing radical changes that come with challenges: Rising turnover —While the national rate of hospital employee turnover leveled off at 17.1 Analytics Data analytics health care Retention Turnover

What’s Keeping HR Up at Night in 2020?


You see this in particular when looking at tech companies on the West Coast that have massive turnover.”. Employee turnover harms nearly every part of an organization: Sales. Considering the strong link between retention and employee morale, it’s surprising that only 6.5%

How to Grow a Diverse and Inclusive Team with Evidence-Based Performance Management


Libby Stewart: Welcome all to our discussion today around How to Grow Diverse and Inclusive Teams with Evidence Based Performance Management. I’m really excited for the discussion today, I feel that diversity and inclusion is such a wicked and complex problem.

Using people analytics to improve health care performance

HR Times

Along with overall consolidation in the industry, the health care workforce is undergoing radical changes that come with challenges: Rising turnover —While the national rate of hospital employee turnover leveled off at 17.1 Posted by Brian Augustian on August 18, 2017.

4 Questions HR Leaders Need to Ask About Holiday Workers Now


If you work in HR for a holiday hustle industry, managing staffing shortfalls and linking talent to customer satisfaction are likely at the top of your priority list right now. Not all turnover is bad, particularly when it is occurring among low performers in non-critical positions.

Hospitality’s Secret Ingredient for Success?


The hospitality staffing crisis is not exactly new news. In Eating Out in Australia’s published report in 2017, it was found that the number one trend facing hospitality operators is staffing. Labour turnover in 2018 (AI Group). It will reduce your turnover rates.

4 Ways AI is Shaping the Future of HR and Hiring in 2020


Taken together, this can attract a more diverse candidate pool. Companies like Mya are helping enterprises and staffing firms automate outreach and communication with candidates throughout the recruitment process. Reducing turnover. Growth Essentials Hiring & Retention

5 reasons talented tech professionals are choosing to leave their jobs


If you work in the human capital management industry today, you’re probably feeling a constant sense of pressure to maintain strong employee retention and productivity at your office. Recent research from IT search and staffing firm PROTECH supports this notion.

Want to Retain Creative Talent? Go Beyond Pay Raises

Career Metis

turnover ?? High turnover r?t?? ng diversity into ??ur 10) Partner With A Specialized Staffing C?m??n?. rm retention. Employee Relations WORKPLACE Employee Benefits Employee Retention widely known that people ?r?

Moving Beyond our Obsession with the Millennial Generation

Talent Analytics

I read yet another tweet today (below) about what we “know” about Millennials and thought “WOW” that is a pretty general statement about a huge group of very diverse people in the workforce! Employee retention works! There is significant diversity inside of generations.

Here’s What You Can Learn from Fellow Attendees at Elevate


In addition to a full lineup of expert retail automotive speakers, attendees will have plenty of chances to network with one another, and discuss key pain points and opportunities when it comes to hiring and employee retention. Learn how other dealers are addressing challenges such as turnover and auto technician shortages. The Latest Trends in Dealership Staffing.

Want To Grow Your Business? Focus On Your People

SAP Innovation

A diverse grouping of people-focused professions, the professional services industry includes advertising, accountancy, architecture, IT services, legal services, and management consultancy companies. and over- or under-staffing.

Talent Acquisition vs. Talent Management vs. HR: A primer


Human Resource Management (or HRM) relates to how companies manage employees, from recruitment to retention. Strategically source potential hires from diverse backgrounds. Talent Management helps companies engage employees and prevent turnover.

The Secrets to Keeping the “Human” in HR


Scheduling of shifts , to ensure appropriate levels of staffing at all times, and to alert schedulers of needed changes. HR managers can make these things happen and can thus demonstrate to the C-suite that they actually work, especially in retention rates.

8 Questions to Ask for Effective HR Reports


HR departments and companies invest billions to develop and upgrade their databases without spending enough time to design relevant and useful HR reports. That’s why staff members complain and protest about inaccurate assessments, data-driven errors and unpopular decisions – HR reporting fails to deliver unless the HR reports dig down into the databases to get the most accurate and relevant performance information, employee profile data and business intelligence.

Report 126

100+ Top HR and Recruiting Podcasts

Select Software Reviews

Crazy and The King Host: Julie Sowash & Torin Ellis About: Julie and Torin are serious about destroying the lame, losing and punitive Diversity and Inclusion narrative while chasing a narrative of ambition and freedom to explore.

The Ultimate Guide to Recruitment Operations


Failing to use available screening tools puts business behind the competition with regard to speed as well as building a diverse and inclusive workplace. Reduce turnover. Retention rate.

10 DOs and DON’Ts for Recruiting in a Job Seeker’s Market

Sterling Talent Solutions

In the current environment where unemployment is the lowest it’s been in decades and worker turnover is on the rise, employers are having a hard time acquiring good talent—and keeping it. A well-crafted, eye-on-the-future job description goes a long way in employee retention.

Rethinking talent management

HR Times

Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA), a research organization serving the staffing industry, estimates that the average company’s contingent workers currently make up 18% of the total workforce. Part I: The rise of contingent talent. Posted by Michael Gretczko and John J.

The 71+ Biggest HR Tech Conferences to Attend in 2019

Digital HR Tech

d&i Leaders is a global community of senior diversity, inclusion and people focused professionals, looking to collaborate, network and accelerate their workplace inclusion strategy. This event is free of charge to senior executives in the staffing industry. For their 15th summit, the Global Recruiter picked a hot topic to discuss: diversity in recruitment. From first steps to a diverse future, The Global Recruiter aims to understand and praise “The Power of Difference”.

25 Companies Who Hire Adults With Autism #AutismAwarenessMonth


Walgreens In 2007, they opened a distribution center staffed nearly 40 percent by disabled employees. Hiring a diverse workforce including those with autism offers hidden benefits outside of longer tenure, less turnover and improved employee engagement.

HR TechStack – Applicant Tracking Systems


Zoho Recruit is an Online Recruitment and Staffing software system that simplifies your hiring process. Compas for Staffing. Bullhorn offers CRM and operations software for the staffing industry. Application Tracking Software Definition.

The 71+ Biggest HR Tech Conferences to Attend in 2019

Digital HR Tech

d&i Leaders is a global community of senior diversity, inclusion and people focused professionals, looking to collaborate, network and accelerate their workplace inclusion strategy. The focus areas of the gathering are staffing and recruitment, healthcare, office solutions, education, digital learning, HR systems, staff benefits, business services, and business travel. This event is free of charge to senior executives in the staffing industry.

Recruiting methods FAQ: A guide to terms and strategies


If you want to dig deeper, add metrics like application completion rate, new hire turnover or hiring manager’s satisfaction with their new hires and hiring process. The need to recruit diverse candidates. Effective recruiting translates to great employees who help your company succeed.

How Google Used Data to Validate the Impact of Good Managers


The people analytics group at Google is composed of a diverse group of individuals, one-third of which hold Ph.D.s Through the work of this group, all HR decisions, whether it's compensation, talent management, staffing, etc.,

The C-Suite Gets an Upgrade

SAP Innovation

And as they do, the AI will compile a vast trove of past data that will inform decisions about critical issues, like competitive intelligence, finance, compliance, staffing, physical operations, and supply chain optimization.

Data 55

Colleges and Universities Turn to SkillSurvey to Improve Hiring


Colleges and universities are challenged with finding great candidates who support a diverse environment, master the growing use of technology in learning, and have the potential to be future leaders. Hedricks) will serve as an invited speaker and panelist focusing on higher ed recruitment, retention, and compensation for academics and high level administrators. SkillSurvey speeds hiring for commercial, higher education, healthcare, and staffing and recruiting organizations.

HR TechStack – Performance Tracking


PeopleFluent provides a cloud-based talent management suite that includes Recruiting, Performance Management, Compensation, Learning, Succession and Vendor Management as well as Workforce Planning and Diversity. Performance Tracking Tools.

2017 Annual Recruiting Survey

HR Daily Advisor

A total of 413 participants responded to the 2017 Annual Recruiting Survey , representing a diverse array of industries, business types, organizational sizes, and locations. The HR Daily Advisor research team conducted the 2017 Annual Recruiting Survey in January 2017.

Automated Sourcing – Find, Zap, Engage


Hear from Doug Berg, Chief Zapper at ZAPinfo, and David Bernstein, Head of Industry Relationships and Partnerships at AllyO, as they provide detailed explanation of how the unique partnership of ZAPinfo and AllyO provides ease to recruiters and automate top and middle funnel activities to optimize quality and quantity, while letting the recruiters focus on results and relationships. . Bennett Sung. Hello, I would love to introduce today’s guest speakers and subject matter experts and I would say some of the top industry in HR influences in today’s market. first and foremost would love to introduce Doug Berg Cheif Zapper of zap info and David Bernstein Head of Industry Relations and Partnerships here at AllyO before we get started I’d love to certainly start off with engaging today’s audience in a couple of questions that you’ll get from today’s webinar so the first polling question that we are going to talk about and I’ll bring this up this question how much time per week do you spend trying to find people and source we give you a number of options here we’re qualitative not enough too much just right so why doesn’t everyone go ahead and spend some time thinking through the right answer and we’ll see what those results look like. so I’ll go ahead and close the poll and see what the what what what our audience is thinking about when it comes to the time they spend finding people and sourcing so Doug and David here are the results and everybody else so the majority of the folks are saying that they’re not spending enough time or and actually quite close in second place is too much time so any feedback or reactions to those to those answers Doug . Doug Berg. I just want to know who the just right people are right they should be given the webinar for guys sakes . Bennett Sung. there we go we’re gonna right please raise their hand and we’ll pass over to control . David Bernstein. right and isn’t it interesting it so it’s nearly that 80/20 split there right right if you look at 80% or are you know at the extremes 20% of roughly and the feeling it’s just about right but you know interesting how we as a profession have you know we’re either spending a 0inordinate amount on an activity that’s become very cumbersome right or not enough time because we’re so bogged down on so many other things. . Bennett Sung. Great observation, so let’s go on to the next part of the poll and that is to ask the question about kind of the second phase of sourcing so once you found the people how much time does it take to engage with the tech with the with the prospective candidates again how much time are you spending on the engagement side of sourcing. some fluctuation of answers here let’s go ahead and close the poll and see what this particular feedback looks like. hmm so folks are feeling that they’re not spending enough time engaging prospective candidates and pretty close second place is not too much too much time, thoughts there David . David Bernstein. well I again I’m always struck as a as a as a data geek I always see these 80/20 kind of splits show up in life is such an interesting phenomenon but yeah again similar as before right it’s it’s at very time-consuming task to really kind of get to engage and right hunt these people down and get them to want to you know talk with you yeah right just because you find them interesting doesn’t mean they’ll be interested in chatting and so that’s that kind of that the chase around this and it can be not enough time because you’re not getting you’re not getting through to them or because you are trying to get in touch with them and either way it’s a right it’s not leading to the key outcome you know. Doug Berg. I think another part of this Rubik’s Cube which isn’t on here right is how much time is eaten up by non qualified talent that wants your attention and wants to engage with you but you want to flip the Rubik’s Cube and really focus a majority of your valued time on people you want to engage with which i think is another part of the talent equation that eats up a tremendous amount of our engagement time . David Bernstein. so yeah good good point right that cycle time is so precious and yeah how do we Doug I’ve enjoyed your phrasing around the coin sorting right how do we yeah right how do we get to sort things through so you’re you’re spending your time with there was more viable and valuable folks who for the moment of doing something are your current openings right? yeah so it’s actually kind of this is kind of what it’s been like today right can you walk us through this Doug. Doug Berg. yes so I put this together I you know I was a recruiter and head hunter for about eight years and I ran a consulting and staffing firm of a little over a hundred people and what’s ironic to me is I think back over my 20 years of trying to onboard either new salespeople or new recruiters and this cycle continued to happen of what I call the saturation effect of recruiting activity which is if you hire somebody and they come in they’re all excited and in that first quarter right a majority of their time is spent trying to get new recruits and make contact with new people that green area of this chart they do a great job at it right hundreds if not thousands of new relationships that they’re relating and updating trying to get into the the queue and obviously you don’t hire everybody right out of the gate so you end up saying ah well when can I get back to you three months four months five months six months things change on your end things change on the candidates in but as you can see with the trend line here by about the fourth quarter you know most of us as new recruiters or talent acquisition folks really slow down the number of new people we start relating to because in the fourth quarter we’re busy just following up with in most of you as you think about your day lives you know when you started your day today did you start out thinking I’m gonna spend half my day trying to reach new people or did you start your day off with an entire to-do list of follow-ups on things and projects and tasks that you had designed three four six months ago and that’s consuming most of and that’s just the reality of what saturates I think most people in caps if you will the amount of placements we can new recruiters into our mix is unless you can figure out how to automate both the finding and in the initiating of relationships as well as how you do outreach and engagement and following up activities so that you can really maximize the bandwidth of productive activity that you’re doing every day you’re just not going to have a breakthrough in terms of how much output you can get from any recruiter. David if you’ve got anything else to add here . David Bernstein. yeah well no I mean yes completely I mean just to back it up right there the there is outcome here there is result right but it’s I mean that look at the incremental amount of hires right it’s certainly not at the pace that we could be doing it right and that efficiency the end of the age old expression about “working smarter not harder” right there’s only so many hours in a day and having that work-life balance right what are the other ways that the sourcing can be much more effective in driving results right yeah so. Doug Berg. I think if we go to the next slide right I think the goal of today’s time that we spend together is hopefully going to be more around and my slides aren’t moving I’m trying to hit my arrow key here but the multiple there we go the multiplication effect right so if you could actually deploy technology that really did that outreach to new recruits that really good consistent outreach to folks that greeted them said hi was personalized and really did the work of identifying the talent that’s ready to talk to you today as opposed to the talent that says hey maybe some day later and the folks maybe that don’t meet the qualifications or needs and and will self select themselves out of the process so you can really get rid of all of the chafe if you will and only really spend time with people that are qualified, interested, and available in your opportunities now all of a sudden by the time you get to q4 right your plane is is still getting left in terms of the amount of output and productivity that any recruiter can really do and I don’t know any of us that if we had a virtual assistant we could sit right next to us and they would wake up for hours before us every day and figure out who we really ought to talk to today based upon you know what’s moved or changed in their life or what new skills or what new jobs they might match or any of that kind of stuff and make sure that our calendar for that day was filled with only incredibly high productivity engagements that would be a very powerful thing and I think we’re gonna try to share with you what the vision for what that would look like today . David Bernstein. absolutely right this this is the idea of how do you get you have a new friend that joins you in the process right it’s not about replacing the people in the process but how do we kind of give them more power right the super here at the end expression about what’s your superhuman power right it’s to make those connections and build relationship and drive drive hiring right versus you know a it’s a mindset right the the it really kind of begs a question right has the definition of what sourcing will really be valued for will start to change now as these technologies start to be able to you know come into play . Doug Berg. Precisely, right . David Bernstein. I mean it’s just a different way of thinking about how to get the job done and what the valued outcomes are right it used to be we were so caught up in the hunt and and tracking people down and now right we can start to shift things to you know the really the more the down parts of the funnel but yeah so . Doug Berg. well and and I think Dave to your point right it’s um all of us are using these automated technologies every day already whether you’re using Siri or Alexa or you’re having conversations with you know your cable TV box because your internet went down and yes I think all of us have this you know as long as it works better and faster and is a better experience for everybody the aptitude of people that want to interact with these new methods is growing tremendously because it’s become so saturated as a part of our everyday life and I don’t know anybody on either side of the recruiting equation that wouldn’t like to work or interact with a technology that could get them to a conclusion and answer a breakthrough whatever that moves the ball type of an experience much more quickly and so you know the thing we’re excited about and we kind of stumbled across this was that when you take if you will the peanut butter and jelly the chocolate and peanut butter . David Bernstein. The two that taste great together – ZAPinfo and AllyO . Doug Berg. That’s right, ZAPinfo and AllyO, we really discovered that you know if we could automate and provide incredibly powerful innovation that helps you to find people their contact data their skills their profiles their data not only on LinkedIn but on every part of the internet that you visit with one mouse click being able to translate that web page into a personal profile and a contact rich asset and then give it to AllyO so we help you find interesting people right and then AllyO helps you find out if they’re interested and well beyond interested I think David you can describe better what this whole experience of allowing instead of just me sending a hundred emails only to have 20 bounced, 20 people say I’m ready now, and 20 say hey get to me later. that kind of stuff creates work for the recruiter and and we don’t want to create work right we want something that can actually facilitate the outreach the conversation and qualification and the rest of whether or not just if they’re interested in us but if we’re at that next level interested in them that’s what I think we’re trying to put together here as a part of this new relationship that we’re we’re launching in the market so . David Bernstein. absolutely right yet right it’s to your to your point earlier about not having to spend the time on the people that won and engage with you but aren’t really the right person for the current conversation right maybe they’re interesting for a later job but right how do you kind of right walk in and have people on your calendar or right away in your inbox right for a real-time chat with that are of that quality that are ready to talk to you they’re interested, available, and and ready to go right you’re not spending your time and that kind of preliminary conversation set right so your conversations start from the get-go with these interested candidates that are available and qualified and now you’re really beginning the you know the real recruiting conversation . Doug Berg. Exactly, … so you know I think anybody that’s worked a desk knows the reality of of the recruiting process right I mean it takes enough time to just go out in search and find talent find their contact information gathering that profile data once you’ve got kind of that all together right then the engagement piece making contact sending an email typing the email inquiring about whether they’re interested measuring the results really yields you know typically a set and these are not industry hard numbers right I mean these are just me and 20 years of either doing recruiting and marketing to kind of bucket the fact that you’re gonna end up with largely groups of people that either don’t respond at all and so either you forget about them or they forget about you another 30% that say hey not now but later which again that group is the group that we kind of hopefully put in our CRM and hopefully put a follow-up note on they become that time consumer of our fourth quarter downstream recruiters day life if we do the follow ups and this is where CRM you know instead of doing the work for us just queues work as recruiters in many cases but then there’s that 30% that say hey I am interested but I’ve got some questions I want to interact I want to find out whether or not you know I can work virtually or what’s the most important skill or am i qualified that’s the group that is the I call it the ‘gold group’ right that’s the group that will hit reply on an email or may return a phone call or a text message but again then that’s going to create that next level of work and then there’s probably a small group that say hey no thanks I don’t want to work with you guys it’s not a fit I’m not in the market don’t call me back right so so again just the first two pieces finding and engaging is enough work for somebody to do almost the day but the response stuff also is where you know the real kind of conversion experience happens for most people that we’re sending and instead of again having leakage of the top one two and maybe the bottom group as well as some leakage in the I’m interested but have questions group you know a lot of the times as recruiters we maybe find the first two or three people that are a good fit for the slate of candidates we want to present but if there’s nine or ten of them you know we may not get back to folks depending on how quickly we want to present three or four good quality candidates to the hiring manager and so you end up with a lot of leakage in terms of these mini campaigns that recruiters are doing everyday recta wreck that’s just not getting built and so a part of this is not only how do you get to more folks but how do you get to with a bigger experience and how do you stop all the leakage of interest in your business and almost do a hundred percent orbit management with everybody that shows really good qualification interest and and availability and that’s really what the combine formula is designed to do once we get into this Dave anything to add here. David Bernstein. no I you know you stay – well yes it’s it’s that old problem right of too many different scenarios and again just gonna reinforce how do we how do you get some to join you to help manage this because this really isn’t Recruiting this is just now sorting people into buckets and getting people into the right you know right place and lands you said kind of queuing up work for later but what if you had someone that could join you that could take on that part of the duties right that’s kind of the conversation here yeah . Doug Berg. exactly … so in this ZAPinfo world we have a browser extension it’s an in browser tool that you can plug in in this case you can even zap a job from your career site it will automatically pull the title and the location and the keywords and the skills and put them into what we call our search builder so even if you don’t have recruiters that are boolean trained sourcing certified people this tool as you can see is pretty much as easy as typing these criteria into Google itself and then at the bottom what you can do is basically say now go find me matching talent either people that have LinkedIn profiles on Google or go find me people that are Facebook public registered folks or people that are on zoom’ info or maybe even my LinkedIn or LinkedIn recruiter and since this screen show we’ve even added you know dice and monster and Careerbuilder zip recruiter so depending on where you have sourcing subscriptions you’ll be able to actually one click search and match out to all of the different sites on the web so it’ll take that information and instantly deliver any of your recruiters to the search result sets that just saves them a tremendous amount of time being able to find that first touch list of people that might match any type of a position so that part we’ve tried to make as easy as possible now we know there’s a lot of folks on the webinar that are also really interested in well hey how can this help me with diversity and inclusion and underrepresented groups and when you start using some of this what I’ll call road recruiting capabilities where we know there’s no checkbox for how to go out and find people that might be diverse or underrepresented groups you need to add search technology and terminology to those search criterias and zap info has also added those things into our search builder library so you can basically say look here’s my job title my skills my locations but I also want to be able to look for diverse candidates maybe women even or people that have gone to historically diverse colleges along with you know security clearances or that are seeking new opportunities or people that have citizenship those kinds of things and the the list of these things keeps building and getting better because there’s over ten thousand zap info users that help us to contribute and build this search library based upon things that they’ve found to be able to identify and find that talent so the engine just keeps getting better and better as the community of zappers keeps adding more of this and you just get to take advantage of the fact that other people have learned how to do this stuff and you can take advantage of it so so finding people is one thing that’s great you look at a list it’s got a good list but what you know none of us has a whole day to sit and click into every profile look at it review it and see whether or not somebody might be of good interest and so this is where ZAPinfo travels with you you can see the little Z button on the right side of the browser there all you do is click this and basically it translates any page so if you’re on LinkedIn on a single profile it’ll zap that profile if you’re on monster and you’re looking at a resume or zip recruiter or if you’re looking at a search result list on any webpage it’ll basically extract the data and turn it almost into like a Google sheet but in the middle of it doing that it uses a bunch of backend enrichment technologies that goes to every person and says do they have a LinkedIn profile do they have other social identities do they have an email address a phone number that kind of data enrichment is happening real-time as a part of the Extraction process that’s happening so that recruiters don’t have to spend you know hours if not days of time being able to try to gather this data and information so this ZAPinfo tool brings you from exploring to extracting to enriching this data to make it action ready if you will and while you can use some of those app info tools to actually then send an email or send a text message or send a social message we think it’s better to basically let AllyO go do that outreach and engagement because it will not only handle how you deliver all of those messages but you’re not delivering a message you’re delivering an entire conversation an entire experience that you’re hoping to have with the candidate which would replicate what would happen Naturally if every single person replied and had a bunch of extra or next-level types of questions and so what’s great about this is instead of you having to do all these Campaigns once you’ve designed this conversational experience with AllyO and these conversations, David will talk more about them can be designed around different job functions different locations different pipelines that you’re trying to build all of those can be basically designed perfectly and consistently so that when you’re ready to take either one or a thousand of those people that you found and say push them to AllyO and if we’ve got their email address it’ll push an email if we’ve got their mobile number it’ll push an SMS or it’ll push both depending on how you want to deploy these so it really does a great job of helping you to just one click easy send that conversation stream out to that network of matching talent so that again you don’t end up with an email box full of bounced or hey have got more questions or more work for you to do you get to sit back now and just wait for your calendar to start getting filled up with people who have met the criteria who have had the conversation who are qualified and available and want to take the next step and so that’s a powerful leap for any recruiter to go from exploration to engagement by using this and now David’s gonna kind of show you what that experience looks like as we go to the next slide take it away David . David Bernstein. oh my, yeah beautiful right so this is now how AllyO can deploy right this is that that friend that your new conversational digital assistant friend that joins and works side by side with you 24 hours a day is a consistent mechanism for you to be able to do that filtering and pulls people through a process and get them into a world where you’re able to just pick them up and know that they’re a an excited person that’s interested in your position that they’ve been vetted for the basic profile that you need and that they’re you know and they were talking about their availability what we were also kind of saying though in the beginning so I’ll tie it in here as well is it how exciting is it as well to kind of let you AllyO kind of manage the conversation with the people who maybe are interested but not now and capture that information and make it really easy for you to do those follow-ups down the road right as well as kind of understand maybe they’re qualified but not as qualified for this current opening and so how do we kind of track that for you as well and be able to kind of learn and create a help you create a talent pool for other openings down the road right so it’s just a super powerful kind of capability that kind of again not to replace it’s really about augmenting and you know your new AllyO friend who joins you and in this process and really manages this kind of real kind of more time-consuming more administrative part of the process right it’s super exciting to be able to have this right you walk in and as Doug was saying and you’ve got people on your calendar who are hitting on all the key areas and now your conversation with them right from the outset is something that’s you know more meaningful you get to write a much more kind of focused conversation about you know what they’re looking for and their and their style and you know you know you get to really kind of delve into you know deeper aspects of are they the right person to start passing forward to the hiring manager super excited about it Doug gave me thoughts on that . Doug Berg. yeah David I think you know beyond just qualification your ability to design these conversations based upon the hiring demographic and just help you to really get to know to the candidate better right I mean recruiting nurses for example and they’ve got certain references or if they have a location preferences or if the candidate wants to go off-road and say ask a question that 80% of the candidates ask in the middle of you know you bringing them through you know your process the the AllyO intelligent conversation can go with the candidate into that part of the tangent I’ll call it right and then and bring them back into the conversation once it’s satisfied the candidate or if I’m right David can’t they tap out and say I want to talk to a recruiter and instantly it will notify and one of you recruiters can jump into the conversation and help take it if that’s if that’s necessary . David Bernstein. absolutely that human-in-the-loop kind of option right as well and again so now you have a real live you know you got an excited fish at the end of your line who’s ready to talk to you now right and and then how does AllyO kind of allow you to kind of hook up and have those person person conversations will show that update here in a moment as well all right so let’s see here and as you were saying earlier Doug right though the whole idea is we how do you hit candidates where they are on the conversation channels that they’re using with ZAPinfo you get this great power to be able to enrich those profiles so you may not have those mechanisms to hit them on email or mobile but ZAPinfo can help you uh you know enrich the profiles to be able to grab that and then that’s passed into AllyO and then you also have the ability through the AllyO conversation to pick up the additional information and then add that into your the profile what you know about that person so you can then use that augmented profile for your next conversations right and and because really what we’re finding obviously you know it’s a great way to hit them up on email and drive them into a web conversation you know the ability to have that web conversation on those roads app landing pages right where you can show them the the assets about the company right and and why this isn’t you know a great place to consider working for and all the other things that can you can do with personalized landing pages but the conversation can also happen straight away on mobile and we can hit the candidate straight away on their handset and start being able to do that dialogue and as you’re saying Doug right to be able to do that in a way that’s unique for each type of role right and and demographic it’s a it’s a great time to be in recruiting because now we get to you know really do the work that recruiters really want to do right is build business and hopefully you know bring in the right talent not necessarily just gonna get heavily mired and in administering that process . Doug Berg. yeah so I think what you’re saying here David is really key right and one of the things we’re gonna show you is you know the SMS conversation is really something that can facilitate the entire end-to-end conversation right through the mobile device and through the SMS conversation but if somebody we email you don’t want them hitting reply to the email and going back and forth right so this is where the combination of ZAPinfo and AllyO – AllyO powering the the portable conversation inside of the system – can now basically be done within these what we call personalized landing pages I think we’ll show you an example here in a second but imagine is a candidate right you know you get invited back to a private conversation on the website and again you you can bring people to your career site if you want to but in most cases right if a candidate says hey I’ve developed this conversation specific feely for you and for your you and me based upon you know who I know of you and what location you’re interested in that’s a very powerful and different experience and these are synchronized so if somebody starts the conversation on SMS and decides to come back to the web-based conversation everything they’ve conversed with you up to that point on mobile is going to transfer over to the desktop experience and so it really just does a great job of really powering what we’re gonna call an omni-channel engagement strategy that doesn’t require you to have this big integration of your career site you can literally deploy this as a standalone sourcing technology very quickly once you’ve got these conversational streams put together and another thing that’s neat is right once you build two or three of these conversational maybe target profile based conversation streams you’re sourcing team can send those with the candidates so I might get a slate of 50 candidates that I’m recruiting for ‘position A’ and say look send conversation a to them and then I might have another 50 that are either in a different location or a different group and I want to send conversation ‘set B’ to them which could be either subtly different or fundamentally different depending on when you get those put together with AllyO and they kind of conversation with you so right . David Bernstein. yeah and if you blend all that up with what you were talking about earlier Doug right that you that reconnect so one of the powerful things here as well right is well we’re sitting regularly seeing is you know customers being able to you know do that re-engagement with their past candidates or the right the this is just a powerful mechanism to just to stay in touch, know where you left off with them being able to do it across any device and be able to kind of continue the dialogue there nom yeah it’s just again this this digital worker it’s it’s a simple concept but you know it’s so exciting to be able to kind of show the pairing together like this as we kind of go to the next slide here you know part of what you know you and what we were showing right was how easy it is to be able to capture all those basic all that important kind of core profile information and move that into right it’s app helps you capture that but now imagine you also have someone who rides shotgun with you in the process and takes all the notes from the meeting right and you have this kind of personal note taker who provides and keeps track of that kind of all the conversation and if you have assessments going on what was the outcome of those assessments and the scores of that, AllyO also has the ability to also capture a latest resume or CV and and that’s also hyperlinked into this kind of same kind of overview or summary highlights of the candidate it’s all in one nice little package it’s a great little feature that we have as well . Doug Berg. but I could be wrong David, but I think it also sets up the calendar appointment sends the calendar appointment to the candidate to the hiring manager to the recruiter kind of anyone that’s involved and I think even goes so far as to confirm the day of the interview that the candidate can still make the interview or the post follow-up . David Bernstein. right stuff that we’ve had to do as humans right hey Doug today our appointment are you gonna be able to keep it what and now your candidate can say hey well it might not work today but they can self reschedule right they can just manage that simply through their own in similarity on the recruiting side or the harm inner side there’s a “hey interviewer here’s the list of people I’ve got teed up for you to meet with today” and here’s right there there’s a packaged profile summary given on each person and and their confirmation status it’s all you know and again that is similar the feature the the interviewer gets the ability to be also say I might not I might need to reschedule and they just simply tell AllyO with a simple click that I need to reschedule and AllyO will go back out and and talk to that candidate and say unfortunately today’s time doesn’t work here’s some new times which of these might work and really manages that you know I’ve long called its calendar Tetris right this putting together that’s scheduling and works so hard to put it together and then invariably it could fall apart one person changes their mind or right can’t can’t make something and it all has to get redone yes you’re AllyO digital agent that can join you in and manage the scheduling aspects as well super powerful right … one of the other exciting things that we have added to the platform we’re well on the AllyO side is the ability to have person-to-person communication as well and so as we were talking about you know that human-in-the-loop or you know as AllyO is you can kind of even see here on the on the right side the AllyO tracked conversation side-by-side with your ability to have a real-time conversation with those candidates and so you get to you know you keep track of both you have a centralized capability to be able to do real-time communication so even though you can you’ll do you can do this conversation from your hand said as a recruiter but it’s really happening through the AllyO platform and so your your conversations are centralized and stored in one place anybody who’s working on the team has access to see all that information about the candidate and what they’re saying either to AllyO or to the recruiters and then you have the history of that as well as you go through the cycle but that ability to just kind of get to that candidate quickly right be able to kind of vet their interest and be able to have that real time conversation on the SMS or have that deferred conversation and let AllyO manage getting them scheduled in . Doug Berg. if I’m right David right and I go all the way with the combination of ZAPinfo and AllyO the synchronization of the applicant data the conversational data is all going into my system of record as well so for some companies that have an ATS or a CRM that maybe can’t hold all of this great data at least you can get in there this stuff you need to get in there and then AllyO can be augmentative to give you kind of the additional information but the neat thing is I believe when this is in place it’s all kind of black box style synchronizing what’s happening conversational here with the system so again there’s not incremental work to be done as you’re interfacing with the candidates and the applicants to have to then do the administrative task of updating those systems it’s all happening real time as the interactions are happening . David Bernstein. exactly right it is this is the ultimate productivity tool right it’s not about helping you manage the work on your plate actually the combination here is actually it’s taking work off your play all together right and and that key of you know at the end of the day though this data does need to end up in the systems of record of ATS and CRMs and how does AllyO as your digital assistant join you and be able to kind of get all that data also update into your back-end systems yeah right . Doug Berg. so again whether in AllyO has integrations with almost all of the the major applicant tracking systems and talent CRMs and where wherever there isn’t or maybe you don’t want to do a huge integration project in order to you the sourcing elements with this you want to deploy it kind of off with your sourcing team you don’t need a big career site integration or you just want to be able to ZAP the data in the conversation data out of the system and over into your talent CRM or your recruitment marketing system ZAPinfo has pre-integrations already done with over a hundred different talent crms and applicant tracking systems where we can ZAP this information over for you as well and so again we’re trying to liquefy this data or create a seamless universe where again we’re not adding work based upon this new volume of people you can engage with we’re actually trying to make it flow seamlessly downstream to these different areas. another thing that’s important for you to know and we didn’t touch on this too much with our personal landing pages is we’ve also built in what I’m going to call a consent touch point and so if the candidate either by clicking on that email and going back to that personalized landing page or through the SMS conversation if you’re in a gdpr or Terms of Service required area either through the conversation or on that landing page the very first thing that can come up for the candidate is to say hey we found you we found you on this public web site we would love to put you into our system we need you to say yes that you’ll consent to us storing your data to help match you to opportunities not just now but maybe over the course of your career can you provide us that consent all of that process is an integrated and built-in part of how the solution functions and we can show it to you as a part of a custom demo to make sure that those Terms of Service and regulation requirements are met as a part of your sourcing strategy . David Bernstein. completely agree I mean we also on the AllyO side right have a it’s always about can we can we get your consent to begin this conversation and then are those you know can we continue to stay in touch with you and is it ok to hold your data and can we reach back out to you on SMS and continue this dialogue so even if it starts on that we go back to the slide we were showing earlier with you know the email campaign and the opt into the web conversation but can I can I get your consent to have a text conversation with you ongoing and so the two together right you’ve got these two market leading products how did that unite and you know today we’re showing how do they kind of interact and we went woven together look at the exponential power that they bring together right and then all that back-end integration right what a nightmare to have to right you know somehow right, all of that data has to get into some system of record but man I know gosh how many teams have I managed where my team would do spend a good chunk of their Friday’s doing their catch-up data entry for example right yeah right so yeah now that’s the thing in the past where you get real-time connections through these two systems as well . Doug Berg. yeah I think I’d love to add here to I mean whether or not this is doing outreach to net new people or maybe even zapping people within your current application maybe you’ve got people that you know had applied to jobs that weren’t even silver medalists they didn’t even make it to the starting gun because they were candidate 99 on a rec that already had a job offer out but you still want to go back through and ZAP some of that older those older talent slates have ZAPinfo go get their updated LinkedIn or other profile data and then launch the AllyO update conversation to say “hey candidate we’d love to have you come back you applied to us in the past” it’s just a different workflow that can help you to now refresh and update that conversation for historical people to get the data within your platform as though everybody you know has interacted with you within the last 30 days or less so a really powerful utilization for recycling and reviving non-selected applicants in the past as well . David Bernstein. right so the whole rethink on on what how you run the process right and how they had to leverage this to kind of get again the key outcome I mean if we go to the next slide right … it’s always been it’s never not been about trying to get to those key outcomes but we’ve just by virtue of how how challenging the process has been on the hunt but now the hunt and the engage and all that right anyway Doug, can you kind of walk through the left to the right here . Doug Berg. yeah look I mean I lived the manual recruiting life I had 80 calls pretty I forgot to put how many calls I used to do in order to get to the 25 people right yes yeah and the conversations per day and the interviews per day and so you know again are with this new technology being able to interact with and reach out to 250 per day is an incredibly reasonable thing presuming you can organize and segment and get your data strategy right the tool can easily speak with a hundred people if not more per day and facilitate the structuring and scheduling of interviews or rescheduling of interviews per day now this doesn’t mean you’re doing the interviews but you might be as a recruiter scheduling interviews for then ten different hiring managers which breaks out to you know just maybe five interviews correct but again AllyO is doing all of that work so that you can really focus on the down funnel activity and so what we’re trying to do with the combined solution here is truly kind of look at if I think we go to the next slide let the the top of the funnel work be done by the technologies that are designed to do it in terms of the finding, extracting, the enriching, the grabbing of the data, the putting of the notes in history, and then letting AllyO jump into the conversational element the interest qualification the availability the affordability right if you want to put things in around pay requirements and stuff like that you can really design the conversation to be what your recruiters are doing every day imagine putting a listener onto your recruiting team for you know thirty days maybe in shaking out those redundant conversations and putting that into an automated experience that’s the kind of stuff that will take your best recruiters and I’ve always heard people giggle they say boy if we could just make you know a rubber stamp of Jim recruiter or Jane recruiter then we’d be good right well that’s what this is it’s basically a product of being able to replicate what your best recruiters are doing so that they even they want to get rid of kind of this this work the laundry work the janitor work of recruiting so that they can really focus on the relationships the hiring managers the the result driven activity that they get to do every single day is really gonna put them into a much more strategic and highly leveraged functioning mode which will really I think help with your retention of your recruiters and really help with the hiring product that’s happening from first touch through placement within your organization . David Bernstein. so so Doug you know one of the other things that we actually we’ve been studying the data also pretty regularly and watching what we’ve been noticing is that near nearly fifty four fifty three fifty four kind of varies but it it’s it’s in the mid-50s the amount of engagement with AllyO in an after-hours situation right and after p.m. before a.m. or on the weekends and looking at that right so now you’ve got someone not only to kind of just manage it but at times when busy people are now more available right and that’s been that big challenge right is how do you get to people who are already engaged in at work right they’re they’re fully engaged now you’re trying to convince them to spend a moment of time with you right but now you know they can do it on their own convenient time which just again further kind of accelerates the process and leads to you know a higher conversion rate more people for you to be able to end up getting to speak with there’s just all sorts of amazing outcomes that come as a result of kind of the blend of these two products together pretty exciting . Doug Berg. yeah well fantastic yeah I know we’ve got we’re coming in to the end here a part of what is also exciting is that both AllyO is not just the technology AllyO are conversational experts and here at ZAPinfo we’ve built a cool tool but it’s not about the tool it’s also about the techniques that are required for more search and sourcing oriented recruiters and that’s why we don’t just you know hand people off and say installs ZAPinfo and good luck we dedicated and provide incredible web training it’s like having a mini source con or a mini web training that raises all boats of your recruiters so that they can actually use you know it’s like the Genius Bar to Apple right when you work with ZAPinfo and we train global recruiting teams we really make sure that we provide an incredibly powerful education on demand and web-based training that shows people how and where to be able to use the tool and then as AllyO helps you to build your conversational architecture with this stuff it also then provides a consistent best practice interaction and engagement model that your recruiters can even mimic or work with to make sure that you know it’s doing its thing and in both cases when you work with us you’ll get you know that level of service and solution architecture on both the the searching side of the equation as well as the engagement piece to make sure that those parts of your strategy are running at premium rpms so that then you can really work on that you know deep funnel conversion stuff as a part of your recruiting strategy and I think for that you know that that’s what makes this so exciting it’s not just AI it’s also the subject matter expertise and the years of Industry guru-ism if you will that gets brought to the table to really help these things that can be really hard to replicate and get predictable results out of the engines that you can put online with these two things together is what you can really get as an outcome and we’re really excited about the opportunity to partner with folks that might want to look deeper at this as well so . David Bernstein. well yeah and we’re super excited to be partnering with you guys that to your point as well yeah one of the things that we have seen through the implementation cycle right is because it is clearly it’s conversational but designing it’s all the experience that we’ve done through all of our implementations on how to design and build those successful conversational flows right that’s also as you were saying that’s what comes in the box is all of our expertise in the sourcing and the techniques and how to drive design conversations at work well in those scenarios so again I’m super excited about this this pairing and then and then we’re able to kind of bring this together to market . Doug Berg. David, I know everybody wants to know well how much does it cost how much does it Cost . David Bernstein. yeah all right so you know I I think it’s safe to say right there the amount of work it would take a team of people to do this right that the combination of these two products together it’s always going to be a fraction of of what it would take on the team side of things right so that’s I think uh how I would present it now obviously there’s gonna be some some nuances for every everybody in terms of the exact way that they want to design their flows and how many things that they’re looking to have these two products do but generally speaking right it’s always a fraction of what it would cost you to have to outfit an army of people to do this . Doug Berg. yeah I think if if the worry about cost is really the the high concern then you really should should look into this especially if you’re in markets where you’re having a hard time finding recruiters we have a number of our clients and partners especially on the coasts that can’t even get a good experienced recruiter to join their team the turnover rate and the salary rate I’m it’s a good time to be a recruiter and the beauty of this solution is once you get this in place right not only does this work 24 hours a day seven days a week it never complains or takes a coffee break but when it gets to be the best recruiter assistant to your team it also doesn’t take a job with the competition or break out on its own right you can go back into head hunting, and it’s gonna stay dedicated to your company and and really help you guys to be able to go after it but if you’re interested in getting a good idea of what this looks like for your team work with your AllyO rep you know with ZAPinfo we’ve partnered but there’s some integration things we do and then we participate in how the design conversation piece happens but we’re letting AllyO take the lead if you will on being able to help design that because the biggest part of the work that’s got to be done here is you know you’re hiring demographics your conversation designs your things that you’re you know calendar and there’s just a lot more work to do on the AllyO side and then they will bring ZAPinfo in and bundle it in into a single point solution for you and your team and we think you’ll find it to be very compelling and very fast in terms of how you can put something like this together and put it live as we go into 2002 . David Bernstein. that’s great so if anybody here is interested in again stay connected you can see Doug and I we’re both available if you have any particular questions on the AllyO side feel free you can funnel them my way we’ve appreciated your time today though we’re looking forward to collaborating with all of you and then helping you all of you be even more successful than you’ve already been in into the new year so . Doug Berg. Dave I perused all the other questions that were down below and I think we touched on pretty much pretty much everything one of the questions was what other companies are already using AllyO to help with some of the conversational stuff do you want to kind of share a few of the companies that have enjoyed some good benefits of this . David Bernstein. well certainly there are some other logos are on our website but I’ll tell you that we’re seeing customers across industries in all job types right you know both from you know there’s the high volume hiring skills but also a growing customer base around using this for professional hiring and management positions recruiting nurses and doctors say it’s the spectrum of applicability is huge here so it’s been great to see how customers across industries and in hiring types you know we’re also the geographies we’ve now also started to kind of become more global in nature AllyO’s capability to be able to have conversations in multiple languages we recently went live in Poland with an exciting project we’re already live in a number of other kind of non-english speaking countries so super excited that what we’re providing has a global applicability and cross-industry applicability . Doug Berg. fantastic we had another question about whether the conversations David are almost kind of like pre-programmed or pre-built or is there some dynamic you know aspects to it where if the conversation goes on the tangent like I had talked about can AllyO accommodate that and yet kind of keep bringing it back through the rest of what your ‘gold conversation’ would be as you are interacting with any candidate . David Bernstein. oh yeah, thank you for bringing that out so yes the what we’re doing today is we have that kind of concept of a question anywhere in the cycle that dynamic workflow so as candidates are certainly looking to kind of also learn information about you it’s not just a one-way exchange of information they can ask questions and get answers as well as as we now continue our advance research and development here we’re putting more and more of this ontological capability which is anyway not to get too buzzword-y but this kind of concept of knowledge representations and how our patent-pending kind of system that we’ve kind of developed here that is able to kind of make use of those ontologies to start working on what we call follow-on conversation right candidate starts to talk about one topic and the system is able to then understand right just like humans do and how do we drive that kind of more natural human flow to be able to then have that kind of unscripted follow-on conversation that that’s part of what we’re also working on developing and should be released here near soon and what’s kind of fascinating to kind of watch with that is you know how many candidates say thank you at the end of the conversation Doug it’s just it’s just been a fascinating they’re gonna see you know with that natural human response when you’re feeling it helped right to kind of say thank you and even though they’re know that they’re talking to you know a digital assistance it’s still kind to say thank you and be able to do that by having you know texting now to typing that out right and and going that extra step to say thank you it’s just fascinating to see how trusting and how people feel like they’re being supported through the process through the AllyO Engagement . Doug Berg. one last question as we wrap up and this is a great question by my favorite guy Michael is if a candidate says I’m interested but follow up with me in three months or six months does that just update a field in my CRM for me to have to do the work to follow up or does AllyO automatically do the follow up with the candidate . David Bernstein. well that’s yes where we can help you out as well right we take that feed of those people we’ll set them off to the side but then be able to you know do the repeat following conversation later for you again the whole goal as we’ve been saying here right hopefully people walking away is how did these two solutions together help take work off of your plate right this is not about queuing up work and kind of setting it and making it visible for you to then go do the follow-on how do you kind of let these systems together kind of in or in a woven kind of way take the ball and run with it for you . Doug Berg. so fantastic and it Dave if people want to follow up with us what do they do . David Bernstein. there you go or . we’re looking forward to continuing the dialogue with you all and helping you like I said be successful in your own upcoming recruiting efforts so thanks everybody for your interest today. The post Automated Sourcing – Find, Zap, Engage appeared first on AllyO. AI Use Cases

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